Stem cell therapy: effectiveness in medical field


Uniqueness of the stem cells with their ability of regenerating and dividing is very well specialized within the activities of human body. This cell is really capable of accomplish variety of traits with an assurance towards society to treat many deadly diseases. Doctors also say no and distract their mind from hope while treating cancer patient. But, this deadly disease can now be cured with the stem cell therapy. Due to the uncontrolled cell division in the disease named as cancer people suffers from the risk of fatalities. But, you can now unlock the mystery of this condition by learning the concept of stem cell and the fact regarding how and why division of stem cells divides so many times. In the process of developing the treatments of the diseases such as strokes, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, spinal cord injuries as well as heart disease, the regenerative properties of the stem cell is really effective. But, due to the controversies of embryonic stem cell therapy the research of stem cell is limited in our country.

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Stem cell therapy is a latest variation of treatment that helps in making many diseases removes from the root. Many people have received great success in getting treatment through the stem cell therapy. Even it has created a revolution in medical field. The deadly disease such as cancer was incurable in the medical field. But, with the help of stem cell therapy such deadly diseases will be eradicated. The immune system problem will be removed with the stem cell therapy. It is also known as safe way to get away from variety of incurable diseases. Medical field have success in treating variety of health conditions.

Past stories on stem cells

Current issues on stem cells therapy

Back in previous decade parents were provided with alternative cord blood cell storage just after the baby is born. The procedure takes place as the blood contains quite a rich variation of hematopoietic stem cells which has the capacity to grow into the wider range of the blood cells. Parents are today relaxed to learn about the fact that these stem cells can treat them and their kids from variety of deadly diseases. It is really effective not only for kids and siblings, rather many adult and aged people gets also enjoys disease free life. Since these are the multi potent cells, getting converted into wide range of blood cell will be really effective. Researchers say that, the stem cells also have the ability of curing around 8 blood disease.

Effectiveness in medical field

The stem cell therapy will be really effective in treating more than six thousand patients suffering from variety of deadly diseases. Apart from the hematopoietic cells, the cords also contain other cell types. The name of the particular cell is known as Mesenchymal cells. Also the scientist has named this variety of cord cell as ‘super cell’ as they are having the content and remains in the pre historic development. Also the medical science has a firm hope that these types of cells will be really effective and capable in curing variety of other upcoming deadly disease that affects many individuals in the society. The problem may relate to heart, adipose tissues, bone, heart as well as neural.

The scientists who had worked in getting a remedy of curing the diseases like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s, have a firm hope that injury in the spinal cord will also be eradicated through the stem cell therapy mechanism. Thus, many parents feel that both types of cells must be stored in order to get a treatment whenever there is a crisis in the family.

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Parents are very well aware of the fact that stem cell from umbilical cord is much more effective than the adult stem cells. Thus, they make an agreement with the lab for the process of storing the cells from the time when the baby is born. The cord blood bank of New England is one of the effective organizations that deal with the processing of the cord blood cells. For the last 25 years this organization is an innovator with regards to preservation of the stem cells.  This is one of the most effective bio medical labs in the world with the high success rate of treating the patients suffering from variety of diseases by supplying adequate stem cells. The dental pulp stem cells in the particular place are also quite effective to treat many health disorders.

Donation of stem cells from umbilical cord has helps many people to come out of the deadly diseases. Parents are now storing the stem cells from the umbilical cord. The enrollment of cord blood is done in an initial stage. There after total check up is done to see whether the particular stem cell will be effective to treat the particular person suffering from variety of disorders.

Stem cell therapy in medical field

There is variety of clinical trials that was performed in getting stem cell therapy applied on several living things. The investigation on clinical trials gave rise to many positive results. In order to treat the leukemia disease, the stem cell therapy has worked in an effective way. The therapy is so effective that it balances the graft versus leukemia effect.

Generation of healthy cells

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The diseased cells are replaced with the healthy cells in the stem cell therapy. The medical science has created a revolution with the effectiveness of the stem cell therapy. They have the effectiveness to repair the damaged cells. Regeneration of cells is also possible with the help of the stem cell therapy. If there are problem with the spinal cord injury, this can be removed with the help of stem cell therapy. The treatment procedure is also really effective in dealing with problems like cancer, Alzheimer’s, strokes, burns etc. The cancer cells are really tough to be treated. This too can be eradicated with the help of the effective stem cell therapy.

Testing new drugs effectively

The phenomenon of the stem cell therapy helps in a wonderful way to use the new drugs in people without getting any side effects. The effectiveness is also realized with the quality of drugs. It is also really essential for the cardiac and quality testing. This has great effect on the drug development along with the individual’s want for treatment process.

[Stem cell therapy in Hindi]