Ways and tricks on how to use the hot rollers on the right way?

You must be fond of the puff acquired by the big movie star. They get different hairstyle everyday without much difficult makes us inquisitive about the fact. Hot rollers are used widely today for creating styles over your hair. But using rollers is not a very easy task these days. Since the techniques were not known to you, you must have been trying the conventional way of rolling your hair that has been asked by your grandma. There are variety of ways and techniques through which rollers can be used in a right way. You must have drawn difference between the hairstyle you adopted and the one that is done through professional assistance. It is just because they use the hot rollers in the right way and you don’t. This article will help you get the step by step ways to adopt the hot rollers without any mistake.

Who does not wish to become beautiful with regards to the hairstyle. Even if you are wearing the gorgeous dresses the flat hairstyle will absolutely make it all stay in despair. All you have to do is get a happening hairstyle. The hot rollers are now used by many ladies in order to get a wonderful hairstyle. But, not everyone is capable of using it in a right way. In this article we will discuss about the right way of using the hot rollers.

Ways to use hot rollers in right way

Step 1

Brush hair

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Before starting with the procedure of hot roller, you need to comb your hair appropriately such that there is no knot over it. Make part as per your convenience. You can either do a side part or middle part is completely on your discretion. But, the parting will also create different look to your hairstyle.

Step 2

Get your rollers ready

Since you are going to use the hot rollers, you need to make the hot rollers ready for doing this. You need to pluck the hot rollers set along with the tray beyond it. You need to keep on heating till it is fully heated. If you are using the rollers for the first time, it is very important to see the manufacturing warranty before using the product and heating it. 

Step 3

Creating texture and volume

After brushing your hair and making it free from knots, you have to use hair mousses in order to get volume to your hair. There is variety of texturing products of hair in the market which you can easily use to add volume to your hair. You can get wider difference in styling hair through the mousse products available in the market.

Step 4

Hair selection

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Now the next step will be selection of your hair which you want to get rolled. Here you have to ensure a deep side part and divide hairs into various strands. Now make a manual roll and attached your hair with various small sticks and pins over the hair. This is the way, you to have to make selection of hair throughout your head.

Step 5

Holding rollers

Now the time has come when you can use the roller. You now have to hold the rollers vertically and wrap one hair strand that has been selected and pinned previously. You have to place the roller center of the hair selection and warp your hair around from right and then left. Now, secure it with clip. Do this with all your selected hair.

Step 6

Let it cool

Once you have used the hair hot rollers over your entire hair, let it stay as it is till the hot rollers cools. This will take around 5-7 minutes to get it cold. Some rollers get more time to cool. But, you have to be patient and keep the rollers in the way.

Step 7

Remove clip

Once you have see the watch and realized that the rollers have cooled down, it’s the time to remove the clips as well as rollers from your hair completely. There is also a specific procedure of removing the clips and rollers. First of all you need to press the hair clip and allow the roller to get free from hold. Now, slightly slide the roller out from the coiled curl. Remember do not pull it down or else your hair will be having a tendency to get jumbled.

Step 8

Texturing spray

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Now you need to apply a dry texturing spray over your hair that has been coiled with the hot rollers. You need to apply the spray throughout the hair so that your hair gets sets up properly in its place.

Step 9

Brushing hair lightly

The next step will be brushing hair in a light way. Yu have to use a brush and not a regular comb to do this. You need to do back brush to your hair from the left side in order to get your hair set in a proper way.

Step 10

Polish ends of hair

Now, if you want to make your hair much more attractive, it will be important to use heat protection serum. This will not only make your hair look attractive but will maintain its health as well. You must have heard people saying the damage caused to hair due to the use of heat. You must also have heard about damage caused by heat and hair styling products. This is just because you did not provide proper protection to your hair after styling is done. Thus, this step becomes really important for the protection of your hair. The serum will make your hair ends smooth or else they will crinkle in heat as well.

Technique for bouncy waves

If you want to go for the bouncy waves, the procedure will be different. You have to take the hair strands section by section in order to create additional bounce to the hair. After pinning in one place you need to continue the section of hair just under the rollers. This must be done till it reaches the bottom of hairline. You must make sure and see that the hair is completely rolled.

Techniques for creating wiglets

Diwali decoration lightsIt is also quite easy to get wiglets all over your hair juts with the right techniques of applying the rollers. The section of hair separation should be different in this regard. You can also take the advice from the professional to do this or allow them to make it in order.

Clean your hair first

It is better to use a mild shampoo and clean your hair before using rollers. The clean hair will make the process much easier. If you can use conditioner after the use of shampoo it too will be wonderful as well. Because your hair needs to be really smooth.

Let it dry

After washing your hair the next step which is required will be making it absolutely dry.  It is better if you can use the natural way. Drying under the sun or with the help of the ceiling fan will be wonderful instead of going for the artificial ways.

Use mousse

Yes, now it is the phase where your styling will be on. You have to use mousse to your hair in order to create texture on your hair. But do not use an inferior quality as this can lead to damage of your hair. Go for the branded variation that will create volume to your hair in a healthy way.

Side part

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The next step which you can adopt over here will be creating a deep side part. Now create individual section to your hair and put the clips to hold them. Those are made to apply the hot rollers.

Wrapping rollers

Now bring the hot rollers in operation which is already hot. Hold the hot rollers vertically and wrap each hairs of the parted section. Repeat the same process to all the hair strands. After the hairs are wrapped over the roller, you need to tie it with the help of clips.