Skin cancer – signs, prevention tips

The term cancer has become familiar to people today with increasing number of people affected with this life threatening disease. Among different forms of cancer, skin cancer is one which people are getting due to various reasons. One of the reasons behind the skin cancer is excessive skin exposure to sunlight. The ultraviolet and UV rays that comes out of sun can be ideal to cause skin cancer to all those people who have weaker immunity level. There are two types of skin cancer named as melanoma and non melanoma skin cancer. Non melanoma starts its operation from the sqamous cell or basal cells. Since they are found in the outer layer of skin, treating them can be easier. Due to sun exposure, this mild cancer can take place over the face, back, lips ear etc.

[Cancer prevention tips in Hindi]

Cancer is no more a deadly disease these days, rather the medical science has become so advanced that people could get rid of different types of cancers. Even when we speak about the skin cancer, it is curable. But too much spread of cancerous cells over the skin layer can be really dangerous. Thus, it is always important to know about the signs and symptoms of the disease at first. This will help you to initiate through treatment procedure really fast and restrict the growth of cancer cells really fast.

Cancer prevention tips

Analyze your skin from head to toe every couple of months, using a full-length mirror and hand mirror to ascertain your mouth, nose, scalp, palms, soles, backs of ears, genital area, and between the buttocks. Cover every inch of skin and pay exceptional attention to moles and sites of preceding skin cancerous disease.

This can be cured if detected at the preliminary stage.

Kinds of skin cancerous disease

  •  Malignant melanoma
  •  Basal cell carcinoma
  •  Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Skin lymphoma
  • Skin adnexal tumor
  • Markel cell carcinoma
  • Kaposi sarcoma
  • Keratoacanthomas

Signs and symptoms of skin cancer

Before going ahead with the signs and symptoms of skin cancer let us also make ourselves aware that skin cancer can be of two categories. One is known as melanoma cancer where as other one is non melanoma. Following are the symptoms

  • An unusual type of lump formation over the skin
  • The sore or the lump does not go away
  • A pale patches of skin discovered at first
  • The skin formation does not have any sensation
  • There is no pain at all over the formation

Symptoms of skin cancer

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  •  A small spot that is glossy, waxy, yellow in color, and glossy in texture.
  •  A red spot that seems firm.
  •  Spot which bleeds or has become hard and look like sores.
  •  Skin becoming uneven and scaly.
  •  New skin not evolving.
  •  A change in a present skin development.
  • Sudden change of skin sensation such as pain, itchiness as well as tenderness
  • Formation of sore that is hard to heal
  • Change in skin color
  • Changes in size of mole
  • Change in color of mole formed over the skin
  • A painless mole or a lump over the skin
  • Pigmentation getting spread over the skin without restriction in border line
  • Formation of dark color around the mole or s sore
  • Changes in the look of lump along with bleeding and scales

Tips to prevent skin cancer

  • Use sunscreen: If you go out use sunscreen and do not come under direct exposure of the suns harmful rays
  • Wear branded and high quality  sunscreen that offers protection from both UVA and UVB radiation
  • Wear protective apparel like long sleeve tops, long trousers, sun hats, and sunglasses
  • Observe skin frequently
  • Stop using tobacco
  • Maintain a healthy diet and  exercise regularly
  • Refrain from consing alcohol or alcohol based beverages
  • Consume more leafy vegetables, gram and food rich in nutrients
  • Keep your body weight balanced

Prevention tips of skin cancer

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These days’ people have become too much cautious about their health. Since the deadly diseases like cancer are spreading here and there, preventive tips will be important. People go for natural remedies as those are safe and away from side effects.

Protective clothing

Even the scientist has not been able to find out the actual source of cancer. Yet, pollution and dirt can be one of the reasons. Thus, it is better to wear such clothes that will keep most of the portion of your skin unexposed. You must make sure that  protective clothing should cover your body from pollutants.

Avoid fast food

Even food you intake can be one of the reasons behind skin cancer. People are recklessly consuming the fast food within the environment that is exposed to dirt and pollution. Even the oil that they are using is harmful. This probably can be a reason behind skin cancer. If you wish to avoid it, avoid the fast foods at streets.


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Avoid sun exposure

Since one of the main reasons of getting skin cancer is exposure to sun, it will be important to avoid too much sun exposure. The sun rays will be very strong within 10 am to 4 pm in the evening. Try not to go out during this period. Schedule your appointments either early in the morning within 9-9:30 am or get out from home in the evening after the sun sets.

Shadow rule

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By viewing the shadow we must be able to calculate whether the sun rays are mild or concentrated. But, this theory might not be known by kids or many other people. In order to prevent skin cancer, it is important to follow the shadow rule which says shorter the shadow, more concentrated or stronger is the sun rays.  So, when the shadow within the day is shorter than you will be the time to avoid sunrays or outside exposure.

Get a shade

If you are going out during the day, it will be important to get yourself under a shade. If you are travelling in a public conveyance, stand inside the bus stop with shade while waiting for bus. Do not ever get yourself exposed to sunrays entirely. If there is no shade, take an umbrella or a cap so that direct sun heat may not be able to touch any part of your skin especially those which are not under your clothes.


Some people have a wrong conception that wearing sunglasses are only boost up the style statement. But, actually it is not a right statement. Sunglasses are always useful to protect eyes from the harmful radiations of sunlight. Apart from the internal part of eyes, sunglasses also protect individual’s skin that surrounds eyes. Thus, wearing sunglasses would help you prevent skin cancer over the part of skin that surrounds your eyes.

Avoid tanning beds

Tourists from western countries visit Asian countries to get enough sun exposure. They also wish to get their skin tanned by using tanning beds. They have a habit of lying on the tanning beds by keeping their maximum skin exposed beside the sea beaches where the sunlight is more. But, this practice can even lead to skin cancer. Thus, it is good to avoid such activity when the sun rays are strongest.

Look for skin changes

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You must have a look at your skin and check whether any changes in abnormal manner have come up. If there is a sore or a lump visible over your skin which is bleeding, you must see a skin specialist. Again, if there are any changes in your skin texture or increase in size and thickness of the lump formed over your skin, chances of skin cancer can increase. You should also watch whether the size of the mole that has formed recently over your skin and has gained the size more than that of 6mm. Even the irregularity in the border or outline of the lump can give rise to the chance of skin cancer. You should also check whether the border of the lump is spreading. Check whether the color of the mole is black, brown, pale or multi colored. If these changes are observed, you must instantly visit the skin specialist.

[Cancer prevention tips in Hindi]