Nail care-do’s and dont’s

Everyone likes to show off their nails and its beauty but it is possible for the people who maintain and nurture them in a good manner. To maintain the good nail structure one must be aware of what to do and what not to do for/ with the nails.

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How to fix curved nails

Polish outside of your nails or coat them Coating and polishing helps your nails in many ways, it prevents the nails from the damages like breaking and splitting, at least up to the manicure lasts.

Moisturize the cuticles

Many of us more often get the cracking and peeling problems that hurt the matrix, to escape from that problem moisturize the cuticles with a good moisturizing cream.

Wear gloves

When you are washing the dishes or gardening or cleaning the house, wear the gloves to protect the skin and nails from the damage.

Stay cautious while doing the office work

When you are typing on the key board, use your flat finger pads rather than the nail tips. To the similar while handling papers and opening the letter, use the particular tools associated for them.

Apply hand cream

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Apply hand cream more often, particularly after washing your hands, and retain the attention on your cuticle area.

Wear a sunscreen

The harmful ultra violet rays of sun may leads to the damage of the nails, so dab sunscreen when ever you are going out from the home. Reapply in the next moment of your hands wash.

Get a right tool

Whether you are cutting the nails or shaping them, take a right tool. Don’t use the one which got rust and used by some other as the bacteria contained in the nail tool may transfer to you. So, before using them clean it to the mark.


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Give a perfect treatment

If you are suffering with any cuticle cuts or tears or you want to treat your ingrown nails and protect the nails from fungal infections which may likely to damage your nails, choose an antibacterial ointment like neosporin, polysporin or bacitracin in the drug store.


How to make nails white and stronger

Say no to specific products
Don’t use the products that are made out of formaldehyde or toluene. They will keep your nails and body in the risk.

Do not open

To open the tight and fixed jars or cans or other house hold items don’t use your finger nails as tool.

Don’t neglect the cuticle inflammation

The redness or swelling of the cuticle or nail are the causes of anti-bacteria and anti-fungal agents and some times it direct for the serious nail problems. So, when you notice any change in your finger nails or toe nails let it be checked out by a dermatologist.

Don’t use nail polish remover over the cuticle

Dab the remover only on the nail part but don’t spread it to the cuticle and skin areas.

Don’t soak for long time

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Usage of the soaps, detergents close to the nails and soaking the nails for a long time will damages the nail and even cuticle structure.

Hindi tips for nails ]


Keep nails shaped and trimmed

Just like our skin, nails are a very integral part of our body. The growth of nails and hair are actually related. Just like we take care of our skin by following the three basic rules (cleansing, toning and moisturizing); and in case of hair too, similarly we also need to take proper care of our nails. So, nails should always be taken proper care of by regular shaping and trimming. Not only do our nails look good by regular shaping and trimming but it also keeps them hygienic.

Keep nails dry and clean

Always remember to clean and dry up your nails. Use a mild hand wash or antiseptic creams to gently massage over the cuticle of your nails. Not only keeping your clean nails will prevent from unwanted fungi and bacteria, but it will also restrict the chances of contamination of other germs to other body parts and note that dishwashing soaps are not good for your nails, since the pH balance is very high. So the next time when you will clean the dishes, do not forget to wear a gloves.

Sterilize nail tools

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Apart from shaping, trimming and cleaning your nails, you should also remember to sterilize your nails. There are a lot of nail tools that are easily available in the market which should be cleaned and sterilized nicely. Also finger nail files should be frequently replaced in order to prevent the formation of bacteria and harmful germs.

Disinfect tears or cuts on the cuticle

Apart from taking care of your nails, you should also keep in mind to keep the skin around your nails clean. The skin around the nails is always delicate and they are easily prone to fungal infections. So if any cut or swell comes up, it should be immediately taken care of with antibacterial ointment.

Take zinc and biotin supplements

Zinc and biotin supplements can enhance the overall health, leading to an increase in growth of your nails tp. In case you have weak fingernails, do remember to take such supplements.

Check out your salon

Warts are the most common sort of infection that can come from nail salons. So always keep in mind to visit nail salons which are hygienic and clean.


Bite nails

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This is a very common habit that most of the people have. People who bite their nails are termed as “onychophagist”. All through the day, your nails get exposed to various kinds of dirt. So having the habit of biting your nails, would indicate the direct contact of those disgusting germs to your mouth.

Pull off hangnails

Putting on fake hangnails is always bad for your nails. Since these are artificial stuff, they are always bad. Hangnails may look good, but once the time comes to remove it, it can rip off tissues and the nails will get exposed to unwanted germs and bacteria.

Push the cuticle back too far

Nail enthusiasts may get a bit too much little overzealous with cuticle care, but it should be left alone as much as possible, as this skin protects the nail. So trimming should be only done only for how much is needed.

Share your nail file

Sharing your nail filers is always considered as a big no! Since, sharing the nail filers may increase the chances of getting many sorts of fungal infection to your nails and finger. Always use your own nail filer and don’t forget to replace it regularly.

Go barefoot

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Many of us think that going barefoot feels nice. Maybe sure it does, but ever wondered how much this increases the chances of your nails getting contaminated to so many kinds of germs like fungus, bacteria, etc! For keeping your foot and nails healthy, always remember to not go outside without your shoes or socks.