5 best home remedies for dry chapped lips

Skin conditions can occur in many individuals without any prior warning. Dry chapped lips is also a condition caused to many individual which may not be life threatening but can easily cause discomfort. People suffering from these types of problem can get soreness, rashes, redness, flaking in their lips. If you ignore such situation, it can give rise to more adverse situations.  Even your other parts of oral orifice can be affected due to the problem of chapped lips.

Chapped lips are common problems faced by most people at some time or the other. This condition is painful and looks unattractive. Chapped lips can be a result of harsh weather, dehydration, deficiency of certain vitamins, smoking, effect of certain medicines and exposure to changing climatic conditions. Licking of lips and use of some cosmetics like lipstick containing harmful chemicals can also be a cause for chapped lips.

The main symptoms of chapped lips are dry flaky, tender and sore lips. There are times when cracks develop on the lips and oozing of blood takes place and scales are formed.

Causes of dry chapped lips

How to get rid of chapped lips

There are various causes of dry chapped lips. One of the main causes includes much exposure to the sunlight. Some people also have the habit of licking their lips too much. This can be one of the causes of chapped lips. Some chain smokers can also develop this type of skin conditions. Due to deficiency of vitamin in individual’s body, chapped lips can occur. Climatic condition is also an important reason of getting lips chapped.

Home remedies for chapped lips

You may find many ointments in the market that treats people with chapped lips. But, not all products are safe for individuals. Home remedies are much safer than those of harmful cosmetics available in the market.  Some of the home remedies are as under:

Natural oils

You must have a collection of different types of natural oils at home. Some of them include mustard oils, coconut oil, olive oils etc. You can apply any one variety of these natural oils on your lips to avoid chapped lips.  People living in dry and cold climatic regions can use these oils and develop effectiveness.

Aloe vera

Some people regard the taste as well as odor of Aloe Vera as unpleasant. But, it is an effective natural ingredient which has wonderful healing property.  You can even grow this plant in your kitchen garden or backyard. It is not at all important to provide serious care while growing this plant. You must have known many lotions and moisturizers with Aloe Vera extracts.


You can now make juice with raw cucumber and apply it on your lips.  This is a wonderful liquid that eases discomfort of dry lips. You can get your lips moisturized in a natural way by applying this juice several times in a day.

Rose petals

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Rose petals are readily available in the market. Some people also wish to have rose plant at home. If you are suffering from the pain of clapped lips, rose petal extract will be very effective. You must add some of the rose petal extracts with milk and apply it in your lips. In order to get best benefit, you need to apply the mixture twice and thrice in a day.  If you don’t have raw milk handy, another wonderful substitute to it is glycerin.

Milk cream

Some people have got effectiveness after using the milk cream in their lips. This has the ability to treat dryness and roughness of skin layer. Drop the cream on your lips and leave the same for 10 minutes. You will get beautiful lips.

Home remedies for dry chapped lips

Sugar helps in exfoliating the dead cells from the chapped lips.  Apply the paste of sugar and honey on the lips and leave it for few minutes. Rub the lips with finger tips to loosen and remove the dead cells. Clean the sugar from the lips with Luke warm water.

Honey is the best moisturizer to heal infection on the lips caused by bacteria. Simply apply honey on the lips 2-3 times a day and see the difference.

Coconut Oil has the properties to moisturize the lips during the winter season. Castor oil or olive oil or jojoba oil or flaxseed oil can also be used to treat dry and chapped lips. Just apply a few drops of any oil on the chapped lips three times a day.

Green Tea Bags are the oldest home remedy for dry lips followed by many people. Just presses a used green tea bag over the lips for curing chapped lips.

Rose Water and Glycerine is a great combination to give instant results in the process of curing painful chapped lips. Apply this mixture on the lips before going to bed and leave it for the night.

Glycerine and Honey helps to prevent wrinkles and dry skin formed on the lips. Apply the mixture of honey and glycerine on the lips and leave it for 15 minutes before washing with cold water.  Apply more of it on the lips and leave it for the night.

Mango butter is extracted from the kernels of the mango tree which has the power to cure dry lips

Mustard Oil: Application of lukewarm mustard oil in the navel is found to be the best

Glycerine:Pure glycerine along with honey and rose petals is a good cure for dry lips.

Ghee:Lukewarm ghee or butter appliedin thenavel or on lips helpsto get rid of cracked lips.

Simple tips for treating cracked lips

Homemade lip scrubs

  • Licking of chapped lips deteriorates the condition of the lips. Licking gives temporary relief but as the saliva evaporates the lips become more dry and can become cracked with infection causing bleeding  and making it sore. Application of lip balm can be will supress the urge to lick the lips.
  • Exfoliation of the lips from time to time is a good habit to cure the chapped lips. A scrub of sugar and honey can be used for this purpose. This will keep the lips soft and moisturized. Exfoliation can be done with a soft tooth brush.
  • Application of a homemade bomb will be more effective than balms available in the market. A balm containing beeswax, shea butter or almond oil is best for chapped lips.
  • Lipsticks of poor quality may be harmful on the dry lips. Always apply a protective layer of moisturizer before applying lipstick.
  • Proper diet containing sufficient vitamins are required to overcome mild vitamin deficiencies, but vitamin supplements can be included in the diet.
  • Avoid salty and spicy foods if the lips are chapped as they will aggravate the condition…
  • Avoid sleeping with an open mouth as the air circulating on the mouth will dry the lips more. Changing of sleeping position like sleeping on the sides will be helpful to prevent the dryness.
  • Smoking must be completely avoided to prevent and cure chapped and dry lips.
  • Do not touch the lips with the hands as it can lead to infection.
  • Increase the consumption of water to keep the lips hydrated.
  • Always keep the lips moist with any oil like coconut oil, or olive oil or almond oil