How to get fairness face naturally – Homemade beauty tips

Getting a fair complexion is one of the desires of millions of people in the world. But, some people are unfortunate to have dark complexion skin from their birth. Few people also gets dark due to excessive sun exposure. The lifestyle of people also affects the color of skin as most of the time people have to go out in the scotching sun rays which results into burning of skin color.

You may find variety of fairness creams which promises to make your skin fair and beautiful. But, all fairness cream may not be good for your skin. Some can also be really harmful and results into damage of skin. But, you can easily get some tips which can help in making your skin white and lovely.

[Hindi beauty tips to get fairness face]

There are many teenagers specially girls with a darker skin tone craving for a fair skin. They are looking around for ways and means to get a whiter skin.  Beauty tips to get a fair skin can be divided into Natural and Cosmetic Tips.–Cosmetic tips include the skin whitening products available in the market to get a fair skin.

These creams, lotions and soaps contain different chemicals which can be harmful on certain types of skin.  Naturaltips on the other hand  are homemade and consist of fruits, vegetables  and  other eatable ingredients.  These natural remedies for removal of pimples are safe, effective and inexpensive.

Tips for face whitening

Fairness beauty tips for oily skin

  • You must immediately wash your face with water after coming back from outside. This will remove all dust and dirt from your skin layers.
  • Avoid using non branded face wash by randomly selecting it from the shop as this can cause skin irritation and damage to your skin
  • Due to darkening of your skin layers, dead skins can be viewed on your skin layers. You skin will become really dull and unattractive. You can use face scrub once in a week to avoid such dead skin layers.
  • If you really wish to get beautiful looking skin, just drink a glass of cold and raw milk before going to bed every night. This will not only remove tanning effect from your skin but also make your skin glowing and glamorous. As we all know that milk is a natural skin whitening agent
  • You can take a small amount of milk in a separator and apply it slowly on your face with a cotton ball. If you start rubbing the cotton ball on your skin and squeeze it over the liquid milk you can see the color of white milk turning blackish. This means that all dirt and dust from the environment has affected your skin layer. This is a wonderful and natural way of cleaning your skin.
  • You can take a single spoon of gram flour on your palm and pour few drops of water to make a paste out of it. Apply this particular paste on your wet skin and leave it for few minutes. Now wash the same with the help of cold water.
  • Another way of creating skin whitening effect in a natural way will be by using barley flour. After taking some barley flour, you must also pour some rose water and lemon juice to make the paste really effective. Apply it on your face, give some time to dry it out and wash it away with the cold water.
  • You can take some almond if it is available at your home. Soak it overnight and make powder out of it. With this, you must mix around 4 teaspoon of raw milk. You can apply this on your wet face and let it dry. Wash it away with cool water.

Homemade beauty tips for fair skin

Homemade fairness tips

Honey is one of the best agents to give a fair skin.  Just rub honey on the face in circular movements twice a day for a fortnight to get good results.

Cucumber is a popular vegetable which is found to be very effective in getting a fair skin. Consuming of cucumber and applying the pulp of cucumber are both useful in lightening the tone of the skin. Cucumber cools the skin and removes blackheads from the skin. Slices of cucumber can be placed on tired eye to soothe them and to remove dark circles around the eyes.

Lemon is the best natural bleaching agent to make the skin look fair. Satisfactory results can be achieved by rubbing the juice of lemon for six weeks

Papaya is common topical medicine that is used to bring fairness to the skin. Apply the paste of crushed ripe papaya on the face and arms. Leave it for an hour and then wash it off.


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Tulsa (Basil) is found to be the best remedy to get rid of sun tan and revive back the fair skin tone. Grind a bunch of Tulsa leaves into a paste and apply it on the fac. Wash with lukewarm water after a few minutes.

Rose water is said to give a pink complexion to the skin in a very short period. Soak rose petals in water for 24 hours. Wash the face with this water two to three times a day.

Beauty tips for glowing skin

Turmeric is used by many South Indian women to make their skin fair by applying it on the face hands and feet twice a day for about a fortnight.

Tomato juice is applied on the skin to give a refreshed feeling and to get a lighter tone of the skin. Simple tomato pulp applied on the face also works as a wonderful agent for a fairer skin.

Egg yolk is considered to be the best ingredient for a fair skin. Prepare a mixture of egg yolk honey and curd in a bowl. Use it as a face pack and leave it to dry. Wash it off with cold water.

Milk and saffron is a royal remedy used by Ancient Queens to get a fair glowing skin. Mix saffron strands in a cup of milk and apply it on the face by rubbing it in circular movements.

Chironji or sunflower seeds are used to make a pack that is found to give a lighter complexion to women with dusky complexion. Soak sunflower seeds in milk with few strands of saffron overnight. Grind and apply on the face every morning. It may take six months to one year, but is proven to turn a dusky tone into a fair tone.

Black urad dal mixed with almonds and raw milk makes an excellent homemade pack to get a fair skin. Soak the urad dal and almonds in milk overnight. Grind them into a paste and apply it on the face like a pack.

Simple tips to get fairness face

Lemon and sugar make a perfect scrub to achieve a fair and smooth skin in a few weeks. Scrub the face with the mixture of sugar and lemon juice till the sugar granules start melting.

Malai, haldi and besan mixed together is the most common face pack used by Indian women to make their complexion fair. It is a part of the wedding ritual that is carried out for seven days on the bride’s skin before the wedding day.

Red lentil and rice also is used to get a fair complexion. Soak and grind equal amount of lentil and rice and apply it on the face.

[Hindi beauty tips to get fairness face]