What causes dark black lips – Top 20 reasons

Everyone aspires to have pinkish, soft and lustrous lips. Whether you are a man or a woman, you should try to maintain the skin and take special care of your lips. Take proper care for maintaining the lips by following the natural remedies or treatments and at the same time learn about the reasons responsible for causing dark black lips.

Here are the top 20 reasons that cause the dark black lips. Keep updated with these facts so that you can stay away from such hazards.


Tips to lighten dark lips due to smoking

Among all the top listing causes responsible for the dark and black lips, smoking rules the first place in most cases. The nicotine is the role player behind creating the black patches on the lips. Thus, if you have a habit of smoking, try to slow down and in the gradual phase quit it. As you must have seen the statement- “smoking is injurious to your health…it also causes cancer”. So, you can help in saving your health by stop smoking or at least by reducing the amount you consume daily.

Intrigued to caffeine

Those who have a deep love for tea and coffee often suffer from the issue of darkened lips. If you also have a craving for coffee or tea- reduce the daily intake to protect your lips as well as your overall health.


Allergy is responsible for the dark lips. Maybe you are not well aware of the allergy that strikes you often while using any particular cosmetic, especially lip products. So, you can read out the ingredients or can consult a dermatologist for a few tests and make sure the allergy is causing the apathy.


Best lip care tips for women

Mainly women come across with this skin issue called dermatitis that has been popularly divided into contact dermatitis and atopic dermatitis. Women using lip products, such as- lipsticks, gloss or shades often face this trouble. Thus, it is recommended to use products of popular brands that are created with best quality ingredients and sophisticated chemicals.


Now dehydration is mostly a self-caused issue. You can come across with it by drinking less water or by constantly licking your lips. It is suggested not to do that. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

Lip licking lips

Stop licking your lips to make them look fabulous. If you think it’s drying up fast, use some herbal lip balm.

Exposure to the sun

Whether you are a man or a woman, it’s important to stay protected from the sun. The harsh UV rays cause serious skin injuries. Thus wearing shades and applying sunscreen lotion or lip balms are suggested.


Homemade lip scrubs

If you are having the darkened lips genetically, then maybe the natural remedies may not be that good help to get soft and pinkish lips. In such cases consulting a dermatologist can be a great help as he/she may suggest you exfoliation or any laser based skin treatment.

Hot food

The habit of taking hot food is healthy but sometimes it causes serious trouble for the lips. If you have a tendency of darkened lips, stop taking the food when it is very hot, especially, soups or broths as the liquid suppers often hurts the lips more than the dried foods.


Anemia is caused by the lack of appropriate amount of blood in the human bodies. If you have anemia, you may face from lip discoloration. Pregnant women often suffer from this problem.

Improper diet

For a fabulous and healthy you should follow great diet. Improper and bad eating habits may ruin your health and so as the lips will start discoloring.

Lack of vitamins

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For the lack of sufficient vitamins and nutrients you need, you can face the trouble. So, add greens in your daily diet and avoid excess intake of fried and red meats.


Like Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, Lentigo is caused by staying more time in the sun. So avoid doing that.


There are medicines that discolor the skin including the neck, shoulders, face and lips. So, make sure about that before consuming.

Lack of vitamin B

To reduce this problem, you can start taking the multi vitamin supplements under doctor’s recommendations.


Best tips to color your lips

For sun exposure and also for the excessive deposition of the melanin, melasma is caused that leads to skin discoloration.


This is mainly caused from the cosmetics and especially, cheap lipsticks and makeup products. So beware, and only stick to branded products.

Lack of lip care

Like your skin, your lips also need some care. Once in a while, you can apply an herbal pack or massage with lemon juice or almond oil to make the lips look more lustrous.

Change the toothpaste

Sometimes the toothpaste may contain some ingredients that are making your lips darker. Stop using that immediately.

Hormonal changes

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With aging the hormone levels also change. Sometimes, this is responsible for the discoloration of the lips.

So these are the 20 viable reasons behind the dark black lips.