How to get rid of vaginal itching naturally at home

The vagina is a sensitive organ and due to various factors, it effects very easily. Some of the common problems come with vagina are irritating, infections, burning and itching. Proper care must be taken in time in order to block the spreading of infection from vagina to uterus organ. Genital itching is most often due to yeast infections and bacteria formed over that area. Infections effect by various causes, among which some are controllable and some are not.

The dryness resulted by the hormones imbalance and chemicals present in the products you use also leads to the vaginal problems. The skin around the vagina and vaginal walls commonly irritated as they are sensitive. Are you suffering from vaginal itching?

[Hindi home remedies to treat vaginal itching]

How to stop vaginal itching? Women visit gynecologists for a variety of problems. Issues related to pregnancy, miscarriage, sex, etc., are treated by medical science in women’s health division. Many ladies and teenage girls also complain about vaginal itching. Sometimes this can be very petty issue and can be treated right at home. What are the causes of vaginal itching & burning? Vaginal itching can be mostly caused due to infection caused in your vaginal wall.

You can feel discomfort and irritation while standing in front of the mass. It is really a very shameful situation. How to treat vaginal itching or genital itching at home? You have some handy ingredients right at home that will help reduce your vaginal itching. Let us find the same from this article.

Rather than going for many unknown procedures to treat the vaginal problems, simply follow some simple remedies to cure it. Here are few of them. Try these simple home remedies to get temporary relief or permanent relief from vaginal itching.

Best home remedies to prevent vaginal itching & burning

What are the reasons for burning sensation in Vagina? Best home remedies to treat vaginal itching & burning. Tips to get rid of vaginal yeast infection.

Genital hygiene to get rid of infections

Home remedies for vaginal dryness

How to maintain healthy hygiene to get rid of vaginal infections? To stop vaginal itching, you need to maintain a good hygiene. Maintaining genital hygiene is a very important factor. To stay out of the genital infections, it’s good to wear cotton underwear and change it for two times a day. The vagina is a self cleaning organ, so you don’t need to wash it with heavy fragrance soap or body washes. In some cases, the fragrances and chemicals lead to vaginal irritations and itching. Always keep the genitals clean, remove hair by waxing or trimming, clean it daily.

Unscented products to stop itching

Though the strong smells tempt you, it is best to ignore those as the chemicals in the scented products results for the vaginal itching. So, nurture your genitals and avoid the scented products, replace them with unbleached products. Avoid scented products to prevent vaginal itching.


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Clay and cornstarch for vaginal itching

How to cure genital itching? try this home remedy, mix fine clay, starch, black walnut powder and Goldenseal powder in a bowl, mix all the ingredients together and store it in a container. Apply this mixture on the genitals when you feel itching.

How to treat genital irritation / vaginal irritation with Calendula

How to treat the genital irritation in female, Calendula works perfect as naturally. Calendula is the best remedy to get relief from genital irritation. Bring few Calendula flowers and boil them in water, wash genitals with this water to get rid of from irritation. You can also use Calendula dry flowers to treat the same problem. Dry few flowers and make them powder, use this powder to treat the irritation, but make sure it doesn’t go inside the vagina.

Get rid of vaginal problems by drinking lots of water

How to cure vaginal yeast infections

Drink lots of water to get rid of yeast infections that cause vaginal infections and itching. Many of the vaginal problems can be cured with water, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to avoid itching and dryness. Yogurt also gives relief from the vaginal problems with its antibacterial properties. It defeats the bacteria and slows down the itching problem.

How to get instant relief from vaginal itching and burning with Cold compress

How to get instant relief from vaginal itching? Cold compress is the simple soothing home remedy to get instant relief from vaginal itching, irritation and burning. Apply cold compress over the vagina when they are itching, alternatively you can apply a cold pack or towel that is dipped in cold water to get instant relief from the itching. However, this remedy doesn’t solve the deep and underlying cause of the itchiness, but makes you un-irritated. Cold compress is a good remedy to treat vaginal itching.

If the main cause of itching and irritation are known, then the treatment will become easy. So, if the remedies don’t show you enough results, consult your doctor and find the right care that keeps away the discomfort, irritations and infection problems.

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Salt water treatment to cure vaginal infection

Salt water is having power to relieve the vaginal itching. Salt is having antibacterial properties that help to remove vaginal itching and bacteria. Salt is a wonderful natural ingredient that helps human being in treating a variety of health conditions. If you have pain in your hand or leg, it provides relief. Similarly, even to treat the vaginal infection salt water solution works well. You have to take a mug with water and add a spoon or two of salt water. Mix them well and splash over your vagina where you have itching. Salt water treatment is the best and simple home remedy for vaginal infections.

How to treat vaginal itching and burning with garlic

How to prevent vaginal yeast infection

How to control and stop vaginal itching and burning? A garlic clove can stop a vaginal infection by killing bacteria. The wonderful spice that you always keep at home is now available for treating the vaginal infection. Rich flavored spice has anti bacterial property that helps treating any type of infection caused by bacteria. All you have to do is take few garlic cloves and crush it. Now apply it over the portion where you have irritation. Keep it overnight and experience itchy free next day morning.

Effective home remedies turmeric and neem for fungal infections

Are you suffering from vaginal itching caused by yeast infection? Home tips for female yeast infection. Another wonderful combination that helps treating itching on your vaginal area is turmeric and Indian lilac. All you have to do is boil water and add a handful of neem leaves in it. Allow it to boil for 10 minutes and add a pinch of turmeric powder in it. Now use the water to wash your vaginal area. This will be really good for all types of infection. Do this 2-3 times in a day and stay away from all types of bacterial and fungal infections in the vaginal area. It is a best home remedy to treat vaginal itch.