Raw foods to boost your health

Boost your health by adding more raw foods into your daily diet. Focus on the food that you choose mainly like vegetables, sprouts, seeds and fresh fruits. You can gain energy, feel great and lose weight. These raw foods contain rich vitamins, nutrients and enzymes which are good for health. Having at least one fresh fruit every day is very important. I am not advising you to eat completely the raw foods but serving the meals along with fresh vegetables and fruits for best results. Prepare new raw recipes each week. You can try to prepare like raw nori rolls, cookies, nut based and smoothies.


Spinach is one of the top food item that has been providing many health benefits when it is consumed in the raw form. Spinach helps to loose weight and the rich amounts of vitamin K present in this leafy vegetable offers you the mineral iron.


The crunchy carrot always stand in the top rank of the raw food items list by providing many health benefits. It is a rich source of vitamin A and therefore supports good eye vision. When ever you feel sluggish and lazy carrot will be the best choice to pick, it makes you energetic and helps to stay healthy.


To prevent and to reduce the anemia problems eating raw beetroot is an ideal solution. Anemia patients can toss the beetroot slices in the salads and in food dishes, drinking raw beetroot juice is also an effective method to improve your health.


During the growth of the sprouts the level of nutrients, food enzymes, vitamins and minerals will be increased. Infact per calorie of sprouts you will get more vitamins, enzymes and minerals compared to any other food. The phytonutrients and chlorophyll present in the sprouts acts like antioxidants in our body. Sprouts help you to lose weight and are a best raw food to develop the skin glow.


Coconut water is known as a best hydrating food. It is the best re-hydrating liquid next to water because of its natural electrolyte composition. Coconut is also good to improve the functioning of the heart and brain. The healthy fats in the coconut help to lower the cholesterol. Eat few pieces of raw coconut to dull down the stomach infections with its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.


The juicy tomato is another food that can be consumed in the raw form. It helps to cut the fats that have been stored in the body. The high amount of antioxidants works against the aging factors, and helps to prevent the diseases such as cancer.


One of the vegetable that is filled with high water content is cucumber, it makes you feel full and is suggested as a perfect food for the people who are under the weight loss program.


Consume raw seeds to get the high amounts of zinc and proteins that are necessary to boost the immune system and to reduce the bad cholesterol levels. One can also grab fiber, healthy unsaturated fats and vitamin E when the seeds are consumed in good amounts. Always try to consume the seeds in the raw form because they lost minerals and nutrients when cooked.


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Radish is yet another food you can consume it in the raw form, but is suggested to not consume in high amounts as it leads to gas problem.


If you are under the weight loss program, add your diet with corn or maize to lose weight fast. Maize consists of high protein amounts and is good for those who are looking for protein rich food.


Take a small piece of lemon and absorb the liquid from it to get relief from stress. And is one of the best food to be consumed in the raw form to cut the fat stored in your body.