How to Understand Virgo Man

If there is a single word to define a Virgo man, then that should be ‘practical’. He calls a spade a spade and views things just the way they are. He is a down to earth guy who considers hard work to be the main motto. Pointless emotional outpourings are not for him and he would like to stay connected to people who are not frivolous.

He hates being an emotional fool

How to get virgo man fall in love with you

Just because Virgo men are reserved and choosy about their companions, it does not mean that they do not form strong bonds. He can be the perfect lover that all women desire for, but it does take some time for him to get smitten.

But once he is truly in love with you, he will be in it completely. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are extremely intelligent by nature. He wants his partner to have the same quality. He is the male who loves her girl for her mind.

And once he finds his partner, he will forever be committed, patient, loving and supportive. On the flipside, they can be extremely critical at times and defensive. Overall, he will be a trusting and dedicated lover.

What does not work for him

If you want him to be yours forever, then forget letting your hair down. Night times at the local bar, crowded discotheques, playing loud music are big no-nos for him. Instead, they would prefer a quiet, meditative ambience where they can concentrate and exercise their mind.

Since they have an immense, almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge, you might want to take him to a library, planetariums, historical sites or even book shops to win his favor. The key is, use your brain, the part of you that a Virgo man truly appreciates of a woman, to attract him.

Let him get a taste of your level of intelligence and share your interests. But beware! They hate braggarts! So be smart enough to be with him without going over the top.

He loves keeping things simple

Virgo men have nothing to do with the wardrobe collection and makeup sense of ladies, especially when it comes to choosing their partner. What is the use of the rude, loud ‘bimbos’ if they don’t match his mental wavelength? A Virgo man really appreciates a lady who dresses conservatively and carries it with élan.

Of course, the girl should have the ability to reason and think. Also, his heart has no room for insincerity. To catch his attention, the girl needs to be soft-spoken, polite and honest. He would really appreciate if a girl shows her interest in him, without ‘overdoing’ it. Too much attention and lovey-dovey words might scare him away.

Virgo men in love

Dos & don’ts with virgo man

Even if you are in a serious and steady relationship, you might find your Virgo man occasionally removing himself away from you. To keep in interested, you need to conceive your mind with different stimulating ideas.

He should know that your mind is not idle and that it is working very hard to find out some activities that both will enjoy. Learn sharing new things and doing fun activities together. You might need to adjust a lot to ‘fit in.’ Virgos, once in a relationship is totally committed to it and tends to mold his or her partner within their personal ideology.

If the potential partner does not reciprocate, then they might consider moving on. They know that it is the best thing that he can do to live with peace. So an inflexible woman is not for the Virgo man.

The family man

He can give his all to his lady love, but anticipates the same for her. Being ‘neat freaks’ Virgo men prefer, not to wear or see people wearing cringed, untidy clothes. Also, the home should be neat and clean, so are the upholsteries. They hate hypocrisy, so NEVER give him a chance to distrust you.

It can bring a blow to your relationship if you ever do. Again, despite being a family people, your Virgo man will treat each and every one surrounding him as equals. And though very careful with their money, he might not be extremely ambitious in his life. He will be satisfied enough to see his needs fulfilled.

It is the quality of work they do will matter to them primarily. Never mind! He knows what his woman needs from him and will do everything to bring her the necessary comfort.