5 Various Nail designs We Really Love

If you’re getting bored of your regular nail designs, then it’s time to try a wide variety of unique nail designs that all of we love. There’s a nail design to fit everyone’s personality and every occasion. Get inspired by these ideas for various nail designs and glam up your nails.

Minimalistic and Sleek

Minimalistic and Sleek

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Who says that you need a complicated nail design in order to look unique? The road to unique nails can be so much easier, but you gotta be creative. Adding just a few simple lines in a creative way can change the whole nail design game. Apart from minimalist lines, you can accentuate your nail lunula or nail moon. Just add some gold or silver over the nail moon, and your nails will look simply fabulous.

Classic red with a twist

Classic red with a twistWomen who choose a red nail design are flirtatious and classy. You can never go wrong with it: red nails will always be fashionable. Other nail trends come and go, but this one continues to be a classic. However, since red is such a vibrant color, you should be careful and precise while painting your nails. We recommend that you put two layers of red nail polish as well as top and bottom coat of clear nail polish. If you want to make your red nail design more unique, choose one statement nail which will be different from others. White statement nail is always a good choice.


ColorfulThere are no rules when it comes to colorful nails. You can literally just play around with various nail polish colors you have a create something completely new and special. Creative lines, patterns, dots, squiggles: it’s all allowed here. If you have a little sister, painting her nails in exciting colors will make her day more special. Also, if you usually wear your nails in only one color, everyone will love it and notice a difference for sure. There will be compliments coming in your way!

Vintage polka dots

Vintage polka dots

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Who doesn’t love vintage fashion? It always looks unique, and there are so many various nail designs you can do with a vintage twist. For a classic look, paint your nails red and then simply put dots with a bobby pin. For some extra cuteness add a little bow on one of the nails. This is a great nail design that everyone younger women will appreciate for sure. You’ll have lots of fun recreating this look, and you’ll look so cute in the end.


RhinestonesWomen who love rhinestones will love this nail designs. A simple nude nail polish can look extraordinary with just a few rhinestones. It’s a perfect nail design for weddings and other special occasions. A great thing about this nail design is that they will your whole look for that special occasion will become more special.

Every girl loves different nail designs. But, these ones are nail designs that every girl can fall in love with. They’re versatile, fun and special. But remember, it’s all about having fun. They’re just nails; you don’t have to be so serious about them.