Best vegetables for immune system

There are various varieties of vegetables available in the market, but do yo know which one is good to boost your immune system! Then check below.

Immunity is an important part of your body and health. This is an ability of a person to fight with diseases. Our body has certain antibodies that help to fight with diseases affected by bacteria or virus within the environment. This is the reason why the dieticians prescribe us with the food items that are rich in all types of nutrition suitable for your body.  Healthy food with les cholesterol and vitamins helps us gain immunity with the help of which we can fight with variety of diseases. This article will speak about 7 best vegetables that will boost immune system.

Best vegetables for immune system


The beta-carotene in carrots gives them the orange hue. Not just adding the color, beta-carotene is known to fight infections and regulating the body’s immune system. Vitamin A present in carrots are also essential in fighting off any illness. The best way to get all the nutrients from carrots is by eating it raw. However, you can also use it in other recipes.


A lesser-known superfood with nutrients Kale contains many antiviral properties. This leafy vegetable comes with many health benefits. Just a serving of Kale is as good as an orange. Not only boosting vitamin C, but it also helps in regenerating other antioxidants in our body. In true sense, Kale is an immunity booster vegetable.

Sweet potatoes

This starchy root vegetable comes in a variety of sizes & colors. The color might vary from orange, purple or white. Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamins, fibers, and minerals. The beta carotene in sweet potatoes helps in making skin supple while acting a sunscreen. This highly nutritious vegetable helps in improving gut health.

Green peas

Green peas are a good source of vitamin C & A in addition to fibers and minerals. Peas contain antioxidants that help build your immune system. Green peas are also known to improve digestion, blood sugar levels and boosting eyesight. Consume it raw or add it to your recipes.  

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are an abundant source of vitamin E. A known antioxidant to improve your immune system along with maintaining healthy skin and hair. It also contains selenium which helps fight your body against cancer. Add sunflower seeds to salads or breakfast bowls for a tasty addition. 


An ancient household remedy turmeric is known for its medicinal properties. Consuming turmeric can improve your immune system. The compound in turmeric, Curcumin has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Adding this spice to your diet proves beneficial during the flu season.


Best vegetables for good health

Cruciferous vegetables have proved as a perfect option for boosting of immunity system. This vegetable consists of special chemical composition. The waft of pungent smell in the air is due to because of its sulphur compounds. These compounds are converted into isothiocyanates or ITC’s while chopping or chewing them by a chemical reaction. Isothiocyanates are believed to prevent the risk of cancer, whereas it is having the capability to boost the immune system.

These cruciferous vegetables includes beet green, broccoli, cabbage, mustard greens, cabbage, red cabbage, watercress, cauliflower, arugula, Brussels sprouts, radishes, bulk choy, Turpin greens, horse radish and collards. Adding your diet with these food items is nothing less than swallowing an anti-cancer pill.


Garlic is renowned for its antiseptic properties which can restrict the problems like cancer, infections and normal cold. With the presence of allicin garlic is more powerful, it helps the cells from getting damaged. Certain diseases like cancer, heart stroke, brain aging, arthritis, atherosclerosis, cataracts and immune disorders mostly hit a person while he is aging but the consumption of good amount of garlic can prevent from all the listed health disorders.


Nutritional benefits of vegetables

Onions work effective in treating the cancer by its powerful antioxidant quercetin. This antioxidant is the major reason in reducing the blood pressure, preventing heart diseases and controlling the allergies.

The red and purple onions consist of anthocyanins, an antioxidant which is also present in berries. This antioxidant is helpful through its healing properties.

As like garlic, onion is also one of the best source of allicin.


In the enhancement of the growth of the white blood cells, the iron amount present in the beetroot helps a lot. Apart from white blood cells, they also promotes the growth of red blood cells and improves the supply of oxygen to various cells in the body. Beetroots restrict the risk of cancer and heart diseases. The fiber amount in the roots is necessary for the proper digestion.


Mushrooms stimulate the natural killer T cells or NKT, by which the cell got damaged by virus will be flushed out. Some studies have proved that mushrooms are working effective in reducing the cancer, especially the breast cancer in women. They protects the DNA from damage, ward off tumors from getting blood supply, calms down the cancerous cells and the growth of tumor.


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Tomatoes are the good sources of betacarotene antioxidant that fosters immune system. With the presence of lycopene, a special antioxidant, tomatoes are helpful in preventing the cancer, particularly the prostate cancer. They are also rich in dietary fiber content.


Spinach is good at beta carotene levels, which is further converted into vitamin A, it helps the immune system to function well. It is having zinc, the mineral necessary for fighting the diseases, it also restricts the health problems like cancer and heart diseases.


Bee root are one of the wonderful varieties of fruits that is loaded with iron. If you are suffering from the blood loss problem, this can be a reason of low immunity. Iron present in beetroot will effectively help you boost immunity system. You must consume oranges during all seasons to fight against diseases. It will keep all your organs in good shape.


Asparagus are the healthy vegetables that are available in the almost all parts of India. But today due to globalization this can also be available in super market near your home if you don’t belong to India. This imported variety of vegetable is loaded with antioxidants. It will boost your immune cells that can help fighting with the diseases.


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Detoxification is an important process which is needed in the body of every individual. This helps removing the toxins from your body completely. Artichokes help in the process of detoxification and boost the immunity system. You can easily consume this vegetable in your diet to get away from all types of diseases. The strength provides to your immunity and alertness can be possible here.

Red bell pepper

You can get high level of beta carotene when you intake the bell peppers. This can be easily turned into vitamin A. Thus you can an immunity boost with a protection against variety of diseases. You can also intake green and yellow bell peppers as they are healthy and loaded with vitamin C.