Best home remedies to cure muscle twitches

Skeleton muscle of an individual is made up of variety of individual muscle fibers. These individual muscle fibers are known as myocytes.  The content of each myocytes is composed of many myofibrils. These are basically the names given to proteins. These proteins are very effective to grab and pull each other. It also results to shortening of muscle which gives rise to muscle contraction. There are two types of muscles fibers available in human body.

[Home remedies to cure muscle twitches in Hindi]

Types of twitches

Natural home remedies for muscle pain

An individual can come across several types of twitches. Two major types of twitches are known as:

  • Slow twitch
  • Fast twitch

Distinction of the twitches and muscle fibers influences the physical activity and training. Since each fiber type of human body is unique, there is an ability of contracting the same in certain way. Genetically determined mixture of both fast and slow fiber types are the content of human muscle. There are in total of 50 percent of fast twitch muscles fibers and another 50 percent is slow twitches.

Slow twitch (Type 1)

The slow muscle in an individual is quite efficient in utilizing oxygen in effective way and generates fuel for extended muscle contractions. The slow fibers or twitches are very effective in helping the athletes. Whether they run marathons or go ahead with cycling options, slow twitches are much more effective.

Fast twitch (Type 2)

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The fast twitch fibers make use of the anaerobic metabolism in order to create fuel. In order to create short burst, these fast twitches are more effective. But, these twitches can create fatigue more easily and quickly. It helps in forcing up the contraction as compared to the slow muscles.

Home remedies of twitches

Muscle twitches are really problematic for individuals which can be also very tricky at times. But, today, you can easily find many organic and natural ways to eradicate the problem of muscle twitches. You too have some magical ingredients at your home kitchen to treat the twitching of muscles. The effective source of remedies contains in the following points:


Treatment through herbs will be very effective for individual constantly exposed to the problem of muscles twitches.  These herbs are the impressive antispasmodic ingredient that helps in soothing the restless agitation faced by individuals.


You will definitely get some natural ingredients in your food that has zinc extracts. Some of the vegetables rich in zinc include legumes, green beans, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, corn etc. You must consume all these food items in a regular basis to eradicate muscle twitches naturally.


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Smart ways to soothe sore muscles

Our body requires some effective minerals. Magnesium is an important mineral needed for everybody especially women. If you are suffering from muscle twitches and cramp on a regular basis, it will be advisable for you to consume magnesium in diet.  You can get it in green leafy vegetable effectively known as spinach. This helps in soothing the scared system. The fidgety movement will be accomplished once again with the proper consumption of magnesium in diet.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is actually the name for the chemical magnesium sulfate. So from the term magnesium sulfate, it got its name as Epsom salt from bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England. Though it is termed as “salt”, in reality it is a natural ailment formed out of magnesium and sulfate for healing purpose. It has many uses like beauty, household, and gardening. Also, Epsom salt is great for treating muscle cramps. It is possible because of the presence of magnesium, which treats in reduction of inflammation, helps the muscles and nerves to function properly and it provides prevention from hardening of the artery. To know the proper usage of Epsom salt, read bellow

Firstly, fill your bathing water with warm water.

Secondly, add about two cups of Epsom salt to the warm water and stir well.

Thirdly, soak yourself in that water for 15-20 minutes and continue taking bath in this water for a few days and you will surely feel the difference.

Note: Although, Epsom salt is very effective but it must be kept in mind that it must not be used by people suffering from heart problem, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Clove oil

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Clove oil or oil of clove is enriched with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. The origin of cloves is actually from the regions of Indonesia and Madagascar region, which has now become an essential ingredient that can be found in abundance in any part of the world. Cloves are converted into powder form for either cooking purpose or for making essential oil. Also, clove oil is a good agent for anesthetic purpose. All you need to do is, follow a simple routine.

  1. Firstly take some clove oil as accordance to your need and warm it up.
  2. Then massage the warm clove oil on the affected area.
  3. Using circular motions of clockwise and anti-clockwise, gently massage the affected area for five minutes.
  4. Repeat this procedure if needed again.

Yellow mustard

Yellow mustard or Indian mustard which is a very well known condiment in cooking is apparently very well known for treating muscle cramps too! Yellow mustard is enriched with acetic acid which prevents the growth of acetylcholine in the body. Being a neurotransmitter of our muscles, acetylcholine actually provides healing to our sore muscles, thereby giving us enough relief from the discomfort. All you need to do is, warm some milk and add one teaspoon of yellow mustard powder. Now drink it, this will help in relieving your sore muscles from the discomfort of muscle cramps.

Blackstrap molasses

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There are a lot of times, when muscle cramps occur because of calcium and potassium deficiency. For the people who are suffering from low calcium and potassium level, you do not need to worry any longer for sore muscle cramps! There is an excellent solution to it, which is blackstrap molasses. Blackstrap molasses is considered to be an excellent source of calcium and potassium. It is actually multivalent in terms of beneficial properties. All you need to do is follow up few steps.

  1. At first start by taking one tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in a glass of warm water or warm milk. Then stir well.
  2. Then simply gulp down this mixture and within ten to fifteen minutes, you will slowly start feeling better from the discomfort of the muscle cramp.
  3. If you do not feel the difference after drinking it for the first time, then make this drink for yourself again. You can intake this drink frequently to cope with calcium and potassium deficiency in your body.


Rosemary as known for its high anti-inflammatory properties, it actually prevents the sore muscle tissues from pain and reduces the affect of muscle cramp. Rosemary is also famous for a warming after effect, which helps in soothing the sore muscle.

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But you need to know, how to make proper usage of rosemary leaves. So first in a jar, pour some boiling water and put about one ounce of rosemary leaves. Stir well and keep the jar aside by covering it for thirty minutes. Now take a washcloth and soak it in this warm rosemary leaves mixture after the resting thirty minutes. Now apply the absorbed washcloth on the affected area for about ten minutes. Then follow up with a session of cold compress.

Another way is, add about one or two teaspoons of rosemary powder in a cup of hot boiling water for about ten minutes. Then strain the water and drink it thrice a day.

Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are the most simple and easiest way to get rid of muscle cramps. Not only does stretching will provide a relief from muscle cramp, but it will also provide a healthy blood circulation in your body. Firstly, stretch the affected area for about 15 to 30 seconds and then gently massage the area for few minutes. This will relax your sore muscles. You can also try swimming, because body movements in the water will quickly provide a reduction in the pain and inflammation.


Just like stretching exercises, massage is also a very good way of relaxing your sore muscles. This will stimulate the blood circulation and ease the discomfort too. You can either massage gently without anything or you can also use massage oil for better results. Then after massaging, wrap up the affected area for some warmth. This will ease your pain.

[Home remedies to cure muscle twitches in Hindi]