Surprising benefits of hibiscus benefits for health

Hibiscus is not something at which we look as a plant with great health benefits though we are quite aware about the beauty benefits of the hibiscus flowers and the leaves. Surprisingly, hibiscus can also be highly beneficial for health and there are proven positive effects of hibiscus in maintaining a healthy body. If you are interested to know how these bright and beautiful flowers can gift you an overall good health, read on,

How it helps?

Beauty & health benefits of hibiscus

Around 15 to 30% of the hibiscus plant is made with plant based acids, like malic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid as well as allo-hydroxycitric acid lactone, which are unique to this plant. Apart from these acids, the plant also contains a number of alkaloids, quercetin and anthocyanins which are known as anti-oxidants and can offer positive effects on human health.

Hibiscus can control blood cholesterol levels

Several clinical trials have proved the efficiency of hibiscus in controlling blood cholesterol levels. Hibiscus is able to control both the LDL and HDL levels along with triglycerides in the blood providing a complete regulatory effect on blood cholesterol.  When it comes to maintaining blood cholesterol, hibiscus can give better results than black tea and many other common remedies.

Hibiscus is effective in maintaining healthy blood pressure

Hibiscus extract has been found to be effective in maintaining proper blood pressure level but interestingly it does not alter the blood potassium levels or the salt-water balance for maintaining the blood pressure in a healthy range.  Hibiscus has also been found to have a systolic blood pressure maintenance effect.

Hibiscus – an anticancer agent

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The ingredients found in hibiscus have strong anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. It has been found to be particularly effective in case of leukemia or blood cancer.

Give a boost to your liver health with hibiscus

The liver plays an important role in keeping our body healthy and well -functioning. Hibiscus has been found to have anti-oxidant properties that can be very effective in treating liver problems. According to a study, the anthocyanin present in hibiscus can effectively reduce oxidative damages as well as inflammatory liver lesions in the body. A healthy liver is the key to a healthy body and skin, so taking hibiscus can actually help you to stay healthy and beautiful.

Hibiscus for anxiety and depression

The anthocyanins, flavonoids and the anthocyanidins present in hibiscus have potential ability to control depression and anxiety. So, if you are trying to stay away from depression replacing your regular tea with hibiscus tea can give you effective results.

Hibiscus promotes better digestion

Hibiscus leaves for hair care

Hibiscus helps in proper digestion of food and also in bowel movement, helping in curing constipation and other gastrointestinal complications. The constituents of hibiscus can also control the irritable bowel syndrome.

Hibiscus is a natural detoxifier

Detoxifying the body is important in order to maintain a good health and hibiscus can effectively work as a natural detoxifier due to its diuretic property. It flushes outs extra fluid and impurities from the body along with the fluids, giving you best detoxifying effects.

Hibiscus for better immunity

Hibiscus contains a bunch of natural acids, which can be effective in boosting the immunity system of the body naturally helping you to maintain an overall good health without being affected by common diseases or cough and cold.

Hibiscus for healthy skin

We are well aware about the benefits of hibiscus on the skin. It can effectively treat acne and can also be an effective remedy for controlling excess oil secretion from the skin. Due to the high anti-oxidant content of the plant, it also offers anti-aging effects on the skin. To use hibiscus on the skin all you need to do is to collect fresh flowers from the plant, smash them to make a paste and apply them directly to your face. You can also add Hibiscus extract with fuller’s earth to make a face pack.

Hibiscus for healthy hairs

Being rich in natural plant acids Hibiscus works as an effective natural cleanser for hairs. It can cure hair dryness and can also help in balancing the natural pH of the scalp promoting better scalp health and hair growth.