Paleo vs keto vs whole30 diet plans – What are the major differences?

It is pretty obvious for people from the 90s to have zero knowledge about the diet trend people following today. Back then, people to lose weight consumed less or no fat. However, the diet being followed today follows a different protocol and focuses on consuming less carbohydrate.

But even now it seems very crazy because there are so many low carb diets available. So in this article, we are sharing the differences between three well known low carb diet plans – The ketogenic diet,  the paleo diet and the whole30 diet.

Differences between keto, whole30 and paleo diet

Paleo vs keto which diet is better

What is the major difference between paleo, keto and whole30 diet? This is one of the very common questions which is asked every now and then. However, very recently ketogenic diet is getting more popularized and the question is how does it differ from other forms of diet. Though there are many low carb diets which can be followed, lately, these three are very famous. Everyone seems to be trying at least one of them. So here we are clearing any confusion which you might have regarding any of these.

Paleo, keto and whole30, all diets are having some distinct similarities. All of them are low in carbohydrate content. The ketogenic diet, amongst all, contains the less amount of carbs. On the other hand, whole30 and paleo diet are low in carbs, but not like ketogenic. Both paleo and whole30 are low in carb contain as there is a need for eliminating junk food, refined sugars and grains from our body, all these food items contain a high amount of carbohydrates. However, following any of these diets, lead the followers to follow a much natural and healthy way of eating food.

Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet which is also known as keto diet is the process where our body starts using fat for producing energy instead of using carbohydrates. It also means that our body will start fueling itself by burning the fat which has accumulated in our body. However, the ketogenic diet is different from rest diets in a way that it encourages consuming more amount of fat which is not common in other diet plans as they focus on consuming proteins like chicken breast.

When the blood sugar level in our body decreases our body starts producing ketones. The excess amount of protein in our body can be converted into blood sugar and it is the reason why consuming lean protein is restricted.

Keto diet not only accelerates the weight loss but also has several other advantages. People following the ketogenic diet report that their brain starts functioning much better and their overall health condition also becomes better. Though the ketogenic diet is very useful for our body, it sometimes becomes hard for people to follow it for a longer period of time.  Some people may also start getting the ‘Keto flu’. This happens when our starts detoxing from sugar.

Whole30 diet

I have seen many of my friends trying this diet for 30 days and most of them have received an excellent result. So let’s know about this diet in detail.

The whole30 diet is quite similar to the Atkins diet. The main aim of this diet is to cut out inflammatory food items like sugar, grains, legumes and dairy for 30 days. From the official website of whole 30, we get to know that this that is very effective and helps to get rid of cravings.

Ketogenic diet plan for beginners

The good part of following this diet is that you get to eliminate all the inflammatory food items from your diet, which is a very good thing. Also apart from this, as this that claims to control food cravings, especially sugar craving, this is perfect for people having sweet tooth. However, people who love consuming dairy products such as cheese, curd or milk in general, may find it difficult to follow this diet.

The paleo diet

Some people jokingly refer this diet plan as the ‘caveman’s diet’, however, it is not completely true. The idea of paleo diet was initially put forward in the year 1975. The paleo diet is all about consuming lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats. It is similar to whole30 as it eliminates grain, dairy products and legumes.

The differences between paleo and whole30 are so minor that we had to research a lot to know about the actual difference. Paleo diet approves consuming honey which is not approved by the whole30 diet plan. It also encourages having grass-fed meat and allows to recreate some of the popular processed foods.

It is a very stupid idea to find out the faults in our ancestor’s diet plan, however, it also true that we are not staying in our ancestor’s era. Where a lot of diet plans are very expensive, paleo is a cheap as compared to the rest. But as we have already mentioned that the diet allows having only grass-fed meat, the budget of the diet may go up for the same reason.

From the above discussion, we can very well understand that all three diets are having some similarities and some differences between them. However, when we compare them on the ground of food items one is allowed to eat while following the diet, paleo is having the least restriction amongst all. On the other hand, ketogenic diet contains the least amount of carbohydrate. Well, the good news is there are various paleo recipes which are both ketogenic diet and whole30 diet friendly.

If you are looking for ways to lose weight fast, it is advisable to do a complete research about all three kinds of diet and then make a decision.

Well, now that you know all the differences between all three diets, we now have a serious question. Which diet should we pick?

Every diet is having a good side and a bad side and the answer lies within you. Choose the diet which you are comfortable with following but make sure that you pick the one which you can follow for a longer period of time.