What should men wear at a startup office?

In 2017, it would be fair to say that attitudes toward outfits in the office have softened considerably. Although many positions – particularly in the financial sector – still require the use of suits and ties, startup offices are far more relaxed. Smart casual is totally acceptable in the startup offices of London, Berlin, Silicon Valley and more, which is great news for people who hate being forced to wear a suit!

Dressing up for the interview is fine, as you can still make a good first impression, but as for what men can wear to a startup office, you have more options to showcase your personality and style. Let’s take a look at what options men have.

Start with the shoes

You won’t need to get so fancy with your shoe choice, but if you feel like making a small statement, then a classic pair of brogues is hard to argue with. The tanned brown leather shoes have masses of appeal and class, but still have a bit of a cool indie rock feel. Otherwise, a super comfortable pair of street shoes will be a fantastic selection. Nike, Adidas, Vans and many more sports/skate companies make gorgeous shoes that look smart, yet are incredibly snug on your feet.

Choose a nice accessory

While fashion rules are more relaxed in startup offices, they are still not the place to wear huge amounts of bling. It’s not massively common to see large necklaces, earrings, or bracelets at a startup office, but a classy wristwatch is undeniably an excellent accessory. As for what designs you’d like to wear, the sky is really the limit. A round face Rolex with a metal strap? An Apple Watch with a brown leather strap? Whatever suits your style. If you’re having trouble deciding what your style actually is, be sure to browse around here and see what new or classic types you prefer.

Pick up a cool shirt

If you dislike the feeling of being stifled by a white collared shirt, then you’re in luck if you work at a startup office. Loose fitting plaid shirts are a great option for this type of environment, as you can either choose to button up the shirt or wear a t-shirt underneath. Denim shirts are an incredibly handsome selection and also in vogue right now. See if you have a favorite on this site.

Get the right jeans

Not that there is a wrong pair of jeans as such, but when we’re talking smart casual at a startup, there are certain styles which come to mind. Black is an obvious choice, as they essentially match with everything under the sun. Dark blue or faded light blue are also classic options, as these fit a more relaxed, off-the-cuff style that is prominent in startup offices.