Winter lip care tips to treat the dry chapped lips

Lips are the most delicate part of the body. They have thin layer of skin and there are no oil glands to protect it from getting dry. The dry winter skin damages the lips and leaves them dry and chapped. Special care is essential during the winter season to keep the lips healthy moist and smooth.

Winter comes with the lot of beauty problems for men and women. In winter most of the men and women are facing the skin problems, lip problems, feet problems. The body temperature and environmental temperature are not at level so our body tries to send the temperature out through the sensitive parts like skin, lips, feet for that reason the dry skin, cracked lips and cracked feet. These three problems are faced by many of them in the fall winter. In this article try find the causes and solution for the lip.

Lips are the sensitive parts in face. In the winter environmental changes leads to the chapped and peeling lips. House heating system used in the winter may leads to the cracked lips. The changes in the temperatures in day and night take out the moisture from the lips leads to the cracked dry lips. There are many ways to escape from the cracked lips.

Deficiency of certain vitamins can give rise to unattractive skin tone. Dryness and unattractive skin layout is again a serious issue. This is mostly observed during the winter season. During this season people wish to keep their lips moisturized. While doing this they keep on licking their lips. But, unfortunately, this is one of the main reasons behind the drying and chapped lips. If you are exposed to sunlight during the winter, the same can be a problem to you. People are spending a lot of money in the process of buying expensive cosmetics. Did you try the home remedies? The ingredients available at your home will be easily to avail.

Winter lip care tips for dry cracked lips

How to get rid of chapped lips

  • Do not lick the dry lips. Better to apply the lip balm over the dry and chapped lips. Licking means moisturizing the lips for some time. After some time they will dry again. This is not good for the long run so use the lip care balm.
  • Use the exfoliate to cleanse the dead cell from the lips. Try to use the lip scrubs to exfoliate the lips. The exfoliating makes the lips clean and healthy. Take the durum wheat semolina and add the few drop of the honey to it. Use this mixture as the lip scrub to exfoliate.
  • Apply the honey on the cracked lips for 4-5 daily. Otherwise mix the few amount of glycerin to the honey and apply on the lips. The glycerin keeps the moisture in the lips and tries to prevent the chapped lips.
  • Take the rose petals and soak the petals in milk or glycerin. Take the rose petals out and mesh the rose petals and apply the paste on the lips the remedy cure the dry cracked lips.
  • Coconut oil helps to cure and soothe the cracked lips. Apply the coconut oil on the lips for several times in the winter. It helps to cure the cracked lips.
  • Try to avoid the usage of the decorative lipsticks in the winter. This type of the lipsticks are close the lip skin pores and make the lips to dry. Apply the lip nourishing balms before applying the lipstick.
  • Do not peel the skin of the lips with hands. Apply the gentle balm or butter before going to the bed. Peeling is due to the excessive dryness of the lips. Apply the suitable moisturizers for the lips.
  • Keeping the moisture in the lips with the lip balm is common. Another method for moisturizes lips is take the green tea bag and dip the bag in the warm water. Now after 1 minute take the lip bag out and apply the bag over the lips in the slow motion do this process for 5 minutes.
  • Take the lot of water to be hydrated in the winter. Water keeps you hydrated from inside. Hydrated body may decrease the chances of lip dryness.
  • Try to avoid the lip irritations like  alcohol, cigarette, chilies’, menthol etc.

Natural solutions for chapped lips

Top lip care tips for women

Despitethe best efforts, most people end up with chapped lips during the long, cold winter months. The natural solutions given below help to bring back the luscious and smooth appearance of the lips.

Gently exfoliate

The lips must be gently exfoliated to get rid of the dead skin cells during the winter months when the lips become dry and scaly. The best way to exfoliate the lips is by massaging the lips with sugar and jojoba oil or olive oil. A little honey can also be used to scrub the lips. The dead skin cells can also be removed with the natural enzymes of papaya. This can be done by rubbing mashed papaya directly on the lips.

Moisturize the lips

Lips need more moisture in winter than in any other season.  They can be moisturized with a natural, petroleum-free balm that contains some of the nourishing ingredients or by homemade ingredients like aloe gel, vitamin E, natural oils like almond, olive and coconut, and honey. Some other options to moisturize the lips include rose petal extract mixed with raw milk, butters like coconut butter, cocoa butter, and mango butter.

Use an ointment.

Lips that are damaged may need some treatment. They can be treated by combining a few drops of nutmeg essential oils, mandarin essential oil, and vitamin E oil, and applying it on the lips two to three times a day. Another healing option is to apply the juice of neem leaves on cracking and chapping lips. Calendula lotion also helps to heal and soften the lips.

Treat overnight

Winter lip care tips

The most hydrating balm or moisturizer can be applied on the lips to restore and rejuvenate them. Even butter or ghee can be applied on the lips and left overnight. The lips will become soft and smooth by morning.


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Soothe the burn

Sometimes the lips become red and burnt either by licking or by overexposure to the sun.  The most common natural solution is to apply potato juice or Aloe Vera gel on the lips. The starch from the potato will give a cooling effect on the lips and soothe the burnt lips.

Homemade remedies for dry chapped lips

Green tea bags

It is the oldest home remedy to cure chapped lips followed by many people. Simply press used tea bags on the lips for 4-5 minutes. The lips will soon regain the lost moisture and become soft and smooth.

Lemon juice

It helps to prevent aging of the skin by nourishing the sensitive skin of the lips, leaving them smooth and soft. Mix milk cream and few drops of lemon juice and place it in the refrigerator for an hour. Apply the same mixture daily before going to sleep. The results will appear in just three days.

Rose water and glycerine

It  is a great combination to treat chapped lips during winter. Mix the two ingredients in equal quantity and apply it on t helps before sleeping.  Repeat the treatment for at least five days to achieve best results.

Shea butter

Homemade lip scrubs

It is quite common to get the creams and moisturizers available in the market that has the extract of Shea butter. But, you are going to get totally a natural remedy. For this, you need to get some melted beewax, shea butter, coconut oil, a small glass, double oiler and a small glass. You need to set the double boiler and melt all the ingredients mentioned. Once it is melted take it in a container and let it cool. You can store it in a refrigerator and use whenever needed.

Cucumber for chapped lips

You will be surprised to know that even cucumber which you use in salad can be used to treat your chapped lips. You need to take cucumber and cut it in slice. Now take a single slice and apply over your lips. Slowly rub it against your lips. Your lip will get moisturized. You can also do it in an alternatively. Make a pulp out of the cucumber and apply over your lips. Keep them for some time and then wash it away.

Strawberry and sugar

Exfoliate your lips during winter as the dead skin over your lips can be really dangerous. You need to take a strawberry and get juice out of it. Take it in a small container and add half spoon of sugar. Now apply this mixture on your lips. Use your fingers to slowly rub it. Keep for sometime say for 20 minutes. Once you can feel it has dried and become sticky in appearance you can wash it away easily. This will remove your dead skin layer and replace the skin with the perfect moisturisation. You must try this today to stay away from chapped lips.