4 Tips for Beauty Consultant Startups

If there is one industry that will probably never die, it would be beauty. In fact, sometimes when the economy is at its lowest and the average woman is on the strictest of budgets, this is the time when they need a quick ‘pick me up.’ Once upon a time it was a new hat, as you can read in literature dating back until the mid part of the 20th century, but now it’s cosmetics and fashion. If you have a passion for any niche within the beauty industry, this is one business you can hope to succeed in if you follow a few well-placed tips.

1. Go Beyond a Love of Beauty

How many times have you walked up to a makeup counter at a trendy department store only to find that the ladies working behind the counter know less about cosmetics than you do? You are there to get advice on the latest products or to find a scent that suits you. Unfortunately, it seems as though you are the one educating the salesperson. If you want to succeed as a beauty consultant, it is highly recommended that you learn beauty certifications for building business the right way. That certification goes a very long way toward giving the credentials you need to be well-respected in the industry.

2. See to All Legalities

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to register your business with the proper authorities and then carry insurance cover such as liability. In fact, it may even be required before you can be licensed as a consultant in the province in which you intend to do business, so do check that out as well. Being fully legal and insured not only protects you but it lends layers to your credibility.

3. Use a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Once you are ready to begin giving consultations, it’s time to begin letting people know who you are and what you do. Social media is great in the beauty industry because you can use images to highlight your best work. Instagram stories, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook can help you get a huge following quickly. Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube give you the best opportunities to use images in a marketing strategy.

4. Follow Up on Every Consultation or Service

Another advantage you will have over the typical department store beauty ‘consultant,’ – and that title is used lightly – is that you can follow up on every single customer you serve. Today’s consumer wants to know that they matter, and they want to build relationships with brands they deal with. This can be in the form of a quick phone call or text to a client you recently served to ask how those new eyeshadow colours or lash extensions did for them. This not only shows that you care but it will keep you fresh in their minds so that when they think beauty, they think of you.

With all that said, the one key bit of advice for success in a highly competitive industry is to learn the from qualified instructors and to stay current as fashions change. Your knowledge and expertise will speak for themselves.