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hair fall

Top homemade tips for hair growth and to stop hair fall

A perfectly healthy and shiny hair always boost your confidence level up ...

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a beautiful woman on a winter snow

Hair care for the winter season

[ Hindi version ] You will find a lot of hair falls at some ...

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aloe vera

How to make natural aloe vera shampoo at home? Making of home made aloevera shampoo recipe

[ Hindi version ] Commercial market is flooded with different types of shampoos. You ...

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Best homemade henna hair packs, hair masks for natural looking hair

[ Hindi version ] There are different henna packs for dull and lifeless hair. ...

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Best hair building fibers

[ Hindi version ] Today even after using very expensive shampoos and conditioning for ...

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Homemade hair straightening treatments

Best home remedies to get rid of dandruff naturally

[ Hindi version ] Dandruff is a harmlesscondition that occurs when the scalp becomes ...

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Top hair combing techniques for good looking hair

Your hair is a delicate part of your body which should not ...

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Best natural homemade tips to get black hair

Most women are fond of the thick black hair.The best way of ...

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Sugared soda consumption, Cell aging associated in new study

Sugary soft drinks is often associated with a high risk of obesity, ...

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Back pain killing your sex life

Back pain during sex is a major issue that can have a ...

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Discarded cigarette ashes could go to good use – removing arsenic from water

Arsenic is a well-known poison in the  form  of  semi-metal that  is ...

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boy girl

The ideal age of sexual partners is different for men and women

It is found that women are more selective than men in their ...

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Teen hormones and cell phones

What is sexting among teens? In the modern world of high technology ...

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Mangoes can lower blood sugar levels in obese people: an indication from emerging research

Orlando FL- 9TH SEPTEMBER, 2014- According to the publication in Metabolic Insight ...

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Stopping cold symptoms in kids through helpful bacteria

Yogurt is a wonderful food which contains bacteria and is really good ...

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State some of the foot care tips during rainy season

Changing of walking style helps in changing one’s mood

A new research published on 15th October Many traits are revealed by ...

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Best hair styles to suit your saree

Best hair styles to suit your saree

The fashion of saree will never end as the designers have been ...

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15 Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

[ Hindi version ] Gujarat is a state within Indian nation whose culture and ...

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Fashion freedom – Discover fashion statement

Fashion has variety of sections starting from clothes, accessories, watches, bags till ...

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Best curling irons available for your hair

  [ Hindi version ] Curling irons are one of the most essential tools ...

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