Open/Free Hairstyles for Long and Medium hair

Open or free hairstyles are often one of the favorite picks of women wearing sarees. Open hairstyles can look really gorgeous and they also go so well with all the types of sarees. There can be several types of variations in open hairstyle. Even some open hairstyles can vary due to the way of carrying the free hairs or the addition of curls to some particular locks or length of the hairs.

Open hairstyles can be simple or they can also be paired with different types of updo to get the right look and to introduce variation. This article will present you with some of the best open/free hairstyles that you can easily pair up with a saree.

26Mid-parted soft curls

Trending best hairstyles for pattu saree

The mid-parted soft curls are an all-season favourite for saree lovers. If you have medium length or long hair, this is surely a must try for you the next time you drape a saree.

25Multiple plaits messy look

Apart from being the very popular messy hair look that brides and bridesmaid have been switching to lately, this one with multiple plaits will certainly add an aura to your appearance.

24Front twisted waves

This hairstyle adds subtle gorgeousness in your otherwise traditional saree look. The front twists are mixed and matched with a number of hairstyles because of the beauty that it adds to your regular look.

23Back combed dense curls

Layered hairstyles for oval faces

With long wavy curls hanging on one side and an elegant hair pin decorating the other side, this hairstyle adds the glam that one needs for the party by making you look both mysterious and charming at one go.

22Single side wavy look with a puff

The most favourite to all girls, straight hair with a subtle puff and light curls at the ends can sync well with your saree look. The single side wavy look amps up the glam quotient in you!

21Side swept open hair with layers and light curls

This open hairstyle can be perfect for you if you have cut your hair into layers. To get this hairstyle you have to roll a bunch of hairs from the front and tuck it back with bobby pins as shown in the picture. Then take all your hairs to one side and use a curling rod just to curl up the ends of each of the layers. This hairstyle is not very complicated to get and here you will not need to apply much heat to your hairs.

20Two side open hairstyle with curls

Best hairstyles for pattu sarees

This is another simple open hairstyle but to get this style you will need to apply more heat to the length of your hairs as here you will need to create thicker curls. Part your hairs on one side of the head and take the hairs on each of the sides to the front from over the shoulders. Now curl the hairs in thick bunches with the help of a curling rod and let them flow from the sides.

19Simple one side open hairstyle with end curls

To get this simple and careless open hairstyle which looks so pretty with saree, part your hairs at the front and then comb all your hairs to the back. Curl the ends of the hairs with the help of a curling rod, but you should not overdo it as the curls should look natural. Now all you need to do is to take a small section of the hairs from the back to the front from over your one shoulder and you are done.

18Two side open hairstyle with middle partition

This hairstyle can make an ideal one for parties and weddings, particularly when paired with that heavy mangtika. If you are planning to keep your hairs open and middle parted hairs look best on your face, go blindly with this hairstyle and you are sure to get the right look. Simply part your hairs in the middle of the head and take the two sections to two sides from over your shoulders. Add curls to the length and put on the gorgeous mangtika to get going.

17Side swept middle parted open hairstyle

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To get this side swept hairstyle, comb your hairs and part them in the middle of the head. Now take the whole volume of the hairs to one side from over one shoulder in a loose fashion so that the hairs from the other side are not pulled hard. Now you need to add curls to the length at the front with the help of a curling rod. Note that here the curls are added as a whole and not as curls of small hair bunches. If you have highlighted on your hairs this free hairstyle can look even more prominent. Add the mangtika to complete.

16Open hairstyle with minimal curls

To get this hairstyle first you have to blow dry your hairs. You actually need to have the volume in hairs to get this open hairstyle right. After you have blow-dried your hairs create a light puff on the back of the crown, leave a few hair strands loose and sweep them to the opposite direction. Let the whole of the hairs loose and take a section to the front from over one shoulder. Now you can add light curls at places to highlight the look.

15Open hairstyle with front puff

An open hairstyle with the front puff is easy to get and it can look simply pretty for anyone when paired with a saree. This hairstyle starts with creating the puff at the front of the head. Take the hairs at the front, twist the ends a little and create the puff by fixing the ends with bobby pins. Now comb your hairs down from both the sides of the puff. You can add some curls infrequently to highlight the look or you can go without curls as well.

14Open hairstyle with side puff and curls

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This simple hairstyle can look really gorgeous for occasions and weddings. It can also match nicely with sarees. Part your hairs in the middle of the head. Take the hairs at the front from one side and pin them back creating a light puff. Do the same with the hairs on the other side. Collect all the hairs on the back of the head and add thick curls to the length. Finally part the hairs at the back and take them to the two sides from over the shoulders.

13Open hairstyle with long straightened hairs

If you have long and straightened hairs this can be a simple and perfect free hairstyle for you to be paired with a saree. To get this hairstyle, part your hairs at the middle of the head and comb the hairs properly. Now divide the total volume into two sections and take them to the front from over the shoulders. Comb again to get the perfect straightened look. If you have cut your hairs into layers or you have hair highlights this hairstyle will look even more gorgeous on you.

12Short free hairstyle for saree

The idea that short hairstyle does not go well with sarees is not actually right. If you have short hairs, you can always look stylish and modern in a saree after getting the right hairstyle. This is a very simple open short hairstyle that can go well with sarees. Part your hairs at the side and add curls to them. The curls should become more intricate as they reach the ends. Pair this hairstyle with heavy earrings.

11Open hairdo with light end curls with saree

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You can get this hairstyle easily if you have long hairs and shoulder length layers. Part your hairs at the side and then take the length of the hairs to the front from over the opposite shoulder. Let the shoulder length locks flow naturally at the other side. Lastly you will need to curl the end of the hair volume as a whole as seen in this picture. You might also need to use a setting spray to hold the curls.

10Open hairstyle with front bangs on saree

If you have front bangs, you can easily opt for open hairstyles of this pattern to look flawless in a saree. Part the bangs to one side from over the forehead and then part the hairs at the side. You need to add curls to the length of the hairs and here the curls have been done with smaller hair sections. After you have curled the hairs just take a section of it to the front from over one shoulder to complete the hairstyle.

9Open hairstyle with a base knot for saree

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If you have really long hairs you can easily opt for this semi-open hairstyle which can be easier to carry than an open hairstyle in case of very long hair. To get this hairstyle you should also have long front bangs. Leave a section of the front bangs loose and let it flow from over one side of the forehead. Take all the hairs on the back. Tie the hairs together in a loose bunch with a band and take the full volume to the front from over the other shoulder. The curls should look completely natural.

8Side swept medium length open hairstyle

If you have medium length hairs this open hairstyle can look pretty for you when paired for a saree. To get this hairstyle comb all your hairs to one side and take the whole volume to the front from over one shoulder. Now you need to curl the full length of the hair as a whole to get this look.

7Open hairstyle with water fall braid with saree

Best medium length hairstyles with highlights

This is again a semi-open hairstyle where you will have a waterfall braid at the back of the head and the length of the hairs will be left free. You can opt to add curls to the lengths or you can opt to leave it natural.

6Open hairstyle with an updo on saree

If you have long hairs you can always opt for open hairstyles with an updo. If you have medium length hairs you can simply add a false updo and pin your hairs properly with it so that it looks natural. The addition of the curls makes this hairstyle look more dramatic.

5Side swept bang hairstyle with curls

The side swept curly hairstyle with bang makes you look stylish. The hairstyle with side bangs and curl, medium length hair makes you look gorgeous. The stylish dark black and brown hair curly rolls make your fashion. The hairstyle with large hanging earrings and simple jewelry on saree looks beautiful. Try this hairstyle on simple daily sarees to look beautiful.

4Side swept bangs with low curls

The side swept bang and crown light, bouncy puff hair where all the hair is side swept. The hairstyle best suits for wedding occasions. The side swept curly, soft dark black hairstyle with brown highlights make you look stylish. Try this hairstyle for wedding ceremonies with manga tikka and beautiful heavy jewelry with full sleeve traditional wear.

3Side braided hairstyle with long curly hair

The side braid bang hairstyles on both sides with the loose open hairstyle. Best hairstyle with two braids open wavy hairstyle on the shoulders with a traditional wear such as dress and saree make you look beautiful. Try this stylish hair that makes you look beautiful. Simply try this stylish, unique hairstyle to look beautiful.

2Crown puffs hairstyle with loose long wavy hairstyle

The hairstyle with stylish crown puff hair make you look beautiful. Try this hairstyle that best suits for wedding and any traditional occasion on saree. The half up and half down hairstyle with wavy long hair on the shoulders make you look beautiful. The hairstyle can make you look beautiful with simple jewelry and ear rings.

1Side bangs brown highlights bouncy hairstyle on saree

The side bang with brown highlights looks pretty cute and simple. The hairstyle with fringe haircut make you look stylish and fashion. Try this hairstyle for traditional and party occasions on saree. This hairstyle with layered bouncy crown hairstyle looks beautiful. The hairstyle looks gorgeous with the heavy hair volume look.