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How to get instant energy – Ways to boost energy naturally

Although a variety of energy drinks are available in the market, yet almost all of them are sugar based. Instant sugar does give you an energy high, but also ad calories. Instead, include natural diets and lifestyle tips to boost your energy. Do remember to take sufficient rest because fatigue and stress go hand-in-hand.

Tips for staying healthy in this Winter season

Winter is beautiful but the cold dryness can be stressful. Well, fret not! You can easily stay fit and healthy during winter with some simple changes in your diet and lifestyle. For example, eat vitamin rich fruits! The most important aspect of staying happy is to enjoy the winter in your colorful cardigans and what not!

Top home remedies for lice

Yes, lice are irritating! It is also very unhealthy. Totally get rid of these unwanted bugs spoiling your happiness. Check out the powerful arsenal of amazing tips to get done with the lice once and for all! Suffocate and kill this nasty breed of vampire insects with a strong smell of garlic among other things!

Best health benefits of eating okra or lady’s finger or bhindi

The world of vegetables is so rich that each member can have a full book written on its benefits! Okra is a highly common vegetable and it packs in a huge amount of benefits. They are great for pregnant women, good for asthma patients, and improve mental health. Know the best way to shop Okra.

Perfect ways and methods to lose weight

Do not stress yourself with extra weight much because you may take unhealthy decisions in panic. Be patient with yourself as you did not gain all the weight in a few weeks! Give yourself the time necessary and do your research before choosing any diet plan. Crash diets can actually be unhealthy, so be careful.
Home remedies to improve eyesight naturally?

Eyesight issues are very common. Many wear glasses or contacts. However, you can actually rectify the eyesight issues with great exercises for eye. In addition, the right diet can also improve your optical health. Also, you will have to follow some eye care routines such as splashing water often.

How to cure cold with home remedies?

Common cold, although common, is actually still a medical mystery! Science is yet to develop a vaccine for this persistent viral affliction. Historically, home remedies have always worked better than pills in cold. Many amazing remedies are available to unlock your blocked respiration and provide relief. Boost your immunity to avoid fever.
How to cure cough? Home remedies for cough?

Cough is so persistent that some people may have to deal with it all the year! Cough syrups are great and all that, but you should also try the amazing home remedies. Multiple remedies are available to alleviate the irritation of cough and heal you from inside. Everything is available in your kitchen.

Spices: say yes to weight loss and health gain

Cough is so persistent that some people may have to deal with it all the year! Cough syrups are great and all that, but you should also try the amazing home remedies. Multiple remedies are available to alleviate the irritation of cough and heal you from inside. Everything is available in your kitchen.
Sleeping mistakes: one of the reasons for flab

Are you aware that something may be wrong with your sleeping? Body cycles need a sense of balance and irregular sleep disrupts it. Read up the different best ways to get to sleep so that you have a sound one, complete with the most amazing dreams. All you need to do is to balance your routine.
Surprising beauty and health benefits of hydrogen peroxide

Are you aware of the awesome benefits hydrogen peroxide might have on your health and skin? It is not just a widely used ingredient in anti-ageing, anti-acne cosmetics for its anti-septic quality, daily consumption of a limited amount of H2O2 protects your body from viral infections. Some research also claims that it is a potential remedy of cancer.

Bleeding nose and its ayurvedic treatments

Nose bleeding or epistaxis is very common in both children and adults. In ayurveda, it has been coined as nakseer. Over exposure to dry atmosphere, constipation, nasal infections are the general causes behind it. Ayurvedic treatments available for curing nose bleeding are effective and almost free of any side effect.

Top blood sugar lowering foods

Are you aware of the awesome benefits hydrogen peroxide might have on your health and skin? It is not just a widely used ingredient in anti-ageing, anti-acne cosmetics for its anti-septic quality, daily consumption of a limited amount of H2O2 protects your body from viral infections. Some research also claims that it is a potential remedy of cancer.

Home remedies for intestinal parasites / worms

Parasites on the intestinal wall can damage the living organisms. The most common type of intestinal worms are tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm etc. These trespassers can cause you severe stomach pain, stomach infections, diarrhea, loss of appetite. Poor hygiene, contaminated food, mosquito bites are the leading factors behind parasite invasion.

Home remedies for Spider Vein

Spider veins or varicose veins are red, blue, purple webbed thin lines generally visible on the legs, thighs and ankles. These swollen blood vessels are the results of reverse flow and accumulation of blood in the veins. You can get rid of this annoying skin trouble using some easy to use home remedies.

Hidden Dangers – Harmful Toxic Chemicals in Cosmetics

Do you know that some of the ingredients in your favorite cosmetics can because you more harm than good? These chemicals can be toxic causing skin irritation, infections and even skin damage. A minimum idea of the functions of these chemicals is required. You should carefully read the label on the back of the product to know what to

Home remedies to treat acidity

Acidity is a very common gastric problem. It occurs when the stomach acid flows back into the esophagus. Acidity can lead to painful heartburn and severe stomach pain. High intake of rich, spicy foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is the root of this problem. You can get quick relief from this by following some simple tips.

Best Home Remedies for Heartburn

Heartburn is a burning sensation on the chest just behind the breastbone. Over eating spicy foods and beverages causes acid reflux which ultimately leads to heartburn. You can opt for the prescribed medication by your physician. However the knowledge of some simple home remedies can save you a lot of money and give you instant relief.

Top health benefits of eating guava fruit / psidium guajava

Guava, scientifically known as psidium guajava, is a pear-shaped seasonal fruit. It has been a popular ingredient for jam and jelly for its sweet, strong taste. Not only that, guava is also enriched with nutrient which have several health benefits. In India, it is also known as super-fruit. From stomach problems to skin issues, it is a one-stop solution for all.

Amazing health benefits of amla juice / nellikai juice

Amla juice is a powerhouse of nutrients and anti-oxidants. Its magnificent properties have been elaborated in the ayurveda from ages. Daily consumption of raw amla juice increases your immunity and protects you from various diseases. Many renowned herbal skin and hair care products use this ingredient for its damage repair and strengthening qualities.

Top surprising reasons to give up sugar consuming

Sugar is a very common preservative and an essential ingredient for cooking. If you think t only makes your dish delicious, you are yet to see the other side of the coin. Excess intake of aggravates the health risks in various ways. In this article, you will get to know some bitter effects on your health that sugar comes up with.

Burn fat with all craziness

Heavy workout at the gym, low fat diet must be the first things to hit your mind when it comes to losing weight. Isn’t it? There are some unconventional yet effective ways to shed your extra pounds. According to a research, activated brown fat present in our body can help to reduce fat? How? Read on.

Pains you shouldn’t ignore

Quite often pains in various parts of our body disturb the normal flow of our life. While some pains are too acute to be ignored, you accustom yourself to the mild ones, leaving these undiagnosed, untreated. Negligence might cost a long-term health problem if the pain persists for a long period of time in the same place.

Blood in Semen – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Haemetospermia or blood in semen occurs when the male genitourinary system is affected. There can be a number of causes behind this among which physical trauma of the sex organs, cancer, operation of the prostate are the most common ones. The type of treatment will solely depend on the cause behind the disease.

Iron deficiency symptoms, causes and treatments at home

The inadequate amount of iron in the body results in iron deficiency or anemia. Iron is the base element of hemoglobin which is essential for the red blood corpuscles and blood’s oxygen absorption capacity. It has been observed that women suffer from anemia more than men. Know its causes and treatments through this article.

Some weird reasons behind gaining weight

Most people think the consumption of high calorie foods is the only reason behind that extra fat in the body. There are other factors as well which might surprise you. Terms like depression, ageing might sound impertinent to obesity but these actually make you put weight. There are solutions although. All you need is awareness and willpower.

What is EFT? How to do it? Where is EFT tapping points?

EFT is an abbreviation for Emotional Freedom Technique. Being emotionally balanced is necessary for your complete growth as an individual. EFT is nothing but a psychological term for traditional acupuncture. Kinetic energy is distributed even all over the body using this method. It smoothly relieves you from physical and mental pain, negative emotions and calms your spirit.

Hormone therapy: Is it right for you?

Menopausal Hormone Therapy (MHT) is recommended by many doctors to treat menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats etc. Through this powerful therapy, female hormones are orally or vaginally replaced by the ones the body no longer produces in the postmenopausal stage. It is believed to have long lasting benefits on health depending on its type.

Major health problems caused by lead – How to avoid lead from your daily life

Lead is a widely used metal in pesticides, gasoline, paints etc. It is harmful mainly for its toxic nature. It decreases the nutritional value of the crops. Consumption of lead contaminated foods can cause chronic health issues like hearing loss, brain cell damage. Awareness of its effects and less exposure to it can protect you.

Meditation – Fix 5 health problems efficiently

The impact of meditation on your mental, physical and spiritual health is incredible. It is a method of less pain, less labor and more benefits. It releases a relaxing effect in your body for which it is often used as an alternative therapy for a number of health problems. Meditation actually works like a painkiller without any side effect.

Essential oils for snoring – How to use them?

Essential oils are extracted from various parts of plants such as leaves, branches, roots, herbs etc. These oils contain various natural chemicals that add...

Health benefits of watermelon

Apart from being a juicy and refreshing fruit, watermelon has diverse benefits to its credit. Over 90% of watermelon is water which is soaked...

The Benefits and Side Effects of Emu Oil Capsules

Numerous individuals from around the globe are influenced by numerous wellbeing sicknesses. Of these individuals a ton are looking for choices other than going...

How to stop vomiting? – Best home remedies to overcome vomit sensation

Unlike popular perception, vomiting is not harmful. It is, in fact, the reaction of the body to a temporary problem. Some of the causes...

Foods rich in calcium and iron

Iron and Calcium are two very essential nutrients for the human body. Be it growing children, women of childbearing mother’s both Iron and Calcium...

Health care: Home remedies to prevent burping / belching

When our body forms excessive gas and accumulates in esophagus, not reaching the stomach, then our body expels the excessive gas through a process that...

Cancer causes and prevention

Cancer is the deadliest disease on earth. Cancer develops when the cell growth is fast and innumerable. There are innumerable varieties of cancer. Cancer...

Health benefits of eating orange fruit

Oranges can be the healthiest snack for the day as this juicy, tangy fruit has in store immense amounts of benefits for your eyes,...

Eye floaters? – How to reduce eye floaters

What are floaters? Is eye floater an eye disorder? Eye floaters are small moving spots that appear before the eyes. They are usually noticeable...

Potassium rich food sources – Signs of potassium deficiency

Certain mineral and vitamins are essential for the growth and development of our body. Potassium is also one among such minerals that needs to...

Home remedies for stomach pain

Stomach pain, occasional spasms in the abdomen take place due to a number of reasons. The most common ones are gas, food poison, indigestion,...

Home remedies to treat bleeding gums

Bleeding gums are general problems too many people all walks of life. It is caused due to several reasons and can be cured with...

Amazing home remedies to treat the toothache pain

Did you ever imagine your life without teeth? Really not! Teeth help a lot in chewing and enjoying each and every type food items....

Home remedies to treat vaginal itching

The vagina is a sensitive organ and due to various factors, it effects very easily. Some of the common problems come with vagina are...

Home remedies to cure sneezing

You must have seen many people around you are sneezing at some or the other point of time. The reasons for sneezing can be...

How to control the dengue fever – Dengue fever symptoms, signs, causes, prevention

Dengue fever is quite common in different pockets of India. This condition or disease is caused by viruses which are transmitted by the mosquitoes....

Health benefits of ivy gourd

Ivy gourd or Coccinia grandis is a common vegetable in India. It is so common in our daily platter that we often miss to...

How to get rid of pus cells in urine with home remedies?

Pus cells in urine indicate some type of infection. Pus is thick glue like substance which is whitish or yellowish or slightly green in...

Home remedies for gastric problem – Solution for gas in stomach

One of the commonest health issues that people face is gastric issues. Swallowing air while consuming food and liquids as well as the consumption...

Amazing health benefits of eating green chillies

Green chilly which is the one among the best to bring spicy taste to the food. Capsaicin or green bell pepper is the chemical...

Fever diet – Foods to take & avoid during fever

When you are suffering from fever, it is really important that you get sufficient nutrition but your diet should be simple enough so that...

What is fad diet? – Popular fad diets 2019

Fad diets are the fastest way for losing weight. It involves eliminating the necessary food, eliminating the entire food group or avoiding certain food...

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is made from fermented crushed organic apples. The bacteria and yeast is found in the crushed organic apples.  These crushed apples...

Difference between heartburn & acid reflux & GERD

Heartburn, Acid reflux and GERD are considered as similar conditions and these words are generally used synonymously. But this is not the case. Heartburn...

Ultimate wealthy benefits of Aerobics

Aerobic exercises use, transport and take in oxygen by the body. In some aerobic exercise like walking and running, fats and carbohydrates are consumed...

Top health benefits of drinking lemon juice

Lemon has always been remarkable for its immense health benefits and nutrients. Talking of the amazing benefits of drinking lemon juice and its undeniable...

Benefits of complete body checkup

There is an old proverb that says “health is wealth” and which holds true until now.  An unhealthy person cannot concentrate on work or...

Deepika Padukone diet, Fitness And Workout Secrets

Deepika Padukone is one of the most beautiful and popular actress in Bollywood. The dazzling long legged beauty has made millions of fans all...

Sara ali khan weight loss diet and workout secrets

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Parineeti chopra weight loss diet and workout secrets

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