Latest blouse back designs 2023 for lehenga and sarees

Blouses are the most intricate part of the saree affair. A simple saree can evolve into the most stunning attire with the blouse. But with so many options available and the correct match for your body type can be confusing, challenging and so hectic and keeping in trend is another part of the puzzle. It can be quite daunting to decide exactly what design to go with.

This article is in extension to our previous article of blouse back designs.

The secret to a perfect blouse is not just the neck design but also the back design. Most of us look only for the necklines but forget about the back designs. Back designs help you make a statement. Here are a few trending and chic designs to reduce all your anxiety regarding blouse back designs.

Basic back cut blouse with elbow length sleeves

Basic back cut blouse with elbow length sleeves

This design is very basic but always classy. You can different tassels to the dori or can try different jari designs on the back to add more oomph!

Multiple stringed back

Multiple stringed backThis design is simple and gorgeous at the same time. If Backless blouses are too much for you but still want to show-off your back, this design is the most suitable. It is simple and secure.

Sheer back and sleeves

Sheer back and sleevesSheer blouse is the way to go if you want to show some skin but still have some cloth over the skin. Sheer cloth is always good when you want to show the pattern of the blouse. The above design with sweetheart neck in the front would be amazing.

Backless with double dori

Backless with double doriThis is classic blouse with one dori at the neck and the other at the end. This blouse design goes with saree and any material of the blouse and the latkans can always vary in size and quantity per choice.

The inverted V design

The inverted V designThis simple V design on the golden blouse makes it so different. It is a clean design with nothing much going on but still looks so different and chic. The pattern of the blouse is new and trendy. If you are bored of regular golden blouse designs, go for this!

Embroidery on the back

Embroidery on the backAny design can be embroidered on the blouse that might match the saree or the blouse design to bring out the artistic work. Golden jari work matched with simple embroidery makes it grandiose.

The buttoned up blouse

The buttoned up blouseIf you are looking for a simple yet elegant design then this could be your choice. The button colors, the length of the loop or the embroidery on the rest of the blouse can also vary accordingly.

Diamond shaped back

Diamond shaped backThis diamond shaped back with two dori is very close to backless blouse but covers more skin and is as suitable a design as backless one. There is no competition between these and can either would look good.

The round cut out blouse

The round cut out blouseLet the imagination run wild when it comes to this design. These round cut-outs can vary in size and shapes and the beautiful embroidery around the cut-out raise even a simple blouse to extraordinary.

Embroidery on the sheer blouse

Embroidery on the sheer blouse

Embroidery on sheer blouses looks absolutely stunning on everyone. Such blouses look absolutely chic and the embroidery also stands out on a sheer cloth. When it comes to this there is no need to think twice.

Two-striped blouse

Two-striped blouseThis two-striped blouse at the neck and waist looks sensual. If you are bored with dori at the ends, this always can be an option. It is a simpler version of backless dori styled blouses.

Keyhole blouse

Keyhole blouseThe embellished pattern around the keyhole looks stunning. The delicate embellished pattern gives a cultured quality to the blouse and can be opted for any occasion. Silk blouses with design would look exceptionally fashionable.

Round cut-out with dori

Round cut-out with doriThis style with chic design and knot on the back and long sleeves looks classic and simple. Elbow length sleeves are in season and the embroidery on the sleeves look eye-catching. The longer sleeves bring the option of bigger embroidery.

Shimmery black blouse with square cut

Shimmery blouses can make even a plain saree grandiose. Take out a plain saree and wear a black or golden shimmer blouse and the trick is done. The collared neck gives a decorous look to your saree or lehenga.

Small Diamond cut back with long blouse

Small Diamond cut back with long blouseThe long length of the blouse is perfect for someone who is not keen on showing waist. This long blouse with small diamond cut shape is the perfect mix of conventional and the newest wrinkle.

Simple cutout with two strings and embroidered sleeves

Simple cutout with two strings and embroidered sleevesThis is a simple design and would go extremely well with even zari bordered simple sarees to highly embellished ones. Such embroidery can be done accordingly and give a new look to a plain simple blouse cloth with no designs whatsoever.

Multiple cut-outs with short sleeves and embroidery

Multiple cut-outs with short sleeves and embroideryThis is a very different design and its novel. The multiple cut-out designs gives it a very fashionable look to your lehenga or saree. The leafy embroidery between cut-out brings out the design of the blouse and looks dapper!!

Classic sheer low cut back with dori

Classic sheer low cut back with doriSheer blouse can never and should never go out of style. The multi colored cloth and the golden border makes it trendy and colorful. The dori adds to the sheen look to the blouse.

Simple boat neck blouse with peek-a-boo back design

Simple boat neck blouse with peek-a-boo back designThe boat neck design at the back is smart and clean. It looks looks perfect and simple with nothing much going on. It is classy and smart at the same time. It is easily a go-to design in case of confusion.

Crisscrossed blouse

Crisscrossed blouseThis crisscrossed design is a unique design and can make sure to turn heads. It looks fashionable and absolutely stunning. This is the way to go if you want to make a statement with your fashion sense and rock your outfit!

Backless blouse with butterfly sleeves

Backless blouse with butterfly sleevesOh so sexy! If you are in a mood to show off your sexy back then go for this backless blouse. The tassels on the bottom and the butterfly sleeves just make it irresistible. It is sexy and oh so fashionable!

Low cut out back with heavy Latkans

Low cut out back with heavy LatkansAdd heavy latkans like these with a simple back design with a low cut and that is all needed for making it cute and different. The blouse being heavily embellished does not require and extra designs or pattern on it, making the latkans a very good option for trending it up.

Heavily embellished cut-out blouse with latkans

Heavily embellished cut-out blouse with latkansHeavily embellished blouses just elevate the oomph! Factor in the lehenga or sari. The latkans on the dori and large cut-out in the back just add to the charm. So gorgeous that you can’t resist.

Zipped back design

Zipped back designThis no-baring design on is worth every penny. The heavy embroidery and tassels on the short length sleeve, zipped up back and close neckline design makes it worthy of envy. You can be assured that you will nothing less than a queen in this blouse.

Traditional heavily embroidered blouse

Traditional heavily embroidered blouse

This beautifully embroidered silk blouse with long sleeves and small tassels on the neck and hands give it the look of royalty. The neck design can be boat neck, simple traditional U cut or square cut according to your choice!

Strapped chic blouse

Strapped chic blouseThis strappy blouse with golden embellishments and flowery embroidery on the sheer cloth on the body of the blouse looks stunning and so sexy! This blouse can have a low sweetheart cut or a simple camisole cut. It is trendy and will surely gain you some fans around.

Gold embellished blouse

Gold embellished blouseThis is a blouse to go for if you want a super classy golden embellished blouse. The short sleeves back cut and collared neckline makes it a one-of-a-kind blouse. These blouses can be made on any georgette or even plain silk blouses.

Golden V shaped sequined blouse

Golden V shaped sequined blouseThis V shape back blouse is very much in trend. The golden sequin on the neck and bottom added to the sheer cloth and the sheer full hand sleeves with broad golden embellishments at end of sleeves make it unique and a complete package.

Lehenga styled blouse with dori and latkans

Lehenga styled blouse with dori and latkansThis multi-stringed backless blouse with elbow length embroidered sleeves should be a go to in case you want to show off your back. The multiple latkans and dori gives it a funky look.

Shimmery multiple strand blouse

Shimmery multiple strand blouseDo you think that your blouse is too plain?? Add these multiple shimmery strand on the back of your backless blouse and you are set. The sleeveless strapped chiffon blouse with a deep cut in the front will go finely with lehengas, georgette and shiffon sarees.

Square cut with tassels and dori

Square cut with tassels and doriThe bottom knot with square cut out, tassels hanging with those long full length sleeves and boat neck is the way to go. The embroidery on the blouse makes it extra special. If you are planning on wearing georgette or chiffon blouse then this design might be perfect for you!

Knotted bow design

Knotted bow designThe knotted bow design presents endless possibilities for design. Cap length sleeves with square cut out and the entire delicate embroidery might seem a little casual but the addition of that bow with simple scoop or boat neck is the charm.

Traditional silk blouse with jhumka tassels

Traditional silk blouse with jhumka tasselsTassels go for traditional designs too! silk blouses will look extremely good with this fully embroidered blouse with elbow length sleeves. The marriage picture on the bottom strand of the blouse is beautiful and the jhumka styled tassels add to the overall look.

Red embellished blouse with tassels and marriage scene embroidery

Red embellished blouse with tassels and marriage scene embroideryThe work on this blouse is what every bride wants. The intricate embellishments on the blouse and the doli scene embroidered on sheer cloth with one single heavy tassel hanging are a view to behold. The embellishment extends from shoulder to the elbow length sleeves making it strikingly beautiful.

Sheer blouse with drape

Sheer blouse with drapeIf you are looking for something completely different then this shimmery sheer blouse with flowers attached along with a drape is the way to go. It is absolutely unconventional and a boat neck or a sweetheart neckline would work wonders for you.

Drop cut out

Drop cut outContrast Silk blouses with drop cut out with embroidery on the borders and elbow length will look simple yet grand. The golden embroidery on the contrasting blouse with simple U or square neck line adds a vintage charm to the blouse.

Simple broad V neck cut out with golden lace border

Simple broad V neck cut out with golden lace borderThe border on this blouse looks chic and can be worn for haldi, mehendi ceremonies or even reception. The design is broad golden lace border and sleeveless. A deep plunging V neckline would look well suited for this design.

Silk or crepe blouse with tassels hanging

Silk or crepe blouse with tassels hangingThe small white tassels hanging instead of just a dori is a wonderful idea. The large flower embroidery on this navy blue blouse with drop shoulder and boat neck gives it a unique look.

Sheer blouse with sequined embellishments

Sheer blouse with sequined embellishmentsThe pastel color of the sheer blouse and the silver sequined embellishment with sober colors is classy and smart. The round cut out and knot at the bottom with a simple sheer yoke neckline add to the beauty of the blouse.

Simple razor cut out with dori

Simple razor cut out with doriThe golden design on the bottom of the blouse and on the short sleeves looks amazing. This design is simple yet the cut is the charm of the blouse. Various options can be opted for neckline designs like a simple U or a square cut.