Latest top blouse designs for lehenga choli

Lehenga choli is a three part dress with a blouse, lower skirt like costume as well as a long cloth named as chunni which is draped from the waist till the shoulder. There are varieties of blouse designs which can go really well with the designer lehenga choli available in the market. You must be getting the lower part as well as chunni of the free size but blouse piece will be provided which you need to stitch through the tailor according to your design specifications.

[Top blouse designs for lehenga choli in Hindi]

Lehenga is a traditional dress that can be adopted by many ladies across the nation. Any type of marriage function or wedding party is graced by lehenga. The lady who is going to get the prime attention is also wear the lehenga. The girls attending the party also have the great chance to wear the lehenga.

Now, the blouses to be worn along with lehenga needs to be stitched separately according to the size and design as per individual’s need. Today, in this article, we are going to discuss such beautiful design blouses that suites your need.

Top blouse designs for lehenga choli

Sleeveless blouse design for lehenga choli

Sleeveless blouse design for lehenga choli


Pattu blouse designs

The maroon color blouse design looks really attractive with some twisting designs in front of the blouse and the brocade fabric in the sleeves as well as other parts of the body. You can wear this blouse with a white color lehenga choli or it can also suite really well with same color lehenga choli.

Back less blouse designs for lehenga choli

lehanga blouse design 3As we all know that black goes really well with all types of saris especially if there are some works with golden zari or similar material. This particular designer blouse also has the same concept which is laid down with velvet fabric with the back quite low with zari work around the back. Even in the sleeves a wonderful design is laid just after the border i.e. very small freels with black color cloth. This blouse with go with red, yellow, green, blue etc Lehenga cholis.

Collar neck blouse design for lehenga choli

Collar neck blouse design for lehenga choli

The lady model is wearing heavy embroidered red color lehenga choli with red color border along with golden work. Since the model is fair in complexion, same color blouse would have never draw dissimilarity between her body color and the color of the garment. But, since she is wearing a black color blouse with the sleeves of golden, this has made her appear distinct and unique.

Beads blouse designs for lehenga choli

Beads blouse designs for lehenga choli

Latest blouse designs for party wear

The cream color lehenga choli worn by the lady model in the picture is really stunning with dark pink and light grey color borders in either side. The lower part of the lehenga choli is bordered with two colored border. But, look at the blouse which she is wearing. It is not of the body color of the dress or the colors in the border. The designer blouse is sleeveless with an attempt to show the cleavage of the lady and make her look hot.

Collar neck heavy work blouse design for lehenga choli

Collar neck heavy work blouse design for lehenga choli

The lehenga choli as depicted in the picture is combination of both green as well as pink color such that the lower part is of green color with green border and zari work where as the chunni associated with the set is totally of pink color along with golden border that enhances its look. The designer blouse she is wearing is of green color with heavy golden work throughout. If you have such combination of Lehenga choli try for such heavy blouse to enhance the appearance of the dress.

Beads work heavy work blouse design for lehenga choli

Beads work heavy work blouse design for lehenga choli

A shade of pink is depicted on the lehenga choli put on the lady model of the particular picture. The designer blouse has golden beads and zaris throughout with two threads from either parts of shoulder that holds the fabric to fall down. The dangling dropping down from the back looks really attractive. You can try this simple blouse design to suite with your lehenga choli.

Full sleeves boat neck blouse design for lehenga choli

Blouse design for Lehenga Choli 7

Top blouse designs for collar neck

The lower part of the Lehenga choli is light green in color but the blouse tried by the model is total black with a stylish design. The blouse covers the chest and back with thick black cloth such that it remains opaque in appearance but the rest of the part are made with black color net which is visible. Since it is long sleeve, at the wrist of the hand sleeve and neck wonderful golden design is portrayed that makes the lady look beautiful in appearance. You can even try this particular stylish blouse with other dark and light color lehenga cholis. The jewelry will be quite heavy such that it adds value to the dress. For a trendy style, you can either get a chunni for this or not but people are avoiding chunnis so that the design of the blouse remain visible and be appreciated by the viewers viewing the lady with the dress.

[Top blouse designs for lehenga choli in Hindi]

Golden lehenga choli blouse

Golden lehenga choli blouse

Golden color gorgeous blouse for lehenga looks really gorgeous on every lady who would be adopting the same. As the lady has used it on a beautiful maroon color lehenga, you can also choose such color. Or else you can try any other color as golden goes with all types’ lehenga design and lower costumes.

Black gorgeous choli blouse

Black gorgeous choli blouse

It is another wonderful collection of blouse design that will definitely make you look gorgeous and attractive. The lehenga lower portion is contrasted with white and bordered with golden at the end. The dupatta is also having a different color. Yes, it is magenta with broad black border.

Heavy work bridal choli blouse

Heavy work bridal choli blouse

Latest blouse designs for lehanga choli

The bride looks really attractive with the gorgeous maroon color blouse with golden work all around. You can now use this blouse entirely for bridal purpose. Or this can be used for any other traditional festival. You can try this and get appreciation from number of people staying around.

White choli blouse with gold mirror work

White choli blouse with gold mirror work

The simple sleeveless blouse with silver zari and mirror work looks really attractive. It is clubbed with the light blue lehenga  choli to bring out sober look. If you are among those ladies who do not wish to go for heavy work can easily go for this variety. It looks really very attractive on whom so ever wearing it. Try this today get a boost up in your look. It will give you satisfaction in attire.

Lehenga choli blouse design with net

Using sheer net material in the blouse of lehenga choli can add a total new dimension to the overall look of the dress. Here as you can see the transparent material has been added at the upper front part of the blouse. The boat neck and the short sleeves of the blouse are the other points to note.

Princess cut blouse design for lehenga

V neck blouse designs

If you are looking for a smart look from your lehenga you can easily opt for this princess cut lehenga blouse design. Here the blouse has been made with a solid silk material and the neck is well covering. The slit at the front coupled with the cutting of the shoulder strap gives this blouse the perfect smart look ideal for any occasion.

Jacket style blouse design for lehenga

Check out this beautiful and sophisticate blouse design for your lehenga. Here the sleeveless blouse has a jacket pattern and the high neck coupled with the chain at the front gives the design the perfect stylish look. The flap like ends of the blouse adds a lot to the overall design.

Lehenga blouse design with a cape

This one is a latest lehenga design, where the blouse itself is simple but is covered with an intricately embroidered sheer cape. This type of blouse design for lehenga looks really gorgeous and stylish. You can easily opt for this lehenga choli blouse design for any special occasion.

Traditional blouse design for lehenga

Latest blouse designs for party wear

If you are looking for a traditional blouse design for your lehenga, you can easily pick up this pattern. The blouse has a normal “U” neck and it fits more like a top than a blouse. The length of the blouse is more and covers the waist part fully. This type of lehenga blouse design can give you a very sophisticated look.

Modern Choli pattern lehenga blouse design

Check out this stylish choli pattern blouse design that can easily add the oomph factor to any lehenga. Here the blouse has a deep neck and it is devoid of any work at the front. The curved shoulder straps of the blouse with intricate embroidery work add to the look of the blouse. This lehenga blouse design is perfect for a modern look.

Shallow boat neck blouse design for lehenga

This full sleeve blouse design along with the shallow boat neck looks classy and stylish at the same time. The print on the blouse along with the gorgeous borders on the waist line and the sleeves gives the design a different look that can easily add to the overall appearance of any lady. Try out this lehenga blouse design for any party or wedding.

Boat neck lehenga blouse with a bow

Blouse designs for half sari

This blouse looks pretty simple from the front. It has a solid body and a not so deep boat neck with a single line of embroidery highlight. What makes this blouse special and ideal to be included in this list of the top blouse designs for lehenga choli is the back design of the blouse.  The back is a wide “U” with a beautiful bow at the middle of the waist strap. The ribbons coming down from the bow at the back gives this lehenga choli design a touch of the wedding gowns.

Off shoulder butterfly blouse design for lehenga

Blouse designs with butterfly sleeves look perfect with lehenga. Here the offshoulder butterfly sleeve blouse has been made with solid velvet material and paired with a net lehenga. The blouse is devoid of work but it still gives a unique look to the total dress.

Off shoulder full sleeve silk blouse for lehenga choli

This beautiful off shoulder blouse for lehenga, will look stylish and pretty on ladies of any age. The blouse has been made with solid silk material that has a sheen of its own and is devoid of any embroidery work or border. The full sleeves of the blouse give the design a sophisticated look. This blouse design is perfect to be paired with stylish lehengas.

Embroidered simple lehenga choli blouse design

Blouse designs with collar neck

If you are looking for a simple yet stylish blouse design for your lehenga, try out this design.  The halter neck of the blouse coupled with the embroidery work extending from one side of the blouse gives it a perfect look that is suitable for even the day parties. Pair it up with a simple or heavy lehenga to get the right look.

Short jacket pattern blouse for lehenga

A gorgeous jacket pattern short blouse can look perfect with an elaborate and expensive lehenga like this one. Here the blouse has the full look of a short jacket clasped at the middle. The neck opening is “V” shaped and short. This blouse pattern will look best when done with richly worked material.

Sequin lehenga choli blouse design

Sequin looks gorgeous and to pair with a net lehenga an all over sequined blouse can be just perfect. Here the blouse has a shallow boat neck and the sleeves are just a notch shorter than full. The sequin work covers the blouse completely which makes it look gorgeous and ideal for wedding and special occasions.

Unique blouse design for lehenga

Blouse designs with net back and net sleeves

If you are looking out for a unique blouse design to be paired with a stylish lehenga, this one can be a good pick. Here the blouse has a simple printed bodybut what makes it unique is the circular cape like part of the blouse that hangs from the collar covering the upper part of the chest and the shoulder. This unique lehenga blouse design can surely help you stand out in the crowd.

Butterfly sleeve lehenga blouse design

This beautiful butterfly sleeve blouse can look just perfect with a matching lehenga. Butterfly sleeves are a popular trend now and you can get this design in your lehenga blouse for that perfect definition. Apart from the butterfly sleeves, the colorful and intricate floral work placed artistically on the blouse body and sleeves make this design really special.