100+ Latest wedding bridal blouse designs for pattu sarees

Pattu sarees are one of the best known traditional Indian sarees that are ideal for special occasions like wedding. Pattu sarees are always best quality silk based and are decorated with intricate zari or muga thread work.

With time, several variations, designs and patterns have come up in pattu sarees and hence even if you are looking for a stylish party wear that is not very gorgeous, pattu sarees can make an appropriate pick.

101Heavy maggam work blouse for pattu saree

Latest blouse designs for party wear

The wedding the day is the special for every woman and to make it more special you give extra efforts to your look for making it unforgettable. This heavy maggam work blouse with pattu saree is the wearing that can make your look memorable.

100 Heavy embroidery blouse for pattu saree

Get an adorable look on your wedding day with this tangy color pattu saree that is looking too beautiful with semi sleeved heavy embroidery blouse to get an amazing beauty.

99 Darkly green color blouse for pattu saree

The green color is known auspicious for the wedding, and if it has the combination of orange zest or pink shade, then it looks prettier as given in this image of blouse design for the wedding day with Pattu saree.

98 Pearly and Kundan work blouse for pattu saree

These blouse with Kundan work and Pearly designs with pattu saree have the great potential to give you an unforgettable look that people would like to see again and again, and you will get the glorified beauty.

97 Kundan work blouse for pattu saree

Kundan work always gets the high demand among women, and when it comes to getting a bridal looks, then you can’t avoid it. In this image, you can see two beautiful blouse designs with Kundan work for pattu saree to get a perfect bridal look.

96 Pink color semi sleeved blouse for pattu saree

Look at these beautiful pink color semi sleeved blouse designs for your wedding day. These are the designs that have the capacity to give a perfect complement to your beauty with pattu saree.

95 Boat neck blouse for pattu saree

Top blouse designs for collar neck

Get an amazing glow on your special day by wearing pattu saree with boat neck heavy work blouse. See this image that has a couple of blouse designs with beautiful heavy maggam work.

94 Cold hand blouse for pattu saree

You have another image of blouse designs that can enhance the attraction pattu saree. If you are willing to wear the pink color of pattu saree on your day, then this half-sleeved heavy embroidery blouse will be as good as cold hand blouse.

93 Bright shade blouse for pattu saree

Bright colors have the brightness of their beauty if carried with contrast color pairing as you can see in these blouse designs that are perfect glorifying your beautiful looks.

92 Back string blouse for pattu saree

Let’s get your look stunning from every angle, and the same is represented in this semi sleeved back string blouse as well as darkly shaded half sleeved heavy maggam work blouse for pattu saree.

91 Shiny maroon color blouse for pattu saree

There is only one word WONDERFUL that suits to this semi sleeved heavy embroidery blouse with the cream mix golden color pattu sari that is giving a significant shine to your beautiful looks.

90 Violet shaded blouse for pattu saree

If you want to look fairy with sky-blue or magenta color of pattu saree then this heavy embroidery, semi sleeved blouse will be the correct choice for your look more adorable while being an eye-catching beauty.

89 Yellow color blouse for pattu saree

Latest blouse designs for lehanga choli

Pink pattu saree and semi sleeved yellow color, heavy maggam work blouse is the combination that can be tagged as the perfect. If you want the look that should be impossible to ignore, then it will be the best option to go with.

88 Traditional embroidery blouse for pattu saree

The wedding is the day that has several rituals in a tradition that is followed, and to make you look a conventional bride pattu saree is the best choice with these traditional embroidery blouses.

87 Sparkling red blouse for pattu saree

Sparkling beauty matters a lot that is the desire of everyone especially on your special day that you want to make memorable, and this semi sleeved, heavy maggam work sparkling blouse for yellow color pattu saree is the best to let you look sparkly.

86 Checks pattern embroidery blouse for pattu saree

You can’t ignore to add these Kundan work blouse that checks pattern embroidery for pattu saree especially when it comes to the wedding, you will want the best, and this is the one that is called the best for your best appearance.

85 Neckline embroidery blouse for pattu saree

Wearing saree on wedding shows the tradition, but if you are wearing pattu saree on your marriage, then the selection of blouse design must be unique as these beautiful semi sleeved blouse with beautiful embroidery in sleeves and neckline as well.

84 Half sleeved pearly work blouse for pattu saree

Now you will be ready to get a look of the pearly fairy on your wedding with these half sleeved blouses with beautiful embroidery and pearly work for pattu saree to get a stunning look.

83 Stunning blouse for pattu saree

V neck blouse designs

These stunning blouse designs with heavy maggam work and back string for your pattu saree will let you look a perfect bride the can steal the heart of people with excellent appearance.

82 Stylish blouse for pattu saree

Get ready to march with the fashion and style in being the tradition at your wedding. These fantastically designed blouses with fantastic embroidery and pearly work are the best combination of style and culture to give you a look of the stylish bride.

81 Contrast shaded blouse for pattu saree

Half sleeved heavy embroidery blouse in red color, and pearly work blouse in yellow color have the grace that can help you to get an eye-catching look to hold on the eyes of people at you.

80 Gorgeous green color blouse for pattu saree

It is your right to look the gorgeous lady on your wedding day, and these gorgeous green color semi sleeved blouse with beautiful embroidery with pattu saree is the one that can let you get a stunning look.

79 Designer blouse for pattu saree

This violet color three 4th sleeved heavy embroidery blouse with pink color of the border in same shaded pattu saree will represent you as beautiful as you can look in this blood red color semi sleeved golden-thread embroidery with the same color of pattu saree.

78 Shiny shaded blouse for pattu saree

Do you want that people should title you the sunshine at your wedding?  Undoubtedly you will want to listen to it, and these bright shaded blouses with perfectly designed embroidery with pattu saree can make your dream come true.

77 Heavy thread embroidery blouse for pattu saree

Boat neck blouse designs

See this image that has multiple blouse designs with heavy thread embroidery for pattu saree to let you look amazing on your wedding day. So what are you waiting for? Add it to your collection now for getting the look of the beautiful bride.

76 Blouse for tangy pattu saree

Tangy color is one of the demanded colors for the wedding, and if your taste is also like that then see this couple of blouse designs in this image with heavy maggam work for your tangy pattu saree to look a diva.

75 Round neck blouse for pattu saree

Pattu saree and heavy embroidery blouse is the perfect combination for your wedding, and after seeing this light-green color heavy embroidery, round neck blouse and violet shaded, border sleeved, heavy embroidery blouse, you will believe to get the same appearance on your special day.

74 Puff sleeved blouse for pattu saree

Here is an image with beautiful blouse designs that you can look for your wedding. These are the blouse designs for pattu saree can help you to stand out on a very first view of all by giving an outstanding look.

73 Net blouse for pattu saree

It is the modern world, or you can say the fashion world where style matters a lot, and when it comes to the wedding, you can’t forget to march with style. To help you in keeping pace with style these net blouses with pattu saree is perfect.

72 Sophisticated blouse for pattu saree

The word sophisticated can be easily defined in s with these both blouse designs that have fantastic traditional embroidery and Kundan work with pattu saree.

71Cape style pattern

Latest blouse designs for party wear

The cape style has become the latest trend for blouse designs. While you have got bored with the conventional patterns, this style can turn out to be the best option. Women, having busty figure, can choose this design. To customize blouse design, you have to blend it with lightweight fabrics, including georgettes, chiffons and net.

70Overlapping blouse design

This is the best option for flaunting your blouse style. To create this overlapping pattern, you have to rely on the silk, velvet, jacquard or other different types of fabrics. The solid shades, like purple, red, orange, pink and blue are the right option to you. You will not look too much gaudy, and you may wear it with any heavy or simple saree.

69Floral design, embellished with pearls

Choose a fabric with floral designs, and to make the blouse highly embellished, you can add pearls at the back. Make your look much ethnic with this type of blouse. Most of the women love to put on vibrant shaded fabric with this blouse. The pearls are the jewelries are accessories for your blouse.

68Cold shoulder designs

In the summer wedding party, cold shoulder is the best option to the young women. Bollywood celebs love to choose this design. You can have a bold look with your pattu saree. Add embroidery work for all the parts of a blouse.

67Jacket style saree with mirror work

While you like to have detailed work on your blouse, this design is most preferable. In the fashion world, this blouse design with zari or embroidery work makes you appear glamorous.

66Pattu saree blouse with simple design

Although it looks simple, it will give you a graceful look. Pair this blouse with a bright colored pattu saree. Most of the South Indian women love this blouse as their wedding outfit.

65Pink brocade embroidered blouse design

This adorable royal ancestry inspired handloom Pink Brocade embroidered blouse is a must-have for every Indian woman for its symbolizes ethnicity and roots with a traditional touch. Blended with the gorgeous golden brocade work all over with intricate detailing, epitomizes elegance at par. You can easily doll up in this spectacular blouse for a special wedding, family function or even the festival saga to turn heads effortlessly.

64Violet brocade traditional celebrity blouse design

Latest blouse designs for half sarees

We’re bowled by how Parineeti has styled this traditional Bengali look for one of her movies promotional event. Look at the flamboyance displayed through her sheer brocade violet and gold luxe thread work blouse contrasting with her ultra-glam fuchsia pink and gold banarasi silk saree. You can get your hands on this exotic piece of blouse that will easily match and coordinate with any solid colored saree.

63Fuchsia pink embroidered blouse

Take a stairway to nirvana and step down the aisle in this breathtaking fuchsia pink embroidered blouse design that exudes simplicity with a dollop of grace. Young girls looking for options to dress up pretty for their farewell should look no further than this exquisitely crafted handloom blouse. Pair this beautiful blouse with a contrasting colored saree and drape it like a diva. You can go overboard with rosy tinted cheeks and flutter those lashes with generous strokes of mascara.

62Jade green embroidered brocade blouse

Be the Indian princess in this absolutely ethereal jade green embroidered brocade blouse design that has been crafted with detail. We’re totally crushing at the hues dominating the traditional look of Indian lady. Be the poised diva and carry this piece with grace as you walk in élan and give the trendy ensembles a run for money. So, embrace the royalty in you and slip into the rich silhouettes.

61Olive embroidered quarter sleeve blouse design

Let the sparks of style shine bright as you walk down in this bottle green olive colored embroidered quarter sleeve blouse design. With patterns and craft that epitomize the rich cultural heritage of India, this blouse is a sheer representation of the exotic appealing past. This is a visual treat for all those who are fond of fashion and follow it quite closely. So, if you’re one of them, don’t lose your chance to weave the tale of romance and nothing better than the intricate bird design.

60Rich orange and gold embroidered blouse

Be a festive ready fashionista and grab compliments as you go in this tangerine and gold embroidered blouse design. Let the eyes turn envious as you drape the gorgeous rich blends of Indian patchwork saree with this brilliantly crafted blouse. The back design of this blouse is equally stunning with a thin strip falling across the blouse. You can totally turn up the heat in this ensemble and be the kitschy conversation-starter at the big fat Indian wedding.

59Violet embroidered floral blouse

Imprinted with an embroidery of floral pattern, it is feminine chic blouse design that is absolutely attractive and will totally rock the ethnic wear. Perfectly tailored fit for dusky women, the colors cascade through the sheer hourglass figure of the voluptuous Indian woman.

Of course, you can coordinate this statement blouse with a plethora of different shades and offer your beau a chance to knock him down once again.

58Bottle green golden patch blouse

If rich and royal pattern attract you the most, this blouse is a sheer representation of what aristocrats and classy women love. The highly upbrow blouse design will look captivating with a heavy work embroidery or silk saree. Just paint your lips rouge and let your hair down to unfold the drama galore.

57Blouse design for pattu sarees

Latest blouse designs for Ghagra

The actor and model Vani Kapoor is wearing one type of pattu sari. The blouse which she is wearing is made from the pieces of the expensive which goes well with the pattu sari.

Though the attire is quite simple, yet she is looking really beautiful. Sometimes simplicity makes a big difference. Ladies willing to stay simple can take idea from this particular blouse design.

56Pattu blouse design

55Traditional pattu blouse design

The model is wearing the gorgeous green silk blouse with a gorgeous green pattu sari. The blouse is designed with golden work framed throughout along with stitches with same thread.

Even at the back side there is very gorgeous golden work with frames throughout. You can easily wear this blouse with golden color pattu sari to make a contrast finish.

54Pattu blouse design for back neck

Look at the silk blouse worn by the mannequin which has combination of yellow as well as pink color. Even golden zari is associated with the blouse with peacock placed at the back of the blouse.

If you wear it with a yellow color pattu sari, no one can resist staring at you on a wedding party organized at the locality.

53Pattu blouse design model with lace

Another pretty design blouse having the combination of baby pink as well as orange color looks really great with pattu sarees.

Gorgeous mirror and polka work over the blouse will easily bring out the beauty of pattu sari that you are willing to wear with this particular blouse design.

A very attractive latkan is tied with the two threads at two sides of shoulder of the particular sari blouse.

52Blouse design for pattu sarees

It is the dark pink color designer blouse with border and golden work in a dense form at the back, sleeves as well as shoulder. This is also present in the sleeves that will be formed just above the elbow of individual.

Throughout the neck and back an unusual golden zari has been used to make the blouse design much more attractive. The traditional south India bride can wear this on her wedding occasion . This is a very rare design which you can consider with your pattu sarees.

51Blouse design for pattu sarees

Awesome backless blouse designs

Look at the light blue color designer blouse with golden thread work throughout the blouse. In order to restrict the blouse falling down from your shoulder, the designer has created two threads that will be tied at the back.

The blouse has formed a very trendy and unusual design at the back with two D’s joining together in a loop. This is make you look really pretty once you wear it with your pattu sari.

50Blouse design for pattu sarees

Red shade of pattu sari silk blouse is one among the most sober designs of blouse which will suit the need of all those people who does not wish to wear much zari heavy work.

The beautiful golden work is done with golden color cloth and zari over the blouse around the sleeves, back as well as the side of shoulder. You can wear it with any color pattu sari of your choice as this will easily bring out the internal beauty of the lady.

49Blouse design for pattu sarees

Another unusual collection of designer blouse which has a theme of soberness is portrayed here. The light pink color silk blouse also has a Reddish tinge from a different angle. At a corner back side of the blouse, you can easily have a view of an image taken from the history. You can wear this with red color pattu saree of pink color. But for contrast go for blue or green.

48Traditional pattu blouse design

The lady in pattu saris is wearing a very beautiful blouse that might be in contrast with the sari but suites with the attire. The puff design of sari blouse has come up in the market once again with the zeal of bringing back the traditional looks once again. This can also be ideal for a woman willing to sit for marriage.

47Pattu blouse design puff sleeves

The lady is wearing a pink color blouse bordered with dark color around the hand sleeves. Though rest of the blouse is simple, it will easily go well with the pattu sari of the same color. If you want to get a contrasting look, go for any type of pattu sarees and make a mix and match.

46Peacock bead work blouse design

The lady with the white sari bordered with golden expensive border is wearing a blouse in gold. You can now wear a pattu sari of any color with some golden work or border and wear this blouse along with it.

45Short hands (puff sleeve) blouse design

The lady is wearing one of the expensive and traditional saris in south. The blouse design though simple looks very attractive with the sari. The little puff over the hand sleeves looks attractive which also have a very stylish border around the neck. Any type of puja or traditional festival will be ideal for this attire.

44Plain blouse design

Latest blouse designs with zardosi work

The lady looks very simple with the pink pattu sari with the blouse covering her hand just above the elbow. The simple design of the blouse brings a sensual look in the lady sitting in this picture. If you want to look simple though attractive, this look will be ideal.

43Plain blouse with half sleeves

Another good variety of blouse design for pattu sari is here with the blouse material not so glossy but have made a quality benchmark. This matches with all the pattu sarees that come within the color range of red to light pink. You can easily wear this with any type of sari that is expensive in nature.

42Traditional pattu blouse design

The green and purple combination of pattu sari is looking really gorgeous on this pretty lady who is wearing a blouse of green color with exclusive work around the hand sleeves. The dress has been draped in south Indian style. Even people with such attire look pretty off screen.

41Short hands blouse design (puffy sleeves)

The lady with a gorgeous white and  green combination of sari is looking really pretty with the green color three quarter blouse with golden patches. You can now wear this blouse if you have a green color pattu sari or that of white color. You will definitely look stunning.

40Heavy work blouse design

The lady with green and pink combination of sari is looking really stunning with the pink blouse of a particular shade. The designer collection of blouse suites with the particular attire especially when the lady attend a grand occasion. You can try this and get appreciation as well.

39Short sleeves

The gorgeous red and orange color sari is looking great with the contrasting blouse of cream color that is having some red embroidery as well. The sleeve of the blouse is short with beads dangling in two sides of the hand sleeves. This looks really attractive within the crowd.

38Three quarter pattu blouse design

The red and green combination of pattu sari goes well with the piece cut from same sari which is made in a three quarter fashion. You can easily wear this on any of the wedding occasions or the religious festival. Any lady will look definitely good after wearing this particular pattu sari blouse. Try this and see the difference.

37Stone and moti work pattu blouse design

Latest blouse designs with beads work

Look at the very beautiful pattu sari worn by the lady in a casual fashion. The yellow color designer blouse with stone and moti work around the neck and hand sleeve makes the sari look very different and attractive. Even if the blouse is contrast with the sari, the lady looks really well.

36Flower work pattu blouse design

The lady wearing the pink color pattu saree with blue color pattu blouse looks really attractive. The blouse is totally contrasted with the sari with pink color zari border displayed over the blouse. She dressed up to attend a marriage occasion and looks really cheerful and beautiful with the pattu blouse design.

35Full neck pattu blouse design

Low neck or round neck designs have become quite common. Have you ever seen yourself on how you look with the blouse that covers yourself till your neck? Yes, it looks really awesome. Try this beautiful designer pattu blouse with your pink pattu sari and feel the difference and pleasure of being recognized among the crowd.

34Low back pattu blouse design

This is another great collection among the pattu sari designs which is made contrast with the light pink color sari. The blouse design is very simple with the border across the sleeves of golden color and the entire blouse has a base of green color along with golden and pink color flower work. This looks really attractive with the expensive pattu sari.

33Short sleeves pattu sari blouse

The off white sari with red color border looks really attractive with the blouse of border color which is quite shorter in the sleeves length. The zari and moti work across the sleeves looks really attractive with the particular pattu sari. The chanderi blouse can be bought from a blouse piece store and then design it accordingly.

32Puff blouse design for pattu sari

Once again the puff blouse has come with fashion which is now adopted by many ladies. Even with the expensive pattu saris, the puff design blouse looks really attractive. See how beautiful the lady is looking with the golden puff style blouse and the dark pink color designer sari.

31Stitch work pattu blouse design

The light orange sari with a unique border looks really different on the lady. The sari is looking much more attractive with an addition of value with the pink color blouse with exclusive stitch work over the sleeves and across the body. This is not like traditional pattu sari blouse design, rather the lady looks really different with this blouse design.

30Lehenga style pattu blouse design

Latest blouse designs with net back & net sleeves

See how beautifully the pattu sari has been draped over and around the lady. Very few people will be able to find out that the lady is wearing a sari. The rest of the crowd will think that the lady is wearing a lehenga. The pink and golden color pattu blouse is unique as it is not like normal blouse; rather it has an exclusive gold work over the chest stretching from the neck. With this pattu blouse you can easily look as beautiful as the lady portrayed in this exclusive pattu sari along with attractive blouse.

29Blue and pink designer blouse for pattu sarees

This particular pattu sarees looks very attractive when you are creating a different set of blouse. The blouse design is here with some mirror work which is dazzling and attractive. You can wear this blouse in any of the traditional occasion or a wedding party without hesitation.

28Gorgeous maroon blouse for simple pattu saree

The lady wearing off white color pattu saree looks attractive with the contrast maroon color designer pattu saree blouse. The blouse is having work over the sleeve portion. Also across the shoulder, it has a great design like chakra. The attractiveness of the blouse is increasing with the wonderful design and outlay.

27Full neck pattu saree blouse

Design of this blouse is little different. It is not like other variety of blouse designs. It has a covering up neck pattern but is not exactly high neck.  Also the blouse is having stone and zari designs around the neck. The green color stone and golden zari looks really attractive. You can check it out and avail this particular variety of blouse design.

26Senior citizen style pattu saree blouse

All the blouse designs must not be restricted to the young chaps. Also the senior women must have a scope to express themselves and look beautiful. This particular blouse design is totally made for ladies with the senior citizen age. You can come forward and avail this design if anyone in your family is a senior citizen. This blouse design is really sober and will go with such ladies.

25Golden beaded work blouse design for pattu sarees

This beautiful and elegant pattu saree blouse looks traditional and can be an ideal pick for weddings and parties. The soft golden color of the blouse coupled with the beaded floral work in two colors look absolutely flawless. The blouse has a simple “U” from neck and the beaded work highlighting the neckline looks perfect. The longer sleeves of the blouse has the maximum work.

24Wide boat neck silk bllouse for pattu sarees

This silk blouse has a wide boat neck and the intricate work covering the neckline gives the blouse a unique look. The body of the blouse is devoid of any work, but the sleeves have been fully covered with intricate floral work in multiple colors. The sleeves are long but ends way before the elbows. Pair this blouse with any pattu saree for a night time occasion.

23Golden pattu saree blouse with beaded work

Top blouse designs with quarter sleeves

Beaded works are very popular on pattu saree blouses. Here you can see an unique example of bead work on the blouse which matches perfectly with the pearls of the jewelry. The blouse has a deep “U” neck cut and the the neckline has been adorned with heavy bead work.

The most decorative bead design is present on the sleeves of the blouse which looks absolutely gorgeous. The long sleeves of the blouse extends till the elbows.

22Pattu saree blouse with intricate thread work

This pattu saree blouse has a unique neck design and the all over design of the blouse material makes it look really gorgeous. The sleeves of the blouse are long and it can give the perfect traditional look with a pattu saree. You can pair this up for any occasion or parties.

21Elegant pattu saree blouse with floral motifs

This elegant pattu saree blouse has heavily worked sleeves, while the body has a light or minimum work. The “U” shaped neckline of the blouse has been adorned with light thread work.

Apart from the covering floral design on the sleeves, the use of the floral motif in a contrasting color at the middle of the sleeves is also noticeable. The use of the same color for bordering the sleeves at the end completes the look.

20Intricately worked silk blouse design for pattu sarees

The first thing to note in this blouse design is the neck pattern, which is quite unusual and stylish. The primary attraction of the blouse, apart from the neckline, is the sleeves, that are covered with heavy zardosi work.

The unique pattern of the work as well as the covering design completes the look. This blouse design is ideal for weddings.

19Brocade blouse design with puffed sleeves

This beautiful brocade blouse can transform the look of any pattu saree. It looks traditional and at the same time elegant. Here the lower front part of the body of the blouse has been made with a silk material and the shoulder.

The puff of the sleeve has been made with a golden on blue brocade material. The lower end of the sleeve perfectly matches with the border of the saree. The frilled puff sleeves of the blouse is the major attraction of this design.

18Silk based pattu saree blouse design with pleated sleeves

This different and beautiful pattu saree blouse can be a perfect pick for any occasion. Here the blouse has a box shaped neck cut at the front, but the primary attraction of the blouse lies in the sleeves.

The lower section of the sleeves has stone studded unique work and the pleated puff sleeves give this design a traditional look that matches perfectly with the pattu sarees.

17Floral pattu saree blouse design

This is another elegant blouse design pattern that can look gorgeous with pattu sarees. Here the blouse has been made with intricately worked yellow colored base material and the saree borders have been added at the ends of the sleeves to complete the look. The blouse has a simple “U” cut neck design.

16Green blouse for pattu sarees

Top blouse designs with high neck

The gorgeous green color blouse looks great with the expensive category of sarees. The blouse goes really well with this pattu sarees. As you must know that the pattu sarees are really quite expensive and is known as the prestigious variety of sarees.

Today the ladies are getting towards the elegant sarees with advanced look. The blouse looks really gorgeous with golden work over the hand and the neck. You can try this in all types of traditional occasion.

15Very short hand blouse with work

Are you going to be the new bride? Do you wish to look different as compared to other brides in all occasions? This is one of the latest and exclusive varieties of blouse which will complement your pattu sarees.

The matching traditional jewelry with the blouse design looks really great. As you can see in the picture, the sleeves of the blouse is not totally tight fitting, rather it is little loose fitting. Yet, the attire look gorgeous.

14Exclusive blue shade pattu blouse

V neck blouse designs

If you are willing to wear the pattu sarees, it is really important that you have an exclusive blouse to wear with it. The blouse design as portrayed in this picture is really amazing.

The gorgeous stone work is placed at the sleeves as well as at the back portion covering the entire back in the round shape. You can wear golden saree with this as it looks really great as a contrast. You can even go for matching saree with the blouse.

13Pink gorgeous blouse for pattu sarees

The exclusive combination of pink blouse with white saree is really awesome.  The blouse variety is having some stitch work throughout. Since the combination is made with white color, the contrast is going to be really great.

Women of all age range will be able to get it without any worry. The back of the blouse is having rounded exposure with the button at the top portion. For marriage occasion or traditional puja this will be great.

12Red and peach blouse for pattu sarees

As you can see in the picture, one lady is wearing exclusively red blouse with the red color color pattu saree. Also another lady is wearing the peach color pattu saree and the blouse is of same color.

Both of them are looking really gorgeous. As you can see the blouse sleeve of red blouse, exclusive stone work is done with the red color. Also the golden thread work makes it really gorgeous.

11Contrast blouse design with red pattu sarees

The lady wearing the red pattu saree looks really awesome. The blouse is having a different color that makes the lady look different from the mass. You need to wear the matching jewelry along with the same.

The dress and the saree combination have been inspired from the south India. Women staying in south India stay really awesome with the traditional attire.

10Maroon and blue pattu saree blouse

The gorgeous pattu saree worn by the women in this picture looks really beautiful. The first one is having maroon blouse along with the pink color saree. Another combination is blue.

Both the variety of sarees look really awesome. The traditional attire and costume will make things really attractive. The matching jewelry of white gold and traditional yellow gold look really awesome. The entire body of the blouse has work throughout. You can really enjoy the spectacular looks of yours over here.

9Pink pattu saree blouse

Sheer & lace blouse designs

Pink color is the most feminine color that is liked by almost all women across the world.  You must be having wide range of pink color sarees. Getting a pink color blouse will be really important.

Now the blouse as portrayed in the picture has exclusive stitch work.  If you are considering the pink color blouse why don’t you go for a gorgeous combination?

8Yellow beauty pattu blouse

This is a yellow color exclusive combination that goes really well with the same color saree. The silk saree is having some stitch work and is also have pink color border.

The blouse matched with it is having a great design at the back. The betel leaf style blouse looks really great. The short blouse with little bit of look fitting goes really well with the saree.

7Traditional dense work blouse for pattu

The picture shows 3 combination of the blouse. Each traditional blouse is having a separate design. Some is having sleeve just above the elbow whereas the other one is having the puff style blouse.

The orange color blouse is having full work throughout and the strings to tie it right at the back side. The puff variety of blouse is having border over the back and the hand sleeves. Try them with the matching and contrast saree.

6Golden yellow with white stitch

Gorgeous golden yellow color saree is looking exclusive with the blouse design that is having the same color in its base and white stitch work throughout. It looks really attractive.

The gold color blouse with white stitch work looks really attractive. You must try this on any of your wedding parties. The flower decoration over the long braid hairstyle is a traditional style which people have adopted in south India. You must have a look to this.

5Floral blouse design for pattu sarees

To give the sophisticated and ethnic pattu sarees a touch of the latest style you can easily pair it up with a colorful floral blouse as shown above.

Here as you can see the blouse has high neck and the sleeves extend till above the elbow, giving it the right look. The colors of the floral print on the blouse match with the colors used in the saree and give it a fresh look.

4Potli button blouse designs for pattu sarees

Potli button blouses have become a new fashion trend at the recent times and in order to get that perfect bridal look in a pattu saree you can always pair it up with a blouse with potli buttons.

In this design the blouse has air hostess neck and the sleeves cover till the elbows. The potli buttons run through the middle of the back and the golden prints on the blouse completes the look. Do not miss that here the blouse is a direct contrast with the saree.

3Modern blouse design for patttu

To give your pattu saree a stylish look you can easily opt for a blouse design like this one.  Here the lower part of the blouse has the base color of the saree while the upper part of the blouse has been made with the material used for the thick border of the saree.

The design has a short neck but it leaves an opening at the front which adds to the overall design of the blouse extensively.

2High neck blouse design for pattu saree

Latest blouse designs with full sleeves

Check out this unique high neck blouse design which can be easily paired with a pattu saree to get the right look. Apart from the design of the blouse what makes it look unique is the neck pattern.

The shoulders are slightly curved and the high neck does not actually cover the neck very closely. The blouse has back buttons and sleeves that extend till the elbow.

1Striped boat neck blouse design for pattu sarees

This is another latest blouse design that can give your pattu saree a modern look making it ideal for girls and women of any age. Here the blouse has stripe design in one direction and the boat neck along with the thin shoulder straps complete the look.

The blouse has back buttons and though it is not an exact match with the color of the saree neither it is made of the same material it has given the saree a different look.