Latest Lehenga & Ghagra blouse designs

Ghagra choli is a traditional dress put on by the ladies belonging to Gurajat, Rajasthan in a regular basis. But, today, this dress is also adopted by people staying in other parts of the nation. One of the famous festival in Gujarat celebrated by people of that region is dandiya.

Wearing ghagra is a must when they play dandiya with 2 sticks during this festival. Let us have a look at few latest design of blouse with ghagra. Women are wearing designer blouses in an invariable ways collected from different designed outlet and the designers flourishing in the market. Even when you are wearing the traditional wear like ghagra or lehenga, the variation of blouse designs work really well.

You can now get wider variation of such designer blouse in the market. The ghagra blouse designs are really popular in the market. You get both heavy and light designer blouse that fits with your likes and preferences of blouse designs. This article will give you a complete view of the latest designer blouse in the market.

Blouse design for ghagra

Blouse design for ghagra

Yellow color party wear ghagra choli has a very beautiful blouse design of same color slightly dark to go with along with very beautiful golden chumki and zari work at the front portion of the blouse. You will definitely be one of the eye attractive between the crowd.

Plain ghagra blouse design

Latest blouse design for Ghagra 2

Latest blouse designs with net back & net sleeves

The lady model might be wearing this beautiful boat neck ghagra blouse with a long skirt, but you can easily create a perfect match with your ghagra and bring out its ethnic beauty.

Simple blouse design for Lehenga

Simple blouse design for ghagra

The sea green color ghagra lower part with off white color chunni gets a perfect match with the dark blue color blouse with light brown color flowery designs. The blouse has short sleeves to match individuals with all styles.

Back thread blouse design for ghagra

Latest blouse design for ghagra 4

Latest blouse designs with zardosi work

The ghagra blouse design has black color three quarter sleeve which is bordered at the end along with the peach color body with threads at the back one at the top and the other one in the lower portion. Some trendy danglings associated looks really amazing.

Lehenga blouse design

Latest blouse designs for ghagra 1The pink color ghagra is bordered with white color at the lower portion of the skirt. The designer blouse that is associated with the designer ghagra has net finish from the outer side along with the same color cloth placed under.

Work blouse design for ghagra

ghagra blouse 1

Latest blouse designs with beads work

The model is wearing totally a contrast blouse with the three part dress where the black color cloth with flowery images at the front portion matches well with the off white color lower part bordered with copper color.

Lehenga choli blouse design

Ghagra blouse design


The designer lower part is made up of velvet fabrics with attractive golden zari. The blouse design is having boat neck with net throughout the dress that matches well with the contrast ghagra.

Sleeveless blouse design for ghagra

Latest blouse design for ghagra 8

Boat neck blouse designs

The lady looks really attractive from the back with the very deep blouse design with sleeveless variance. Since the lower part of the dress is multicolor with pink color in patches, the blouse gets a perfect match.

Latest blouse design for ghagra

Latest blouse design for ghagra 9 Pure white color designer ghagra with red color border in the chunni matches well with the glossy copper color blouse. Since the border to ghagra touching the feet is copper in color, the blouse gets a perfect match.

Trendy blouse design for ghagra

Latest blouse design for ghagra 10

Top blouse designs with quarter sleeves

One of the best blouse design that can be a hit with any variety of ghagra is depicted in this image. Whether you are willing to wear a ghagra of orange color red, this blouse will be perfect.

High neck blouse design for ghagra

Latest blouse design for ghagra 11Dark color designer three part is looking really sophisticated. The blouse design with flowers over the right shoulder will look really amazing. This full sleeve blouse can be worn by other type of ghagra choli design.

Mirror blouse design for ghagra 12

ghagra blouse 2

Top blouse designs with high neck

The lady wearing long sleeve blouse with low waist looking really very attractive with a simple but different attire. You can also try this beautiful blouse design today.

Half sleeves blouse design for ghagra 13

Latest blouse design for ghagra 13Red color net blouse with border of black color at the end of blouse sleeves as well as upper belly is looking really stunning. The front portion of the blouse is also having a beautiful image.

Latest blouse design for ghagra

Latest blouse design for ghagra 14

Sheer & lace blouse designs

Cherry color designer velvet ghagra will look very pretty on any individual wearing it with the same color chunni. The blouse has a beautiful cut with much exposure at the front to attract the mass. You can try this for any wedding occasion.

Simple blouse design for ghagra

ghagra blouse 3The blouse design as portrayed in the picture is very simple with closed neck but you can easily try this for a change. Since it is black in color, you can wear this blouse with any multi colored ghagra.

Neck blouse design for ghagra

Latest blouse design for ghagra 16

Latest blouse designs with full sleeves

Orangish red color designer blouse is quite different from other blouses that you have seen in the market. It is closed till the neck with sleeveless and the cream color rose designs gives a different image.

Net hands blouse design for ghagra

ghagra blouse 4Some ladies might wish to wear something light as they wishes to have a sober touch in their makeup. This designer blouse is very light yet very beautiful to match any traditional and wedding occasion.

Blouse design for ghagra

Latest blouse design for ghagra 18

Latest deep neck blouse designs

The low back designer blouse will be perfect for the ghagra in the Rajasthan style. Since red piping is present here, you can wear a red color lower part of ghagra with red chunni with this.

Semi work blouse design for ghagra

Latest blouse design for ghagra 19The fair model is wearing a very beautiful blouse with boat neck at the front and sleeveless design. The blue color blouse with golden work in front can match with ghagra.

Blouse designs for ghagra

Latest blouse designs for ghagra 20

Top blouse designs for lehenga choli

Peacock blue and sea green color designer blouse works well with the lower part ghagra with either green or blue color. You can also go for white or golden color ghagra with this blouse design.

White sleeveless blouse with mirror work for ghagra

White sleeveless blouse with mirror work for ghagra

Look at the white color sleeveless blouse that looks really sexy on you. Ladies with teenage and middle age are really fond of such designed blouse that goes with the traditional ghagra. This can be regarded among the best top latest blouse designs for Ghagra. The light blue color ghagra has a wonderful contemporary look.

Red heavy work blouse for ghagra

Red heavy work blouse for ghagra

Pattu blouse designs

If you are looking for the bridal wear, the red color heavy work is ideal for it. The neck design is round at the front and have slight cut at the back. The whole blouse is having some dots with chumkis. A thin border is placed at the lower edge of ghagra and also the dupatta. The blouse design is also really attractive.

Cream color designer blouse with freel style

Cream color designer blouse with freel style

The gorgeous cream color blouse can be easily worn with the designer ghagra available in the market. The blouse is having a different design with a freel style under. The pink and grey thread is used just at front to make beautiful flowers. The front portion design is having a very beautiful thread work. You can get a wonderful deal with advanced design and sophisticated looks.

Designer blouse for benarasi ghagra

Designer blouse for benarasi ghagra


Latest blouse designs for party wear

The green color designer blouse is a perfect match for the ghagra that is having a benarasi work and fabrics. You can now get a boost in your look with the designer lehenga. The green color blouse looks really stunning and attractive.