Latest maggam work blouse designs catalog

Maggam works are now a trending fashion particularly because of the gorgeous look they add to any garment. Be it a saree, a lehenga, a dupatta or a blouse, intricately done maggam work can actually make it look most expensive. Maggam works suits very well on pattu or silk material. They can actually look splendid when paired with a pattu saree or kanchivaram.

Pattu blouses with maggam work can also be paired with any silk sarees to get the best look. This article provides you a collection of the latest maggam work designs on pattu blouses so that you never fall short of new maggam design ideas. Read on,

Heavy maggam work blouse designs

74 Three 4th sleeved heavy maggam work blouse

Trending maggam work designs on sarees

See this beautiful image that has a couple of heavy maggam work blouse designs to make you more charming. Blue-purple blouse with yellow banarsi sari and green blouse with dark pink sari is the choice to get an adorable look.

73 Heavy maggam work blouse with beautiful back neckline

If you are preparing for your wedding, then this tangy color heavy maggam work blouse with a cream shade of banarsi sari that has a broad tangy border can be the perfect dress to make your wedding day more special.

72 Cold hand heavy work maggam work blouse

A cold hand heavy maggam work blouse in royal blue color with lovely parrot green color sari can’t be avoided when it comes to getting a perfect look, and this deep neck semi sleeved heavy maggam work design will make you look different among the crowd.

71 Half sleeved heavy maggam work blouse

Color has its unspoken language especially if it has the perfect match. Here you can see the perfect match of green color semi sleeved heavy maggam work blouse with dark breeze color sari, and half sleeved navy blue blouse with a dark pink sari that will always let you up in fashion zone.

70 Boat neckline heavy maggam work blouse

Just imagine how this boat neck navy blue heavy maggam work blouse that has mirror reflexion in sleeves will look at you. Isn’t it amazing? Of course, it will, and you can’t underestimate this deep neck heavy maggam blouse in a blue shade that will let you look stunning.

69 Heavy maggam work blouse in contrast color

What if you go with the trend of three 4th sleeved blouse? If you want to go with the flow, then this beautiful pink color blouse with heavy maggam work in yellow color with the same shade of sari is the best, and this greenish semi sleeved heavy maggam blouse looks perfect with a tangy sari.

68Green color heavy maggam work blouse

Latest saree blouse patterns

Green color has it’s beyond attraction that you can see in these beautiful images that speak a lot. Green color heavy maggam work blouse with an orange and golden color of sari will make your search of best dress over while giving an outstanding look.

67 Heavy maggam work blouse with golden color thread

You will stop searching anything else in blouse designs after seeing these violet color heavy maggam work semi blouse in golden and silver color thread with dark pink and yellow sari that has the perfect texture to meet your needs.

66 Beautiful heavy maggam work blouse in pink color

Appearing gorgeous is always asked everywhere, and it becomes compulsory while wearing a sari. Look at this both breeze, and pink color semi sleeved heavy maggam work blouse that is ready to give you a look that will be more than gorgeous.

65 Cold hand heavy maggam work blouse with golden zingles

The beauty of blouse design gets quadruple if it is cold hand heavy maggam work blouse in dark green color with a heavy banarsi pink color of sari that has a broad golden color border to make you look a golden beauty.

64 Heavy maggam work blouse with pink sari

Pink is one of the favorite colors among women that can make you look more beautiful than usual, and if you are wearing pink sari then these couple of light and dark green heavy maggam work blouses that is the pretty match to your pink sari and giving you a pinkish glow.

63Heavy maggam work blouse for wedding

The wedding is undoubtedly a special day for everyone, and when it comes to bedecking, then brides are cautious about it. Get the glimpse of these semi sleeved pink color heavy maggam work blouses with green sari to give you a perfect bridal touch.

62 Heavy maggam work blouse with checks and Kundan

Latest blouse back designs collection

The checks and cross checks can never be outdated especially when it has been designed well in heavy maggam work blouse with Kundan work in attractive shades of pink and dark orange with the golden color of texture that you can see in this image.

61Pearly heavy maggam work blouse

Blouse with pearl work is always appreciated whether it is in lovely pink color, or multicolor. The beauty of blouse designs gets more attractive with heavy maggam work that this image shows with a couple of beautiful designs.

60 Traditional heavy maggam work blouse

Let’s talk about the traditional designs in heavy maggam work blouse. If you are dreaming of giving yourself a perfect conventional style, then do not avoid the designs of blouse given in this image with the eye-catching color pink and purple.

59 Cold hand pearly and Kundan heavy maggam work blouse

If you are the lover of half sleeved blouse, then this beautiful cold hand heavy maggam work and silver pearly texture blouse with Kundan work will never let you neglect these attractive designs of the blouse to get yourself a diva.

58 Bold color heavy maggam work blouse

Going with the dark colors will lead you to the bold and classy beauty. A dark maroon semi sleeved heavy maggam work blouse with dark green sari looks damn bold, and blood red semi sleeved blouse with a golden shade of combination will update your class.

57Royal blue boat neckline heavy maggam work blouse

This boat neck heavy maggam work blouse in royal blue color will give you a real royal look where this green half sleeved checks blouse can’t stop the viewers to turn back for having one more glimpse of your beauty.

56 Heavy maggam work blouse in bright colors

Best latest designer blouse collection

Heavy maggam work blouse in bright colors have beyond attraction, and if they have a border, then the charm gets double as you can see in this image that has two blouse designs with a broad golden border in bright orange and peach colors.

55 Semi sleeved heavy maggam work blouse

A heavy maggam semi sleeved blouse that has Kundan and golden thread work is the better choice that you can opt for a diva look. Just imagine your look in these beautiful pink and orange s of heavy maggam work blouse to feel on the seventh sky.

54 Black and golden color heavy maggam work blouse

Black is always known as a trendy color, and the combination of black and golden color makes it more demanding and attractive as well. This stylish black heavy maggam work blouse with deep back open looks more than beautiful with a yellow sari that has golden and black wide border.

53 Curved sleeved heavy maggam work blouse

You would look absolutely diva on heavy maggam work blouse in pink color whether it has curved sleeves or half sleeves. Both the blouses have been decorated with a golden color and silver color of Kundan, thread, and pearl that will make you look adorable.

52 Deep neck heavy maggam work blouse

Give yourself a pleasing appearance with any of this couple of blouse designs whether it is a deep back-beck heavy maggam work blouse or light green half sleeved blouse that has been nicely designed with maggam work.

51 Mirror reflexion heavy maggam work blouse

Here once again you have a couple of options to give yourself a stunning look. This dark ink cold net hand heavy maggam work blouse with the same shade sari that has a broad border of golden color is as good as this semi sleeves parrot green color of blouse that has mirror reflexion with the same color sari.

50 Designer back neck heavy maggam work blouse

Latest kalamkari saree designs

Undoubtedly, you want to look beautiful by every angle so, here you can pick the blouse designs that have heavy maggam work to get your look fantastic in every aspect. Green color blouse with orange sari and pink color blouse with a beautiful back neckline that can be worn with a green sari will let you stand outstanding.

49 Heavy maggam work blouse with stones

Get a charming look while wearing heavy maggam work blouse in a pink color that does carry a beautiful collection of Kundan and golden-silk thread work. You can’t ignore this peach color of half sleeved blouse that has heavy maggam work with stones to get a charming princess look.

48 Back-open heavy maggam work blouse

What will you say about these images that explore the designer world? Three 4th sleeved heavy maggam work blouse that has pretty back-open neckline and of course the Kundan work can’t let you go without having deep thinking on it for your beautiful appearance.

47 Heavy maggam work with golden and multicolored sari

If you are getting confused to pick the colors for your dress then leave it on us, and have a look on this bronze shade of heavy maggam work blouse with the golden glow of the sari as well as a pink blouse that has attractive designs on sleeves and neckline with multicolored sari can get you overcome the confusions.

46 Half sleeved pink color heavy maggam work blouse

Do you have the words to describe the beauty and work of these lovely pink half sleeved heavy maggam work blouses? No, then you don’t express it. You need to wear it and feel the real hidden beauty of you.

45 Heavy maggam work blouse with banarsi sari

This image that has the collection of blouse designs speaks a lot with no words. Pick any of them a half-sleeved red blouse with Kundan decoration, semi sleeved green blouse with a traditional touch, or pink blouse with the embellishment of golden-silk thread will give you a look that you want.

44Round Thilagam Stone Maggam Work

Stunning sari blouse idea design collections

Try one of the heavy Maggam work blouse which has been finely engraved with Round Stones that have a shining texture. Whether you are the bride or one of the bridesmaids, you are totally going to outshine everyone on the big day with your fantastic choice for blouse designs. This design covers the entire blouse across the neck, back and arms.

43Jewelry Design Blouse

A piece of Jewellery that has always been your favourite can be crafted on your blouse making it not just look unique but the prettiest. Try Muggam work engraved asHeavy Designer Jhumkas by the arms of your blouse. Mix and match it with a piece of jewelry like to stand out the crowd.

42Simple Checks and Buttons on a royal blue blouse

Maggam work done as checks with a circular motif in the middle is very popular but if the simplicity has been made more sober and better it looks not just different but beautiful too.

41Corset style blouse with Heavy Maggam Design

Who said corset is just limited to your inner ware and tops, it can be well stitched and crafted in Maggam Work by stitching golden beads of different sizes.

40Silk Blouse of Maggam embroidery and Zardosi work

A baby pink silk blouse makes for a great affair especially when you are heading to attend a function during the day time, neither too bright nor too dull. Moreover,Maggam embroidery on top of it makes it look tempting and Zardosi work just adds to the beauty. Both make the blouse look heavily embellished.

39Black and gold floral luxe heavy maggam blouse

Touch the soul of millions as you slip into this Black and Gold Floral Luxe heavy maggam blouse design and toss your bun unto a gorgeous mess. Adorn the fragrant dainty flowers to create an exotic look.

38Rose cocktail maggam blouse design

Women body shapes and saree styles guide

This cocktail party must-have maggam blouse design is a scintillating rose colored piece to steal the hearts away. You can either go unconventional with a contrasting colored saree or just play it safe with pink hued saree, go for maxi skirts or play it risqué with dhoti pants to carve your niche.

37Royal blue heavy embroidery maggam blouse design

Be the dreamy damsel in joy as you don this million-dollar royal blue heavy embroidery maggam designer blouse to steal the spotlight. Let the zillion envious bees buzz about the charismatic woman that you’re. Flaunt the enigma within and channel the electric and eccentric lady-like vibe with this extremely gorgeous blouse to set the trend and bowl them with your bold fashion choices.

36Bold violet maggam heavy rich blouse

Find solace in your inner-self as you dress up like a doll in this chic bold Violet Maggam Heavy rich blouse to be the talk of the town. With an intricate and embellished thread work all over the blouse adorning the cascading hued of the woman’s crest, you can further play it magical with an astonishing back design that will wrap you in the glory of great design. So, freeze their eyes and set them in a blush tone as you embrace beauty with a slice of high dose elegance to a soiree or extravagant lavish gathering.

35Yellow silk traditional maggam blouse

Let the lights guide you in the darkness as you embrace this gorgeous yellow hued traditional heavy maggam work blouse for a wedding or family gathering. Go for an avant garde and unconventional style to rock your risqué fashion trend and set the eyes on fire.

34Green rich embroidery maggam heavy blouse

Not all things are attractive like this uber-cool green rich embroidery maggam heavy blouse which will totally take your breath away. Let the envious eyes steal your pretty sight as you strut down the aisle in this awe-gaping heavy traditional maggam embroidery blouse in a rich blend of green hues. Be the trendsetter and let them go weak in their knees as you drape a royal silk traditional saree to coordinate your fashion royalty.

33Pink heritage maggam blouse design

Get gorgeous and don a sultry Indian traditional look with this spectacular Pink Heritage Maggam Blouse design to up your style quotient. Make them groove in your enchanting aura as you drape an equally dazzling saree with this enticing and alluring blouse. Every nook and cranny spelling a cast on us, let your hair down and do the talking with those generously lashed out fluttered eyes. Put on some drama with high strokes of mascara and highlighter.

32Bridal red maggam blouse

Latest blouse designs for lehenga

Look at the traditional signature bridal wear red blouse with maggam design weaves all-over exuding a royal ancestral look with a finesse. We’re drooling over this ecstatic gold and red classic combination maggam blouse which is worth a spectacular sight.

31Tangerine maggam blouse design

This fancy tangerine and gold luxe maggam blouse designer blouse is worth a million dollar bucks, the intricate detailing and the breath-taking embroidery speaks volume of the lavish luxe feel of the blouse. It can be draped with a glorious nine yards of beautiful silk saree or opt for a subtle chiffon to play fun and flirty.

30Marsala maggam blouse design

Soak in the eccentric vibes with this contemporary blended with traditional hues of cold shoulder marsala maggam blouse design. This is a perfect go-to for every college going girl who loves to experiment with her effervescent style and takes her risqué fashion quotient up a few notches. You can either pair this with a trendy saree or maxi skirt to create a statement and signature style by adding an oomph of hotness with a slice of elegance.

29Green maggam bridal blouse

Go green and make them go green with envy in this exquisitely crafted green maggam bridal blouse design for your special Big Day. Go overboard with a classic take on maggam blouse that comes with a unique blend of thread work and design element that will lift your style and instantly charm your look.

28Multicolor maggam designer blouse

Subtle hints of colors weaves in a gorgeous hue of this multicolour maggam designer blouse is what we define as a graceful beauty. You will be praised worth every penny in this scintillating blouse when paired with an equally dazzling saree or maxi skirt. Keep the look understated to maintain the lady-like appeal and ooze ounces of hotness. Toss your tousled waves in a messy low bun and play dramatic with generous strokes of mascara.

27Royal blue maggam designer blouse

Take a whiff of elegance and sip royalty like never before in this poised diva royal blue maggam designer blouse.  With creativity flowing in this gorgeous blouse in every nook and cranny, we’re floored at the beautiful hues and embroidery that exudes an essence of cultural heritage.

26Slim strap pattu blouse with maggam work border

Top blouse designs for plain saree

This slim strap blouse has intricate golden zari weaved maggam work covering the neckline. The heavy work has also covered the straps completely which gives it an extraordinary look. The same work has also been repeated at the two lower sides of the blouse, to match with the overall look. Intricate use of golden beads with zari makes this design really gorgeous.

25Floral maggam work double border blouse design

This design has a single layer of florals lining the back cut and three layers of thick design covering the waist and the sleeve borders. This short sleeve pattu blouse design has been done with golden zari and small beads of the same color.

24Floral side covering pattu blouse maggam design

The expansive maggam floral work has been done covering the sides of the air hostess pattu blouse. The blouse has more length to accommodate the design. Use of multiple shades of zari and threads along with small beads gives the design a realistic and matted look that looks really artistic.

23One side covering maggam work border design for pattu blouse

This intricate maggam design with zari and strings of golden color has been done as a thick border to one side of the back cut of the blouse. The design gives the blouse a completely different look. This design can look very stylish on anyone and should be done on the side opposite to the pallu side.

22Border maggam work design in threads


This beautiful back border maggam work design can look excellent on pattu blouses. The design mostly includes threads of multiple colors along with white beads of different sizes. The design widens near the middle of the back and it also covers most of the parts of the short sleeves.

21Intricate blouse border maggam design with golden zari and beads


This intricately done blouse border design with maggam work adds beauty to this pattu blouse. The design actually includes two separate designs, one with regular shaped boxes and the other with irregular boxes.

20Floral maggam design in zari and threads


Sleeveless blouse designs inspiration

This back border maggam design on pattu blouse looks extraordinary particularly due to the use of zari and multiple colors of threads together in the design. The extended design at the corner with the bigger multi colored flowers gives it a unique look. Intelligent use of whiteheads completes the design.

19Double peacock maggam blouse border design

This beautiful maggam work blouse border design can suit perfectly on any pattu blouse. The zari and the threads used in this work have a matted finish while the multicolored beads look really gorgeous on them. Use of beads of different size, color and type has given this design its beauty. The large stone at the middle of the design is sure to attract all the attention.

18Wedding blouse design with covering maggam work


This perfect wedding blouse has heavy maggam worm covering the borders as well as the sleeves. The use of white colored smaller pearl beads along with golden zari and flat beads has given this design a gorgeous look. Minimum use of green beads does the job of highlighting the design in the most appropriate way.

17Halter neck maggam work blouse design

This halter neck black blouse has got its gorgeous look from the intricate maggam work done to cover the back straps. Along with golden zari, golden beads have also been used in this design to add the best look. The collar of the blouse has also been covered with heavy maggam work.

16Maggam motif work on net for pattu blouses


In this blouse the maggam work has been done on the sheer back part of the blouse. The maggam work first covers the border of the blouse and a bigger and detailed motif has been designed at the middle of the back through maggam work. The design includes silver color zari, beads and stones.

15Intricate back border maggam work design in multiple color beads

This maggam work design includes silver colored zari, threads of multiple colors along with beads of different sizes. The motif work has been done following a single line of stone, which makes this design more prominent. Use of bigger beads in white and purple has given this design its signature look.

14Half body covering maggam work for pattu blouse

Blouse designs for net saris

This expansive maggam work has been done with zari, strings and beads in multiple colors. The design is mostly floral and covers most of the parts of the front of the blouse. The use of blue and white stones to highlight the flowers in the design is the first feature of the work to catch the eyes. Check out for the dangling type extensions at the front.

13Full back maggam work pattu-net blouse

This beautiful blouse has thorough maggam work on the back and on the sleeves. At the upper part of this air hostess neck blouse the maggam work has been done on sheer material. Use of half-arc design on the back and floral designs on the sleeves has given this piece the most unique look.

12Floral motif back covering maggam work blouse

This design uses golden and maroon threads along with silver strings and beads. The motif design reduces in size as it goes up covering the neckline. The design has been made gorgeous by adding red stones at the middle of the motifs.

11Intricate border maggam work with pearls

This beautiful floral maggam design includes zari along with stones. The flowers are placed in two layers near the middle of the blouse and in single layer on the sides of the neck. The lower part of the design includes dangling pearls along with large stones, which gives it a unique look. Similar maggam work is also present on the sleeves.

10Border maggam design with beads and threads

This design covers the border of the blouse and it includes mostly strings and beads. The intricate maggam work has been accentuated by adding yellow glossy thread work.  Use of stones within the motifs makes it look really different.

9Jewelry maggam work design for pattu blouse borders

This border design in maggam work includes heavy use of pearls and other stones and hence these designs are often regarded as jewelry designs. This design includes intricately beaded maggam work to outline the border and then multiple layers of stones of different colors to complete the design.

8Maggam work design with threads and beads

Top blouse designs for silk saris

This blouse has a border lining maggam work which is completed by using threads of multiple colors and minimum number of beads. The same floral design as seen on the neckline has been done on the ends of the sleeves and the whole sleeve has been covered with floral motifs in zari and beds.

7Peacock maggam design with cutwork

This innovative pattu blouse design includes maggam work along with cut work. Multiple peacocks along with the tree branches have been designed through golden zari and threads of multiple colors. The use of cutwork at the places that do not include the maggam work has given this design a new dimension.

6Full covering maggam work design for pattu blouse

This is a unique full covering maggam design made in a floral theme. The use of silver color zari and beads along with threads of purple color on the smaller flowers has given this piece its unique taste. The netted pattern covering the whole blouse is also to be noticed.

5Floral maggam work design for “U” neck

On deep “U” shaped blouse necks this maggam work design can look really nice. Here the maggam work in dual colors covers the short sleeves and the shoulders of the blouse.

4Maggam work blouse neck design with floral vines

The back neck of this blouse is deeper but not very wide. Here the blouse has floral vine design all over, but the design lining the neck cutting is different, which gives the blouse a unique look. The work lining the neck cut has two layers and is intricately designed. This blouse can be ideally paired with any silk saree.

3Maggam work design for round neck blouse

To give your blouse a unique look this round neck design with maggam work can be an ideal pick. Here the work has been done in the shapes of leaves at the two sides of a round central line, following the neck cutting. This design is quite simple compared to the other maggam work blouse neck designs but the simplicity makes it more beautiful.

2Simple maggam work “U” back neck design

Blouse back designs with knot

If you are looking for stylish and classy designs in maggam work then this neck work can be a good option to consider. This design is quite simple and outlines only the wide and deep “U” back neckline of the blouse. However, the design gives the blouse a look that is sure to be appreciated by every connoisseur. This silk blouse can be ideally paired with a silk saree for any occasion.

1Maggam work neck design for princess cut blouse

Princess cut blouses look really stylish and if the blouse has a smart neckline like the one shown above in the picture you should really opt for the neckline maggam work design as shown. The design is double layered. While the first layer is thinner and has a defined border the second layer with floral work is comparatively thicker and the end is not defined by a line.