Latest fashion trend full sleeve blouse designs for net sarees

Net saris are becoming very popular today with a variety of designs and beautiful work. You can now look out for beautiful blouses that can match with the designers net saris. There are a number of choices in front of you when you are choosing the blouse designs for your favorite sari.

If you want to look beautiful with the sari draped on blouse, choice of blouse will be an important issue. Some people like to wear blouse made with net material to go with net sari where as others prefers blouses made with opaque materials through which skin cannot be seen. You can now easily get such creative blouse designs online from the famous designers.

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Saree brings out eternity of every lady if worn with the right blouse and accessories. Even the way of wearing sari and carrying it becomes a wider issue today. As compared to other Indian and western dresses, sari brings out an appeal of a lady which cannot be done by any other dress.

They would really look beautiful and gorgeous in all senses after wearing sari. The new trend in the market is the net sari which can be complemented by the designer blouse.

The full sleeve saree blouse is now in fashion among other trends of blouse designs in the market. You can now see many women and females are wearing the net sarees. Now, it has become important get a boost on such look. You must adopt the trend of blouse design that will absolutely work well with the designer net sarees. Let us find out the variety that goes with the netted saree.

Blouse design for net saree

The designers have created wonderful designs of blouses that will ideally look good with variety of net saris. You can now get some ideas on the blouses which you can wear with the net saris you have handy.

High neck blouse design


Top blouse designs for silk saris

It is a wonderful orange color net sari which is having a dark orange color border with a slight red color tinge. As you can see in the picture, the lady is wearing white color net design blouse with the zari border of white color. This draws a wonderful contrast with a little bright color sari and matches with your attire.


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Latest blouse design

Latest blouse design

The beautiful and very gorgeous actress Priyanka Chopra is wearing a sari with back net design. Look at the blouse design which she is wearing with this sari. It is a full sleeve blouse with gorgeous work in the front. Throughout her hand, she has a neat design little unusual. You can easily try this with your exclusive net sari.

Boat neck blouse design


It is a wonderful silk blouse which is in the shape of the inverted trapezium. At the front portion of the blouse you can see the netted zari designed with leaves. Once you wear this blouse, some portion above your breast will be exposed which will create a wonderful appeal of the lady wearing the net sari. You can wear the white net sari with this blouse to bring out your physical appeal.

Work blouse design for net saree


Blouse back designs with knot

The lady with white net color sari looks dynamic with designing net color blouse which is of full sleeve with the inner lining of the blouse made with the skin color and white net design is created over the blouse design. Even if the lady did not put any jewelry and much make up the blouse design helps to bring out appeal of the lady in net sari.

Net hands blouse design for net saree with back lower neck


The lady wearing the net blouse looks really attractive with zari borders in the hands where the sleeve ends at the quarter and the back of the sari blouse. The total body of the blouse is made up of transparent net with threads to tie at the back. You can wear a red net sari to complement this blouse.

Full sleeves blouse design

Full sleeves blouse design

Look at the exclusive black color net blouse which is transparent at its sleeves and the body is made up of velvet. Since the net blouse of black color, it will go with all colors, especially if the net sari is of a single color. The party wear blouse will keep you stay vibrant and gorgeous.

Round neck blouse design for net saree


Blouse back neck designs with patch work

This is one of the colorful blouses with the colors like green, pink and orange embroidery over the blouse with a net lining over the blouse with white nets over the sleeves of the blouse. Since the blouse has so many colors, you can wear a saree of any one color among these colors.

Sleeveless blouse design for net saree

Sleeveless blouse design for net saree

One of the trendiest net sari blouse designs with flowers at the back of the blouse. It is one among the unusual blouses available in the market, which will match with the net sari of the color in the blouse’s body. If you want to make it a contrast, try out the colors like yellow, green and red as presented in the blouse back.

Simple work blouse designs for net saree


Look at the pretty blouse with the yellow color silk body and the rest of the body made up of yellow net cloth. The short sleeve of the net with a thin border and the neck from the back is surrounded with beads. It looks really exclusive when small flowers throughout the back pasted on the net looks very beautiful. You can choose a yellow sari to go with this.

Black blouse designs for net saree


Blouse back neck designs with stone work

The lady in the image is looking dynamic with the net sari with golden borders. The blouse is also black in color with the velvet finish and work on the shoulders. You can easily wear this blouse at a party so that this makes your image looks better.

Blouse designs for net saree


The lady is wearing a very light color net sari along with very heavy white border. The blouse is made up of same color opaque material along with collar neck made up of the border material used in the sari. Some people may say this is white and another can say baby pink as the cloth has a beautiful shade.

Simple work blouse designs

Simple work blouse designs

The sari portrayed in the image is of dual colors such that the lower portion is made up of red color chiffon material whereas the upper portion is net with white color. But the model is wearing totally a contrast blouse with the sari which is dark and 3/4 sleeves. The red blouse looks attractive with a light color net sari.

Latest blouse designs for net saree


Latest and trending blouse back neck designs

This particular blouse is quite different from the other normal style of blouse available in the market. This designer blouse does not have a proper shoulder cover as well as back. Rather the front portion is being emphasized with navy blue color silk cloth and also an exclusive border touching the cleavage of the breast. Two strings come out from front portion which is tied at the back neck.

Sleeveless blouse design

Sleeveless blouse design

The model in the picture is wearing off the white color sari with orange border. The other borders that are seen over the sari include yellow as well as pink.  Glittering golden color blouse made by the designer, match with this exclusive sari without doubt. Since the sari is transparent, it gives enough space to the blouse for an exposure and makes the lady look attractive.

Full sleeves net saree blouse design

Full sleeves net saree blouse design

Though the lady is wearing a lehenga in sari style, the blouse is made in such a way that it can be worn with both saris as well as lehenga. An exclusive combination of red and yellow colors with green border and golden works really well whenever you are going to attend a wedding function or a traditional occasion.

Collar neck blouse design


Latest maggam work designs on pattu blouses

If you are looking for a very different blouse to wear with your magenta color net sari, this exclusive designer blouse with half net and half silk material can be a hit. The collar with pink color cloth and no steeper pipes at edges of the front portion but it’s looks very attractive. A stone studded jewelry is also placed at the middle of the chest.

Trendy blouse designs for net saree


Gorgeous net sari with dark yellow color is bordered with heavy work along with some stones studded throughout the sari. Since the sari is very heavy, too much heavy blouse will look a total flop. You need to get a simple design of the blouse. A darker shade of orange is chosen to make the blouse with net at the sleeves and shoulders along with the other parts of body opaque and covered.

Light work blouse design

Light work blouse designA contrast combination of net blouse design can be a hit if you can carry it. The sea green and purple combination of net sari blouse can surprise you when you are willing to go for full contrast both for the blouse or sari. If you want to get a match, go for a purple color sari.

White bridal blouse with net saree


Latest blouse back designs collection

The bridal saree as depicted in this picture looks gorgeous when same color white blouse is accompanied with it. The blouse has stone work all around which also covers till the neck.  It looks really gorgeous when you are going to get married in a church. The jewelry along with it also have a perfect match.

Blue and pink full sleeve blouse


The full sleeve blouses are of different categories. You might not like the plain and very simple blouse design for a long time. Rather, you would always wish to go for the blouses that will be little different from the mass. In other word you would wish to go ahead with the unique category of blouse designs. This is among one of the unique blouse that is having the body color as blue and the sleeves are pink in color.

Net design black full sleeve


Hindi version ]

The lady is looking stunning with the designer net blouse that too in full sleeve variation. She is wearing it with the black and white chiffon saree which is really close to net. The low neck blouse design with golden border in the front makes the women look really elegant. This designer blouse will exclusively suite for all occasions.

White printed full sleeve blouse


Best latest designer blouse collection

The blouse design portrayed here is seen very less. The boat neck designer blouse with the full sleeve category also has prints that look really different. You can easily wear it with different category of sarees especially the sarees with the net. Try it today with your net saree in waredrobe.