Latest back neck blouse designs 2018 for lehenga and sarees

Blouses are every woman’s best friend and the reason being their aura to give every traditional outfit be it a saree or lehenga a different look. It makes even your boring attires look amazing and out of the box. And for the heavy sarees and lehenga it adds more glamour. Give below are some Latest Back Neck Blouse Designs that women either want to have or think of having or don’t know how to carry and when. There are also women who don’t have an idea that there are even such blouse designs existing.

Latest back neck blouse designs

Deep Red Mirrored Round Back Blouse Design

Back circle shape blouse back design

Trending maggam work designs on sarees

This Heavy Blouse Design has round shape mirror work on the border of the Round cut. This Blouse is a full-length blouse design with heavy gorgeous amount of mirrored work. Whether you team it up with a plain red lehenga or a plain red silk saree, it is going to give you an ecstatic look.

Black Embroidery with Jewel Pendant hanging Back Blouse Design

Black Embroidery with Jewel Pendant hanging Back Blouse Design

An oval shaped cut on the back of a blouse has been a trending Back Blouse Design among so many women. But this design has its own unique feature, which is a jewel pendant not hanging below but on the above/top unlike other blouse designs. Such pendants on blouse also known as Latkans give a different sort of resemblance to the traditional outfits.

Traditional Motif sheer back blouse design

Traditional Motif Sheer back Blouse Design

A full back cut blouse looks good but the ones with an intricate artwork on the back without even covering your back makes for a unique choice. This pink blouse has an artwork of a deity in the middle of four beautiful boundaries. The background beneath the artwork is net which totally doesn’t cover the back.

Monochrome pearl studded blouse back side design

Monochrome Pearl Studded Blouse Design

Latest maggam work designs on pattu blouses

Monochrome has been the new-found love among women. They have been choosing outfits keeping in mind their love for monochrome. This design has also reached Blouse Designs. It makes for a basic yet elegant blouse design with petal studded on the shoulders of the blouse Design. It can compliment even the dull coloured sarees you have.

Colorful Ikat Pyramid Back Blouse Design

Colorful Ikat Pyramid Back Blouse Design

Another oval cut design on the back of a blouse has been made more dramatic because of the Pyramid texture of the blouse. This Blouse has ‘Latkans’ both on the top and below which gives the blouse as well as the back a flamboyant look. You can try it with simple as well as heavy done sarees.

Royal Blouse Stylish Cut-out Back Blouse Design

Royal Blouse Stylish Cut-out Back Blouse Design

Royalty isn’t necessarily about wearing full sleeves or collared blouses. This Royal Blue Blouse which has two semi-circular cuts with big buttons in between, top and below it makes for a perfect match to compliment a royalty. You can team it up with classic sarees and even with the silk sarees that have a hint of modernity.

Classic Pristine White with Golden Sequin Back Blouse Design

Classic Pristine White with Golden Sequin Back Blouse Design

While this design looks simple but it has a chic side to it. This half-sleeved blouse has a cut on the back, which is golden borders complimenting the white background. On the other hand, the front is a sequin mixture of golden and black. If you want to hold your chic look while attending traditional events, this Back Blouse Design tops the chart.

Green puff hand blouse with tri color pattu


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For all the ladies out there, who want are Bride to be or a Bridesmaid on a South Indian Wedding, then choose this. This Puff Hand Blouse has a long square cut on the back with colourful strings or pattu in it at equal distances from each other. The blouse has traditional kind of artwork on the borders. It will give you the perfect bridal look.

White blouse with golden back stitch


When simple meets modern, the outcome turns out to be emphatically beautiful. This White Blouse resemblance the same kind of beautiful because of the heavy golden borders stitched finely and a beautiful flower design in the middle. There are also little pearls in the gap as well as on the sleeves. And, the border of the sleeves has been stitched with a different design and a red piping.

Pink and white blouse with round back


A round cut on the back of the blouse that has pearls as borders makes for a gorgeous design. This Blouse has a net work of white and a pink fabric beneath it. The circular beads look beautiful by the borders. The latkan on the back of the blouse complements the Colour pattern of the blouse being pink and white. Even a basic saree with a simple work will look pretty with this Blouse.

Orange boat neck blouse back


This Blouse Design surely tops the chart among the Boat Neck Blouse types because of its uniqueness. It has several designs made from a golden string with leaf like pearls on it, which resembles a peacock head. The orange blouse is great for dark coloured sarees. There is a leaf pattern on a thick orange border at then end of the blouse by the back.

White and net back blouse designs


This Blouse has a design on the back which is quite similar to the one we discussed at number 3. It has a cut on the back which reveals your skin through the Net fabric with pearls on top of it. There is a heavy design in the middle of the cut and the circular pearls do the job of filling in the gaps and how beautifully. This Blouse depicts an elegant white and golden combination, making it perfect for Bridal wear.

Inverted A shaped blouse back


Who told you to wear boring blouses to work? You can totally feel stylish yet stay formal with this chequered blouse. It has an inverted A shaped cut at the back, and then buttons on the thick border of chequered pattern. Wear it simple sarees to make an ultramodern statement at your work place.

Orange and black exclusive back design


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The Orange and Black Blouse is a complete statement piece and if you value style more than trend then be prepared to make a trend by wearing this blouse to parties. A black velvety touch below with net texture on most of the blouse it looks chic. There are black and orange shining beads on the net texture. The uniqueness this design has is the Criss-Cross string which flows from down to top where it can be tied in a knot. You can wear it with an Orange or a Black saree.

T shaped back blouse design


For women who love some skin on the back of their blouses should opt for this particular Back Blouse Design. It has a deep broad oval cut with a T-shaped black border. The border also portrays an “I” shape with black border of golden triangle design on the top, middle and down. The sleeves of this golden coloured blouse reach the elbow with the same black border and design. It gives your outfit a feminine look.