Blouse designs back side – Latest back neck blouse designs

Blouses are every woman’s best friend and the reason being their aura to give every traditional outfit be it a saree or lehenga a different look. It makes even your boring attires look amazing and out of the box.

And for the heavy sarees and lehenga it adds more glamour. Give below are some latest back neck blouse designs that women either want to have or think of having or don’t know how to carry and when. There are also women who don’t have an idea that there are even such blouse designs existing.

83Deep Red Mirrored Round Back Blouse Design

Trending maggam work designs on sarees

This Heavy Blouse Design has round shape mirror work on the border of the Round cut. This Blouse is a full-length blouse design with heavy gorgeous amount of mirrored work. Whether you team it up with a plain red lehenga or a plain red silk saree, it is going to give you an ecstatic look.

82Embroidered back blouse design

An oval shaped cut on the back of a blouse has been a trending Back Blouse Design among so many women. But this design has its own unique feature, which is a jewel pendant not hanging below but on the above/top unlike other blouse designs. Such pendants on blouse also known as Latkans give a different sort of resemblance to the traditional outfits.

81Sheer back blouse design

A full back cut blouse looks good but the ones with an intricate artwork on the back without even covering your back makes for a unique choice. This pink blouse has an artwork of a deity in the middle of four beautiful boundaries. The background beneath the artwork is net which totally doesn’t cover the back.

80Monochrome pearl studded blouse back side design

Latest maggam work designs on pattu blouses

Monochrome has been the new-found love among women. They have been choosing outfits keeping in mind their love for monochrome. This design has also reached Blouse Designs. It makes for a basic yet elegant blouse design with petal studded on the shoulders of the blouse Design. It can compliment even the dull coloured sarees you have.

79Colorful Ikat Pyramid Back Blouse Design

Another oval cut design on the back of a blouse has been made more dramatic because of the Pyramid texture of the blouse. This Blouse has ‘Latkans’ both on the top and below which gives the blouse as well as the back a flamboyant look. You can try it with simple as well as heavy done sarees.

78Royal Blouse Stylish Cut-out Back Blouse Design

Royalty isn’t necessarily about wearing full sleeves or collared blouses. This Royal Blue Blouse which has two semi-circular cuts with big buttons in between, top and below it makes for a perfect match to compliment a royalty. You can team it up with classic sarees and even with the silk sarees that have a hint of modernity.

77Classic Pristine White with Golden Sequin Back Blouse Design

While this design looks simple but it has a chic side to it. This half-sleeved blouse has a cut on the back, which is golden borders complimenting the white background. On the other hand, the front is a sequin mixture of golden and black. If you want to hold your chic look while attending traditional events, this Back Blouse Design tops the chart.

76Green puff hand blouse with tri color pattu

Latest blouse back designs collection

For all the ladies out there, who want are Bride to be or a Bridesmaid on a South Indian Wedding, then choose this. This Puff Hand Blouse has a long square cut on the back with colourful strings or pattu in it at equal distances from each other. The blouse has traditional kind of artwork on the borders. It will give you the perfect bridal look.

75White blouse with golden back stitch

When simple meets modern, the outcome turns out to be emphatically beautiful. This White Blouse resemblance the same kind of beautiful because of the heavy golden borders stitched finely and a beautiful flower design in the middle. There are also little pearls in the gap as well as on the sleeves. And, the border of the sleeves has been stitched with a different design and a red piping.

74Pink and white blouse with round back

A round cut on the back of the blouse that has pearls as borders makes for a gorgeous design. This Blouse has a net work of white and a pink fabric beneath it. The circular beads look beautiful by the borders. The latkan on the back of the blouse complements the Colour pattern of the blouse being pink and white. Even a basic saree with a simple work will look pretty with this Blouse.

73Orange boat neck blouse back

This Blouse Design surely tops the chart among the Boat Neck Blouse types because of its uniqueness. It has several designs made from a golden string with leaf like pearls on it, which resembles a peacock head. The orange blouse is great for dark coloured sarees. There is a leaf pattern on a thick orange border at then end of the blouse by the back.

72White and net back blouse designs

This Blouse has a design on the back which is quite similar to the one we discussed at number 3. It has a cut on the back which reveals your skin through the Net fabric with pearls on top of it. There is a heavy design in the middle of the cut and the circular pearls do the job of filling in the gaps and how beautifully. This Blouse depicts an elegant white and golden combination, making it perfect for Bridal wear.

71Inverted A shaped blouse back

Who told you to wear boring blouses to work? You can totally feel stylish yet stay formal with this chequered blouse. It has an inverted A shaped cut at the back, and then buttons on the thick border of chequered pattern. Wear it simple sarees to make an ultramodern statement at your work place.

70Orange and black exclusive back design

Best latest designer blouse collection

The Orange and Black Blouse is a complete statement piece and if you value style more than trend then be prepared to make a trend by wearing this blouse to parties. A black velvety touch below with net texture on most of the blouse it looks chic. There are black and orange shining beads on the net texture. The uniqueness this design has is the Criss-Cross string which flows from down to top where it can be tied in a knot. You can wear it with an Orange or a Black saree.

69T shaped back blouse design

For women who love some skin on the back of their blouses should opt for this particular Back Blouse Design. It has a deep broad oval cut with a T-shaped black border. The border also portrays an “I” shape with black border of golden triangle design on the top, middle and down. The sleeves of this golden coloured blouse reach the elbow with the same black border and design. It gives your outfit a feminine look.

68Baby pink blouse back design

If you are a lover of heavy work that reaches the eye of every person who appreciates designs and fashion then this blouse design is a good choice to make. It has pretty flowers and leaves made of silver pearls. A knot of long string with a small latkan or pendant by the hem gives this elbow length blouse a breath-taking look.

67Inverted eye shaped blouse back

Trending maggam work designs on sarees

A simple blouse which makes a place in the list of modern back blouse designs. More than half of the cloth or the texture of it is Transparent, and then there are two broad borders of black and golden finishing right where the inverted Eye meets. There is a small detailing done with a black button on top of the eye design cut on the back.

66Off white blouse with show buttons

Now this blouse design has an ultramodern look of femininity, style and vibrancy. The transparent blouse at the back has a t-shaped border with small buttons on them. The full-length sleeves of the blouse have finely done designs of branches and leaves that have a shining appearance. For all of you who don’t like completely white can always choose this Off-white blouse over it.

65Black velvet with gold work

For the brides or bridesmaids who love deep cut blouse designs but not the ones with a thin strap at the back should look for blouses with this design. This particular blouse design is all about Velvet that has golden intricate work of peacock designs done. There are also golden pearls on the back of the blouse.

64U cut blouse design

Best latest designer blouse collection

If you are too artsy with the choice of sarees you wear then this Blouse Design will always be your favourite. It has spell-casting prints of golden that look way more than just beautifully artistic on the black house. The deep cut has a plain string to tie a knot in between the cut.

63Work blouse back

This Blouse Design has an inverted triangle with strings below. This Black Colour blouse has a heavy zari work done with golden zari all over the back and on the front. There are designs on the full-length sleeves as well. This design has been trending for sarees with two colours in them either black and golden or golden and pink.

62Back circle blouse

A black blouse is a must have in everybody’s wardrobe who likes wearing saree. This particular design has a circular cut of golden borders. The blouse has thick designs done in white and there is a golden border below in between two semi thick red borders. This Back Blouse Design is going to compliment a white, golden, black as well as a red saree.

61Work blouse back design

Trending maggam work designs on sarees

This is an exclusive Back Blouse Design which is best worn to marriage functions. You’re surely going to turn heads if you carry this fancy blouse with an equally ecstatic saree. This yellow coloured Blouse has a deep cut at the back and the cut is covered by net. The net has two big designs embroidered on it which looks colourful and adorable.

60Back open blouse

A basic blouse can also be given a modern twist to it considering the design of this blouse. It has an open back cut and a simple string for a knot.

The blouse is a mixture of silk border with golden pattern and blue net texture. You can wear it to create the minimalist look for a function.

59Heavy work back open blouse

A backless blouse is someway or the other every woman’s favourite. This Golden Blouse is an example of what a woman defines her blouse to look like for a wedding she has to attend in order to look sexy in a controlled amount.

This is the reason why this blouse has shiny designs on the back which is a good mix of silver and golden. You don’t have to go looking for a heavy piece of neck jewellery if you are wearing this blouse.

58Collar neck sheer blouse design

Latest saree blouse patterns

Collar Neck Blouses need not be boring if you add some Back design to it. This Blouse design has been made of Black Lace which has designs of flowers and its branches. There is a narrow cut with a button on top. This Back Blouse Design is both sophisticated as well as fashionable.

57Princess cut blouse design

If you are fond of the gowns and blouses the Disney princesses wear then we have found the right design for you. This Blouse Design has a Princess cut at the back as well as on the shoulders of the blouse.

The sleeves are short and there is no such heavy work. The back has two semi-circular black bands criss-crossed to keep the blouse border together. It reflects an elegant style which you can team up with a royal saree or lehenga.

56Back open blouse

Latest kalamkari saree designs

To take backless blouses to another level, designers have designed blouses like this Back Open Blouse design. It has just a thin pink border of the blouse at the back with hooks to attach. The blouse also spots a heavy intricate work done of bright pearls from the neck end to the shoulders. Even your simple sarees will make you look gorgeous when teamed up with this Back Open Blouse.

55Beads blouse back design

This Royal Blue Blouse has a long cut with borders of golden flowers made from beads. The other areas of the blue blouse have beads on it shining their way through a night function. What gives this blouse more of a look are the tassels that have been attached to the string which look pretty as they come together in a bundle by a knot.

54High neck blouse back design

This one design is more for a bridal look which you can wear for any of your wedding function. It is sophisticated, classy and perfect because of the artwork done on a transparent material.

The heavy design has been done in white colour and within the designs there are fine details of flowers all in white. This half sleeve blouse has a very small cut on the top. It is surely going to make a stunning statement.

53Low neck blouse back design

Trending latest blouse design collections

A low neck blouse back design that can provide life to your classic collection of Silk Sarees is surely this one. It has golden borders with a golden latkan stringed to black thread. The Blouse has elbow length sleeves of black color with prints of scripts and a thick red border with golden designs on it.

52Boat neck blouse

This pink floral piece surely makes for a good blouse design because of the small circular cut knotted with a golden string of golden latkans. Half of the blouse has net appearance with little flowers. Whereas the full-length arms have flowers and branches crafted on net. The other half of the blouse is also pink but not of net texture. It has lots of flowers and leaves one after another. It looks great with sarees which have a hint of flowers and especially the pink ones.

51Back circle blouse design

This Blouse has a rich work of mirrors and threads on it. The circular cut on the back has a border of circular mirrors and the mirrors have circular layers of thread on them.

This design makes the back look colourful even though it is so simple. This Blouse Back Design is surely a stunner provided you wear your glossy black sarees with it.

50Heavy beads blouse design

Stunning sari blouse idea design collections

A blouse that has heavy work on it is a must have for every woman especially the one that can be used with either of your rich sarees. This one is a flamboyant design of beads put together to form a big artistic flower from the shoulders till the border of the blouse.

You can show off with your skin by wearing this blouse. There are even little flowers done on the border of the blouse below.

49Back threads blouse

A basic yet different piece of blouse back design is this Black blouse with white net on full length sleeves. The black has a simple threading work in golden colour and silver beads as well.

The shoulder region has been draped in black thread work while the rest of the sleeves remain plain. The enticing part of this design is its string that has a flower made by the end.

48Heavy work blouse back design

This blouse has a very basic design that is a broad cut on the back with golden strings to make a knot. But what makes it full of life is the heavy border work on the sleeves and by the cut at the back.

Pearls have been used the base for flowers which have been carved by golden zari. The shiny beads have been used to define the petals.

47Printed blouse back design

Women body shapes and saree styles guide

Though the blouse in the picture is simple but how much attractive it is going to make you look is also in the picture. A black blouse with floral prints of red, yellow, purple and green. The soft latkan has a combination of three colours to provide more attraction to the blouse with a deep cut.

46Brocade blouse back design

A designer blouse is in everybody’s wardrobe, but we forget how much importance it holds. Especially if we get a semi deep cut by the back. This blouse is a simple green blouse with golden prints on it and a cut by the back. It can compliment your look whether it is formal or informal.

45Back open blouse design

This collared blouse has an oval shape cut on the middle of the back. It has a transparent red cloth on the other areas of the back. There is a thick border by the end which has thread work done in blue and lotus flowers made in yellow; it also has hints of green. This blouse is good to go with chiffon sarees.

44Sleeveless blouse back design

Latest blouse designs for lehenga

A Blouse with less of cloth material and more about design is surely a Wishlist item. This sleeveless blouse design has a neck piece too which has pearls embedded on it. The border of the blouse is also embedded with pearls line by line. The bottom of the blouse has pearls stitched in the pattern of a square. This modern style is fit for women looking for fairy tale wedding attire.

43Sleeves sheer blouse back

If you are looking for a blouse with some hint of sexiness then this is just the right one for you. It has a deep cut by the back with Net material. There are designs of flowers and branches done with threads. This half sleeve blouse looks good on sarees like the one Deepika Padukone wore in “Ye Jawaani hai Deewani”.

42Low back blouse design

A skin shade blouse with essence of blue is a perfect blouse to wear with a blue chiffon saree that has heavy work. It has bright designs done on the shoulder region. While the back has just blue borders with little patterns on it. There is also a string attached with a pearly pendant or latkan to make a knot.

41Back hanging threads blouse design

Top blouse designs for plain saree

A touch of silk to your basic black blouse is a good to go option for dark coloured silk sarees. The large woollen colourful latkan on it makes it eye-catching.

This back design has a broad deep cut and the sleeves of the blouse have thick borders of silk. Also, the sleeves are transparent. This blouse is a good way to flaunt your back.

40Backless blouse design

39Best blouse back designs

This one speaks for itself, being classic yet it has a touch of modernity. The deep cut on the back has a narrow border and a string to tie the knot. The blouse has a collar and the back of it has a hook to fix.

The blouse has a design of golden prints on it. If you want to flaunt the back you work on, then this blouse design will let you do that gracefully.

38Back round blouse design

Sleeveless blouse designs inspiration

A blouse that has full length sleeves till the palms and a thin border of gold print is minimal at its best. The round cut has so many latkans attached one below the other. There is just one hint of broadness that is at the bottom which also has hooks to tie. This purple colour Blouse can be worn with a purple saree or even green saree.

37Net blouse back design

A very simple blouse design which has a jaw dropping combination of black and red. The back has a cut with red net and red design on it. The same kind of design is on the sleeves of the blouse. You can wear this blouse with any black colour sarees have hints of red.

36Sleeveless & backless

This exclusive design makes for a great design for the ones who love fashionable outfits. If you want to set a trend, then wear this to functions. The deep back which lets you reveal the great shape behind has a glittering design on the back of neck, shoulders and by the hem.

The best part about this blouse back design is the string in the above as well as string below at the end of the blouse. Both the strings have the same coloured latkans matching the color of the design, on the above and by the hem.

35Golden and red zari border blouse

Blouse designs for net sarees

A neatly done blouse with golden zari as the border of the broad cut on the back is a must wear with red coloured sarees. The other areas of the blouse have fine designs of flowers, leaves and branches also done by golden zari. A tiny woollen latkan in red resembles the red blouse in a beautiful way.

34Bare back with thin stylish collar

The young women out there prefer wearing blouses that defines their back in a stylish manner. So, this blouse that reveals so much of the back because of the deep cut has just a thin golden border at the end and on the sleeves.

There is a thin collar too and there is a sense of relief that you don’t have to wear any jewellery for the neck. The thin borders have tiny dots of pink resembling the Colour of the blouse.

33Embroidery green leafy design backless blouse

A heavily embroidered blouse looks ecstatic when teamed up with simple sarees that have work done on the borders. This piece has floral designs embroidered on it everywhere and also has an oval cut with hook at the bottom as well on top.

32Low black designer blouse

Top blouse designs for silk saris

If you believe in the classic choice of blouses then we have found this blouse design to match your love for ethnic fashion. It has a square cut on the back, orange borders below it with golden prints and the rest of the blouse is glittering golden. You can wear it with orange as well golden colour sarees.

31Back lace stylish blouse design

A very simple blouse which defines the trend with the criss cross strings to make a knot is truly a must have. The blouse has been made of rich red cloth material and has sleeves reaching the elbow.

The criss cross strings defining the back cut with a knot is what makes this design stand out of the box. Wearing it with a white silk saree that has red borders is going to make you look gorgeous.

30Wide “U” cut back neck design

Another floral embroidered blouse that has a wide cut in the back resembling “U” shape. This blouse piece is half sleeved and has big red roses with green leaves as embroidery on the back. It is the light background of the blouse that allows you to wear it with any saree of your choice.

29“V” shaped cutwork blouse back neck design

Blouse back designs with knot

This Blouse Design has a V shaped cut on the back with transparency by the sides. The transparent side has rich work done in golden which is like petals of a flower and the gaps in between the flowers is what flaunts little bit of the skin.

Right below the cut there is a very thick border in pink that has a shine, but it is plain. You can wear it with pink and golden sarees. Also, with sarees that compliment any of the two colours of the blouse.

28High neck blouse design with cutwork

A collar type blouse design which covers every bit of your skin and flaunts the flamboyant design on the back is surely a stunner. It has a diamond shaped design on the back which has smaller shaped diamonds in it that are transparent and the rest are glittery golden.

Outside the big diamond is the purple blouse with golden circular dots on it. Even the sleeves have the same design as that in the diamond. This design is exclusive and very stylish for different types of function.

27Pearl studded unique blouse design

This unique blouse design is perfect for the brides who have a love for white or have a day wedding. This Blouse Back Neck Design is all pearl Studded everywhere, even the string has been attached to a big pearl latkan. Team it up with a white lehenga for an elegant bride look.

26Backless blouse design with net sleeves

Blouse back neck designs with patch work

Another finely cut back design that is deep and has two knots to make with heavy latkans, one on the above and the other one below.

The black border is thin and has work in golden. You can go for half sleeves type as well or like the one in the picture that has net sleeves.

25Backless laced blouse design

If you are looking for that perfect choli for your lehenga that has crop top resemblance then this particular blouse design is exactly the type you want. It has a very deep cut till the hem with criss cross strings.

You are going to make head turns while you keep walking wearing this blouse with a vibrant lehenga.

24Blouse back neck design with stone work and paisleys

Paisley designs on blouses are running from long time and recently they have again been in the trends. Brides who have a fashion taste from the classic collections like blouse design that have heavy stone work and paisleys designs done.

They go best with rich silk sarees made for the brides. You can attach a big round tassel latkan to the strings that match the heavy stone work and Paisley on the blouse.

23Knotted blouse back neck design

Blouse back neck designs with stone work

An inverted cut by the back which ends right above the hem definitely makes for a modern neck design. Other than strings this modern design has bright red broad ribbon to tie a bow like knot. This blouse is best for all the modern weddings and reception parties.

22Netted blouse with patch work

This Blouse has three shades and different designs, all of them combined together make the blouse look truly outrageous.

The elbow length sleeves of the blouse are yellow in colour and has golden patch work and the border on the elbow is pink with zari work and a slit cut on one side of each borders.

The design in the middle at the back is a rich inculcation of golden zari artwork on a transparent material. There is also shades of pink on the back with golden patchwork. This Blouse Design is good to go for wedding ceremonies.

21Jewelled blouse back design

This Blouse makes woman get rid of heavy jewellery and alone is enough to make a statement. The border has heavy work done with a big stone pendant in the middle resembling that of a necklace. The Spaghetti Sleeves give your outfit a sexy look.

20Bridal blouse back

Latest and trending blouse back neck designs

Another Blouse with Back Neck Design perfect for the brides is this. It has an oval cut with zari work of lotus on both sides of the cut and of branches as well as leaves. There is a lotus on the top of the cut as well. This one is perfect for South Indian weddings.

19“U” cut bridal blouse

This one is a simple “U” cut back neck design blouse which has borders one after another. First the border is of glittering golden colour, then a border in red with circular patterns in golden, then again a border in golden. It will look great with traditional silk sarees and a kamarbandh or waist band with it.

18Wedding blouse back

This blouse design has been the latest design which has a knot in the sides and not in the middle. There is heavy stone work to complement even the simplest of saree or sarees that have heavy work. It best suits the outfits worn to wedding functions. Also, the blouse has fine work done in golden.

17Jewelled back blouse neck design

This particular design is a very stylish and can easily be worn with any simple saree to make them look very stylish. This particular blouse with jewelled back design has a very deep back neck.

16Tassels on the back

This particular blouse design is perfect for teenagers and college going girls. One can very easily wear this blouse to a farewell party and catch everyone’s attention.

The front portion of the blouse is very simple, however, the back is simple yet classy. The back neck design of the blouse comes with a round shaped cutout and on the upper portion of the cutout, tassels are attached.

Wear this blouse with a chiffon saree and you are good to go to any party you want. Accessorize this look with a pair of statement earrings.

15Fish cut out blouse

This is a very unique and a new blouse design which will surely make your look different from others. The combination of Chinese collar in the front and unique fish cut out with a side tie make the blouse look very stylish and chic. The blouse also comes with a attach Dori at the side which enhances the look of the blouse even more. This blouse will go perfectly with any cotton saree for instance ikat or any handloom fabric.

14Halter and deep square blouse back design

This particular blouse design is perfect for someone who is in love with Halter Neck but is also not comfortable with sleeveless blouses. The blouse looks Halter neck from the back with a deep square.

The front neck design of the blouse is a chinese collar which makes the blouse looks sophisticated. The combination of both the front and the back neck design makes the blouse look very formal and unique at the same time.

Ask your tailor to stitch the blouse fitted as it will make you look smart. You can pair this blouse with any solid colour saree as it will make the blouse stand out.

13Three quarter sleeve blouse design

This elegant blouse can be ideal for any occasion and parties. If you are looking for a blouse design that will make you look aristocrat, you can hardly have another option better than this one.

The upper and the lower section of the back of the blouse have been made with gorgeous brocade material while the middle section has been made with plain black material. The back design of the blouse coupled with the high neck and longer sleeves complete the look.

12Embroidery blouse

Latest maggam work designs on pattu blouses

Intricately embroidered blouse back designs are gaining quick popularity. Starting from the picture of the goddesses to the pictures of kings and queens or some historic monuments are also available in these patterns.

You can easily pick a design like this one according to the occasion. The longer sleeves and the air hostess neck gives this blouse back design an elegant look.

11Half sheer half embroidered

This sleeveless air hostess neck blouse has an interesting back opening created by clasping the two sides of the blouse at the neckline and at the waistline.

One side of the back of the blouse is completely sheer, while the other sheer side has been covered with intricate floral embroidery work. Pair this blouse with a net or chiffon saree to get the ultimate look.

10Diamond shaped blouse back

In this latest design the two sides of the blouse has been clasped together at the middle of the back. The diamond shaped opening created by the two sides of the blouse sits right at the middle of the back.

Intricate floral embroidery work has been done bordering the air hostess neckline of the blouse as well as the back opening. The blouse has longer sleeves and the embroidery work is present on the sleeves as well. This blouse is best to be paired with silk sarees.

9With stripes

In this latest blouse back neck design the two sides of the blouse has been clasped together with stripes, leaving a longitudinal opening running through the middle of the back. The blouse has air hostess neck and sleeves end above the elbows. This blouse can give a very elegant look to any nice saree.

8With cutwork

Latest blouse back designs collection

Using cutwork to decorate the back of the blouse is not a latest fashion but it still holds a great appeal and can help you steal the show.

Here a thin layer of cutwork joins the two sides of the blouse near the neck and the back opening makes a “V” shape, which is bordered by intricate floral cutwork. The sleeves of the blouse are short and include intricate floral work in golden.

7Open back saree blouse

This latest and trendy blouse back neck design can give your saree the most gorgeous look. The gorgeous border with woolen balls covers the top part of the back while the rest of the back remains uncovered.

Thin tassels have been used to tie the sides of the blouse at the waistline. The sleeves of the blouse cover till above the elbows.

6With queen model and heavy border

This gorgeous black blouse can be an ideal pick for weddings. Here the neck of the blouse has been lined with a thick golden zardosi border and floral net- work has been used to cover the sleeves.

However, the queen model at the center of the back of the blouse is suddenly the first thing anyone will notice. If you are looking for a blouse design that will look really classy, you can try out this one.

5Multilayered hangings

The multiple layers of hangings at the back of the blouse make this design really different. Here the back opening has a water droplet shape and the border of the opening has been intricately worked with golden zari. Four layers of hangings have been attached towards the narrower part of the water droplet shaped opening of the blouse back. The blouse has air hostess neck and short sleeves.

4Blouse back with zip

Best latest designer blouse collection

Zipped blouses are ideal to get a smart look. In this design the blouse has a covering neckline as well as longer sleeves and there is no back opening. The sides of the blouse have been added together with the zip running across the length of the back. This blouse back design is ideal for any type of occasions and parties.

3Sheer blouse back design

This beautiful blouse back design is one of the best options you can have. The thick waist strap has potli buttons running through the middle and the decorative transparent sides of the back of the blouse meets on the waist strap creating a unique “V” shaped pattern. The blouse has long transparent sleeves and looks really lavish.

2Embroidered net blouse

This blouse back design is ideal to wear with a stylish chiffon saree. Here the middle section of the back has been covered with net material, which has been intricately embroidered with matching threads.

The sleeves of the blouse are short and they also have the embroidered design and they cover the shoulders like a jacket.

1Jeweled blouse back design

U neck is always a preferred as it makes the blouse look even sexier. We would suggest you wear a nude or golden coloured jewelled back blouse with a black saree and you are good to go to a party. Also, make sure that you are not wearing heavy accessories as the blouse itself has lots of pearls and crystals stuck on it.