Latest pattern blouse designs 2019 front & back

It is the era where everything gets frequent changes including wearing especially blouse designs. If you want to be dated with this era, then it is necessary to be dated with the latest pattern of wearing.

30Latest full sleeved blouse

Sweetheart neck blouse designs

The full sleeved blouse can look than more than attractive if you choose the right design as given in this image.

29 Cross strip blouse

Fashion always needs more and more latest verity to make it dated and if you are wearing sari than this designer sleeveless cross strip blouse in mustard color with the colorful print and back ribbon is a wise choice.

28 Black color latest blouse

If we talk about colors, then black is the one that is most demanded, and if it is with golden color thread embroidery, then you will need no ornaments to look beautiful as this blouse design with full sleeves is enough to let you look gorgeous.

27 Latest, net blouse

If you are racing to be the latest one while wearing a sari, then you will have to switch to the latest blouse designs from the ordinary, and this floral print, net blouse with an oval shape is the right selection that you can choose for the dynamic appearance.

26 Back-ribbon blouse

The demands of being the latest require the latest designer clothing, and if you are wearing a sari, then you need to be more careful while selecting the blouse design.

25 Mirror work blouse

Square neck blouse designs

Your wearing reflects the beauty you have and to be more beautiful, make sure; you have the correct choice of wearing especially when it comes to wearing a designer blouse.

24 Classy blouse

Do you want a classy look? Do you want to stand different among the crowd? If yes then this stand collar, half-sleeved blouse design with the deep neck is the one that will meet all your needs to be a classy diva.

23 Trendy blouse

Getting at the top rank of the trend, you need to have a trendy choice that you can get from this navy blue color latest blouse design that has been made more attractive with pearl work for giving you the best look.

22 Full boat neck blouse

There are many things that a diva requires and one of them is the best clothing. When it comes to wearing sari the best taste of blouse design for the best look is the priority, and this full boat neck, sleeveless blouse with backless design let you feel a complete diva.

21 Kalamkari blouse

When we are talking about the latest pattern blouse design and kalamkari blouse designs are not included then the discussion will be incomplete and to make your discussion and look complete this half-sleeved kalamkari blouse is the best option.

20 Latest pattern, traditional blouse

What if you get a chance to be a traditional diva with the latest pattern blouse design? Isn’t it amazing? Yes, of course, it is.

19Waistline belt blouse

Blouse with perfect fitting and perfect design make it beautiful, and if you are also fond of perfect fitting with the ideal design, then this sleeveless latest pattern blouse design in golden color is for you that has waistline belt to give you an excellent feel.

18 Cold hand blouse

Let’s get a look that makes ultimate beauty, and that is entirely possible with this orange color of cold hand blouse that includes the block print for making it more beautiful and fit for your diva look.

17Gorgeous, sleeveless blouse

Grabbing attention is entirely depends upon your beauty that how gorgeous you are looking and to look beautiful this gorgeous, sleeveless blouse design with the latest pattern is the best to choose for the better comfort and great appearance.

16 Heavy maggam work blouse

Look at this image that has a beautiful latest pattern blouse design with heavy maggam work for the best appearance that you want to get, and this stunning yellow color and transparent back is making it more attractive and eye-catching.

15 Check-print blouse design

Pattu blouse designs

The fashion of checks will updating and can never be outdated as this beautiful magenta color blouse that has the big checks with a golden color outline with backless string pattern makes it fully fit in latest pattern blouse design.

14 Sophisticated blouse design

Be advanced in this fashion era with this sophisticated, latest pattern blouse design in the sky-blue shade to explore the floor with your stunning and sophisticated look.

13 Floral print blouse design

What will you say about this floral print blouse design that has been beautifully decorated with pearl work? Isn’t it stunning? Yes, it is more than stunning that can give you a perfect look to be known as the ideal beauty.

12 V neck blouse design

V neck blouse design has the different and strong ruling in the list of latest pattern blouse design, and this statement gets proven again with this beautiful V neck, sleeveless blouse design with sophisticated embroidery.

11 Stylish, boat neck blouse

Several colors make our life beautiful and colorful but the grace of black and white color can never go off, and the same is represented by this full boat neck, latest pattern blouse design with the checks of black, white, and grey shades.

10 Latest pattern sweetheart blouse

Here is another image of the latest sweetheart blouse design with full of beauty and attraction to give the best compliment to your beautiful look in a sari.

9 Heavy embroidery, latest pattern blouse

Get a fabulous look from every angle with this superbly designed heavy embroidery, latest pattern blouse with transparent back to make it attractive and eye-catching so, if you want to be an eye-catching beauty then get this blouse design in your wardrobe.

8 Pearl work blouse design

Latest pattern blouse design means something attractive and stylish that should full fill all the requirements of being a perfect diva.

7 Round neck blouse

Have a look at this latest pattern blouse design with the deep round neck that is making it more than beautiful, and the back hooks are perfect to enhance your beauty for grabbing the attention of all the viewers.

6 Model look blouse design

If you want the swag that models are having, then you have to be selective about your wearing especially while selecting the blouse design for your lehenga or saree.

5 The latest pochoo pattern blouse

Latest blouse designs for half sarees

What if you get a chance to be beautiful with the latest trend? I know, it will be great, and seeing this magenta color, tie & dye technique, pochoo pattern blouse design.

4 Latest pattern, heavy work blouse

Here is an image with the latest pattern, heavy work blouse that is perfect for you to attend any types of occasion while being the center of attraction, and the color combination of blue and black will make you more eye-catching.

3 Princess cut, pretty pink color blouse

See this pretty pink color blouse with princess cut and unique design that is ready for you to get into the limelight.

2 Attractive, latest pattern blouse

Looking attractive is the common dream of every woman, and if you get an opportunity to look more than attractive, then nothing can be better than this.

Now you can have this beautiful look that is beyond imagination by adding it to your unique collection to appreciate your beauty.

1 Back zip, latest pattern blouse

Be what you are and explore yourself that no one has done before with this extraordinary, latest pattern blouse design with back zip with fantastic full boat neck in blood red color with pearl work to make your beauty graceful.