Latest Kalamkari work designer blouses 2018

A beautiful blouse can certainly add to the glamour of any saree and the kalamkari blouses are the ones now in fashion. The best thing about these blouses is that due to their gorgeous appearance, they can be paired not only with kalamkari sarees but also with any other type of saree to get the right look. These designs are usually done on organic fabrics like cotton or silk and they are the latest trend.  Here is a collection of the latest kalamkari blouse designs, check out to make your pick.

67Back hook, kalamkari blouse

Simple blouse designs

Be explosive with this beautiful kalamkari blouse design that has lovely back hook to make it adorable from every angle, and it is the one that you should choose to get an explosion of beauty.

66 Half sleeved, kalamkari blouse

See this beautiful, blue shaded, kalamkari blouse with half sleeves that is including an overall extract of beauty to enhance your charm for making a strong existence among the people.

65 Back-string, Kalamkari blouse

Get the perfect match for your perfect beauty with this back-string, kalamkari blouse that holds the potential to let you look a stunning diva.

64 Semi-sleeved, kalamkari blouse

The trend of the semi-sleeved blouse cannot be denied and the craze of kalamkari blouse no one can ignore. If you get the combination of these both demanded quality, then no one can stop himself to gaze at your beautiful look.

63 Boat neck, kalamkari blouse

This image with a beautiful boat neck, kalamkari blouse design is speaking a lot with no words, and it is the one that your beauty requires to make a noise in this stylish era.

62 Oval-shaped, kalamkari blouse

Best blouse designs

There are several blouse designs but the swag this kalamkari blouse has with an oval shaped neckline that cannot be beatable by an ordinary design, so if you want a different look to astound the people then it is the best option.

61 Pearly line, kalamkari blouse

Kalamkari blouse has a huge demand among the women, and if it has pretty pearly lining in sleeves and neck as given in this image, then this demand gets priority to choose for adding in your collection.

60 Royal blue, kalamkari blouse

Royal blue is the king color, and the kalamkari blouse in royal blue color is not only beautiful, but the killer that steals the breaths of the viewers, and see this designer sleeves with this kalamkari blouse that has made its attraction more than double.

59 Square neck, kalamkari blouse

How can you forget the square neck pattern especially when it comes to wearing a kalamkari blouse? Well, it is not possible to ignore such an important thing that allows you to get a diva look.

58 Sleeveless, kalamkari blouse

Keep yourself dated while getting the traditional touch by wearing this sleeveless, kalamkari blouse that not only enhances the look but also let you march with the trend of this era.

57 Tangy, kalamkari blouse

Latest Blouse designs collection

Mix the tang in your attractive appearance to make it prettier than before. This tangy color, sleeveless, kalamkari blouse is the definition of freshness that you can grab to get the tang in your look.

56 Classy, kalamkari blouse

Looking classy is the dream of every woman that you can make true with this classy, kalamkari blouse design with full sleeves and a beautiful combination of colors.

55 Simple, kalamkari blouse

Simplicity attracts a lot, and if this simplicity gets included in kalamkari blouse design, then there can be no words to explain it. If you want the look that should be simple and attractive as well, then it is the best choice to make.

54 Back-less, kalamkari blouse

Isn’t this image with back-less, kalamkari blouse design alluring? Yes, of course, it will because it combines the tradition and fashion both with the proper style that will let you stand different among the people.

53 Princess-cut, kalamkari blouse design

Choosing the perfect blouse design for sari is one of the difficult tasks that you can make easy after seeing this image of princess-cut, kalamkari blouse design that will be perfect to meet your all the better needs.

52 Floral, kalamkari blouse

Beautiful wedding saree blouse designs collections

Bloom like a flower with this beautiful kalamkari blouse design that keeps the potential to promote you in being limelight and the best part of this kalamkari blouse design is, you can wear it with many sarees.

51 V neck, kalamkari blouse

Kalamkari blouse has the spark that keeps the attention of all the people, and if you go with v neckline, kalamkari blouse design then there is no chance for the people to escape of admiring your beauty.

50 Black color, kalamkari blouse

Color keeps a lot of importance when it comes to looking outstanding, and if you want the same appearance that should compel the people to say OUTSTANDING then this black color of sleeveless, kalamkari blouse will be the right choice.

49 Cross-strip, kalamkari blouse

It is the time create a new definition of fashion that is entirely possible with this cross-strip, kalamkari blouse that has fantastic color combination and design as well to let you look beautiful.

48 Latest, kalamkari blouse

It is not sufficient to look only beautiful because this is the era where you to be updated with style and this semi sleeved, kalamkari blouse can keep you at the in the queue of the latest fashion.

47 Four back-string, kalamkari blouse

Halter neck blouse designs

Nothing can be better than this. It is the line that you are going to repeat after seeing this beautiful image of kalamkari blouse design that has pretty back-string to make it adorable with its fantastic look.

46 Modern, kalamkari blouse

If you want to compete with this modern era, then you will also have to be stylish enough and when it comes to wearing sari with a modern look then blouse design matters a lot. Here is an image with a modern, kalamkari blouse design that you can choose to look a diva with modernity.

45 Transparent back, kalamkari blouse

Why hide any angle of your beauty and the same statement is proven with this stunning image of kalamkari blouse design that has transparent back to make it more beautiful.

44 Off-shoulder, kalamkari blouse

This kalamkari blouse with half sleeves and off-shoulder can be the full stop to all your searching to get a fantastic look and make a strong existence in this world of fashion.

43 Stylish, kalamkari blouse

Keep welcoming to the latest style with this elegant, stylish kalamkari blouse with stunning transparent back in the square neck that makes it more beautiful and perfect to be added in your collection.

42 Designer, kalamkari blouse

Boat neck blouse designs

If you are fond of designer blouses and want the unique design in your collection, then have a look at this image with a beautiful designer, kalamkari blouse. Isn’t it the best option to be in your wardrobe?

41 Kalamkari blouse with golden border

Kalamkari blouse is beautiful, classic, stylish, traditional, and you can say it is the combination of all your requirments as you can see in this that has been decorated with a golden color border to give a fantastic look to this kalamkari blouse.

40 Cross-waist pattern, kalamkari blouse

Everyone wants to have a different look the look that should amaze the people and let you stand different among the crowd to be a famous face and get the title of diva that should win the heart of all the people.

39 Deep neck, kalamkari blouse

The craze of the deep neck can never go off, and if this deep neck is given in kalamkari blouse, then beauty goes beyond the level. If you want the beauty that is beyond the imagination, then get this deep neck, kalamkari blouse in your collection to get a stunning look.

38 Front hooks, kalamkari blouse

Ordinary blouse designs may let you look beautiful but if you want something that is more than beautiful then get an overdose of style with this front hooks, kalamkari blouse design.

37 Printed belt, kalamkari blouse

Embellished saree blouse designs

People know you the way you represent yourself and presentation should be excellent for the healthy existence the same requirements get full with this sleeveless, kalamkari blouse that has beautifully designed belt in the waistline.

36 Multicolored, kalamkari blouse

If you want to represent yourself with sophisticated color in dynamic style then this back string, kalamkari blouse design in multi color will be the best choice to let your dream come true.

35Boat neck subtle kalamkari blouse

Sweep away in pastel colors as you add a dash of spectacular glam with boat neck subtle colored designer Kalamkari blouse. Unleash the elegant ladylike aura as you slip into the rosy game with this pretty attire on fleek. Don’t forget to envelop in a statement lust-worthy silk saree with contrasting hues to slay like you mean it. Style it with gorgeous stone work jewellery and find your solace in the heavenly space.

34Girl-next-door black floral kalamkari blouse

The graceful black colored quirky printed Kalamkari blouse is totally turning up the mercury. Flaunt your perfect hourglass figure as you embrace the beauty of this gorgeous black colored quirky printed designer blouse which is trending this season in all its glory. Accessorize it right as you pair this statement worthy blouse with a sheer net detailed pastel hued saree for that fascinating experience. Play flirty with that red pout and go dramatic on your lashes.

33Crepe satin designer kalamkari blouse

Ooze an oomph of hotness as you slay in this bold and charismatic edgy Crepe satin kalamkari blouse with that effortless sway. Pairing this with a vibrant cascading saree to make it look like a wonderful job, you shall be certainly raising those eyebrows. This outfit will gear you a plethora of compliments on a formal soiree or a gala evening, just head in panache and let them go weak in their knees.

32Multi color hand printed IKKAT kalamkari traditional blouse

Princess cut blouse designs collection

Unleash the traditional Indian woman in you as you slip into the ethnic aesthetic of this multi color hand printed ikkat and kalamkari traditional blouse for a family gathering or festive flair to put forward the blend of both whorls. Add a slice of drama with dollops of quirky elegance to suit your delicate self with oodles of love. Don’t forget to pour some love on your eyes and put that lovely red bindi to finish your desi swag on fleek.

31Traditional rustic fall kalamkari blouse

Take your pick and fall in love with breathtaking designs as you put the spring in your step and ace the outfit game at work. This gorgeous visually appealing Traditional rustic fall Kalamkari blouse will instantly amp up your look on a mundane day as you switch to a pastel hued khadi or cotton saree with immaculately made up pleats. You can totally braid up your hair or notch up your drama with tousled waves in a low back bun to steal the spotlight and evoke romance in the fall.

30Earthy multicolor ikkat kalamkari blouse

Life is dull without colors, so add your own version of sass to it with this gorgeous earthy multicolor ikkat and kalamkari handcrafted blouse. The details are worth drooling for and the best part is that this everlasting blouse will be your savior forever, pair this with any vibrant hued contrasting saree or go OTT with a flair gorgeous maxi skirt and max out your glamour.

29Trendy black ikkat with kalamkari blouse

Make them drop their jaws as you stunningly adorn this gorgeous trendy black Ikkat with kalamkari designer blouse for running errands or just goofing around with friends. You can always notch up your style statement as you stay abreast with the trendy ensembles and give them a reason to stare and admire at your nonchalant beauty. Let your tresses sprinkle some sass with braided bun or opt for a stylish mermaid side braids to rock your boho look.

28Quirky graphic sheer net kalamkari blouse

Adorn this graceful yet peppy graphic sheer net Kalamkari blouse to turn heads effortlessly at any gala soiree or even for a day out hopping with friends. Pair this formidable designer blouse with a cascading linen or georgette saree and compliment your outfit with detailed silver oxidized jewellery to evoke the traditional and authentic Indian womanly vibes. You can let your locks play the magic as you unfurl them and grace the occasion with poise and style.

27Paisley kalamkari design on sleeves combined with plain body

Sabyasachi blouse designs

This two- color kalamkari blouse has a completely different look to it. The bigger paisley kalamkari patterns on the red sleeves coupled with a more or less plain blue color body, has given this blouse a sophisticated look. Pair it up with a light color saree to look more elegant.

26All over kalamkari blouse in two-colors

This blouse has whole body and sleeve covering kalamkari design. The floral vines on the body have been done in multiple colors. The point to note in this design is the difference in the kalamkari work on the sleeves and on the body. On the sleeves the work has been done on black base with white.

25Monochrome kalamkari paisley and flower vine design

This unique blouse with collar has short sleeves and the whole body has thorough Kalamkari work in monochrome. The paisley patterns integrated with the floral vines have given this blouse a unique look.

24Kalamkari vine design in monochrome

This blouse has been given its look through the unique kalamkari design in single color which stands out than the normal kalamkari floral vines. The presence of only leaves without the flowers in the design makes it different than the lot.

23Kalamkari design with patchwork

This blouse has long sleeves and the kalamkari design is present only on the sleeves. The kalamkari design is also unique and looks more like a diagrammatic block print than the normal floral kalamkari designs. Use of matte shades has given it a different look. The body of this blouse has patch works.

22Peacock kalamkari design with cutwork

Mirror work blouse designs

This blouse design has a pair of colorful kalamkari peacocks in the back of the blouse. The body is covered with colorful kalamkari floral vines. The same vine design is present on the upper part of the sleeves as well. Use of zari at the borders and Cutwork has given this blouse a totally different look.

21All over pen kalamkari design

This blouse has all over kalamkari design in multiple colors. The uniqueness of this design lies in the bigger size of the vines that covers the whole body. Multi colored leaves coupled with a green base has given this blouse a gorgeous look. Do not miss out that double colored border, which has accentuated the look.

20Typical kalamkari all over floral vine design

This is a typical kalamkari design made with blue and yellow on a darker shade of maroon. The intelligent use of the white of the vines has given it the right look. This kalamkari blouse design can go nicely with any cotton saree.

19Unique floral kalamkari design on white

In this design the base color is white, which is quite rare for kalamkari work. The unique floral design that covers the whole piece includes yellow and red. Black has been used very intelligently in this design for highlighting.

18Kalamkari patch work on Mangalagiri plain fabric

This blouse design is unique in its own right. Here the blouse is made of plain Mangalgiri fabric and patchwork has been done on it with kalamkari designed fabric pieces.

17Block kalamkari patchwork design on borders

Low back blouse designs collection

This is another typical type of kalamkari blouse design that is in trend. In this design the block kalamkari vine design is added to the borders of the piece through patching. The beauty of this design is that here the base color of the kalamkari patchwork matches exactly with the color of the blouse material.

16Kalamkari peacock patchwork design


In this blouse piece the typical multi colored kalamkari peacocks have been patched onto the plain blouse material to give it a unique look. Use of borders in bold color completes the look.

15Paisley and floral vine intricate

This whole body covering intricate kalamkari design is typical of the pattern.  The use of multiple light colors on a darker background has given this piece a bright look. Here the body and the sleeves have the same design.

14Kalamkari elephant artwork on borders

This blouse is made from mangalagiri material and the intelligent use of bright kalamkari elephant artwork on the borders has given it the special look. This type of elephant design is quite rare in kalamkari work.

13Kalamkari floral vine borders on mangalgiri

This blouse has kalamkari borders which accentuate the look. The border has a red base and the floral vine design has been done with bold colors to give it a gorgeous appearance.  The use of solid borders above and below the kalamkari border has given this design a unique look.

12Latest vine kalamkari design on red

Transparent long sleeve blouse designs

This is another type of gorgeous kalamkari design typical of the pattern. Inclusion of rare numbers of paisley design with whole body covering intricate vines is the specialty of this pattern.

11Kalamkari all over floral vines on maroon base

This intricate kalamkari blouse design has a gorgeous look. The all body covering floral vines printed on maroon base looks extraordinary and gorgeous. Pair it up with any light colored saree to look your best.

10Floral vine kalamkari patching blouse design

This unique blouse design has been done by patching kalamkari designed material on the sleeves and in the middle of the back part. This design looks very artistic and can make you stand completely out of the crowd.

9Kalamkari elephant patchwork blouse design

The kalamkari patchwork at the back of the blouse has been done on a black base with multiple bright colors. The rows of elephants’ add a unique look to the overall design. The blouse also includes borders with the same kalamkari material.

8Unique kalamkari design on blue base

This kalamkari design is very unique and rarely seen. Here only the blouse border has been done in kalamkari and the work is very intricate. The yellow borders following the kalamkari design make it more prominent.

7Full sleeve Kalamkari blouse design

Printed blouse designs collection

This intricate kalamkari work has been done by using blue, yellow color. White has been used intelligently to highlight the total look. The body and the full sleeves of the blouse are made from the same printed material. This blouse can be paired with any blue or white colored saree to look your best.

6Kalamkari paisley patchwork on mangalgiri

In this design a bright kalamkari paisley design has been patched on the mangalgiri material. The use of a small mirror in the middle along with thread highlighting gives this design its special look. The piece also includes kalamkari borders.

5Kalamkari cutwork patching

Here we see another unique kalamkari patchwork design. Multiple kalamkari paisleys made through cutwork have been patched on the light colored base material. Addition of small mirrors in the middle of the paisley patterns has given it a complete different look. Also check out the kalamkari borders.

4Kalamkari blouse design with mid-length sleeves

Patchwork is a common choice with kalamkari designs in blouses particularly because it can help to give the blouse a new dimension as far as its aesthetic value is concerned. Here you can see a light based material with intricate kalamkari work has been used for making the body of the blouse, which has been patched with deep color based sleeves with paisley kalamkari designs.  The difference in the base colors and designs give this blouse the special look.

3Kalamkari patchwork blouse design

This is another unique example of the use of kalamkari designs as patchwork on blouse with other prints. Here the basic blouse material has a check design and the kalamkari material has been used as patches surrounding the neckline, starting off the sleeves and also the borders of the sleeves. This type of use of kalamkari work can bring in a total new look in any blouse.

2Kalamkari blouse design with patched sleeves

Latest blouse designs for back

This blouse also uses patchwork but it adds two different kalamkari materials. Here the body of the blouse has been made with a striped kalamkari material and the patched sleeves has intricate kalamkari paisley designs on a deep red base. The sleeves are mid-length and the blouse can be ideally paired with any cotton saree.

1Floral kalamkari blouse design with multiple colors

This kalamkari blouse has a unique floral design which is quite rare. The base color of the blouse is deep maron and the print has been done with lighter shades. What makes this blouse appear really gorgeous is the use of the blue color within the design. This blouse has a simple round front neck and the use of zari borders at the end of the sleeves adds to the overall looks. This blouse can be used ideally to regular wear.