Latest designer saree blouse designs 2018

Planning to rock the year end parties in style? Opt for a saree to get all that praising glances and jealous comments. However, do not forget to pick the most unique blouse design with the saree, because an improper blouse can make even the most beautiful saree look pale on you.

So, ladies concentrate on the blouse design to pair up with your beautiful silk, handloom, pattu, net or chiffon sarees, so that you can actually look your best and most stylish in all the upcoming events of the year end, including the weddings.

To help you with the latest blouse designs, here is a collection of blouse designs 2015 that can work as your catalogue to make the best pick,

18Sleeveless-choli cut brocade blouse

Latest Blouse designs collection

This sleeveless choli cut blouse in two colors is a stunner of this year.  The straps hugging the shoulders in an arch add maximum beauty to the look.

Use of different colors of brocade material on the strap and on the body, accentuates the overall appearance of this design. You can pair this blouse with any sarees to look your best. Add any embellishments to the back for giving it a more gorgeous look.

17High neck-sleeveless silk blouse with Kutch Work on net

This unique blouse design has a black silk body and black collar and is designed with heavy multicolored kutch work on the netted upper part of the blouse. This sleeveless blouse has the clasps at the back and gives a stylish and gorgeous look to match with any occasion. Pair this one up with any of your stylish sarees and you are ready to rock.

16Golden short sleeve-net blouse design

Beautiful wedding saree blouse designs collections

This golden blouse design can be appropriate for young girls with a knack towards fashion. The blouse is made from net material, with an underlining of same color.

The underlining is missing at the sleeves and upper back and covers only the front and lower back part. The primary attraction of this blouse is the butterfly design made at the back part by the extended section of the sleeves, which is then clasped at the mid.

15Allover mirror work blouse design in two colors

This pink and beige blouse can look fabulous with a matching or contrasting saree. The blouse has two different colors, beige on the body and pink on the sleeves. The thorough mirrorwork gives this blouse its unique look. You can also opt for similar all over mirror work blouse in single color to rock the party. This design has the clasps at the front.

14Heavy maggam work short sleeve round neck blouse

Halter neck blouse designs

This beautiful blouse can look extraordinary when paired with a net or any other see through saree. The blouse is heavy with thorough maggam work in multiple colors which gives it the most expensive look.

The sleeves are short and the blouse has tee shirt like round neck with clasps at the front. This blouse design can make one look really smart and stylish when paired with the right type of saree and jewelries.

13All-over mirror work with zari designs

The uniqueness of this all over mirror work blouse design comes out through the appropriate use of zari work alternatively with the mirror work. Use of multiple colors and sizes of mirrors at the upper and lower part of the blouse also helps in giving it the unique look. This blouse design has short sleeves, short round neck and a mid-opening back cut which completes the look.

12High-neck orange blouse with half- mirror work

Boat neck blouse designs

This exclusive blouse design can add a gorgeous and smart look to any lady. It comes with high neck and back clasps.

Intricate mirror work with different sizes of mirrors at the neck, upper part of the chest and at the sleeve line gives it the special look. The intelligent use of golden bids and zari in-between the mirror works give this orange blouse the ultimate finish. You can also opt for a chain at the back or a wide back slit with this design.

11Net and brocade blouse with intricate bead work

This blouse has a round collar along with short sleeves. It is made of golden colored brocade material and the front- upper part of the blouse and the back cut is covered with fine beige colored net which gives it the special look.

The intricate bead work at the back makes this blouse design really unique. You can always change the color of the beads, or the design and the blouse material to get a perfect match according to the saree in your mind.

10Sequin-net half-half blouse with motif work

Embellished saree blouse designs

This blouse has a gorgeous silver colored sequin body.  The upper part of the chest, the back and the sleeves are made from net of matching color.

What gives this blouse design its glamour is the bright motif work at the neckline and at the sleeves. The blouse has a wide flat neck and the clasps are present at the back.

9Velvet-net half –half blouse with maggam work

This beautiful blouse has black velvet made lower body and the upper part covering the chest and the back is made from net of beige color. The short sleeves are also made from fine net material of same color. The intricate and gorgeous maggam work on the net gives the blouse the most unique look. Pair it up with any party wear and become the center of discussions.

8Halter-neck cutwork black blouse

Princess cut blouse designs collection

This beautiful blouse design can be paired with any stylish saree and can make you look most attractive. The blouse has a halter neck and the all over floral cutwork design in same color gives it an exceptional look.

The mid-front section of the blouse goes a few inches deeper making a triangular shape, which is unique and makes this piece stand apart. If you enjoy a great figure, there can be hardly a better blouse design for you than this one.

7Velvet round high- neck air hostess blouse design with maggam work

This front buttoned velvet blouse can be a perfect wear for the parties and weddings. The combination of maroon with golden makes it look gorgeous. Intricate golden based maggam work on the neckline and on the sleeves makes the special attraction of this design.

6Velvet blouse with net and zari work

Sabyasachi blouse designs

This beautiful velvet blouse has a unique look. The sleeves make the primary attraction of this design. Lace has been used on the sleeves in-between heavy zari work borders.

A thin line of beads on the lace can also be noticed. The heavy border at the neck along with the slightly puffed sleeves makes this blouse design ideal for any occasion or festive.

5Chinese collar coat style blouse design with detailed zari work

This beautiful zari work blouse design in black and golden can be ideal for any parties. Be it a special wedding or an office party, you can always look the best and most elegant in this unique blouse design.

The collar of the blouse has intricate zari work and the front has a coat design. The clasps are present at the back. The detailed work on the blouse with zarimakes it ideal for see-through sarees and lehengas.

4Velvet-net blouse with heavy bead work at the back

Mirror work blouse designs

The front part of this blouse is made of solid velvet, and the back section is of fine net. What makes this blouse most unique to mention is the heavy beaded design at the back.

The sleeves of the blouse are half and it has clasps at the front. This blouse design is ideal for lehengas and can also be styled perfectly with sarees.

3High neck-short sleeve brocade blouse in coat design

This brocade blouse has a smart look that can work nicely for weddings as well as for office parties. The front of this design has a coat pattern which makes it unique and stylish. It has hidden front clasps and the sleeves are short. More length at one side of the blouse gives it a unique look.

2White net blouse with resham work

Low back blouse designs collection

This beautiful and elegant blouse design can make you stand apart in the crowd. This blouse has full sleeves and a covering round neck.

Intricate resham work in shades of white and silver at the back and on the sleeves gives it the best look. The long back slit makes the other prominent feature of this design.

1Net and brocade blouse with short sleeves

Intelligent use of net and brocade material of the same color gives this blouse the unique look. The sleeves are short and come with brocade lace at the end. The cut at the back widens as it reaches the base. This design has back clasps.