Latest bridal blouse designs collection 2018-2019

Indian bride looks stunning with very beautiful designer wedding blouse made by our well known fashion designers. If you don’t find the unique and different design of blouse by your own, there are ways through which you can create beautiful bridal blouse without breaking your brain.

Sari is the pride of the ethnic Indian dresses. There is cotton chiffon, silk and synthetic saris ranging from very simple plain sarees to heavy wedding ones. The designs of bridal blouses for heavy silk sarees for wedding are in great demand these days. There are designer bridal blouses made for for silk, plain, satin, netted and wedding saris.

Wedding blouse designs can be customised with maggam work, kundan work, zardosi work, stone work, thread embroidery etc. to create rich and classy look. Blouse materials are no longer plain cotton or silk. They are made from georgette, crepe, wrinkle-free brocade, Lycra, velvet, and blends.

The latest collection is there of Sleeve less, short sleeves, full sleeves, quarter sleeves, spaghetti strap blouse, halter neck, low neck designer wedding blouses. The different designs are suitable for different occasions for example heavy work blouse for weddings and simple light work to plain blouses for casual occasions.

Printed, zari and brocade blouses also work well at casual occasions. A plain silk or chiffon sari looks stunning with a heavy work blouse. Such blouses look gorgeous and are ideal for wearing with lehengas or sarees at any wedding or formal function.

Bridal Blouse for Kanjeevaram Sarees

Bridal Blouse for Kanjeevaram Sarees

Halter neck blouse designs

This blouse design is perfect for the brides to be and especially the ones who are supposed to wear Kanjeevaram Sarees for their wedding. You can even refer it as a typical South Indian blouse design.

Plain elbow length bridal blouse designs

Plain Elbow Length Blouse Designs

Even though these blouse designs are referred as plain elbow length blouse designs but the sleeves of these silk blouses that have broad border is very much in fashion. They complement the silk as well as the embroidered sarees.

Embroidered elbow length blouse designs

Embroidered Elbow Length Blouse Designs

Just when you thought that elbow length blouse designs are old fashioned, they made their stylish and sleek way back to business. You can choose to use stitched patterns on the elbow length sleeves or some stone work looks pretty too.

Bridal blouse designs with stone work

Bridal Blouse Designs with Stone work

The most popular bridal blouse design is the stone work on the elbow sleeves. It not just looks beautiful, but it also adds an eccentric look to the saree or lehenga you are pairing it with. Make sure you select the right shades of stones on the basis of your blouse colour.

Hand work bridal blouses

Stitched Designs on Blouses

What could be better than handwork that has been clearly put to perfection? The Blouse Designs on the picture above have designs on their sleeves which are branches and leaves. Whether it is a half sleeve blouse or elbow length, it is the design on it that matters.

Embellished bridal blouse designs

Highly Embellished Blouse Designs

The highly embellished blouse designs are the ones that heavy work done on their sleeves. It is the kundan work, stone work or patch work done perfectly on the sleeves that add a rich element to the blouse design.

The Haldi Ceremony Blouse Designs

The Haldi Ceremony Blouse Designs

Boat neck blouse designs

Most of the brides go for simple sarees for their Haldi ceremonies but they look for blouse designs which enhance their look completely. For example, yellow embroidered blouse for a pink saree or pink Blouse for yellow sarees.

The Classic Puffs are never out of fashion

The Classic Puffs are never out of fashion

If you thought that wearing blouses that have puff sleeves was outdated, then you have no idea how classically fashionable it looks. The ones that have prints on them and a thick border are way more than just beautiful.

The ultimate bridal blouse design with a round cut

The ultimate bridal blouse design with a round cut

The Blouse designs that have a round cut at the back is quite common but what makes this the ultimate bridal blouse design is the design at the back. The unique styling of jhumkas and maang tikka as latkans, also the stitch work representing the bride in doli and groom riding the horse makes it the best choice.

The Patchwork Blouse Design

The Patchwork Blouse Design

Some patchwork that defines beautiful art work is always a pretty picture and so is the patchwork in the blouse design. Teaming such blouse designs with plain sarees or silk sarees is a good choice.

The Blouse with hints of Kundan work

The Blouse with hints of Kundan work

Kundan work has always been one of the artistic forms of design which can make any blouse go from simple to heavy. It is not compulsory that Kundan work always means too much of work, even light amount of work goes pretty fine with sarees.

Blouse Designs with cut work and silk borders

Blouse Designs with cut work and silk borders

A normal blouse can be made to look stylish if you add some cut work to it as similar as collage work one does in project work. The blouse designs go best with heavy silk sarees or embroidered sarees. While the blouse that have silk borders as design complement all types of silk sarees as long as the color coordinates.

Maggam work with gold thread

Maggam work done with gold thread

Boat neck blouse designs

Wedding blouses that have designs done with gold threads have a different kind of look and that is how the maggam work is done. It adds flavor to the rich bridal wear.

Heavy Kundan work

Heavy Kundan work

For the heavy kundan work bridal blouse designs look fabulous you need the expert hands at work. They have this aroma of adding life to any wedding attire.

Zari work blouse designs

Zari work Blouse Designs

Zari work is an artistic take on every traditional outfit and if you put some zari art on the sleeves of a bridal blouse, you also put traditions as well as sleekness on it. You can make trees, birds or leaves with the golden zari on pink colored blouses.

The Blouse Design with a picture

The Blouse Design with a picture

Well wearing blouses on your wedding day that either have patchwork or cut work is quite normal and if you wish to add some uniqueness to it; then you can choose to get some prints stitched on the sleeves like of a bride or groom or a lotus flower.

Simple blouse designs that have art on sleeves

Simple Blouse Designs that have art on sleeves

Some art is never too old and never too much so why not go with blouse designs that have most of the art on the sleeves. Mostly the other part of the blouse is covered with saree so the sleeves that have stone work make it electrical kind of beautiful.

Simple blouse designs with beads border

Simple Blouse Designs with beads border

Even the simple blouses make for one of the best blouse designs owing to the type of border you choose for it. You can choose a plain golden border or to make it interesting go for little beads that make a thin border.

Square boxes that make Maggam Blouse Designs

Square boxes that make Maggam Blouse Designs

Princess cut blouse designs collection

Maggam work on blouse designs is a very famous concept and you need to realize how to mix and match with the right saree. The one in the picture has golden boxes with white maggam work in it.

Patchwork for Traditional Blouse Designs

Some Patchwork for Traditional Blouse Designs

Traditional Blouse Designs are a sexy thing provided you know how to pull it off. You can always choose the traditional blouses that have patchwork done in vibrant colors or a color that matches your saree color.

Golden thread work on Bridal Blouses

Golden thread work on Bridal Blouses

Gold is a phenomenal color choice especially when it is about traditional attires or rather your wedding attire. So, go with a blouse design that has artistic taste of golden thread work and you are sure to attract some prying eyes on them.

It is all on the sleeves

It is all on the sleeves

Recently the trend has been embroidered elbow length blouses where the embroidery is all on the sleeves and only on the sleeves. So, it is time you walk into the trend this wedding season with one of the blouses in the picture.

Some Flowers, Beads and Mirror work

Some Flowers, Beads and Mirror work

It is time you mix and match your favorite designs to make one creative blouse design for your friend’s wedding or maybe your own. Put in some beads, stitch in some flowers and stick up some mirrors to make one creative piece.

Kundan work blouse for Pattu sarees

Some Kundan work for Pattu sarees

Your blouse does not necessarily have to be in a particular shape, you can choose to cut the sleeves in some pattern. Then, design the sleeves in the most artistic way like doing some Kundan work like the one in the picture.

Pattern designs for Zardosi and Pattu Sarees

Pattern designs for Zardosi and Pattu Sarees



Sabyasachi blouse designs

Choose one pattern and stick to it throughout the time you design the sleeves of your blouse. It can be boxes, circles and something inside them like beads or leaves. Also, you can stitch some birds sitting on branches just make sure both the sleeves have the same figure. These kinds of designs work with zardosi sarees as well as Pattu sarees.

The Heavy Blouse Design with golden cut work

The Heavy Blouse Design with golden cut work

Why not stick with cut work when you are too tired of watching brides wear maggam and stone work? This bridal blouse design is all about golden cut work to enhance your rich bridal outfit and make it look amazing.

Traditional blouse designs with stone work and silk borders

Traditional Blouse Designs with stone work and silk borders

If you are wearing a traditional silk saree for your wedding but you don’t want to go with basic silk blouse, then it is time to mix and match. Go with a blouse design that has sleeves with intricate stone work and a broad silk border.

Traditional peacock design

Traditional Peacock Design

A peacock bird design on the sleeves of your blouse to match with traditional kanjeevaram sarees makes for an amazing bridal wear.

Zari work to complement a South Indian wedding

Zari work to complement a South Indian wedding

Zari work can never get monotonous, too much or too little for a bride. So, go for some intricate work done artistically on the sleeves of your bridal blouse design. You will surely make for the perfect bride.

The Sweet Blouse Design for the Simple Bride

The Sweet Blouse Design for the Simple Bride

Simple Blouse design is a known concept, what makes the blouse design in the picture sweet is the colorful essence on the sleeves of the blouse.

Embellished Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse

Embellished Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse

Mirror work blouse designs

Embellished sleeves with the Elbow length sleeves include rich look to the traditional outfit. Currently, due to its look, most girls prefer this blouse during their wedding or for any wedding parties. It is one of the popular elbow length designer blouses for the wedding. Presently, there are several online and offline stores available where you can get this blouse. The material of the blouse is mixed and it includes beautiful cotton design.

Plain Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse

Plain Elbow Length Sleeves BlouseIf you love the blouse which covers till elbow, then you can try this Plain Elbow Length Sleeves Blouse. Presently, in south India, most of the girls are prefer this type of blouse for wedding purposes. The cloth of the blouse will be very glossy and colorful you can choose single color or multi color blouse easily. It is best for the winter wedding ceremonies. There are several online stores where you can find this blouse. The designing and glossy look make this blouse more attractive.

Classic Puff Sleeves Blouse

Classic Puff Sleeves BlousePreviously or a long time ago, women have been use puff sleeves. If you wear puff sleeves blouse with a silk or kanjeevaram saree, you look beautiful! This blouse is the best for the young girls. There are different types of puff sleeves blouses available in the market and you can choose any one as per your requirement and the budget. There are different colorful blouses available and you can wear any season like summer or winter, etc.

Designer Blue Cut Out Embroidered Celebrity Blouse Design

Designer Blue Cut Out Embroidered Celebrity Blouse Design
Embroidered blue designer blouse

All you need this wedding season is a pinch of glamour with dollops of elegance which will perfectly be captured by this Designer blue cut out embroidery blouse design adorned by the ravishing Kareena Kapoor for an event. We’re totally crushing at the sultry cut out in the back which will give just enough hints to the guests. Also, if you will pair a gorgeous contrasting colored lehenga with this, you’re sure to drop the jaws and break a few hearts on your way. Strut in style as the intricate details will garner you plenty of compliments and don’t forget to wear carnations or gajra on your low back bun neatly tied.

Green with Floral Designer Embroidered Cut Out Blouse

Green with Floral Designer Embroidered Cut Out Blouse
New floral embroidered blouse design

Fall in love with Pantone’s color of the yeara- emerald and forget about what’s greener side. This cult edgy blouse is sure to woo you and your beau away, look at the gorgeous floral patterns designed impeccably on the bright green painted blouse with quarter sleeves. The most awe-struck thing about this blouse is undoubtedly the sexy back which will be highlighted as the quirky tassels encircle around. Make sure you go for an ethereal Benarsi brocade or Kanjivaram rich textile saree to showcase the real beauty of this poised blouse design this wedding saga.

Classic Red with Gold Motifs Designer Blouse

Classic Red with Gold Motifs Designer Blouse
Simple red designer blouse

Feast your soul upon the sheer gorgeousness of this signature bridal red with luxe gold motifs embroidered on the quarter sleeve blouse. As the lady flamboyantly drapes a rich dull gold dully embroidered saree, the designer blouse looks even more attractive and fancy. Styling this signature wedding staple with your effervescent charm, you can either pick that black plain maxi skirt for a subtle low-key event or even coordinate with contrasting colored dhoti pants to unleash your quirky side.

Turquoise Blue with Red Designer Embroidered Blouse

Turquoise Blue with Red Designer Embroidered Blouse
Wedding designer embroidered blue blouse

Slay with shades of Indian cultural heritage exhibited through this exotic concoction of Kajivaram saree. The glorious hues of turquoise blue blended beautifully with deep red embroidered with luxe gold details on the quarter sleeves emanate scintillating vibes. Rejoice the wedding extravaganza as you step down the aisle wearing this astonishing ensemble paired with pure gold jewellery for unravelling the authentic Indian bride in you. We also love how this bride has styled this blouse to add a pop of color with red to her overall turquoise hued saree and accentuating her waists by donning that classic South Indian gold chain belt.

Pastel Popper Printed with Embellished Stones Designer Blouse

Pastel Popper Printed with Embellished Stones Designer Blouse
Peach color embellished blouse design

Low back blouse designs collection

We love how dusky beauty Kajol has styled her nonchalant look with pastel pops of ensemble totally reflecting sheer sophistication and poise. The printed peachy treat with embellished stones on the neck give us all the reasons to celebrate the weddings with a high. Be cocktail ready for events to raise your toasts in the name of everlasting happiness and prosperity for the couple-to- be as you don this graceful saree with the delicate blouse design we’re absolutely drooling on!

Cobalt Blue Silk Blouse with Embroidery on back

Cobalt Blue Silk Blouse with Embroidery on back
Simple back neck blouse design

The eternal fashion trend to embrace is the rise of silk silhouette which has taken Indian women by surprise. Add this wedding must-have to your wardrobe and style this evergreen charming blouse with any contrasting colored saree. You shall become the kitschy conversation-starter for the statement embroidery on the back will steal the side glances and as you sweep your tousled waves into a tucked bun adorned with gajras, be the showstopper for the gala evening.

Pink Statement Sheer Embroidery Designer Celebrity Blouse

Pink Statement Sheer Embroidery Designer Celebrity Blouse
Latest pink embroidery net blouse design

Grace the auspicious occasion of wedding with the caricature of pious gods resonating from the sheer silhouette on the back of your designer pink blouse. Sonali Bendre proves age is just a number as she resonates vivaciously in this tie less elegant blouse design and paired it with a highbrow saree drape to exude exotic cocktail vibes. We love how the blouse is attracting eyeballs and the plain silk saree is just supporting enough to cascade through the falling beauty.

Pink Blouse with Gold Motifs Designer Blouse

Pink Blouse with Gold Motifs Designer Blouse
Best wedding blouse design

Embrace beauty like none other and count on the everlasting color Pink to keep your wedding woes at bay. This signature charming blouse will instantly up your blush quotient while you can amp up the glow by pairing with a black or cobalt blue designer plain silk saree for a better styling. Also, the sheer luxe gold motifs look resplendent shining bright in all its glory.

Green Designer Embroidered Blouse

Green Designer Embroidered Blouse
Simple and easy embroidered blouse back neck design

When in doubt, kick it out with this elegant and statement green colored embroidered designer blouse that has caught our fancy and look at the intricate details adorning the silhouette, we’re absolutely crushing at this authentic Indian traditional rooted blouse. You can add fusion by pairing it up with equally jazzy saree drape and turn heads effortlessly.

Fashionable wedding blue blouse

The lady portrayed here is wearing a saree that combines two shades of blue. One is light blue and the other one is dark blue. The blouse is made with the same color with the stitch work over the sleeves and the back portion.

Designer wedding blouse

You can use this blouse design in any of the wedding occasion. This is a velvet blouse which will be really attractive for the ethnic look. Try this today and surprise your near ones.

Orange mirror work blouse

wedding blouse design with mirror work

Some women are too much fascinated towards the blouse with the mirror work.  This blouse will be exclusively made for all those women. The back portion of the blouse is having a perfect round shape. The mirrors are surrounded around the round shape of the blouse back. The layers of the mirror are 3. Over the sleeves also the mirror work is presented along with the white embroidery stitch work.

Blue net blouse with pink design

sleeve less bridal blouse deign with net top

Transparent long sleeve blouse designs

The blouse portrayed in this picture is really exclusive. The lady is wearing a blouse that has the combination of the blue net placed at the chest portion. The line of the collar is having exclusive embroidery work along with the glitter. Even the lower portion of the chest the blouse is having exclusive dark pink color opaque cloth and glittery embroidery placed over the front. You get a great shape over the cup design.

White deep cut wedding blouse

designer wedding blouse with back exposed

These days people are no more happy with the old traditional design of blouse. Everyone wishes to get a new look with the blouse design. The blouse as portrayed in this picture is totally a new design. You get a conical shape at the back with this blouse design. Also it has the opening at the back. The end portion is having the hook that combines each other to make the blouse stay intact. You can wear this blouse in any of the wedding hall.

Traditional glittering blouse

traditional bridal designer blouses

If you are bride, everybody will look at you. Naturally the attire you are wearing must be really attractive. If you can look at the blouse placed at the left hand side, the peach color blouse is having the glitters at the back portion. The right hand side is having a blouse that is having red color blouse. Over the sleeves of the you can see the stone of red color. Even the yellow and green combination blouse is exclusively traditional in nature. You can wear it in wedding occasion.

Purple and pink wedding blouse

traditional wedding blouse with back lace and deep back

The blouse as portrayed in this picture is made up of chiffon fabrics. The base of the blouse is purple and the sleeves are purplish pink color. Also you can see the white spots over the blouse. The particular blouse also comes with the border at the back and the sleeves. The pink ribbon as placed at the back also complements the look. You can go with the same color saree or contrasting view.

White and gold wedding blouse

Embellished designer wedding blouse with net sleeves and back

Exclusive design as placed in this picture is really great. There is no publicity of skin at the back. But the golden sewing work is done close the blouse create a U shape. You can wear this top with any of the outfit as the blouse is universal in nature that is also the ever going color. The border at the sleeves is also really attractive. You must try this unique design of blouse for your next outing.  The lady over here is trying this with a blond color saree. A great stunning look is placed here.

Green color embroidery blouse design

latest traditional bridal blouse design

The green color blouse comes with the high embroidery design. The horizontal lines in the blouse as placed at the back looks really attractive. You can let it be with any of the saree that is traditional in nature. If you can wear the same color saree there will be nothing like that. A yellow or pink color saree will also go really well with this blouse.

Exclusive bi color wedding blouse with collar

Modern wedding blouse design

If you can look at the blouse in your empty eye, you will be able to get a spectacular image with the border of gold and maroon color along with the golden stitch work all over. The hand sleeve is also having a great border finish. The thin border looks really exclusive that comes with the sleeve only. This is one of the peculiar varieties of blouse which you can absolutely trust. Try this today and make your friend and relatives surprised.

Dark pink and peach blouse design

Latest wedding designer blouse design

This is one of the beautiful colors of the saree blouse that looks really exclusive on every female. This is the feminine color that you can trust upon. The pink color blouse is also having peach and gold color flower all around. The front open part of the blouse across the  shoulders make a fitting right at the back portion.  This is such a sober combination of blouse that you can wear everywhere.

Designer blouses for wedding saris

Designer blouses for wedding saris
wedding wear blouse design

This is a glamorous blouse with massive maggam and zardosi embroidery. It goes well with any silk sari heavy or light suitable for bridal wear.

Maggam and zardosi work
bridal wear blouse design

The beautiful maggam and zardosi work done on the back strips of this blouse makes it rich and very festive. It is perfect to be worn on weddings with banarasi sarees.

wedding blouse design
designer wear wedding blouse design

This is beautiful sequin blouse matching with the sequin border of the sari. It can go well with net sari or a plain silk sari. The neckline narrows down and has a dori at the back.

Heavily embroidered straps on the neck
embroidered wedding blouse design

This is a sexy blouse for a young at heart damsel. It has two heavily embroidered straps on the neck and at the bottom. A contrast color net can be added on the back to bring changes in the design.

silk saree blouse design
choli cut blouse design

This is a choli blouse with gathers in the front. It goes well with light colour sarees. The design can be added with a big stone embellishment in the centre or making the gathering at the back instead of the front and then embellish it with a big bling rhinestone.

designer wear bridal blouse design
designer bridal wear blouse design

Here is a multicolored Rajasthani sleeveless blouse with high collar. The sheer work on the blouse makes it classic and timeless.

wedding function blouse design
blouse design for wedding ceremony

This is an unusual style of blouse. It has heavy work matching with the sari with a very sleek opening in the front… This style of blouse with full work embroidery can be worn with different saris.

puff sleeve matching the border of the sari
bridal blouse design collection

The puff sleeves have been in fashion since years. Now they have become the craze in young sari wearers. Note the puff sleeve matching the border of the sari.

simple blouse design for wedding
blouse for wedding

The trend of having a contrast color is catching up. Here is a long sleeve blouse, the color of which matches the boldest color on the border of the sari that is red. The border and middle design of the sari is carried over on the blouse in a neat manner.

bridal wear blouse design
bridal blouse designs

This is a bridal Telugu sari with a favorite blouse design. The pink border of the blouse matches it to the color of the sari. The cute sleeve has a small ball lace to add grace to it.

Blouse patterns have evolved tremendously over the past few years. They are now available in many styles. There are various cuts in sleeves, detailing and necklines. Embellishments include frills, stones, balls etc. and are no longer confined to lace and embroidery. The old style plain color has been replaced by vibrant colors with embellishments matching the dress of the bride. Brides now love kundan , mehndi or rangoli work on their blouses to make it look traditional.

Sari blouse play an important in the sari’s overall appeal. An imperfect blouse can ruin the look of the best sari. The beauty of the sari accentuates only when it is matched with an appropriate blouse in a perfect fit. The design and pattern of the blouse must complement the sari and the personality of the wearer.

Golden work bridal saree blouse design

Golden work saree blouse design

Look at the beautiful green color sari blouse with very rich gold work at the back and around the hands. The contrast of the blouse base color along with golden thread work makes it stunning. Since the golden color pattu sari is also displayed with the blouse, ladies can have an idea on how rich it looks.

Contemporary wedding blouse design

Contemporary style sari blouse designIf you want to go for a contemporary style during one of your wedding occasion, this sari blouse will be appreciable. The pink color padded designer blouse with mirror work and golden zari all over looks attractive. Even the thin trip of laced cloth in both the shoulder makes you look sexy.

Gujarati style wedding sari blouse design

Gujarati style sari blouse design

These days the style of Gujarati blouse with the work throughout has become really popularized. Ladies are adopting these blouses with very simple sari having same material border. This makes the lady look very sober but attractive especially when she wishes to look different within the crowd.

Traditional golden bridal blouse with self work

Traditional golden blouse with self work

Printed blouse designs collection

The lady with the golden blouse with same color lace around the neck and broader border around the hand sleeves looks very attractive when she wears it with the same color silk sari. You can try this combination with gold jewelry to look beautiful. You can try this today especially when you are willing to attend a special occasion.

Waist coat style wedding blouse design

Waist coat style blouse design

You must have put on different types of blouse with low neck, square and round. But have you ever tried the collared blouse with the waist coat design. Yes, this particular design depicts the wonderful fashion statement for the ladies who wish to stay away from the crowd.

Sleeveless tissue material wedding blouse design

Sleeveless tissue material blouse designIf you are fond of the sleeveless blouse design, here is a collection with the tissue material. The maroon color blouse is having a base from inside with extraordinary zari work over the tissue material. Even the back of the blouse is tied with a string where beads are attached.

Full sleeves wedding sari blouse design

Full sleeves sari blouse design

Latest blouse designs for back

You must know about the fashion trend these days as the sari blouse design with full sleeve is one among the trend. The black and copper color silk material blouse is having its own class. You will feel amazed after wearing this blouse as this will suite with both silk and chiffon material sari.

Collard puff blouse design for wedding ceremony

Collard puff blouse designAnother very great design blouse is collard design. This blouse has a perfect combination of both puff and collar with a V shape in the front. You can wear this particular blouse in any of the wedding or engagement ceremony that you are going to attend of one of your friends or relatives.

Golden lace bridal blouse design

Golden lace blouse design

If you are fond of getting the matching blouse along with sari, this is the wonderful blouse design that comes with an extraordinary lace that is also attached to the sari with which it should be used. This looks very simple but a collection of class. This can be your tool in any of the wedding occasion.

Black semi sleeve sari blouse design for wedding

Black semi sleeve sari blouse design
black color wedding blouse design

Latest blouse designs with patch work

The blouse design as portrayed in the image is neither totally sleeveless or with a sleeve. Just a pattern of embroidery design is attached over the portion where the blouse is sleeveless. It looks stunning with deep back and thread over both the shoulders in order to hold the blouse in such a way that it does not fall out from the shoulder.

Blue brocade party wear for wedding

Blue brocade party wear for wedding
blouse design for wedding ceremony

If you are in an intention to get a simple blouse which would make you look attractive in wedding party, this blouse will be among your collection.  Just see the design of the blouse where the blouse design has a cut just below the breast ending part. The lady has inserted the saree from that opening and placed the pallu from shoulder to the back. It looks trendy.

Rani color gorgeous saree bridal blouse design

Rani color gorgeous saree bridal blouse design
beautiful bridal blouse

This is one of the traditional variety of blouse that can be worn with any color saree especially the light color sarees. You can wear this with the traditional jewelry and stay beautiful. For any type of traditional parties this will be a wonderful alternative. You can try this whenever you want to look traditional.

Dark pink with thread work saree blouse for bridal wear

Dark pink with thread work saree blouse for bridal wear
bridal wear blouse design

Latest blouse designs for net sarees

This full sleeves designer saree blouse will look really attractive if you war it with either the same color saree or any other variety that comes with slightly similar to the color of saree. The lady wearing the gorgeous chiffon saree looks awesome with the blouse design. The full sleeve blouse is covered from the neck till the upper portion of the waist. Looks really pretty.

Sleeveless baby pink blouse

Sleeveless baby pink blouse design
sleeveless baby pink wedding blouse design

It is not mandatory that attending party means you have to wear the garments and dresses that will be shiny and glittery. There are many sober and simple blouses and designer wears that will keep you look beautiful even without the glitters. This is one among same variety. The sleeveless baby pink blouse have a wonderful design just at the back side of the blouse.

Yellow designer blouse for party

Yellow designer blouse for party
designer bridal wear blouse design

The half saree are also really famous in the market. The young girls and the middle aged women are wearing these types of sarees as draping it becomes really easy. Even you can try this for you along with the designer blouse as portrayed in the picture. The yellow and dark pink combination georgette blouse looks awesome. Try this today for your next lovely visit.