Latest Printed blouse designs 2019

Fashion keeps on changing and to make your own style statement it is important to stay updated about the latest fashion trends. Printed blouses have made a comeback in 2015 and the trend is here to stay. One of the best things about prints is that they can introduce extensive variations even in blouses with a simple design.

Printed blouses can be paired nicely not only with printed sarees but also with plain, bordered, net as well as silk sarees effortlessly. This article will provide you with an extensive latest collection of the printed blouse designs that can add to the glamour of any women. Check out,

Deep “U” neck simple floral blouse design


Latest blouse designs for back

This printed blouse has a simple back neck cut but it is the attractive floral print on the blouse that has made it unique. Use of 3D prints with deeper colors on a lighter base has given this blouse a completely different look. The other thing to note about this blouse is the sleeves. The above-elbow length of the sleeve of the blouse has given it a sophisticated look.

Sleeveless printed blouse design

If you love to wear sleeveless, prints can give a new dimension to your look. This blouse is made from a floral printed material and addition of decorative beads on the print has given it a gorgeous finish. The blouse has thin shoulder straps and it can be paired with any net or chiffon saree.

Printed mid-sleeve blouse with back-slit


Latest blouse designs with patch work

When it comes to printed blouse designs without florals, this one can be a perfect option. This blouse has printed borders and all over dotted prints in black and white. The short neck and back slit matches perfectly with the look of the blouse. The sleeves are mid-length. This blouse can be perfect for regular as well as day time occasional wear. You can pair it with any silk or cotton saree of the right taste.

Sleeveless air-hostess neck printed blouse design

This blouse has vibrant floral prints all over in multiple colors which gives it a unique look. The air-hostess neck and the short sleeves are the other features to note. However, this blouse does not have a thin shoulder strap and there is a short slit at the back. The waistline has a wrapper cut.

Floral printed full-sleeve blouse design


Latest blouse designs for net sarees

This printed blouse design has a non-uniform print which gives it a fresh look. A bunch of flowers has been printed on one side of the blouse and single flower prints have been repeated discretely all over. The blouse has full sleeves and a high round neck giving it a stylish and elegant look. This blouse can be paired with any saree and can be perfect even for office wear.

Printed blouse design with sheer material

This blouse uses a sheer material for the upper part of the blouse and the sleeves along with a printed solid material that makes the waist strap, the front and the collar of the blouse. The point to note here is that, the color of the sheer material has been matched with the color that has been mostly used in the floral prints. This blouse can be perfectly paired with any silk, chiffon or net saree for parties and weddings.

Three quarter sleeve printed blouse design


Latest blouse designs for silk sarees

If you are looking for a non-floral print that is unique, this geometrical printed blouse design can be an ideal choice. This three quarter sleeve blouse has all over print and the colors have been used intelligently to give it a unique look. This blouse can be paired with any cotton or chiffon saree and can be perfect for a stylish look.

Block printed blouse with three quarter sleeves

This beautiful printed blouse has a unique look and stands apart from all in the class. The print uses green, black and red colors on a white background. Use of golden beads at the waistline adds glamour to the overall appearance and the gorgeous, three-quarter sleeves with mirror work makes it perfect for any wedding or parties.

Printed boat neck sleeve-less blouse design


Latest kalamkari blouse designs

This blouse has a unique floral print that uses multiple vibrant colors on a black base. The blouse has boat neck. This blouse can be ideal for any day time occasion and even for regular wear. It can be perfectly paired with chiffon, net or cotton sarees to get a fashionable look.

Sweet heart neck printed sleeveless blouse design

This blouse has typical floral print in pink, red and brown on a lighter sky blue background. The shoulder straps have a unique curved design and the sweet-heart neck of the blouse gives it a beautiful look. This blouse can be a perfect match with any type of stylish saree and can give a modern look.

Kalamkari printed long-sleeve blouse design


Simple blouse designs

This blouse uses multiple patterns of kalamkari designs on the body as well as on the sleeves. The blouse has buttons at the front and the neck ends just below the collar bones. This blouse can be perfectly paired with cotton and kalamkari sarees.  This blouse is ideal for women looking for a trendy printed blouse design.

Short sleeve, round neck floral printed blouse design

This blouse has bright floral prints in vibrant colors on an off-white base, which makes the colors pop out giving the blouse a gorgeous look. Embellishments are present encircling the round neck of the blouse which makes it perfect for parties and special occasions. Use of mirror work at the waistline along with the print is the other thing to note.

Printed blouse design with puffed sleeves


Best blouse designs

This printed blouse design is unique in its own right. Here the body of the blouse has a single solid color and the prints are present only on the sleeves. This blouse has a completely different look and can be paired with any silk or cotton saree to get an elegant and stylish appearance.

Uniformly printed three-quarter sleeve blouse design

This blouse has a uniform non-floral print on the body as well as on the sleeves. Use of orange and red on the black background has given it the right look. This blouse can be paired with any silk, cotton or chiffon saree to get a modern look.

Paisley print red blouse with lace back fasteners


Latest Blouse designs collection

This printed blouse can be paired with any type of sarees and can be perfect for casual and regular wear. Use of black paisley print on the red colored base has given it a bright look. The sleeves are short and puffed. Latkans have been attached with the back-lace fasteners to accentuate the overall appearance of this blouse.

All over floral printed shaded blouse

This blouse has all over floral prints and shades have been used to give it a different look. The blouse has air hostess neck and the fasteners are present at the front. The cutting of the blouse is unique and the sleeves are short. This blouse can give a very stylish look and can be paired perfectly with silk, chiffon or net sarees.

Floral printed short sleeve blouse with sequin embellishments


Beautiful wedding saree blouse designs collections

This blouse looks gorgeous due to the use of red and green floral print on the yellow background. Use of sequins to border the back neckline, the waistline as well as the borders of the sleeves completes the look. This gorgeous blouse can be perfect for wedding and parties and you can pair it up with a silk or chiffon saree.

Floral print silk blouse with short sleeves

This blouse has all over floral print in pink and green on a white base. Decorations have been used on the neckline, waistline as well as on the sleeves to give it a gorgeous look. This blouse has a sophisticated look to it and can be perfect for any day time occasion as well as for evening parties.

Gorgeous figure printed high neck blouse design


Halter neck blouse designs

This unique blouse print can give any saree a completely different and glamorous look. The high collar coupled with the cut of the sleeves gives it the most stylish appearance. Pair this blouse with any light colored saree for any party or weddings and you are sure to get lots of compliments.

Bandhani printed three quarter sleeve blouse design

20Bandhani is a special type of hand printing popular in parts of India. This bandhani printed blouse has a simple “V” shaped neckline and heavy zari borders have been added at the sleeves to give it a gorgeous look. This blouse can match best with silk or cotton sarees.

Self- printed lace blouse

Self- printed lace blouse

Boat neck blouse designs

Self- printed lace blouses are highly in trend now. These blouses look classy and they can make a perfect wear with silk, chiffon or net sarees. Here you can see that the inner of the blouse has a contrasting blue color and it is devoid of any prints. The bright yellow lacy upper section has all over self-paisley prints that complete the look. Use of thin layers of blue piping on the neckline and on the sleeves accentuates the total appearance of the blouse.

Plain printed long sleeve blouse design

Plain printed long sleeve blouse designThis plain blouse has a regular print all over the body which is shaded and gives the blouse a unique look. The sleeves are long and end below the elbow. It has shallow boat neck and the betel leaf shaped opening at the front is the other point to note. This blouse is ideal for regular as well as occasional wear and can be paired with silk, cotton or chiffon sarees.

Gold print three quarter sleeve saree blouse

Gold print three quarter sleeve saree blouse

Embellished saree blouse designs

This beautiful black blouse has golden floral prints covering the neckline and the waistline of the blouse. The red cod piping running through one side of the front gives this blouse a different finish. The golden print is also present on the sides of the red piping which highlights the design perfectly. The ends of the sleeves have been decorated with thick layer of golden prints to complete the look.  This blouse can be paired with silk or chiffon sarees.

Printed Kawandi blouse

Printed Kawandi blouseThis beautiful and unique blouse is made from a material with self- patterns along with the prints. The blouse includes patches of multiple colors and each of the patches has its own unique print. It has box neck and the sleeves reach till above the elbows. This blouse can be beautifully paired with cotton or silk sarees.