Latest Boat neck blouse designs 2018 – front and back

Boat neck blouses give a stylish and sleek look which makes them a favorite choice of the modern women. In addition to that, they can also be paired with any type of saree to get the right look. So, if you are confused about which neck pattern to pick for the blouse of a favorite saree of yours, picking the boat neck can be always the right decision.

The boat neck blouses come in various designs, styles, materials; actually uncounted variations are available. To help you pick the boat neck blouse design that can suit you best, here is a collection of boat neck blouse front and back designs & patterns. Check out and make your pick,

39Boat neck blouse with embroidery

Latest blouse designs for net sarees

Get a royal beauty with this boat neck blouse in royal blue color with super fine embroidery finishing that makes it more attractive.

38Mirror work, boat neck blouse

It’s the time to be sunshine with this elegant designer boat neck blouse that has mirror work to let you get a look of a perfect diva.

37Net sleeves boat neck blouse

Being dated with the stylish era here is another boat neck net sleeved blouse design that goanna suit you a lot for every event.

36Boat neck blouse with multicolored embroidery

Now get ready to be a classic diva with this multicolored boat neck blouse with always attractive black sari to have the best compliment.

35Sleeveless, boat neck blouse

The craze of golden color can never be denied, and when it comes to wearing a designer blouse, then this golden color sleeveless blouse in boat neckline fits perfectly to all the needs of being beautiful.

34Black, boat neck blouse

Wear beautiful and look beautiful this quote gets more inspired through this fantastic full sleeved boat neck blouse in vibrant black color that is ready to be added in your collection to enhance your beautiful look.

33Boat neck blouse design with back patch work

Embellished saree blouse designs

This boat neck blouse design is having Patch work we can see that the patch is on the back. The blouse is made out of kalamkari fabric and and the back has net. The patch work is stitched on the net which makes the ordinary kalamkari blouse stand out.

Pair this boat neck blouse with a silk or cotton saree and you are good to go to any event. Here we can see that the lady has paired the blouse with a grey colour saree, you can also go for similar colour shades.

32Boat neck for sheer and transparent fabric

The boat neck blouse looks good when combined with sheer and transparent fabric. You can later can spruce up your outfit according your taste and preference of sleeveless, half sleeves or full sleeves.

31Full sleeve boat neck blouse with all over embroidery

This beautiful full sleeve blouse has a perfect boat neck that has been accentuated with embroidery work in black. The round middle opening of the blouse is the other point to note.

30Thread work half net boat neck blouse

This blouse has a transparent net material made upper chest, sleeves and upper back part. The intricate multicolored floral work on the transparent material gives this blouse a unique look.

Boat neck blouse designs – Front patterns

29Boat neck design with side cut-out

This particular boat neck design is very chic and modern yet has a traditional touch. You can rock this blouse to any day or night event and even on casual days as well. Pair this blouse with a matching saree or a solid colour saree and you are good to go.

Also, we cannot deny the fact that this blouse is very smart as well. Keep your makeup minimal for a day event and if you are visiting a night event go for a statement jewellery. The side cut-out gives a casual boat neck blouse a modern look.

28Yellow boat neck blouse with thread work

Awesome boat neck blouse design of 2019. If you are someone who is not very much into traditional blouses you can go for this blouse. This boat neck blouse is perfect for a modern and trendy look and is perfect for a day event. If you are a college going girl, we are pretty sure that you would love to wear this particular boat neck blouse.

The blouse has a integrate thread work on the sleeves which makes the blouse looks very beautiful. When paired with a similar colour saree, just like the image, you are good to go. Also, the thread work is made on the net sleeves.

27Pink sleeveless boat neck blouse with embroidered work

Princess cut blouse designs collection

Front boat neck blouse pattern. If you are planning to go for a white saree, then this blouse is perfect for you. A white saree with a hot pink sleeveless boat neck blouse with zari work looks outstanding.

The blouse will add a pop of colour to your whole outfit and will surely make you look very modern. Carry a sling golden sling bag and you are good to go.

26Boat neck blouse pattern with mirror work

This boat neck blouse design is totally new and evergreen and probably will never go out of fashion if styled properly with the current dress style. You can rock with this blouse design with little or no jewelry and with a black saree.

25Illusion boat neckline blouse with a sweetheart neckline

This boat neck blouse design will go with net saree. You can enjoy any party by matching this blouse with a simple saree. This design has become famous in the recent times for its fantastic sweetheart broad neckline.

24Mirror embellished deep boat neck blouse pattern

It is a balloon sleeve boat neck blouse with a patchwork design which go withoutfits of half saree and gives graceful attire. It looks good with no jewelries at all and totally nude neck.

23Boat neck design for a Banaras blouse

Boat neck design on heavy embroidered blouse and a pattu saree can definitely make you look classy. You can avoid any other embroidery and jewelry because the outfit alone can make you look elegant enough.

22Boat neck with illusion cape sleeves for a lehenga

As you can go with thousands of boat neck patterns like half sleeves, off shoulder etc. try this cape sleeves with silver border and thin silver accents that traces the hemline slits and embroidery that blends naturally with the airy fabric.

21Sleeveless boat neck blouse design with intricate thread work

This beautiful boat neck blouse can be ideal to be paired with any silk or chiffon saree. You can also match it with cotton or a net saree to look stylish. The boat neck sits just after the collarbone and the inward curved sleeves give it the right appearance. Intricate thread work with different shades and the use of mirrors gives it a total new dimension.

20All over thread work blouse with boat neck

Sabyasachi blouse designs

This beautiful all over floral thread work blouse has a unique look to it. The boat neck coupled with the short sleeves give this blouse a perfect appearance.

The section around the neck has a difference than the body and the use of a layer of paisley design surrounding the neckline has given the blouse a beautiful taste. Pair this blouse with a silk or net saree to look your best.

19Electric blue boat neck solid sleeveless blouse

The beauty of this boat neck blouse design lies in its simplicity. This blouse is made from solid silk material of electric blue color and is completely devoid of any work.

The sleeves have an inner curved pattern and the slim shoulder line adds to the overall look. The blouse has back clasps and it can be nicely paired with any saree of any type and material.

18Bright yellow dual material boat neck blouse design

This boat neck blouse uses a different material surrounding the neck to get a different look. The blouse is made from solid yellow material and it has short sleeves.

The floral printed material that has been added on the upper chest part of the blouse look particularly gorgeous due to the intelligent use of the golden borders on the neckline and also on the joining of the two materials. The golden zari border is also present on the sleeves and on the waistline.

17Boat neck golden brocade blouse with net

This golden colored brocade boat neck blouse looks gorgeous and can be ideal for weddings and parties. It uses net material surrounding the neckline. The specialty here is that, the transparent material has self-floral prints in golden which adds to the overall look.

The use of solid, thick golden satin borders on the neckline, the waistline and also on the sides completes the look. The blouse has short sleeves and back clasps.

16Boat neck three quarter sleeve blouse with lapel design

If you are looking for something unique and elegant this boat neck blouse design can easily fit into your needs. The blouse has a lapel design at the front and the inward “V” shaped waistline gives this blouse a fresh look.

The intricate and rich work on the sleeves and on the blouse body makes this blouse ideal for parties and weddings. This blouse can be paired with any type of saree and can be ideal for day time as well as night time parties and occasions.

15Boat neck blouse design with multicolor floral thread work

Mirror work blouse designs

This gorgeous boat neck blouse with multicolored floral work can be paired with silk or cotton sarees to get a stylish appearance. The blouse is sleeveless and the inward curved sleeve line makes a narrow shoulder strap with the neckline. Use of multiple bright colors along with white highlights on a solid red background has given this blouse its gorgeous look.

14Boat neck blouse design with cut work

This beautiful mustard yellow color blouse looks not only different but also very elegant. The intricate floral zari work at the upper chest part gives this blouse a beautiful and unique look.

Cut work has been used very intelligently with the zari work to give it a distinct appearance. The boat neck of this blouse is comparatively deeper. This blouse is ideal to be paired with silk sarees.

13Stylish kutch work blouse design with high boat neck

Low back blouse designs collection

This stylish boat neck blouse uses solid black material at the lower body while the upper part of the chest and also the sleeves are covered with intricate multicolored kutch work.

The sleeves are short and this blouse gives a smart appearance when paired with any saree. It can go nicely for parties as well as in day time occasions and also as a perfect wear for office.

12Fuchsia pink brocade blouse with boat neck

This fuchsia pink boat neck blouse looks absolutely gorgeous with the golden all over floral print. The sleeves are short and the floral print is distributed evenly on the blouse.

Do not miss the purple edging of the blouse which completes the look with a perfect contrast. This blouse can be ideal for night time occasions and parties. You can pair it up with any silk or net saree.

11Boat neck golden brocade blouse

Latest blouse designs for silk sarees

The unique thing about this golden brocade boat neck blouse is that here the upper part of the front has been covered with a transparent crème colored material with unique solid temple designs.

This blouse is sleeveless and the clasps are present at the back. You can pair this blouse with any silk, chiffon or net saree to look your best in day time as well as evening parties.

10White floral boat neck blouse with net

This beautiful blouse has a solid body and the upper section including the sleeves is made from white colored net material that matches perfectly with the floral print of the body.

The blouse is not sleeveless but the sleeves are short and the boat neck is on the deeper side. This blouse can be ideal for parties and occasions and you can pair it up with any saree to look fashionable.

9Boat neck blouse with floral printed net

Latest kalamkari blouse designs

The uniqueness of this blouse is that here the solid body of orange color is plain and the colorful floral work is present on the transparent net material that covers the upper part of the front and the sleeves.

The color of the transparent material is also completely different from the color of the body material but the floral prints match with the body color. The sleeves are short and the boat neck is towards the deeper side. Pair this blouse with a silk or net saree to look best.

8Vintage floral boat neck blouse

This vintage blouse has a different charm about it which can transform your overall look completely. This blouse has a solid base of crème color along with allover floral vine work in multiple colors. The inverted sleeve lines make a slim shoulder strap with the wide boat neck of the blouse.

Boat neck blouse designs – Back

7Sequin and thread work blouse with boat neck

Transparent long sleeve blouse designs

This blouse back design can be ideal for any stylish blouse with boat neck. Here transparent net material has been used on the major part of the back and the floral applique in pink gives it a rich look.

Sequin work has been done on the solid part of the blouse including the short sleeves. Use of decorative stone buttons across the length of the back gives this blouse a perfect look.

6Boat neck blouse back with mid-opening

This blouse back design with boat neck looks very stylish and modern. Here the two sides of the blouse have been clasped together at the neckline and at the waistline with single buttons.

The oval mid opening of the blouse back gives it a different look. This blouse can be ideal for daytime as well as night time parties.

5Bright floral embroidery boat neck blouse back design

Printed blouse designs collection

This boat neck blouse back design is unique and gorgeous. Here the two sides at the back have been clasped near the neck with a button and the plain waist strap is clasped together at the middle.

The middle opening has a unique shape and the use of bright embroidery on the sides and the solid pink material at the waist strap has given this blouse the right look.

4High boat neck blouse back design

If you are opting for a high boat neck blouse this back design can suit perfectly. This blouse has longer sleeves and the prominent line of buttons running across the length of the blouse gives it a different look.

This blouse back design is very elegant and can be ideal for occasional as well as regular and office wears. Pair this up with a cotton or silk saree to look your best.

3Boat neck blouse back with net

Latest blouse designs for back

This back boat neck blouse has a solid lower body and a net made transparent upper body. There is intricate thread work on the transparent part which gives this blouse the right look.

The opening at the back-middle of the blouse is oval and the lower part of the blouse has been clasped at the middle. Pair this blouse with a net or silk saree for parties.

2Embroidered open back blouse design with boat neck

This boat neck blouse bacl design has all over gorgeous embroidery works which look absolutely stunning. The sides at the neckline have been tied with tassels and the straight waist strap cutting looks ideal with the back opening design. This back design can be perfect for parties and occasions and you can pair it up best with the net or chiffon sarees.

1Open back boat neck blouse design with thread work

Latest blouse designs with patch work

This open back blouse design is a perfect match for a stylish boat neck blouse. Here the two sides have been joined with tassels and the slim waistline has been clasped with the help of three pearl buttons. There are intricate floral thread work all over the blouse. This blouse is ideal to be paired with chiffon and net sarees.