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Best hair serums for oily scalpOily scalp is one of the major causes for dirt and pollution sticking to it which can even give rise to hair fall and other hair problems. You can now use hair serums that make your hair and scalp healthy. Market is flooded with variety of such serums. Just have a look at some best products.How to use Multani mitti for hair careMultani mitti or fuller earth is one of the best ingredients provided by our mother nature to sort our different problems related to skin and hair. You can now use multani mitti mask on your hair to remove unwanted dirt particles. Since it has iron oxide and alumina, it works well in absorbing impurities.Best hair building fibersHair building fibers brings thick hairs over your bald head. These fibers are made with a special antimicrobial process that remains within the length of 0.3mm – 0.5mm. You just need to spray and your hair will grow up instantly without affecting your natural hair. You can take a look at best hair building fibers in the market.Natural shampoos to fight hair fallPeople are not relying on the cosmetic products in the market. Rather, they wish to adopt some products which are made from nature’s extracts. Hair fall is one of the reasons for choosing natural shampoos. Researchers also say about the benefits of natural shampoos in eradicate hair fall problems. This article provides you with the list of such shampoos.Best tea tree shampoosTea tree extracts are very effective in removing the blemishes, acne and pimples from your skin. Since it has antibacterial properties even the dandruff from your hair and itchy scalp will be removed effectively. Today, you can get tea tree shampoos in the market which will help removing dandruff and make your hair soft and shinny.DIY hair masks and hair packs for dry and damaged hairNo one wishes to see their hair getting damaged due to dryness and dull appearance. Other factors and physiological conditions are also responsible for damaged hair. Homemade DIY hair packs are very effective in making your hair free from damage. These hair masks are rich in proteins, fatty acids, zinc which provides great remedy to your damaged hair.Top home remedies to remove dandruff from hairDandruff is one of the enemies of hair that give rise to hair fall, dryness in scalp as well as scaly appearance of the scalp. Dry or wet dandruff causes itchiness as well as inflammation of skin. In place to buying dandruff shampoos, you must avail some of the home remedies to remove dandruff entirely from your hair.Hair care tips to get shiny silky smooth hairGetting well looked shinny hair is an aim of every lady. You can now get the best hair care tips through which getting silky and smooth hair will be very easy. Massage of scalp on a regular basis will stimulate natural oil presence and make your hair smooth and shinny. Likewise there are much more remedies for silky hair. Just visit this link to know more.Best homemade hair packs for damaged, split-end and frizzy hairsNo one would like to get damaged and frizzy hair. Yet, very few people have managed to know about its remedy. You can now avail some best homemade remedies to control your frizzy hair as well as split ends. Some natural extracts such as gooseberry, papaya, honey etc includes in homemade hair packs.Home remedies to control hair fall, boost the hair regrowthMany reasons are responsible for hair re- growth such as hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, lack of sufficient blood supply and much more. You can now get some effective remedies in controlling hair growth and initiate the mechanism of hair re-growth. Some popular home remedies include onion juice, Aloe Vera, almond oil, jojoba oil etc. You can also get a wonderful idea after looking at this link.