Winter beauty care – winter skin care, lip care, hair care, foot care tips

Even during winter people wishes to stay beautiful with regards to their skin, hair, foot and lips. There are varieties of natural and homemade remedies that can help you get beauty treatment for your entire body. Winter is the time when your skin becomes dry and unattractive but even during the season people wishes to stay beautiful and attractive just like they were for the rest of the year.

This is the time when you eat well, sleep well and even your health becomes favorable. Yet the climatic conditions make individual’s skin, hair, lips and feet unattractive. This is the time to get some remedies from winter extremities.

Winter is the season when the skin is in need of extra care and pampering. The biting cold of winter makes the skin so dry. This is when you should help the skin with the right treatment to help the same glow and appear so bright and soft. There are lots of measures for you to adopt especially for the winter season. It is difficult to combat the biting winter cold and to make the skin right you should apply the right skin care solutions.

There are lots of products available in the market these days and you can even make use of home based items for the perfect skin care during the season.

Winter does not only make you care about some portions of your body, rather your entire body from the head to foot needs to be cared in a proper way. Wearing a cap over the head, putting on gloves, getting socks etc. will be a common phenomenon. You need to get much more tips in order to keep yourself healthy and fit during winter. The extreme cold weather during winter will make your skin rough and unattractive. Also the wrinkles will be formed all over your face and body. You actually need to try out different ways to get yourself free from cold attack.

Don’t forget your sun glass home

Beauty tips for winter

Who said sunglasses were only meant to protect you from the sun? The fine quality UV protected sunglasses protect your eyes and surrounding areas from the chilled weather or snow outside, since it can cause dark circles and fine lines. So, if it is snowy outside take your sun glares too.

Don’t have too much of caffeinated products

Just because it is winter, and a hot cup of coffee is helping you feel warm for the time being doesn’t mean you have to consume it frequently. One shouldn’t have too much of coffee as it dehydrates the skin and they turn dry.

Check on your diet

The best thing you can do for your skin this winter is keep it nourished by eating loads and loads of healthy food. Fruits and Vegetables being a good source of Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals keep the skin hydrated as well as healthy.

Regular exercises

This one is surely going to take care of your beauty throughout the winter. It is owing to regular exercises that celebrities have glowing skin even when there is no makeup on their face. So, if you want to have a glowing, healthy skin this winter, start doing little bit of exercises daily.

DIY masks and lip balm

Did you know that lip balms made at home are more effective than the ones readily available in the market? Like, massaging your lips with some ghee or Shea butter is a great lip care or beauty care tip to follow. It will you’re your lips moisturized. Similarly, for your face you can make a mask of your own that contains honey, yogurts, natural oils, banana and aloe vera etc to moisturize your dry skin.

Lukewarm water for feet

Winter hair care tips

Hot baths are very much comfy, but they are not good for your skin care. So, indulge in lukewarm water bathing and keep your feet rested in a bucket of lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes with a few drops of any natural oil in it. It makes your heel soft and repairs crack heels as well.

The comfortable hot water bath in winter

In case you want to feel so comfortable during the winter months it is best that you take bathe in lukewarm water everyday. The lukewarm temperature of the water helps the skin stay in the best of state ever. However, while bathing, you can make use of the perfect moisturizing soap or the sort of non drying soap. This is the sort of soap variety which really helps the skin stay so soft and pulpy. A hot water bath in winter will also help in rejuvenating the cells and you are sure to feel wonderful in the process.

Exfoliation is necessary in winter

In winter it is important that you exfoliate the dry skin cells. There is difference in temperature inside and outside and this can at best affect the skin texture. So when you set for a shower it is best that you make use of an exfoliating agent and this helps in removing the dead skin cells in the perfect manner. Now, you are sure to have the healthiest skin texturing and remember that the exfoliating item that you use should be best for the skin.

Moisturizing the skin is essential in winter

In winter it is important that you moisturize the skin on daily basis. This is the reason you can make use of the effective moisturizer in order to maintain the softness of the skin. Special attention should be given to the exposed areas of the skin Special care should be taken of the hands, nails an lips and for the reason it is necessary that you make the best use of the quality moisturizing products from the kitchen or from the market. To maintain the softness of the lips you can use lip balms. You can even brush cream on the nails to help them stay so soft and well nourished.

Sunscreen lotion for winter is suitable

Benefits of neem oil for skin & beauty care

People have the notion that sunscreen is only applicable for summer. This is not true. You should also use sunscreen lotions in winter. This is also the time of the year when your skin is in need of protection from the sun. So make sure that you apply the lotion on your skin before you go out into the sun. The lotion will protect the outer layer of the skin and in the process you are sure to feel so special and taken care of.

Deodorant is not right in winter

You don’t tend to sweat so often in winter and this is the reason it is best that you have limited usage of the deodorant. Deodorant has the best content of alcohol and this is not right for the skin. Alcohol steals the moisture content of the skin and this makes the skin so dry and ineffective. Thus, it is best that you make use of products that do not contain alcohol. In winter the skin tends to remain sensitive naturally and this is the reason you should at best make use, of products which is sure not to damage the skin further.

In winter you should make use of conditioners

In winter it is must using conditioners. In winter you don’t sweat much and this is the reason your skin and scalp tend to get excessively dry. However, to take the best care of the hair it is best that you make use of a mild shampoo and you can use lukewarm water for the reason of washing the hair and the skin. Check with the temperature of the water. It should not be too hot or else it can damage the quality of the skin and hair.

Regular oiling of the hair is required

Best hair oils for hair fall control

Oiling the hair on regular basis is essential in winter. Like the rest of the body your hair too is in need of the right care and for this you should always make use of the apt oil variety. When massaging the oil the blood circulation in the scalp becomes so normal and in the process the scalp stays so perfectly moisturized. There are some of the best oils you can use in winter. The oils that can work are coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil, lavender oil, olive oil, and the rest.

Covering the body in winter is important

In winter it is important that you cover your body rightly. For the purpose you can use woolen caps, stoles and scarves. When wearing the protective covers your skin and hair is sure to stay in the best of condition. In fact, in the way they are protected from the biting cold of winter. If you keep the skin exposed there can be lots of skin and hair damaging. Moreover, the right covering will keep the part of the body warm and comfortable and this is sure to encourage proper blood circulation which is extremely important in winter.

You should style your hair carefully in winter

In winter it is not right to apply excess heat to the hair for the purpose of styling. Excess heat can damage the hair quality and make the hair unnecessarily dry. This is the reason it is important that you do the styling carefully in order to save the hair from all harshness. In fact, you can consult an expert in the process and he is the right person to tell the methods of perfect hair styling in winter.

Salicylic acid

People are still not aware about some parts of their body where the dryness ponders without any notice. The portion such as upper arm has flare up keratosis pillar. This gives rise to rough skin which is really annoying. Experts advise to apply the lotions that include salicylic acid which helps in exfoliating the dead skin that is viewed around your hair follicles. The appearance of bumps can also be reduced with this lotion.

Use cotton gloves

How to use multani mitti for skin care

Once you have applied moisturizer over your skin and hands, you need to cover your hands with cotton gloves. If you don’t cover your skin with cotton gloves, the windy air can attack your skin which will once again give rise to dryness and cracked surface. You can apply winter cream and moisturizer throughout your hand and cover it with cotton gloves in order to set a protective layer. This is the best way to moisturize parched hands. Your hands will remain soft and beautiful.

Honey for dry elbows

You must have viewed black spots and parched skin around your elbows during the winter season when the wind from the opposite direction attacked your skin. You can adopt very simple remedy for this, i.e. through honey. You need to take few drops of honey on your hands and apply it over your elbows with a soft touch of your hands. Let it dry and then you can wash it with lukewarm water. This will reduce inflammation on your skin and boost circulation of blood.

Apply milk on scaly skin

During the winter season, people can invariably come across scaly skin which can be avoided with the lactic acid present in milk. If your budget permits, it will be ideal to take bath with milk everyday which the princess Cleopatra used to do. But since it is practically not possible you can dip a cotton cloth in a cup of milk and apply the cloth over your entire body or places where scaly skin will be visible. Keep this for ten minutes and remove it with lukewarm water. This is a wonderful natural moisturizer that will keep your skin nourished.

Winter skin care tips

Daily skin care tips

  1. Skin is going to be dry in the winter. Due to the temperature changes in the winter leads the dry skin.
  2. Apply the natural moisturizer on the skin. Maintain the skin in tone.
  3. Do not take the hot baths in winter. The hot baths absorbs the moisture in the skin and makes the skin dry.
  4. Not to take the long and more baths in winter makes the skin dry.
  5. The skin cracking is also happens in the winter due to extra dryness in the skin. Apply the natural coconut oil or almond oil all over the skin after completing the bath.
  6. Apply the petroleum jelly to the cracked skin.
  7. Do not expose the skin to the cold air in the winter.
  8. Apply the almond oil to face when you are going to the bed.

Winter lip care tips

  1. Lips are cracked more in winter. Lips contain the sensitive skin. The small moisture loss in the lips turns them to crack.
  2. Apply the lip care balms in the winter.
  3. Use the lip scrubs to exfoliate the dead skin cells at the lips.
  4. Do not lick the lips hen they are dry. This will give the little hydration to the lips. But in the long run it damages and leads to cracked lips.
  5. Stay hydrated and drinks lot of water.

Winter foot care tips

Best lip care tips for women

  1. Cracked heels take out the beauty from you. The dryness in the winter leads to cracked heels.
  2. Soak the foot in the water and lemon mix for 30 minutes. Then rub the foot with stone.
  3. This process exfoliates the dead skin cells at the foot.
  4. Apply the petroleum jelly to the cracked heels
  5. Wear the shocks in the winter.

Hair care in winter

  1. Hair can be damaged to the temperature and cold winds in the winter.
  2. Not to take the too much of the hair baths. This will make the hair becomes dry.
  3. Pack your hair with towel after the hair bath. This keeps the moisture in the hair.
  4. Do not use the blower and dryers for the hair.
  5. Apply the natural oils with the simple head massages.

Tips for winter beauty care

Alcohol free sanitizer

Winter skin care tips for men & women

Today people have become spectacular about their health. They are aware of stomach infection. This is the reason they carry a sanitizer whenever they are out. It is just because when they don’t get water handy, sanitizer will remove all bacteria from hands. Now, when you are using a sanitizer during the winter, it is better to go for the alcohol free sanitizer. This will prevent your skin from chapping.

Make shower short

Who does not wish to take bath for a long hours? During summer we love to take bath in cold water as the temperature is hot outside. Similarly, during winter initially we hesitate to take bath. But, once we get the hot water for taking bath, we try to clean up our skin and body parts in varied different ways. But, if you want to stay beautiful during winter, try to keep your shower short. The warm showers for extended period of time will make your skin shrieked.

Healthy fats

Not only external beauty, rather you should go ahead with the intrinsic beauty as well. For that reason you must go ahead with good food. The food habit must include healthy fat. People have a tendency of avoiding fat during the winter. But, you must know how to differentiate between the good and bad fat. You must go for the nuts and fish that is rich in omega 3 fatty acid.