Eyebrow Shapes of Bollywood Celebrities

The most important yet ignored element of every woman’s face structure lies in the beauty of her freshly tamed eyebrows. Believe it or not but we’re crushing at these top Bollywood celebrities who are ruling the hearts of every fan with their gorgeous looks and avatars every time they step down the aisle. From risqué fashion trends to setting  some, they have given us a ton of inspiration. It’s time to see what lies in their brows that makes us go all aww.. Agree to disagree?

Check out some of the finest and fanciest eyebrow goals we’re raving at and you must try them at least once:

Rounded Brows

This trend is particularly popular amongst low maintenance women for it requires minimum effort and only lets you tweeze a bit. No waxing or plucking for round brows please, you can totally rock this look if you’re a sucker of keeping things au naturel.

Rounded Brows

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The queen of hearts and epitome of beauty, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan loves to trim and tweeze her brows just like her perfect-self. Rounded brows meticulously crafted to suit her long round face and blend effortlessly with her light brown tresses. Strokes of lavender on her lids and dash of mascara with a dollop of nude lipstick to compliment her fair skin tone, she’s all that glam in this rounded brow perfection.

Rounded Brows 1

Here, Anushka Sharma is pulling off the gorgeous round brows like a true blue Indian woman. Smokey eyes and round highly arched round brows lend an illusion of natural look to Anushka’s oval face cut. Sucker of all things ethnic, we love how she carried this look encore.

Straight Brows

Women wearing the resolute straight brows garner all our attention at once and leaves us gaping in awe. We totally love how elegant and simple straight brow look is while exuding a dramatic appeal to your aura. Get them or bushy, keep them straight.

Straight Brows

Here, Sonam Kapoor is representing India at the Cannes Film Festival held annually at Cannes, France wearing a royal sari with a twist and straight brows. We love how she kept them undone and bushy to reveal the rebel side while still screaming a classic bohemian. She’s an exemplary fashionista and has always manoeuvred her looks to best suit the occasions and events.

Straight Brows 1

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Ileana D’Souza is all kinds of charming and vivacious in her new straight brow look while keeping things subtle and minimal. Her new look during Barfi days were quite a charming one that swept us off our feet, and now when she has again swore  back the roots, we can’t help but stalk her.

Steep Arch Brows

These fashionable and effortlessly stylish brows are hitting the town once again while Waheeda Rehman and Saira Bano left us with some brow-spiration, it’s time to yell back and trim them into steep arches again.

Steep Arch Brows

Deepika Padukone is certainly making waves in the industry and has carved a name for herself even overseas. Magic of steep arch brows, maybe? Well, pour your love and lust into some statement-worthy catty eyebrow look to turn heads. Don’t believe us, head over to the nearest salon, get the look and see what happens next????

Steep Arch Brows 1

The Barbie Doll of B-Town has time and again, evolved and played around with her looks. Always embarking on the stellar looks, nothing beats this pretty face as much as statement and drool-worthy steep arch brows. You can get them too by contouring. Take a little bit of foundation and gently pat it dry on your upper brows to create a smooth finish an illusion by tweezing and plucking your hair from the steep edges, now take a pencil and move it across how high you want.

Thin Brows

So, you got almost negligible hair growth on your forehead and nothing sticks there too long as much as the pretty thin brows. Well, you needn’t worry coz these flawless celebrities are there to show you how you got to style them right.

Diana Penty

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The girl-next-door look is what best describes Diana Penty, last seen in Happy Bhag Jayegi, this talented vernacular actress sports thin brows and how. Her sleek minimal brows give us all the reasons to crave for brow perfection and get them now. Of course, her sharp and soft features lend a soothing touch to her face, so give it a try if you’re looking for a break from usual brow.

Kangana Ranaut

Talk about versatility and this veteran actress Kangana Ranaut will tell you how to do it right. From sporting the thin layered eyebrow look to taking forward her undone bushy brows for days, she’s a total slayer. However, you can style these thin brows with a high arch if you’re blessed with a huge forehead and strike an impression.

Bushy Undone Brows

What’s better than having a regular normal brow hair growth, we’d say low maintenance brows for days. Hell yeah! Go, get yours made, tweezed and plucked for the perfection that lies beneath after all it’s woman’s world. Raise a toast and forget your salon!

Aditi Rao Hyadri

Aditi Rao Hydari styles her undone brows with strokes of kohl lined over them to scream utter perfection. She has been our muse and favorite since ever, with that sculpted oval face and defined jawline, pucker pout, brows for days is a sure steal for her. And for you too if you hate salon sessions every fortnight.

Alia Bhat

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Alia Bhat spills her sass with fresh face, open curly locks furling away in the air and her drop dead gorgeous thick undone brows. We always knew she would bring some stunning trends on the plate and here it is, brows for days is not a farcry anymore.