How to shape your eyebrows for your face shape

Eyebrows play an important role in giving a good look to our face as it highlights our eyes with a curve. It is quite natural that every individual would be having an eyebrow over their eyes but in some cases the eyebrows are so light that it becomes almost invisible. There are ways to get a darker eyebrow variation with the help of makeups and home remedies. If you want to get a drawing of darker eyebrow shape, the eyebrow pencils are available to draw a shape but, in most of the cases ladies wish to have a perfect eyebrow shapes which should also remain even if the makeup is removed. You can use castor oil everyday to get proper growth of your eyebrows. Once your eyebrows grew up, the next important step will be to shape the brows according to your face shape.

Tips to shape eyebrows as per face shape

Long face shape

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If you have a long face shape, the main goal will be to get your face look little shorter. The best way will be to extend the tail of eyebrows till the corner of the eyes. But, at the same time you can also go for total flatten eyebrow shape to make the long face look shorter.

Oval face shape

Oval shape is always an ideal facial shape for the women as this will neither make a person look too short or too long. It is a perfect symmetry of both the forehead as well as jaw line.

If you are thinking about the eyebrow shape for this face, a soft angled eyebrow will be ideal. It will go straight and stoop down to make a very gentle curve focusing at the top and then brought down till the corners of your eyes.

Round face shape

We generally compare a round face shape with that of a circle. If you are having a round shape, it means you need to do something so that your face looks less round. eyebrow shape plays an important role in creating a proper look to your round shape.

It is important to make the face look longer with the perfect eyebrow shape. A high arch eyebrow shape will be ideal to make the round face look longer. The eyebrow must go straight up making a high angle in both the sides of the eyes. You must be very cautious and avoid the eyebrow shape that is rounder or flat in appearance. The angled brow with higher arches will be ideal for this face shape.

Square face shape

People with square shape face enjoy symmetry appearance at the top as well as the bottom of the face. People with square shape face have an attractive jaw which makes them different from rest of the crowd. But, since the jaw line of square shaped people look heavy, they considers putting stronger and thicker color that will give a balanced look over the heavy jaw line.

While considering the shape of the eyebrow, it is important to make a sharp peak over it. The angular touch of the eyebrow can make a balance of the jaw line. You can get a soft curve with the eyebrow shape but an angular finish at the edges is really important.

Heart face shape

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People with heart face shape can also look really beautiful. This is one of the facial shapes of female that brings out the femininity. This shape generally softens the looks of individuals with the curves. The point on the chin can be regarded as the bottom of the heart and the brows to be defined as top of the heart.

While choosing the eyebrow shape, you must consult with the expert. As a matter of fact, people with heart shape face can look really beautiful with the round shape of eyebrows. You don’t need to go for an angular curve; rather a soft and rounded shaped curve will be ideal. You can easily get a natural look with the rounded curve eyebrow shape. However, if you want to give a dramatic look to heart shape face, go for the angular variation of eyebrow shape.

Diamond face shape

Diamond face shape has angles at the tip and also has a broader angle over the top most regions. In such cases, selecting the eyebrow shape must be done with caution. Your main objective will be to confine the widest portion of the face and make it look really confined. You must choose the eyebrow in such a way that it appears less wide.

You must go for the eyebrows that are perfectly curved as this will create a proportionate image to the widest portion of your face. Even you can watch many celebrities with diamond shaped face to get curved brows.  You can also go for the round shaped brows in case of diamond shape face.