Best tips to shape your eyebrow

Eyebrows make an important feature of the face and they play a vital role in the overall appearance because they frame the face. Having well maintained and properly plucked eyebrows is vital in order to get that perfect look and here are some tips to help you shape your eyebrows in the right way. Imperfectly shaped eyebrows can make you look really funny and it can even cause you to stay indoors for a few days. This is the reason why most of the women prefer to opt for the best professional service when it comes to shaping the brows. However, it is always best, if you are able to do it rightly on your own because shaping your eyebrows on your own gives you the maximum flexibility.  So, while shaping your eyebrows, keep the following tips in mind and you are most expected to land at the desired result.

Decide the shape of your eyebrow according to the shape of your face

Perfect eyebrow shape for your face shape

This is the most vital thing to decide before you can start with shaping your eyebrows. You should pick a shape for your eyebrows according to the shape of your face and your eyes. Depending on the shape of your face, a round, straight, thick or thin eyebrow might be best suitable for you. If you have oval, heart or diamond shaped face opt for a slightly curved eyebrow shape and try to maintain the thickness more or less equal throughout the length. On long faces straight and thick eyebrows can look good. Round faces can opt for well curved eyebrows. Also the shape of your eyes should be considered to pick the right shape of the eyebrow.

Get the right tools

An artist can never perform his best unless he is provided with the right tools. So, before you start plucking ensure that you have the right tools at hand that you will need to complete the process. A good quality tweezer with a sharp yet slanted tip is best suggested for girls with less experience in self-tweezing. Apart from the tweezer, you will also need a shaping scissor and an eyebrow brush to complete the job.

Prepare the eyebrows for plucking

Before you start plucking preparing the eyebrows is vital to ensure that the process is not very painful and you can complete it with efficiency. It is always a good idea to pluck your brows immediately after taking a shower. Water softens the hair roots and this is the time when the hairs will come out more easily. To ensure that the eyebrows do not get stuck with each other while plucking, do not apply moisturizer to your face before plucking your brows. You can always use some powder on the eyebrows while plucking, to ensure that they do not stick to the skin.

You might not need the magnifying glass

Many beauty specialists suggest the use of a magnifying glass to pluck your brows. However, using a magnifying glass can make it really difficult for you to understand how exactly it is looking, which can cause over plucking that cannot be reversed.  Hence using a normal mirror in a well-lighted room is the best we can suggest. Always take a look from a distance at the eyebrow shape after you have plucked out few hairs and before continuing.

Create an outline

If you are new to shaping your eyebrows on your own, it is best suggested to outline the wanted shape of your brows with a light colored brow pencil first. This can be very helpful to ensure that you pluck only the hairs that have grown outside the shape and will also make sure that you will reach closest to your expected eyebrow shape.

Use the shaping scissor only after you have brushed the eyebrows

Once you have removed the hairs grown outside the shaping lines now you should brush the eyebrows straight and then only you can cut off the hairs that have grown outside the line, with the shaping scissor. While using the shaping scissor it is best suggested to complete the cut at a single stretch, otherwise there can be unevenness. While using the scissor, always make sure that you are using the scissor at the right place of your eyebrow and you are chopping off only the excess length of the hairs.

If you have a sensitive skin it is most expected that you might experience bruising, redness and inflammation along with pain in the eyebrow region after plucking your eyebrows. So, once you complete, follow with rubbing some ice cube in the region. It will ease the pain, inflammation and also the redness of the skin.

The eyes are the window to the soul they need great curtains which are provided by perfect shaped eyebrows. Here are some simple tips to get perfect eyebrow arches at home. These can be achieved by tweezing, waxing or threading.

Tips to shape the eyebrow

Spare use of tweezers

Do not use the tweezer to remove one hair that is out of place.  Let a line of extra hair grow in a week and then use the thread to give it a perfect shape.

Clean weekly

Tips to remove wrinkles between eyebrows

Eyebrows should be cleaned weekly and not daily.  This can be done by drawing a clear outline of the desired shape of the eyebrow and then removing the extra hair on the sides with a tweezer or by threading.

Use makeup

makeup will make a difference in the look of the eyebrows by highlighting their shape. The shade of the brow pencil need to be two shades lighter than the natural brow colour.  If there are bald spots use brow powder to fill the gaps and then using the brush move upwards, downwards, backwards, forwards and then remove the extra mess with a tissue paper.

Determine the eyebrow shape

The shape of the brows must compliment the shape of the face. Experts recommend round eyebrows for heart-shaped face to counter balance the round cheeks, a far out arch for a square shaped face and an oval face requires a good arch.

Right tweezers

It is advisable to use sharp, slanted style, tweezers which grab tiny strands of hair without hurting the skin.

Tweeze after a warm shower

The warm water of the shower opens the hair follicles and softens the hair making them slip out easily.

Reduce the plucking pain

The pain of plucking the eyebrows can be reduced by applying a numbing gel before tweezing.

Do not use the magnifying mirror

Home remedies to get thick eyebrows

This mirror can   show excess hair which can lead to overplucking. A regular mirror in a well-lit area is a better option.

Understand the arch limits

The brows must begin from the tear gland and move in line with the outer side of the iris and end at the point that falls 45 degrees from the outer end of the eye. Avoid very high arches as they look very unnatural. After determining the shape make an outline using a soft, creamy brow pencil. Then remove the excess hair that out of the line.

Reduce redness

The redness and inflammation caused after tweezing can be easily minimized by using a cortisone cream.

Brush up

Style the arches with a brow brush or a brow-gel wand by pushing the hair upward at the start of the arch and brushing the rest toward the end of the eye.

Fill in the gaps

Fill in the sparse spots with a brow pencil which is a shade or two lighter than the original tone.

Bonus eyebrow shaping tip

Pencils and powders are great for enhancing the arches day to day, brow tinting can be done for a more permanent solution.  This should be done by an experienced colourist who will use a semi-permanent vegetable dye.