Self massage – tips, tricks, techniques for self massage

There is a common saying that ‘self help is the best help’, and it is absolutely true. The feeling of independence in every little thing makes us realize how much we are capable of. It could be cooking for ourselves or getting our clothes ironed, it could be bigger things like sorting electronic gadgets, but when we depend on ourselves more than anybody else, we are fuller than ever and we have a sense of satisfaction too.

Well, we don’t always get spas to relax ourselves, be it for availability or time. Sometimes we need some quick tips to heal our body ache with self massages. In this article, we will discuss some of the easiest ways to massage ourselves.

Self massage is the best method to be relaxed and stress free at home. For this technique you need few tips .massage is just stroking and smoothing. Two actions are involved in the self massage. Effectively done the stroking and smoothing give the relief and peaceful mind. You have to choose the best essential oil for the massage. There are many massage oils are available in the market choose widely the good oils. Better to choose the olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil etc.

Self massage for legs and hands

Best massage oils

  •  You should always start from extreme toenails.
  • Massage on the space in between the toenails.
  • Slightly press the toenails and give the simple strokes to the toenails.
  • You can rub the knee below area.
  • Gentile pull the all the fingers and toenails.
  • Press the gap in between the fingers.
  • Apply the oil on to the palms and rub the two palms and generate the slight heat.

 Self massage for stomach

  • Apply the oil on the stomach spread it all over the stomach.
  • Press the belly inside do this for 2 minutes.
  • Give the circular motion massage around the stomach gives the relief.

Self massage for lymphatic centers just below the surface

  • Start your massage from groin.
  • From groin to thigh simple massage give with each hand give stress free.
  • Then fold the groin for little movement.
  • Now move on the way to chest side.

Self massage for neck

  • Move your neck in clock wise direction and relax.
  • Apply oil around the neck.
  • Make the smooth press around the neck.

Self massage for armpits

Top body care tips for women

  • Make the wide movements with the hands this helps to free the lymphatic blockages.
  • Start your massage from the inside of the arm.
  • Go below for the up to breast and over of the armpits.

The above self massage techniques makes you free from stress, body pains. This massage boost the body metabolism and improves the health.

Self-massage technique for quick relief


Sitting at one place and working for hours like stiff our muscles and have us cramps. We need to relieve our shoulders in order to release the neck pain. There are simple ways to massage and heal:

  • Take your right hand and move it across your chest to the left shoulder.
  • Place your palm on the shoulder and press the knuckle of your thumb against neck muscle
  • Slowly start rotating your neck and head and press the neck muscles against your thumb knuckle
  • Place your hand in the same place and then press the back muscle (between should blade and spine) with fingertips while you rotate the left shoulder blade
  • Switch your arm and now repeat on the opposite side


Running, skipping, exercising and jogging can often hurt your feet. Many times our feet starts aching and we don’t have immediate care. Some people buy special shoes or insoles which ease the problem, but there is nothing that can beat the old-school food rub! If your friends are not helping you out with your feet ache you might have an item in your golf kit to do the trick!

Amazing flower oils for body massage

  • Take your shoes off and place a golf ball on the ground. You can either sit or stand, the choice is yours.
  • Now roll one feet forward and backward while it is placed on the ball
  • Apply pressure till you feel the pull, though that shouldn’t cause pain.
  • Now roll the foot side to side
  • Now place your heel on the gold ball to make circular motions
  • Cross your leg over the left ankle and then take the ball
  • Roll it up and down in the arch of your foot
  • Now repeat with left foot.

Tend to your back

One of the most common physical pains happens on our lower back. Some activities like gardening, house cleaning, riding a bike can make it worse. An easy trick to ease the pain would be with the help of a tennis ball:

  • Place your back at a wall
  • Now place a tennis ball between the lower back and the wall
  • Find the exact spot of pain and then move your body in tiny motions
  • Move up and down, left and right
  • This tightens your back and eases the pains

Headache relief

How to do scalp massage yourself

A pain that can ruin all the plans for a day is surely a headache! There is a quick massage which eases pain:

  • Place your thumbs on cheekbones and then close your ears
  • Apply gentle pressure with fingertips and rub you temples (this is the soft spot between one corner of your eye to ear)
  • Use firm pressure in circular motions while you slowly move the fingers along the hairline. Meet at the middle of your forehead and then slowly massage the forehead.

Benefits of massaging whole body

  • Calms body and mind

When you massage your body you reduce stress levels! Massage is known to reduce depression and make you feel less anxious. There are no direct and definitive solutions that it would actually reduce depression but it does calm your mind and open new dimensions of thinking. It gives you a positive feeling which lets you look for other alternatives to solve the bad circumstances of your life. It adds energy and will power which makes you ready to take on the world. It reduces fatigue and improves concentration level.

  • Reduce body pain

A proper full body massage will reduce your body from pain and stiffness. When you massage you release endorphin, which works like a pain reliever. It is also known to heal migraine pain from your head. Massage reduces tiredness from muscles and relaxes them too.

  • Better circulation

Best benefits of massage therapy

Massaging is related to blood circulation since it improves the internal flow. It assists oxygen and nutrients for reaching out to more all tissues and organs, and also controls blood pressure. It is also very important to take proper medical care before overindulgence of massage activities. It could have adverse effects if you have medical conditions.

  • Better functioning of immune system

A proper body massage will improve the body’s immune system. Massaging improves lymphatic system which is directly related to our immune system.

  • Skin benefits

Body massages do wonder for our skin as it washes away the dead skin cells from the body and improves the texture of skin. While you have better blood circulation, it reflects on your skin and makes it look fresher. Massaging is known to encourage tissue regeneration which reduces scars and stretch marks. The oil that you’d use would also add nourishment to skin.