How to get rid of a hickey / love bite / kiss bite ?

A hickey or love bite is bruise incurred during the passion play. You can get a hickey on your neck, arm, inner thighs or any place where the skin is soft and fragile. If you are trying to cover the hickey, these are simple ways to treat love bite. Even when biting marks are recognized as hickeys, but heavy sucking during heightened passion can also result in ruptured small blood vessels under your skin.

Usually, a hickey can last on your skin for anywhere between four to ten days and get darker as they heal. Initially, it looks like any other bruise marks, but has some teeth marks which give it away. Also, they are located in sensitive body parts so you may have to come up with some weird explanation to describe how you got an injury in the nape of your neck. It can look embarrassed when present on exposed skin.

Try and find out whether your partner is comfortable with carrying a mark of passion on their shoulder. Hickeys are often loosely associated with territory marking i.e., claiming that the person truly belongs to someone. If you have a hickey on your neck, it is unlikely some random stranger will try to hit on you for the mark will clearly read taken.

How to remove hickey? These are the best natural tips for kiss marks. Removing a hickey from your skin is not easy and it cannot be removed quickly in a day. It will take some time to reduce the mark and if the hickey is in a visible area, you might feel embarrassing and you would not want anyone to see it. You can try out some tips that can help in reducing a hickey.

Some natural remedies to heal hickey


Apple cider vinegar tips for beauty care

Try this method with a new toothbrush. Take a toothbrush and rub the area gently. If you brush the affected area properly, it will stimulate the blood circulation properly. Don’t press hard during the brush; it may create the hickey much worse condition. And you have to wait for the 15 minutes to check the result as well.

During this method, the affected area may look like red but rinse with cold water and you feel better. This is one of the best technique through which you can relief from this problem. So, try this method once in a day.

Scraping with coin

This is one of the best and painful method people used to remove hickeys, but if you do this, it helps to remove the problem instantly. To make this, stretch this hickey until it is going to flat.

You can do this easily by pulling the skin. Once this is done, use a coin and start edge properly. The way people paste butter on bread, in that way you have to do this! You have to scrap the skin as tough as possible. But don’t rough hard that it hurt you!

This technique pushes the clotted blood from the surface skin area. After this process, you may feel some pain but the red marks gone easily. It is the best way to remove love bites easily. Try it once and enjoy it!

Warm compress

Heat is quite an effective way to remove a hickey and therefore usage of heating applicators like a hair dryer will further help in easing off the signs of a hickey on your body part. This is because the capillaries get dilated and therefore circulation of new fresh blood helps cleanse the mess. Soak a piece of cloth in the warm water, squeeze off the excess water and apply it on your hickey for instant comfort. You may also use a heating medicine approved by your doctor which will help in fading away the red marks caused by a hickey on your body.

Cocoa butter or almond oil

Cocoa butter is a great way of healing the hickey as it helps moisturize your skin and prevents the drying or redness caused by it. Regular application of cocoa butter post bathing will help in reducing the red marks of the hickey on your skin. The delicate and soft skin tissues clot your blood and therefore, it can only be faded away when the affected area is regularly massaged, and blood flow is circulated uniformly.

Shea butter

Provide some comfort to your hickey by regularly massaging and moistening the area which clotted with the blood. Apply a warm compress preferably and then moisturize your hickey with some shea butter which will allow your blood flow to circulate freely and will help you ease away the redness. It helps improve the skin tissue growth and is an excellent moisturizing agent.

Finger massage

This will greatly help in keeping your red hickey from causing undue pain and help in easing away the brown marks by leaps and bounds. All you need to is apply a warm compress on the affected area and then you will have to massage using your fingers on the area.

Move the fingers in a circular manner towards the outer edges away from the centre of the hickey and this will help in blood flow circulation. Repeat this at least twice or thrice a day for amazing results.

Concealer for hickey contouring

Show some talent by contouring your hickey in a way that it doesn’t show anymore, simply use a concealer with a brush soaked in compact powder and some bronzer.

Now, just stroke using brushes and your hickey will disappear instantly therefore, you can make love with your partner easily and enjoy the love bites that he gives you.

Make sure you don’t get a hickey on one specific location one after another as the blood flow circulation is extremely important. Repetition of a hickey appearance on a specific spot will clot your blood flow.

Peppermints oil

Peppermint is said to improve the blood circulation. Hence they are used to treat hickeys. Apply peppermint oil in the affected area or if you do not have the oil you can also use peppermint based toothpaste.

Compress with ice cubes

Vitamins for skin and beauty care

You can take some ice cubes in a small towel and press against the hickey for some time. Take 15 minutes. Use this pack for several times in a day. The cold cubes prevent the place from swelling and it also reduces the pain in the area. You must use a paper towel or small hand towel so that the area is not scorched with the ice.

Alcohol massage

You can use alcohol for rubbing the area if some time has lapsed after you got the mark. Alcohol is a disinfectant and gives a cool sensation. Drop some alcohol in the area and rub or massage the area. This will minimize the pain. Alcohol is dry so you can rub some lotion on the skin after you have massaged the place. Do this massage for a few times in a day and you will get faster results.

Aloe vera

This is a moisturizer and gives you a cool sensation in the area. The gel is anti inflammatory and covers the swelling of the area. Extract the gel and massage it on the area. Repeat this 3 times and you will get better healing results. You can go for any cream that has aloe vera as the base and rub it on the area for getting similar results.

Banana peel

Take the peel of a banana and cut it to fit the size of the hickey. Place it on the hickey so that the inside soft part remains on the bruise. Repeat this for several times in a day and you will find the effects are getting minimized.

Orange juice or any vitamin C juice

Take some oranges and make juice on them. Here, you can see how to remove hickey. Drink the juice at regular interval and its vitamin C will heal the hickey. Vitamin C heals the damage on skin and so this is helpful.

These were a few natural remedies that you can use to heal a hickey. Make sure that you workout things so that the best and effective method is applied.


• How do I get rid of a hickey quickly?

Apply a cold compress to the area for 10-15 minutes several times a day to help reduce swelling and encourage healing.

• Are there any home remedies for hickeys?

Yes, some home remedies that may help reduce the appearance of a hickey include applying a cold compress to the area, rubbing alcohol, and massaging the area.

• Can a hickey be prevented?

Yes, a hickey can be prevented by avoiding intimate skin-to-skin contact.

• How long do hickeys last?

It depends on the person, but typically hickeys last anywhere from 2-10 days.

• What causes hickeys?

Hickeys are caused by sucking or biting on the skin, which breaks the tiny blood vessels beneath the surface.

• Is it possible to cover up a hickey?

Yes, it is possible to cover up a hickey. There are several methods to do this, such as using a cold compress, covering it with makeup, using a skin concealer, or using a concealer stick. Depending on the severity of the hickey and the person’s skin tone, these methods may be more or less effective.

• Does putting ice on a hickey help?

No, it does not help to put ice on a hickey.

• How do I reduce hickey swelling?

Applying a cold compress, such as a cloth filled with ice cubes or a bag of frozen vegetables, can help reduce swelling and discomfort.

• Are hickeys contagious?

No, hickeys are not contagious.

• Are hickeys permanent?

No, hickeys are not permanent and usually fade away within a few days.