How to get rid of a hickey / love bite / kiss bite ?

A hickey or love bite is bruise incurred during the passion play. You can get a hickey on your neck, arm, inner thighs or any place where the skin is soft and fragile. If you are trying to cover the hickey, these are simple ways to treat love bite. Even when biting marks are recognized as hickeys, but heavy sucking during heightened passion can also result in ruptured small blood vessels under your skin.

[Hindi tips on how to remove hickey]

Usually, a hickey can last on your skin for anywhere between four to ten days and get darker as they heal. Initially, it looks like any other bruise marks, but has some teeth marks which give it away. Also, they are located in sensitive body parts so you may have to come up with some weird explanation to describe how you got an injury in the nape of your neck. It can look embarrassed when present on exposed skin.

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Try and find out whether your partner is comfortable with carrying a mark of passion on their shoulder. Hickeys are often loosely associated with territory marking i.e., claiming that the person truly belongs to someone. If you have a hickey on your neck, it is unlikely some random stranger will try to hit on you for the mark will clearly read taken.

How to remove hickey? These are the best natural tips for kiss marks. Removing a hickey from your skin is not easy and it cannot be removed quickly in a day. It will take some time to reduce the mark and if the hickey is in a visible area, you might feel embarrassing and you would not want anyone to see it. You can try out some tips that can help in reducing a hickey.

Tips to get rid of hickey / love bite

1)   Grab some ice cubes from your freezer or use a pre-frozen ice pack to give a slight compress on the hickey straight away after receiving it. You can also keep a spoon in the fridge for a few minutes and use it to give a cold compress on the hickey. You will need to freeze the spoon continuously as a tepid spoon cannot help in reducing the mark on your skin. Give the compression for about 20 minutes and if you feel uncomfortable, remove it then apply after sometime.

2)   Use a toothbrush or a comb with stiff bristles to slowly brush the hickey and the area around it. Do press hardly; otherwise it will get much worse. Brushing the hickey lightly will help in spreading the redness a little, making it less visible after 15 minutes Give a cold compress to after brushing to reduce the mark. Toothpaste is used in some of beauty care as and when on how to reduce kiss marks.

3)   Take a toothpaste and apply a thin layer of it on the hickey, it might be a little itchy, but when it stops tingling you can use a warm wash cloth to wipe it off. You can see the best result after 24 hours if you do this quickly and you can repeat this method if required.

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4)   If you have a party or a function and you really want to hide this hickey then, use makeup to hide it. The concealer with a green tint suiting your complexion is the best to hide the hickey. Apply a foundation on top of this concealer and use blot powder or a compact to give a finish. You can use an eye shadow which is lighter than to your skin tone if you do not have a concealer.


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5)  When you go out, cover your hickey with a stylish scarf, stole or wear a polo or turtle neck dress suitable to the weather condition.

6)  Another tip is to leave hair open that can hide your hickey on your neck. You can style your hair the way you want and walk with utmost comfort. This is one of the best ways to treat love bite.

7)  You can use Vitamin K cream on the hickey that helps in reabsorbing the blood on your skin.

8)  Try applying heat on a hickey for a few days with the help of washcloth and hot water. This is the process on how to remove hickey.

9)   Give a soft massage to the area that can help in increasing the blood circulation to lighten the redness of a hickey. This is the quickest ways to treat love bite.

These are some of the tips that you can try it by yourself, but they are not 100 percent sure that they can reduce your hickey quickly. Hickeys will fade gradually, without doing any treatments for it.

Some natural remedies to heal hickey

Compress with ice cubes

You can take some ice cubes in a small towel and press against the hickey for some time. Take 15 minutes. Use this pack for several times in a day. The cold cubes prevent the place from swelling and it also reduces the pain in the area. You must use a paper towel or small hand towel so that the area is not scorched with the ice.

Alcohol massage if some time has passed

You can use alcohol for rubbing the area if some time has lapsed after you got the mark. Alcohol is a disinfectant and gives a cool sensation. Drop some alcohol in the area and rub or massage the area. This will minimize the pain. Alcohol is dry so you can rub some lotion on the skin after you have massaged the place. Do this massage for a few times in a day and you will get faster results.

Aloe vera soothes and heals

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This is a moisturizer and gives you a cool sensation in the area. The gel is anti inflammatory and covers the swelling of the area. Extract the gel and massage it on the area. Repeat this 3 times and you will get better healing results. You can go for any cream that has aloe vera as the base and rub it on the area for getting similar results.

Banana peel for minimizing the effects

Take the peel of a banana and cut it to fit the size of the hickey. Place it on the hickey so that the inside soft part remains on the bruise. Repeat this for several times in a day and you will find the effects are getting minimized.

Orange for repairing hickey

Take some oranges and make juice on them. Here, you can see how to remove hickey. Drink the juice at regular interval and its vitamin C will heal the hickey. Vitamin C heals the damage on skin and so this is helpful.

How to reduce kiss marks with cocoa butter or almond oil

These oils are good for providing nourishment to the skin. Apply these oils on the affected area and you will find the bruise heals faster. These oils help in growth of new skin tissues. Use a soft cloth dipped in warm water and place it on the bruise after you have massaged the area with the oils. This will remove the blood clot. Repeat this for several times.

These were a few natural remedies that you can use to heal a hickey. Make sure that you work out things so that the best and effective method is applied.

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