How to apply makeup on dark circles? Covering dark circles with makeup

If dark circles growing over your skin have become a nightmare to you, this is the time to make some changes to those dark circles that are visibly making some negative effect to your image. Today, makeup industry has made some magic with their variety of products.

A very average looking girl can be among the beautiful women after the makeup application. Concealer is regarded as one of the wonderful makeup ingredient which almost hides everything that makes you look imperfect on the face.

But there are different types of concealers available in the market which should be chosen as per the convenience and the suitability. Some people prefers cream concealers whereas others are comfortable with the stick.

The makeup application technique becomes a vital phenomenon to every individual especially when they are willing to get a flawless makeup.

You must have come across many individuals who have painted their face really well but the dark circles under the eye remain absolutely dull and unattractive. Thus, a proper eye makeup is required that will remove the unhealthy dark circles.

Cream concealers

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A group of people have a viewpoint that the cream concealers are the best to work whereas another group has a different view.

But, you also need to know that sometimes the cream concealers also work well when taken in a light quote so that there is no dripping action throughout the fine lines. The signs of aging can also be covered along with dark circles.


If you don’t have a concealer, foundation can also be used to work as a dark circle covering makeup tool. Mostly people are using liquid foundation. Thus, there is a particular way of applying the same.

All you have to do is squeeze some liquid portion over your finger tips and allow it to oxidize. You need to keep it open in air as the longer it is kept in open air more concentrated the pigment will become. Thereafter it will be easier to use it as a concealer.

The place to apply concealer

Even after knowing the fact that the concealer is the main tool in cover up the dark circles, the next important step over here will be know the place where it should be applied. Some people have an idea that the concealer must be applied just under the eye.

But the expert says that, this thought is totally a makeup mistake. The semi circle form from the interior of the eye till the cheek bone is the portion where the dark circles appear.

Apply concealers with fingertips or brush over the area and use sponge to blend the edges where the concealer is applied so that it covers the rest portion of skin around the eyes.

Once the eye makeup and foundation is applied, give a finishing touch with the blush so that you get a natural look. You can also finish your makeup with the face tonic.

Application of yellow base

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If you want to do a quality makeup, every single step must be noticed and followed. The step of concealing dark circles with the yellow base can be missed out by someone at the preliminary stage.

Even the makeup artists chose the concealer that is having more of a yellow base. May this concealer be lighter in tone as compared to your skin, but the yellow base is important to get a professional tone makeup.

Makeup application for reducing puffiness

Along with the effect of dark circles, sometimes the puffiness over the eye can also make you look very unattractive. In this case you must apply the concealer along with a translucent powder.

Sometimes you may get up from bed along with puffiness over your eye area. In such cases there is a superior home tip with a spoon. All you need to do is take a spoon and keep it in a refrigerator for 10 minutes.

Now place the concave side of the spoon over your eye until the till the spoon adopts the room temperature. This is a wonderful idea to reduce eye puffiness. You can also apply eye cream so that dark circles and puffiness can be reduced.

How to use pen brush concealer?

If you want to give a better coverage, pen concealers works well. You need to apply this pen brush concealer with a very light as well as feathery stroke.

Now use your fingertips to pat it and blend it properly around the area where dark circle is formed. This will give you a wonderful finish under your eye.

Ways to apply makeup on dark circles

Using lipstick

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Covering dark circles with makeup means you might have thought about the white color makeup such as foundation, concealers etc. But, did you ever think that even the lipstick can be a wonderful combination to cover the dark circles? Yes, it really is.. You must think that you will look scary after you apply it over the under eye portion.

But, trust me it will make a good sense. It is advisable to use the red or orange color lipstick. This will neutralize the green and blue color veins that are viewed under your eye.

Thus even the dark circles will be less visible. Thereafter you can use lose powder to makeup the unnatural colors.

Blend the makeup

After you have applied the appropriate makeup over your under eye portion, the next step that your must do will be blending. This is a must way to make your makeup really uniform.

It should not look really overdo. You must get a technique of blending it as well. The peach and orange color of concealer must be used so that a natural appearance can be formed.

Brightening the tone

Even after all the efforts you might not have been successful to make a brighter tone of your skin or a light tinge of under eye circle might be still visible. The next step that you must go ahead is the brightening of the tone.

It is important to get a shade of concealer that is a shade lighter than your actual skin tone. This will bring brightness over your skin tone. You can also apply some of the dots over the skin and use a dome brush.