90+ Sheer/Net blouse designs with net back & sleeves

Net based transparent blouses are becoming quite popular particularly because of the trendy look they add to any saree. Net blouses with sheer sleeves and back can be a good pick for a variety of parties and occasions. There are a wide range of variations in these blouse designs and you can easily pick one according to your choice.  Here is the ultimate collection of net blouse designs with net back and sleeves for you to make the pick.

91Full sleeved net blouse

Pattu blouse designs

A full net sleeved blouse is the choice that can make you look more than adorable that you can see in this image that has a square beck full sleeved net blouse that has been designed to make you look more than charming.

90Heavy maggam work net blouse

If you want to get a stunning look while wearing sari then this black color heavy maggam work net blouse with a dark maroon sari, and full sleeved gray color net blouse with pink sari will be the best for the look that you want.

89Semi sleeved net blouse

There is only one-word WOW for this semi sleeved net blouse with golden thread heavy embroidery and Kundan work, and people will not be able to stop themselves of speaking WOW when they see you in this look.

88Off boat neck net blouse

The net blouse looks damn beautiful, and if it has off boat neck then it gets more beautiful as you can be seen in this sky-blue full sleeved heavy embroidery net blouse, and the semi sleeved net blouse design in red color can’t be ignored due to its perfect design.

87Full boat neck net blouse

Isn’t it great when you have a couple of options to get a beautiful look? Of course, it is. See these both beautiful full boat neck net blouse designs that are the full stop to your search of gorgeous blouse designs.

86Heavy embroidery net blouse

Embroidery is the spark of beauty, and if it is heavy embroidery in net blouse, then the beauty can’t be expressed in words as it has been shown in this royal blue heavy embroidery net blouse.

85Traditional net blouse

Latest blouse designs for party wear

Tradition keeps importance in everyone life especially when it comes to wearing then it has high existence. These net blouses with heavy maggam work are also symbolizing the culture that let you look a traditional beauty.

84Half sleeved pink blouse

Pink is one of the favorite colors among the women, and this half-sleeved net blouse in pink color with full boat neck and pretty buttons in front can make you famous among the people.

83Back open net blouse

Beautiful looks top to bottom and beauty from every angle make a woman diva that rules in the several hearts, and the same you can feel while wearing stand collar back open net blouse in cream color with an orange color sari.

82Pretty net blouse

Do you want that people should address you by calling pretty woman? Well, it was a silly question because every woman wants it. This sleeveless golden color net blouse with multicolored embroidery and dark-magenta color net blouse in velvet fabrics has the potential to give you the title of pretty woman.

81Cold hand net blouse

Cold hand blouse has a big craze in today’s trend, and if we talk about these both cold hand net blouses, then it is trendier with classy style to keep you dated with this modern fashion era.

80Net blouse with plain sari

Plain sari with heavy work net blouse is the perfect choice to keep pace with the trend and style. Have a look at these beautiful heavy work full sleeved net blouses with plain sari to enhance your appearance.

79Semi sleeved blouse design

Top blouse designs for collar neck

Here is another image with two beautiful blouse designs that can help you to get the look you want. Net blouse in the magenta shade with substantial work in sleeves is looking as beautiful as black color semi sleeved net blouse with a plain yellow sari.

78Back string net blouse

What you feel you become and if you think or imagine yourself with this black heavy embroidery net blouse with back string and dark-maroon heavy maggam work net blouse then for sure you will fall in love with yourself.

77Glass neck net blouse

Have you ever imagined yourself an ideal beauty with simplicity? If not then see this black color glass neck net blouse to get your imagination clear, and to get a shiny look this sleeveless mirror reflexion net blouse is the best.

76Net blouse with lucknawi sari

Lucknawi embroidery has a particular attraction, and if you carry it with a net blouse, then this attraction gets multiplied itself. Here is an image of the full sleeved net blouse with deep cover back decorated with the buttons that are ready to give you a stunning look.

75Golden color off boat neck net blouse

The golden color is one of the most demanded colors that you can use with multiple options, and if your golden color of the net blouse has off boat neck and back key-hole, then nothing can beat the beauty it has.

74Designer net blouse

All the women are crazy for the designer dresses and seeing this fantastic shade of full sleeved heavy embroidery net blouse with back circle and string people can easily understand that why there is a huge craze of designer dresses and blouses as well.

73Pretty back net blouse

Latest blouse designs for lehanga choli

When it comes to observing, then it includes overall angles including the back. Here you can see the image that has multiple beautiful back designs of the net blouse, and picking any of them will let you explore the beauty of the world.

72Transy back net blouse

It is the competitive era that has the deadly requirement of updating according to the trend for marching with the century, and if you are looking for the updating yourself then look at these couple of full sleeved heavy embroidery transy back net blouse that fits appropriately to your needs.

71Different choices net blouse

This image has the different net blouse designs for your different choices. All the designs are beautiful and uniquely designed that will let the people see your real beauty that was hidden.

70Net blouse with net sari

The net blouse looks beautiful with any fabric of sari, but when it comes to wearing net sari with a net blouse, then you need to be more attentive to your selection. This off boat neck floral print net blouse in dark green and transy back sleeveless net blouse with pretty embroidery can be the better selection.

69A bold look with net blouse

Bold beauty gets better eye-catching is has dressed up well, and the better dress up you can see in this full sleeved stand collar dark-grey color blouse with the matching sari and cream color semi sleeved heavy embroidery blouse with matching sari is giving a look that is called a perfect bold beauty.

68Party wear net blouse

Party is a place where you want to look the best and different. A pretty combination of navy blue and yellow color in full-sleeved net blouse is the one that can let you look the best and blue-purple shade full sleeved heavy work blouse is the that will give you a different look than others.

67Sparkling net blouse

Top blouse designs with quarter sleeves

Here is a sparkling net blouse in blue color and half sleeved to give your look an eye-catching spark that no one can avoid to see and say wonderful.

66Contrast color net blouse

There is a specific language of colors that can burst into beauty with net blouse designs as you can see in this image with a couple of designs. These three 4th sleeved heavy embroidery blouses in dark maroon and cream color have the potential to speak a lot about your beauty.

65Oval shape back open net blouse

There are several designs of the blouse, but when it comes to trying latest designs, then you need to look at this picture that has oval shape back open sleeveless net blouse design with pearly work and another side full sleeved net blouse with stonework that is perfect to give you a different look.

64Square shape transy back open net blouse

Deep neck blouse is one of the favorite designs, but if this deep neck is covered with net and decorated with buttons, then it starts giving a transy back open net blouse to provide you with new glory as in the image it has given.

63Latest net blouse

This fashion world has a race where every woman wants to get the top ranks in being the latest fashion. This pink full sleeved net blouse with heavy embroidery and blue color three 4th sleeved net blouse will let you be top in the race of style.

62Bold off boat neck net blouse

Sexy look appeals a lot, and if you want to be an appealing beauty, then these both sleeveless off boat neck net blouse will be the right choice to get the look of a bold and sexy woman.

61Cape style net top for lehenga

Latest blouse designs with zardosi work

Hasn’t it become all so boring and usual when we see people wearing cropped blouses on lehengas? It is much needed that people be the change so, you can be one by wearing one of these blouses which is looks like a top. It has visible back net with a design embroidered and cape hanging both sides with simple yet fine details to mark a statement piece to your lehenga.

60Full sleeves net blouse of beads

A sheer tulle blouse that is full sleeves has beauty to it in the form of shiny beads on both the sleeves as well as on the front and back. The sleeves as they end by the wrists have basic design as a border is going to give your saree a contemporary look and not specifically traditional. The beads have been spaced apart from each other in perfect lengths, any body would love to settle for this piece.

59Sheer blouse with kundan work

Yes, you read that right, Kundan work on top of net on a three-fourth sleeved blouse that has net just on the arms. Kundan work done on the front and on the net, make it look extra beautiful and give the net blouse its authentic taste by adding some more beauty to it.

58Boat neck blouse with fringe details and net at the front

Style has no limited definition especially when human brain has undefined creativity. Such is the explanation of this prettiest off-white blouse that has golden embroidery, fringes and a net on the front of the boat neck blouse. A bridesmaid can definitely pull off this look with much grace and look ethereal.

57Cape style sheer blouse

A blouse that has a little net cape over it makes the embroidery underneath it looks all the way more stylish. As these capes are not just exact capes but serve the purpose by adding a fashion statement to afloral embroidered blouse with beautiful details. Even a simple saree can make you look gorgeous, all thanks to the super-hero blouse.

56Sophisticated white sheer blouse design

This white sheer blouse with a fabulous floral pattern imbedded on the back and embroidered on the sleeves is notching up the look of the lay. With a subtle cognac bun and pearl jewelry, this statement blouse will add a dazzling sheen to your attire.

55Black Mesh Sheer Net Sleeve Blouse

Latest blouse designs with beads work

Adorn this summer staple blouse to your social gatherings with friends or birthday / anniversary celebrations to bring back the mega sleeve rend in vogue. Turn up the mercury as you drape a rose or pastel colored saree with this astonishing blouse that will take away the breath of people instantly.

The quirky neck design in the form of trapeze and structured blouse exudes a tailored-fit lady-like feel. Give it a twist and add your individual style by going overboard with silver junk fashion jewelry.

54Royal Blue Racerback Sheer Net Blouse

Racerback tops are a rage, so why not blouses? Switch to ethnic this season and immerse in stylish designs hovering the market. In this royal blouse racerback beauty, you will look no less than a million-dollar diva. Get a high on glam and flaunt it right on the dance floor as you shake a leg and glue those eyeballs.

53Royal white sheer net blouse design

Madhuri’s white blouse with net sleeves and beautiful layers got our jaw dropped on the floor. This royal blouse is straight from the Mughal time with an aura that would spell a cast and leave us magically spellbound.

52Mint blue full sleeves net blouse

Another age-defying actress Raveena Tandon adorned this regal mint blue net sleeve blouse to an event recently. The sheer detailing on the blouse with gold sequins outlining the border acts as a pop-up to the subtle shade.

The saree that is reflective of the current trend coordinates perfectly with the subtle minimalist and fancy blouse. Full-sleeves net is symbolic of dreamy princess state of mind.  We’re absolutely crushing at this gorgeous ensemble.

51Ethereal White Lace Sheer Net Blouse Design

Look at this artistic epitome of sheer net blouse design that is totally captivating and swoon-worthy. The conversation starter kitschy white sheer blouse converges with laces and intricate detailing at the back.

It can be gorgeously paired with contrasting sarees to create a statement look. Tie your hair in a low side bun and add fashionable silver trinkets to turn up the heat.

50Sheer Net Floral Embroidered with Yellow Buster Blouse Design

Often spotted your favourite celebrities and socialites adorning such peculiar designs with grace. We spill a little secret to you. Net blouses are going big and strong this season, they are in vogue and you can easily find a plenty of designs and colors online and get them tailor-made.

This ecstatic and jaw-dropping net blouse featuring an array of floral motifs with a neon bustier underneath catches our fancy and lures the damsel within us.

49Deepika Padukone’s Designer Full Length Embroidered Net Blouse Design

Boat neck blouse designs

Immerse in elegance and bask in the glory of surreal sighs as the guests go overboard with your eccentric fashion sense. This Deepika Padukone-inspired sheer net full-length embroidered blouse is an absolute stunner and you can totally rock it at gala nights or formal soiree with equal ease.

Pair it with sheer net saree and play flirty with your long locks. We bet your man would be taken aback!

48Sonam Kapoor Black sheer net Blouse Design with Alluring Pattern

Ain’t nobody strikes a lasting impression than the gorgeous formidable sensational Sonam Kapoor. This staggeringly alluring detailed sheer net black blouse with nude saree draped to perfection is a reminiscence of sophistication and poise that a lady embarks.

We love how she has styled this outfit like a boss with neatly slick back bun and minimalist pearl drops to add the natural grace to her look.

47Signature Kareena Kapoor Black Net Blouse

The sculpted beauty Kareena Kapoor knows how to nail the breath-taking outfits and this hit Item Number tops the chart when it comes to taking inspiration for your next blouse design.

This glamorous blouse will add an instant oomph to your outfit and overall look and give other trends  run for money.

46Peach Net Embellished Boat Neck Blouse Design

Straight from runway to suit your trendy desires, we bet you can never go wrong in this pretty pastel peachy net sheer blouse with embellished neck.

This boat neck blouse is a stunning addition to your wardrobe and can be easily paired with flowy pastel hued sarees to create a graceful lady-like appearance. Step down the aisle in style with pastel pops.

45Metallic Fusion net Blouse Design

Go futuristic or go home in this intricately mesh fusion net sheer blouse. It can be paired effortlessly with colourful attires and you can rock the chic vibe. Take this up a notch with added blings and embellished jewels.

44Blue net full sleeve blouse

net blouse design with full sleeves

I am sure very few people have see this type of unusual blouse design. It is a net blouse design that is has net throughout the sleeve. The back portion is open wide only two horizontal borders are placed right at the back portion. The placement of the borders is just above the waistline of individuals. You can try in for any occasion.

43Pink full neck blouse

full sleeve pink net blouse design with transparent neck and hands

Top blouse designs with high neck

The lady is wearing glittering pink blouse. It is closed till the neck portion. But the breast portion is having a different variety of cloth. It is having the glittering combination of blue and gold.

Also some parts of pink color is absolutely mixed in it. The rest portion of the blouse is totally filled with the see through pink cloth. This can be worn by ladies with any type of saree preference.

42Yellow net blouse for morn

half sleeve net blouse design with embroidery

This is an exclusive variety of yellow blouse that is having a beautiful cut right at the back. As you can see that the sleeves are having some solid brasso material cloth along with a bi color image. One is actual yellow color and another is orange tone yellow color. The buttons and hook are placed at the back. Also an inverted heart shaped opening is done at the back.

41White net back blouse

heavenly transparent back neck net blouse designs

This is one of the exclusive collections of blouse that is white in color and is having net see through variation. The entire back is covered with a very thin net cloth but is having an appearance that the back portion is having no clothes. There are 4 designs.

The first one is having the design appearance in the mid position; second one is covered entirely with stones at its middle. The third one has several strings from both sides and a stone in the middle. Likewise the fourth and 5 ones are having exclusive designs as well.

40Yellow celebrity style net blouse

net saree and net blouse design with transparent neck top

As you can see that the famous celebrity Kareena Kapoor is wearing the blouse design, you must be willing to get it for yourself. There are some golden button works over the neck and also the golden zari designs at the sleeves. The layout of the entire blouse is known as boat neck design. It is actually an exclusive design that has been found out to complement your looks.

39Pink and blue net blouse design

transparent blouse design with beads and work

As you can see in the image, the net design blouse is quite different as compared to other blouses available in the market. The entire body of the blouse is pink in color.

The small embroidery inverted dew drop design is placed at the entire back portion. Also over the sleeves there are flower like designs. The design does not end here. Rather, there are two borders in the either sides over the back and below just above the waistline.

38Black brasso net celebrity style

full sleeve net blouse design with floral designs

The well known celebrity must be the idol of many of us. We love not only her acting but also her attire. The blouse design that she is wearing here is really exclusive. The see through black net is placed over the entire body which is full sleeved over the hands.

But the thick black cloth is placed at the front position to make it look great. You can wear this blouse with any type of sarees.

37Purple net and chanderi blouse

net blouse with transparent back and half sleeves wit pattern

Sheer & lace blouse designs

This is a simple but sober variety of blouse that comes with the light purple variety. The exclusive design is portrayed at the back portion of the blouse. The rest portion such at the front and lower back is portrayed with the chanderi variation. The light and dark contrast with golden zari work looks really amazing.

36Black net blouse with front embroidery work

deep neck net blouse design with full sleeves and embroidery

The blouse design portrayed here is having an exclusive design. Yes it is true that the entire fabric of the blouse is made with the black net design. But the collar is having a different look.

Rather the entire beauty of the blouse is associated with the designed collar work.  You can wear this design blouse with any light color saree. The contrast will be exclusive.

35White lucknow chikan blouse with transparent net design

celestial designer net blouse

The lady wearing the white blouse with the self color flower looks really exclusive. It is an exclusive lucknowi chikan style that makes the lady look elegant. The border of the saree is having the embroidery work as well.

The blouse is so sober with the white stitch work that even if you wear a saree that is totally plaintive, it will go really well.  You can wear it with any type of black saree to give it a contrasting look. The matching jewelry along with it will make it much more attractive in front of mass.

34Net sleeves and neck blouse design

The particular variety of blouse portrayed in the picture looks amazing with the flower of different colors in the front portion of the blouse along with net overlapping the entire blouse design. You can drape any color sari with this.

33Simple net blouse design

If you are fond of red color dresses, this particular blouse with red net covering the sleeves totally from top to bottom and back portion will be exclusive. The black color sari will match with this.

32Latest boat neck net blouse design

The designer white color net blouse has designs over its long sleeves and a glittery white cloth is used in the front portion of the blouse as well. You can wear this in any night party to get glitter looks.

31Black net back and net sleeves blouse

Latest blouse designs with full sleeves

The front portion of the blouse has a beautiful opaque fabric with pink and black combination. But the sleeves as well as back portion of the blouse design has black net to make the look different.

30Embroidery net blouse design

Black color net sleeves and back blouse looks exclusive when the lady wears it with the same color lehenga choli. If you are having some marriage party to attend of your friends or relative, this will be probably a perfect deal.

29Back open net blouse with high collar blouse

beautiful designer net blouse with transparent back and sleeves

Today, the net blouse with full sleeve hand as well as collars is also an important design to quote with. This is one among the exclusive designs with a vertical eye shape lens design formed at the back.

28Black net blouse with back threads

Dazzling look in the party will be achieved with the black blouse portrayed in the image that has front portion designed with glittering cloth and the rest portion such as back and sleeves executes exclusive net design. Wear a red chiffon sari with this to be an attraction in the party.

27White net back blouse design

v back net blouse design with mega sleeves

Blouse design presented by the model is little different with front portion designed with chanderi cloth forming a curved V shaped pointing the naval. The sleeves and back portions are made up of off white net.

26Boat neck net blouse design with beautiful back

designer net blouse design with mega hand cut

The coffee color net is used over the sleeves as well as back portion of this blouse with little opaque cloth used under the net. Even the net is not completely plain or ordinary. Rather, you can get exclusive tree like structure and glittering work all over.

25Net hands blouse design embroidered

embroidered net hands blouse design with stone work

Latest deep neck blouse designs

Net sleeve blouse has beautiful golden flower image at its hand sleeves along with a wonderful border at the sleeve. The lady wearing the blouse with the blue sari is looking perfect to grace the occasion.

24Back open net blouse design with beautiful semi transparent back

Latest net blouse design with transparent back and bead work

The red color blouse has opaque line up over the front portion and the sleeves as well as the back has exclusive red net design along with a different border across the sleeves. You can try this in any of the casual occasions.

23Backless net blouse design

The net blouse design is made up of black color net completely with black color leaf designs surrounding the neck. The hand sleeves as well as back portion also look perfect with the light color lehenga.

22Blouse designs with net back and net sleeves

floral deep back neck net blouse design with bead work

The yellow color net blouse has an exclusive look with the back as well as front design little different. The back side of the blouse has the net along with the flowers pasted at the back. Get a yellow color sari and make yourself look different.

21Net sleeves black blouse design

sweetheart blouse design with floral full sleeves

Look at the sleeve of the black net design blouse with its sleeves made up of net completely throughout the hand sleeves along with leaves and flower like appearance with the same color thread.

20Lace work backless net blouse design

net blouse design with lace back

The blue color blouse with neck at the back and sleeve can be ideal for any type of casual occasion during the summer season.

19Net sleeves beads blouse design

Top blouse designs for lehenga choli

The model wearing the yellow color net blouse have an exclusive self design across the sleeves. It is here with the boat neck and is bordered with wonderful sleeves. The yellow color will make you look brighter.

18Quarter net sleeves & net back blouse design

Red color net is used in making this blouse with the black color cloth used under the net in front. The rest of the portion has simply red color net.

17Patch work net back blouse design

White color blouse design with net back and net sleeve has a very gorgeous design at the back as well as its sleeves. You can easily drape a golden color sari with this exclusive designer blouse.

16Heavy work blouse design with net back

sweetheart cut net blouse design with mirror work

This is a light blue net blouse with very attractive appearance at the back as well as across the sleeves. The same color sari will be really suitable to creates a beautiful look.

15Lace work on net blouse design

transparent net blouse design

The sea green color net is used with prominent leaves of the same design is placed along with combination of blue color band from the front covering little portion of back. Go for a beautiful sari to drape with this blouse.

14Black net blouse design with very short sleeves

As you can see in the picture, the net blouse design with the see through over the back portion looks really attractive on the female. The lady gets a different appeal when a knot is tied at the back just the line above the waist. This blouse will go well with any type of light color saree.

13Net blouse with high neck

V neck blouse designs

The high neck blouse of white color looks gorgeous on the lady who is wearing it in contrast with the saffron color sari. The sleeves and the front portion of the blouse have net finish. Also some leaf like pattern is sculpted over the net design to make a distinct appearance and design.

12Back net blouse with border

The blouse design of the lady is quite different as compared to different types of net design. Here, the net is just at the back of the lady with button style placed in the vertical position at the middle. Also the surrounding places are provided boundary with beautifully printed cloth. A thin golden border is placed over the hand sleeves and the back portion of blouse just below the neck.

11Net blouse with orange flowers

The blouse have white color cloth at the lower front and back portion. The actual style lies in the upper portion of the blouse. Yes, the net is placed in the upper portion right at the front and back along with very small thread design where orange flower is portrayed. Other thread works that are portraying the leaves of the flower also gives a different appeal to the lady wearing it.

10Net blouse design with velvet finish

The maroon color blouse design makes the lady look really attractive. A V neck is formed with the same color net at the upper portion of the chest. This is the portion where a see through appearance is made. Just under the see through design you can see the coverage with the velvet cloth that is having a different look.  You can get this blouse for a party wear. Get a light color saree or same color to go with this blouse.

9Short sleeve blouse design with transparent upper back

This is a latest net blouse design where the transparent material has been used to make the sleeves and the upper back and front part of the blouse. The blouse has air hostess neck which has been clasped at the back with a button. The golden prints on the sheer material make this blouse look really gorgeous. This one can be ideally paired with any net or chiffon saree.

8Transparent lace based blouse design

This beautiful lace based sheer blouse design has a very artistic look. Here the short sleeves of the blouse are made of solid material, but the front part of the blouse has been made with sheer material that is covered with intricate embroidery work. This blouse is ideal to be paired with a net or lace saree and can give you the right stylish look for any party.

7Netted blouse for parties

Best blouse designs with Maggam work

If you are looking for latest blouse designs in net, this one can certainly grab your attention. Here intricate cutwork has been used on the blouse material to come up with the overall netted look. The long sleeve of the blouse and the boat neck are the other points to note. This blouse can be paired with any saree to get a stunning look that is sure to make you the center of attention in any party.

6Curved cut net blouse design

A simple “U” back blouse can turn to an artistic piece by adding a curved net design at the back. The net material used here has intricate and rich work and has been added on the back in a pattern that covers one side of the blouse fully. The opening of the blouse at the back has also been covered by the net material in a curved fashion, giving the design a completely different look.

5Designer blouse with transparent back

This boat neck blouse has a completely sheer back. The intricate colorful design at the back, spreads for more or less the whole area, but does not cover it completely. The blouse has solid sleeves and front which compliments nicely with the sheer back design. This blouse can be best paired with a silk saree to get an artistic look.

4Net blouse with embroidery

This is another net blouse with embroidery design that can give any saree a marvellous look. Here the embroidery has been done on the front of the blouse and on the shoulder and upper part of the sleeves like a patch. The length of the sleeves is completely devoid of work. This blouse can be paired with silk, chiffon as well as net sarees.

3V neck designer net blouse design

The front of this blouse has covering intricate work which works as the main attraction of the blouse. The use of the transparent net material on the sleeves and on the upper part of the blouse, surrounding the neckline gives the design a whole new dimension. The blouse has buttons at the back. You can pair this blouse with any silk or chiffon saree.

2Net based blouse design with potli buttons

This aristocrat net blouse has full sleeves and boat neck. The transparent back has potli buttons running through the middle, which ends just above the solid waist strap of the blouse. The sleeves of the blouse are transparent and they have intricate floral vine embroidery work all over.

1Net back and sleeve blouse design in contrasting colors

This blouse has sheer back and sleeves with floral embroidery work. The back of the blouse has a not so deep “U” cut. The sleeves are full and sheer. What makes this design really special is the use of the contrasting solid waist strap, which is thicker and covers the lower part of the back of the blouse. This blouse has buttons at the front. It is ideal to be paired with silk as well as chiffon or net sarees.