Latest Maggam work blouse designs 2019 for wedding saree

Maggam work is treated as one of the heavy and expensive work applied over the blouse and saris for ladies to avail. Women from various parts of nation and abroad are inclined towards this extraordinary Maggam work of blouse. You can also wear it with during your wedding occasion.

The blouse is embellished with zardosi work along with embroidery as well as beads. You can also wear this blouse with the heavy saris to give a highlighted look or simple sari to make a balance completely. You can also order maggam work blouse online and get it delivered at your home.

35Innovation in fashion Industry

Gone are those days when ladies are restricted to only one or two types of design blouses. Due to competition in the market, it has become really important for the manufacturers and designers to bring out new collections with very competitive price. Maggam work on blouse designs looks very attractive and can be appropriate for any type of occasions such as wedding, anniversary etc.

Maggam work is mostly done over the silk base cloth or blouses. But, these days even the cotton fabrics are also used to create maggam work. Let us have a look at the collection of designer blouse with maggam work.

34Maggam work blouse with a butterfly-like back design

Latest backless blouse designs

Maggam work can make a blouse look more fashionable by combining modern and ethnic design. Back portion of your blouse appear as the wings of butterfly, and this is merged with a string-like sleeve. This blouse looks stunning mainly for its back design.

33Stripes back on maggam blouse

A young bride looks hottest with this type of blouse design. The stone and silk laces have added a unique touch to the blouse. If you prefer backless pattern, this is the best choice for you. Every stripe is embellished with stones. The heavier design at the back side has presented a classy style. The Indian brides, with slim figure, will surely look gorgeous with this blouse.

32Maggam blouse with U-shaped back

While you have worn cotton silk saree and choli, you can choose this blouse. Lots of women love this U-like back design of their blouse. You can combine it with umbrella cutting sleeves. The designer may place the beads at curves.

31Blouse with longer sleeves

If you like to cover a good part of your blouse with Maggam work, you may have this design on long or full sleeves. Decorate the back portion with pearl and golden colored flowers.

30Blouse with cap-like sleeves

The cap design makes your Maggam work blouse look much different. Silk and chiffon are the best fabric options to you. Add a twist to the sleeve and the overall look. For all the teenagers and young brides, this blouse is an amazing piece.

29Apple cut back

Latest blouse designs for Ghagra

A designer bridal saree with apple design back will make you appear much sexy. You may use pearl at the border portion of this cut. Attach a lace on the sleeves to have better look.

28Eye neck blouse

While most women focus on the backside, you can also make the front portion different. The designer cuts the front portion in an eye-like pattern.

27Blouse with V-like back

For those, who prefer bolder look, this blouse design is best. Silver colored design is approach to decorate the border of this blouse.

26Maggam flower work design

The green color shiny silk blouse with maggam work with golden thread looks stunning. You can look for the same color sari or move out for a contrast to wear with the beautiful collection of maggam work blouse. Beautiful leaves are formed with the shiny golden thread with a bunch or a cluster like appearance. The fashion world with the stunning and gorgeous look will always target this type of blouse with maggam work.

25Back peacock design maggam work

Anything on blue color will look bright and beautiful. Look at the beautiful maggam work with peacock design at the back side of the blue color silk designer blouse. The design reflects bright feel whether you are attending marriage of your relative or an inauguration party in your university or college. It will be really appropriate for ladies with age ranging from 20 years till 35. But, elder ladies will to go for bright color can also avail this. The red color patches at the hip portion of lehenga creates a great contrast with this beautiful maggam work blouse.

24Simple maggam work

Latest blouse designs with net back & net sleeves

The black color trendy blouse design is provided with a highlighting look with the maggam work on it especially at the two upper portion curves. Maggam work is so attractive that even if you don’t wear any type of jewelry with the same, it will ideally substitute the look. The blouse is very trendy as the black color is placed at the chest of the model and the rest of the designer blouse is having transparent variety with work over the neck and the hand sleeves. This is an exclusive collection of designer blouse with maggam work when you are willing to attend a party. The black color makes a great contrast with golden color maggam work in it.

23Peacock maggam work on blouse

Look at the beautiful variety of red silk blouse with the thread work forming beautiful peacocks. This is also known as maggam work which can be worn in any casual outing. If you are going to visit your relatives house who stays not very fat to your home, this exclusive maggam blouse can be put on yourself to get a trendy look. Even if you are going to attend a birthday party of your friend, this blouse with fabulous maggam work will be stunning.

22Beads with maggam work on blouse

This is another stunning collection of designer blouse with maggam work that creates a different entity on the image of the lady. The green color blouse is having an extraordinary work over the back portion of the blouse with stones of blue and yellow color along with golden zari and thread work. The design of maggam work is really exclusive when you are going to contrast it with other color sari such as white, yellow or orange. You can try this today to surprise your friends and relatives.

21Back open blouse design with maggam work


Trendy piece of unstitch blouse with exclusive maggam work will definitely take away heart of hundreds of ladies. The design is having some abstract look made with stones, zari as well as polka. Even some curved stitch borders are put over it to highlight its look. The glossy finish material of the blouse makes a wonderful look with two tone colors and shading shine. You can get both olive green color as well as yellow on the same blouse piece.

20A simple box design maggam work on blouse

Latest blouse designs with zardosi work

Today, most of the ladies go for stitched blouse from their personal tailor instead of ready made as the fitting remain is really good. This is an amazing maggam work blouse piece with beautiful golden work and stone as well as bead work at the back. The silk blouse will look amazing on your after stitching it with perfect fitting.

19Maggam flower work blouse design

Look at the beautiful maggam work design placed over the sleeve with white pearl, pink stones and even orange color stones. You can wear this blouse with any color sari such as white, orange of pink matched with the stone in it. Since the blouse is dark blue in color, it will be really easy to get a perfect match with the same color sari.

18Maggam work blouse design

Latest blouse designs with beads work

Look at the beautiful red color blouse design with maggam work throughout the sleeves as well as the back with a circular exposure at the back. The lady can wear this blouse with the white, pink as well as golden color. You can try out something contrast such as black or white which will make the blouse look distinct. This blouse can be worn in any of the casual occasion.

17Heavy maggam work blouse design

The white color georgette blouse is having very beautiful maggam work with orange and golden color thread work making a round U shaped. Even in the middle of the blouse back a wonderful maggam work is portrayed. The back neck portion is also having very small and tiny work of maggam to look attractive. The lady wearing yellow sari with white and red border complements the blouse design really well. This is ideal for any occasion celebrated in the afternoon.

16Full maggam work blouse design

Boat neck blouse designs

The butter silk blouse with with blue color base and golden work looks really attractive. The blouse design exclusively comes with golden maggam work all over the blouse. You can wear this with either blue or golden color sari which is light in quality. The hands are also having golden maggam work.

15Latest maggam work blouse design

The maroonish red color blouse is having the maggam work as well throughout its back. . You can wear this with the exclusive red color or golden color sari. You can easily make a distinguished effect on the mass with this exclusive maggam work blouse.

14Maroon maggam work blouse design

Top blouse designs with quarter sleeves

Look at an exclusive maggam work blouse design which might not match with other blouses with the maggam work. If you are among those people who wish to stay different and look different within the crowd, this is an exclusive blouse for you. The golden color maggam work over the light shade with a dazzling red stone over the blouse looks attractive with any type and color of sari you are going to try out.

13Simple maggam work blouse design

The yellow color designer blouse with maggam work over the neck and hand border is really appreciable. Even the beads are attached with the two long threads at the back of the blouse so that you can restrict falling down of the blouse from your shoulder. You can try either a black or red color silk sari along with this blouse to look different.

12Maggam work blouse design with beaded endings

Top blouse designs with high neck

This is a pink color georgette blouse over which the maggam blouse work is being allocated. The white color work with stone is really attractive over the wonderful collection of maggam work blouse. Since it is a light color maggam blouse, you can wear this on a broad day light. Any occasion during such time will be graced with this type of maggam blouse.

11Maggam work blouse design with beads work

It is an exclusive designer blouse with attractive stone design of placed at two sleeves with a red stone in the middle. The maggam work blouse design goes really well the golden sari draped by the lady in a traditional look. This is a really gorgeous blouse design to make you look attractive in any occasion.

10Maggam work blouse design with attractive beads

Sheer & lace blouse designs

See how beautiful the blouse design looks with stones of different shapes and pattern. The oval shaped peal stone is placed at the middle with small orange beads around. The pink color stones are again placed over the orange color beads. All of them look simply fabulous on this designer blouse with jute finish. This design will be ideal for the display of ethnicity.

9Maggam work blouse with black and gold

This is a great blouse of Maggam design that is having black color at the end and the cream color at the top with exclusive golden maggam work. This is a category of maggam blouse which can be worn when you are going to attend a party or a very special occasion. You can wear this as well when you are going to date with your special one.

8Maggam work blouse with gold thread

Latest blouse designs with full sleeves

The exclusive Maggam work blouse can be none other than the one displayed in the picture that too with the silver thread and glitter all over. The polki work along with the silver thread work looks really amazing with this white blouse. This will be an exclusive dress for any party which you want to attend with your favorite friends and life partner. The collection of this silver work maggam blouse design is unique and exclusive. You can try this today to surprise your dear ones.

7Maggam work blouse for bridal wear

If you are looking for traditional maggam work blouse design, this is the best. Today, ladies are considering maggam work blouse designs even for their wedding. This blouse with the white base and orange, purple and pink maggam work looks really attractive on the lady. The lady wearing silverfish white color sari with red and orange border looks exclusive with this particular maggam blouse design. Even you can wear this combination of blouse with contrasting red or orange color at your reception party.

6Maggam work blouse with sleeveless design

Latest deep neck blouse designs

This is one of the trending maggam work blouse design. Today, most of the ladies are adopting the sleeveless designed blouse in all variation of blouse. Even the makers of maggam work blouse have realized the fact and have initiated the same in their work. The particular blouse with the maggam work looks really attractive with sleeveless design and attractive work in two sides of the blouse at the back. The red color blouse with golden maggam work is an exclusive collection. This can be suitable for new brides as well.

5Maggam work with deity image

As you can see in the picture, the blouse as portrayed over the screen is having a unique design. Have you ever seen a blouse where image of religious god exists? Yes, this is the particular blouse with such a spontaneous look. You can wear this blouse exclusively in a religious function.

4Parrot green blouse with maggam work

Top blouse designs for lehenga choli

The parrot green color depicts the sweetness especially when you are wearing it on a bright day light. This blouse is having maggam work by using pink and off white thread over the parrot green color background. Yes, those are the images of peacock placed at each block of the maggam blouse. This will give you a sober look in all occasion.

3Red gorgeous maggam blouse

If you are willing to get a blouse to wear in a special religious occasion, this bright red color gorgeous blouse must be within your hold. It is not totally red by also the dark pink color is mixed with the sari to make the combination well and attractive. Also the golden work is placed all over the blouse especially denser over the sleeves and back.

2Red blouse with contemporary maggam work

Pattu blouse designs

Some ladies definitely wish to go ahead with the maggam design but the heavy traditional work is what they don’t like. Yes, the teenage girls are having a different type of thought process in this regard. For all of them, this blouse variety will be ideal. Yes, this is the blouse which has a simple design and a great look all together to wear in all occasion.

1Rich embroidery maggam work


The maggam blouse design is little different as compared to the rest of the sari blouse. It has the rich embroidery over the dark violet color blouse and the thread work of gold, red and blue color in some portions. The blouse looks really amazing and wonderful. You can easily wear it while you are going to attend a party or a religious function.  You will definitely look wonderful.