Latest blouse designs for Lehenga choli or half sarees in 2018

Half saris are really popular today as people staying in India belong to several religions and follows different cultures. Even the dress is an important factor they consider along with food and worship. There are costumes that look like saris totally but actually are far different from saris. These are known as half saris that come with blouse.

You can either wear a stitched blouse or a ready made variety with these types of half saris placed in front of you. You can now have a look at latest blouse designs for half saris from this article. Today, most of the brides are choosing bridal lehenga choli for their pre-wedding party with this latest blouse design for lehanga choli.

Sari is a traditional costume, but in this modern age very few ladies are very efficient in wearing saris. Rather, draping a sari becomes really complicated for them. Instead half saris or lehenga choli are quite easy to wear as it includes a long skirt, blouse and a chunni that works as an aanchal of the sari. The trend of half sari has come from south India, which has also been depicted in most of the movies that has been shot in the southern part of India.

Lehenga saris are one of its varieties which look really stunning during when you wear it during an occasion where they prefer bridal lehenga choli. You can now get designer blouses that go really well with such variety of half saree blouse pattern.

Blouse designs are something that is going to change repeatedly with the trend. A few years back people adopted a particular neck cut, but today the trend has changed and people are adopting a different variety of neck. Lehenga choli is one of the traditional dress that is adopted by the ladies staying in Rajasthan and Jaipur. These days half sarees are quite popular as draping it will be really easy. Let’s find out the blouse design for both the categories.

Latest blouse designs for half saris

36Boat neck blouse for lehenga choli

V neck blouse designs

Do you want to look gorgeous all the time? This sleeveless magenta color heavy embroidery blouse and cold hand heavy maggam work blouse greenish blue shade will always keep your appearance beautiful.

35 Blouse designs for heavy work lehenga choli

Now let’s have a look in these blouse designs for your heavy work lehenga. If you are wearing cream color heavy work lehenga, then this full sleeved green shade heavy maggam work blouse will be the best, and magenta shade half sleeved heavy maggam work blouse is the best compliment with this heavy work lehenga.

34 Blouse designs with modal look for lehenga choli

Have you ever been jalousie seeing a beautiful modal? Now you can also have a look of modal while wearing lehenga you need to make a right choice of blouse design. This three 4th sleeved heavy maggam work blouse in cream color with banarsi touch lehenga and full sleeved shirt pattern lehenga in velvet fabrics is incredible to get a modal look.

33 Designer blouse for lehenga choli

Once again here is an image with beautiful blouse designs that can give you a modal look. All you need to pick the perfect blouse design for your lehenga choli and explore the floor with your stunning beauty.

32 Royal blouse designs for lehenga choli

The blue color is usually known as a royal shade that enhances the beauty, and if you select a blue shade of half sleeved heavy embroidery blouse for your lehenga choli, then nothing can be better than this to appreciate your real beauty.

31 Darkly shaded blouse for lehenga and choli

Give yourself a bold look with this dark shade blouse with lehenga choli. Whatever the design you select out of them will let you look a perfect bold beauty while keeping you in the limelight.

30 Stunning blouse for lehenga choli

Latest blouse designs for party wear

Stunning look demands the stunning designs that can be a perfect your match with the better compliment, and this navy blue sleeveless thread embroidery blouse and semi sleeved pink color boat neckline blouse is fantastic to meet your needs.

29 Tangy half sleeved heavy embroidery blouse for lehenga choli

It is an alluring tangy half sleeved blouse with heavy maggam work for lehenga choli that can keep you highlighted among people while giving making you miss charming.

28 Pretty red color blouse for lehenga choli

Red color is the symbol of love and wearing red color makes you more lovely especially when it comes to wearing lehenga red color looks fantastic as you can see in this image with two beautiful semi-sleeved embroidery blouse for lehenga choli.

27 Back open blouse for lehenga choli

Here is another blouse design that has wholly adopted the latest style with the traditional touch. This heavy embroidery blouse with semi sleeves and round shape back open makes it a perfect combination of tradition and latest fashion.

26 Back string blouse for lehenga choli

A half sleeved blouse with back string and pretty zing-lings in golden color is the design that can not only give you a perfect look but also get you to appear more attractive while carrying a classic look.

25 Especially designed blouse for lehenga choli

If you have the craze of designer dresses, and if you are searching the best blouse design for your lehenga then don’t go anywhere have a look in these both blouse designs that have appealing heavy embroidery that makes it the best for you.

24 Bridal blouse for lehenga choli

Trending V neck blouse designs

The wedding is a special day when you want to look the most beautiful lady in the world, and to make your dreams come true these two bridal designed heavy maggam work blouse for lehenga choli can make your wedding day more special.

23Multicolored blouse for lehenga choli

Color place a vital role to showcase the beauty, and seeing this image of blouse designs you will also believe the statement strongly. These entire multicolored blouses with the right choice of lehenga will let you expose the real beauty of you.

22 Gorgeous full sleeved blouse for lehenga

This gorgeous red color heavy embroidery full sleeved blouse with dark green color heavy work lehenga is comparatively beautiful with this black color full sleeved that has multicolored thread embroidery in neckline and sleeve line will be the right choice to enhance the glow of your beauty while wearing lehenga choli.

21Blouse design for half saris

Beautiful white color net blouse with white color lace in the front portion will be really stunning when you wear it with any type of half saris. If you have a half saris with lower and blouse of white color with some patches, this white color designer blouse will be appropriate and even with the latest trend as it comes with sleeveless variety.

20Simple work sleeves blouse design for half saris

Lady looks stunning with blouse color half saris with the lower part combined with total blue shade and a border of green color. Chunni is of green color which matches well with the lower part of half saree, which is bordered with green color. Now, if you want to get an appropriate blouse that chances suites with this sari, the beautiful dark green and golden design blouse will be appropriate. Embroidery blouse design for lehenga choli in green color looks grand along with thread words around beads.

19Full hands blouse design for half saris

Look at the very beautiful blouse design with Chinese collar. The model is looking really different with black color sari with the upper part designed with very small and sober prints. The designer blouse is so attractive that you can wear this with other colors of saris or half saris. You can wear this in any type of official meeting or a formal gathering.

18Latest blouse design for lehanga choli

Trending blouse designs

The beautiful chaniya choli worn by the model is totally contrasted as the lower and upper part has different colors and designs. But, look at the designer blouse embroidery designs which she is wearing. It is neither blue color as its lower part nor pink color similar to its chunni, rather it is really fashionable blouse design which goes contrast with the half sari collection.

17Back open blouse design for half saris

Another very attractive contrast half sari design is depicted in the picture showed above. The lower part is having a dark blue color with its borders in red, maroon and rust in tricolor with white colored threads in the middle that divides the colors and makes unique. The chunni is colored with dark pink along with the light blue color border. With this costume, blue color blouse with thread work in contrasting form will be absolutely stunning. Choose this best half saree blouse pattern with various colors of thread work border.

16Quarter sleeves blouse design for half saris

Lady looks very beautiful with purple color three quartered blouses with pink color band in the sleeves of two hands. Even the printed flowery design in the front of the blouse looks very attractive on her. Since the chunni she is wearing is light green color with red color border, it adds gravity to the look of the lady. Even you can try this type of blouse with your half saris in your wardrobe.

15Back open blouse design for half saris

A designer collection of half sari can be portrayed on the lady model in the ramp. She looks really stunning with light purple color lower skirt and blue color chunni at the top. The blouse is bordered just above the belly with an unusual collar and half sleeve. The reddish color blouse might be contrasted with the costume, but looks very attractive at the lady. If you are planning for your marriage and wish to wear something different, this can be one of your considerations. The back open blouse designs is the latest blouse design for lehanga choli which is an ongoing trend.

14Simple blouse designs with bridal lehenga choli

The model in this picture is wearing a blouse of white color with a very different design. You won’t get its resemblance to the patent style of blouse designs as this looks totally different. The overall body of the blouse fitted really well with an exclusive golden border in the front of the blouse. The sleeve is short but has loose appearance.

13Work blouse designs for half saris

The most attracting yellow and pink combination half saree with blouse pattern turns everyone’s attention. The girl in yellow and light and pink is wearing half saree with the lower part yellow in color and the blouse of pink along with the pink color gorgeous dupatta. It is a simple blouse with net finish and golden work over the sleeve bordered with yellow cloth. You can try this simple and sober style.

12Latest blouse design for half sari

Trendy blouse designs with collar neck

The half sari with blue color lower and Pallu of green with the golden border will definitely catch your eyes. The blouse which the lady is wearing is totally contrasted with the half sari. Yes the dark green and copper gold combination is very attractive which is bordered in the sleeves with the green color border.

11Simple blouse design for half sari

The lady model with the dark purple color half sari is looking amazing with embroidery blouse design stitched of the same color. It has a square shaped neck in the front with the short sleeve. The golden work all over the blouse is looking very attractive. You can also try out these types of blouse designs. The latest embroidery blouse design for lehenga choli is attracting in a unique color.

10Latest blouse design for half sari

The dark pink and purple color combination on the lower part of half sari portrayed over the model is very attractive. The blouse worn by the model is purple in color with round shaped neck and beads throughout the neck and sleeves. The lower portion of the blouse that touches the upper portion of belly is little loose that makes the lady breath comfortably.

9Simple work blouse design for half sari

The beautiful embroidery blouse design for lehenga choli adds a beautiful look with floral design on full sleeves. The beige color sari worn by the lady looks really different with the blouse embroidery designs of the same color, but several thread works over the sleeve of the hands and throughout the body. The front portion and back is made with the brown color cloth with the beige color stitch work over the blouse. Even if it is a full sleeve blouse, the lady gets a very different look altogether.

8Mega sleeves blouse design for half sarees

As you can see the half sari with black lower with orange border is hanging and the fancy orange dupatta, similarly a very pretty blouse of black and gold color has also been hanged. It is a short sleeve blouse with silver zari border on the hand sleeves and the shoulder. The back and front neck are highly exposed to give you an appeal.

7Black blouse design for half sari

The model walking over the ramp is wearing the gorgeous half sari with red color lower with several golden work and the pallu of red with having golden border. In order to highlight the color of the half sari, a black color full sleeve blouse is put on with a round shape from the front.

6Transparent blouse design for half sari

Awesome backless blouse designs

The blouse is made up of transparent net material with golden cloth placed in the front portion, leaving the sleeves and shoulders absolutely see through. Since it has a light pink color, border throughout the shoulder and front portion, you can easily wear this with costumes of the same color.

5Latest blouse design for half sari

The half sari with green and pink combination is having broad and gorgeous border throughout the lower and the pallu portion. Even the blouse worn with this half sari is purple in color that contrasts the particular dress and creates attractiveness towards the crowd looking into the lady wearing this half sari. The blouse is bordered with beautiful border below the breast along with a very thin Bi color border placed in the front portion of the blouse. The padded designer blouse looks very attractive without any other accessories.

4Golden backless blouse for half sarees

As you can see in the picture this particular blouse for lehenga and choli is meant for party wear. The entire blouse is a golden color with the flakes all over along with the adjustable thread at the back. This thread is really important as it will adjust the size of an individual’s body fitting with the attire. You can tighten or loosen the same.

3White and coffee color half saree blouse pattern

The combination over here is really stunning as well as sober. If you are willing to go for the light color variation, this white color lower part and the blouse with coffee color along with white flowers look really amazing. The blouse has got boat neck at the front and two buttons at the back one at the top and other below to tie it down.

2Red shoulder down lehenga blouse

These days the shoulders down dresses are really attractive and are adopted by many ladies around the world. Even if you are from a different nation rather than India, this blouse would be within your wardrobe. You can easily get it from the online stores or can stitch through your tailor. The model looks really stunning with this variety of the shoulder off the dress.

1Square style lehenga choli blouse

This type of blouse really looks stunning, especially when you are going to an indo western concert. It will be not full traditional half sarees or totally western. Rather, it will be indo western attire that suites you look and the purpose in a long run. Try this today and see response from people.