Latest blouse designs 2019 for wedding & parties

Ladies wearing sari on a regular basis or an occasional basis would like to find designer blouse with amazing design and pattern. Whether you want low back blouse or that with collar can be decided after having a view of the wide collection of blouse. The designer blouse has become really popular in the market today as those designs give a different look to the lady.

34Pink mirror work blouse

Latest blouse designs with beads work

Are you looking for the blouse that makes you look attractive during party or wedding? This is an exclusive variety of blouse that is having the mirror work all over the blouse. The exclusive collar over the back portion of the blouse also looks great. The mirrors are organized in a perfect way with small ones over the top and then the bigger ones. You can try this with a light or a dark color blouse.

33Golden yellow full sleeve party blouse

Look at the variety of golden yellow blouse design which is having its work over the collar portion, sleeves as well as the front portion. The rest portion of the blouse is having the use of the thin chiffon material fabric. Over the front neck portion just downside of the collar, the blouse is having twisting pleats. It is somewhat of Japanese style. You can look really different within your wedding party.

32Red blouse with the triangle cut at back

The well focused blouse is having red color over its base portion. Even the work is really heavy which you can wear during the wedding party. There is a triangular back right at the back portion of the blouse. The work is made up of silver and the gold. You can wear this blouse in any of the traditional occasion may it be a party or marriage occasion. This can be matched with sari or lehenga.

31Dense mirror work party blouse

Boat neck blouse designs

This is a boat neck blouse design that is having mirror work over the sleeves and the top portion. The back portion is also having the same mirror work. The front chiffon cloth is of pink color that matches with the pinkish orange variety of saree. The border is also having a heavy work all over. You can wear this blouse with the saree to suit your party look.

30Orange and black party wear blouse

This is an exclusive orange color blouse that is having black color border at the lower portion. The upper portion is having orange color with black and orange color small stones. The back portion is having zig and zag lace variety just like a show lace. You can easily tie this up over the shoulder portion. The sleeveless blouse design looks really great with your attire. If you wish to look simple in a party, this is a great blouse to wear.

29Green and pink combination party blouse

This is an exclusive variety of blouse that is having embroidery stitch work. There are several half circles. One is having at the top, then in the middle and the last one is at the end. The first and the last ones are green in color whereas the middle one is pink in variety. Even the blouse is having a design of inverted shape . The stitch work is looking really great with the border over the sleeves. Also the border looks really great.

28Browinish golden blouse with dark peach

Top blouse designs with quarter sleeves

This is totally a different variety of blouse that is having vertical stripe of blouse that stretches from the collar till the chest line of the body. The back portion of the blouse is having a dark peach color cloth. It looks really great with the glitters and chumkis over the back and front. You can wear this with any type of party saris.

27Golden and red party wear blouse

The combination of the blouse with the golden sleeves and the red color design at the front portion looks really great. The lady is wearing this blouse with the same color saree. The saree is also having exclusive work all over. This will be best for all those who wish to wear sarees and dresses with gorgeous and exclusive work. The blouse is also having piping over the sleeves and the back is having the red color string that makes the shoulder stay upright.

26Golden traditional blouse with glitter design at back

The whitish golden variation of the blouse is having the image of glitters all over the back. The stones and chumki’s are associated with the same. This is a very well acceptable color. You can wear this with a saree or different color or rather any color of your choice. The combination as portrayed in this picture is really amazing. You can check this for your next program.

25Simple party wear blouse with white brasso

Top blouse designs with high neck

Look at the particular white color blouse that is having combination with pink color based blouse. The base of the blouse is pink and the outer color is white color. It is also having a dangle with threads from two sides of the shoulder. It looks really great when you wear a pink or a white saree. You can wear a contrast saree as well.

24Princess cut blouse design

This is one of the most versatile neck designs. It is liked by a lot of women as gives a touch of conventional and contemporary when it comes to fashion. You will find this blouse design being carried by a lot of leading ladies of B-town. Actresses like Tamanna, Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha and even Genelia D’souza has worn sarees and lehengas with this blouse design. Sonakshi was lately seen in a red lace lehenga along with a princess cut blouse for the Bridal Fashion Week at Amby Valley.

23Chinese collar blouse

Trending V neck blouse designs

Isn’t it amazing to wear a saree for a corporate event, and make it look formal rather than stylish? These blouse designs are quite formal and eventually adds a different shade to your style statement! This blouse could be an apt choice for you, if you have to present yourself for official work, for public relations, etc. The neck design aids to a professional look which is added with modesty, elegance and smartness.

This sort of blouse designs was once in trend, around two decades back. It was the evergreen actress Rekha, who used to don such a style around the 80’s and used to play a role of a typical Indian married woman. Rekha had always believed in the quote stated by Coco Chanel – ‘the lesser skin you show, the sexier you look’, and this is one reason why she never liked to expose much skin, especially while wearing a saree. Long neck with the exposed collar bone makes the design look better. You can make yourself look sensuous even with a covered back or you can have a nice cut as shown in the picture below. Nargis Fakhri has been seen wearing these sort of blouses which she gracefully carried.

22Backless and sleeves blouses

This design was been worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. It had a boat neck and was full sleeved. It is quite classy to droll at and it works well for women who are fat and have flabby arms. You can simply cover your hands and enhance your entire look.

The sleeves can depend on the structure of your arm. For instance, flabby arms can wear 3/4th to full sleeves, but toned arms can keep it sleeveless or capped sleeves. Boat neck designs go well, with or without sleeves, so you just have to match your body structure.


  • You shouldn’t opt for this design if you have broad shoulders.
  • This design is for women who have a smaller upper body.
  • Women with heavy breasts should avoid this design too.

21Spaghetti strapped blouse design

Boat neck blouse designs

Women with heavy arms must always stick to 3/4th or full sleeved blouse. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has always been very tricky when it comes to hiding her flaws from the camera. Just when she knows she has put on some weight, she gets into elegant sarees with well-sleeved blouses. These blouses also suit Anarkali suits.

Well, something which goes exactly opposite to such blouses, are the spaghetti strapped blouses. These are sensuous and have to be carried boldly. If you love to show skin, you would love to wear blouses like this. But for these designs you have to make sure that you have toned arms!

Mandira Bedi is often seen in these sorts of blouses. Pictures of Katrina Kaif had gone viral after she wore a Swarovski-encrusted spaghetti strap blouse matched with a fuchsia saree.

20Stringed back blouse

This is one such design which never seems to go out of fashion! It is a very popular Bollywood design and had gained popularity since the 90’s. This blouse pattern is regular in front but has strings at the back which are attached in a crisscross manner.

Madhuri Dix it had worn such a blouse in a recent reality show and the way she danced and carried it off, went viral all over the net! She has always been looked up to when it comes to setting trends or as an idol in an overall.

19Transparent full sleeved blouses

Latest blouse designs for party wear

This is quite a unique design, and you might just fall in love with the intricate look! It is not just trendy for this year but also looks sophisticated. It has got fabric work on the sleeves but it still reveals skin! People who would look at the design of you blouse would not only be in awe and would also be curious to figure out how exactly was it made!

You can hide your heavy arms, show amazing design and even flaunt your skin at the same time! Seems like a good deal doesn’t it? It also gives you a very seductive look as the design is appealing enough for that.

Sheer saree blouses are being loved by a lot of B-town divas. Priyanka Chopra promoted the design in Marrakech Film Festival. She was wearing a Ritu Kumar, which had transparent sleeves with intricate detailing or design. The blouse was matched with a black and golden border design, coral lip color and long danglers.

Kajol wore a similar design at the Lakme Fashion Week in 2014, where she was the showstopper for Manish Malhotra. She black sheer blouse had floral patterns and the cut was of a boat neck.

18High neck blouse designs

High neck blouse patterns are apt for tall women, especially if they are thin too. It helps them highlight their best features. Divas like Sridevi, Deepika Padukone, have carried these sorts of blouses designed by renowned designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee. These blouses can be matched with cigarette pants or palazzos and not just sarees. You can wear them under jackets and they swiftly suit almost all body types.

17Transparent top blouse designs

Latest blouse designs for half sarees

This blouse design has gained recently popularity and has been appreciated by a lot of women. The blouse is any simple color with full sleeves or half sleeves, and the beauty lies on the upper portion which is blended with a netted material. This is a see-through material, which is why termed transparent and it flaunts your shoulder and collar bones.

16Embroidered blouse designs

The trend has reversed – women not like to beautify their blouses and keep their sarees light and simple. A lot of sarees come in singular colors or with colored borders, while the blouse steals the actual beauty. In this design, we see a nicely embroidered blouse, which has been intricately designed and looks all the more eye-catching because of the cream colored saree.

15Neatly accessorized blouses

Some blouse designs are so prettily embroidered that you do not need accessories with them! In the design below, we see that the front is fully covered up and extends up to the neck. The sleeves are 3/4th and the base is in navy blue. It is further enhanced with golden embroidery, which is making it look heavy and gorgeous. The back remains open giving you a sensuous look, and you can string it up towards the tips.

When it comes to designing a blouse, these are the top trendy designs which you can go for. We must also remember that the most important aspect which we can flaunt is our back. Trying different cuts for the back is something advisable as that is one part which you can let loose and having different cuts at the back would help you stand out in the crowd. The stringed back is of course very common, but how and where to have the strings can always be switched. Sometimes you even do without the strings, and just have a deep cut with in the middle, while the border in front and at the tips are neat and thick. Choose your blouse design and hurry up for the season!

Neatly accessorized blouses with strings

Neatly accessorized blouses with strings1

Trendy blouse designs with collar neck

Bollywood is an important reference for Indian audience to choose what sort of clothes they want to wear, what is trending and what might look good on them. These blouse designs are surely going to make your festive seasons brighten with amazing prints and all you have to do is carry them well. Select the designs which you would like to wear and get them made!

14Baby pink and silver combination designer blouse

Look at the back side of this very sober yet gorgeous blouse with baby pink base and stone pasted over the blouse. The blouse carries boat neck design with tow strings coming from the both shoulders. The strong with hold the shoulder upright and restrict it from falling off. You can wear this blouse with same color sari or choose a dark color sari to contrast its look.

13Maroon blouse design with black border

This is a wonderful variety of blouse that suites really well with all types of sari. The designer bordered black lace looks really amazing with the maroon color velvet blouse. You can easily go for a black color sari along with this blouse so that it complements the blouse design really well. You can wear this blouse in any party or a contemporary wedding occasion.

12Red and green designer sari blouse

Awesome backless blouse designs

This is one of the popular designer blouses which can be adopted by you for various occasions wherever you visit. This is one of the very pretty designer blouse collections that is adopted by those who wishes to stay beautiful with trendy blouse collection.

11Sleeveless neck height blouse with floral work

The red color blouse portrayed in this picture is having floral embroidery work around the neckline and just below the neckline. The lady is wearing a sari which is totally a contrast. You may also call it as a mismatch. But, this will work really well when you are willing to set your own design as a trend setting for 2015.

10Blue color semi sees through blouse design

The fashion of see through blouse has again come with an innovative look. The blouse design portrayed in this picture is really different and makes the lady look beautiful with the same color sari. Since the color is really sweet, you can even wear this in the morning whenever you are going to attend a morning occasion.

9Tissue work designer blouse collection

Latest blouse designs for Ghagra

This year, the fashion designers have made wider range of tissue blouse available in the market. This one portrayed in the picture is one to be appreciated due to its extraordinary look. The transparent material blouse is also having cream color opaque cloth to cover the breast portion. The blouse follows a boat neck pattern with transparency and elegant look.

8Shoulder open trendy blouse collection

Many ladies have become bored of wearing same type of blouse with same pattern and design. Look at this very attractive shoulder open blouse design that suites various type of traditional costume. Since the neckline is exposed with shoulder open blouse design you can wear an attractive necklace to make it more gorgeous.

7Rani stone work latest blouse collection

The dark pink or rani color blouse is very bright in color to make the wearer look beautiful. The stone work placed around the neck and sleeve also looks very attractive. You can wear a sari with golden base with this blouse or can go for directly the base color rani or dark pink. The exclusive blouse will definitely add value to your sari in this present trend.

6Designer velvet blouse with stone work

Latest blouse designs with net back & net sleeves

This is a wonderful variation of designer velvet blouse that comes with wonderful stone work all over the blouse. The lower back and the sleeves of the blouse is totally filled with thread work and stone imbibed. The fashionable blouse will make you look beautiful in any occasion or party with a spectacular view.

5Blue party blouse with golden work

See how the lady is looking with beautiful blue blouse. She has a wonderful cut at the back of the blouse with the U shaped design from the below. Also a design is made where golden color fine work is done from the top portion. The edges have the border with same golden work and also some flowers are laid down over the blue blouse.

4Wedding blouse with jewelry at the back

As you can see in the image, the particular wedding blouse looks really pretty with the light color cloth and silver zari blouse. The color of the blouse is light peach exclusively matched with the sari. With this blouse design you can even make innovative stunts of placing the jewelry right at the back portion. If you are not very satisfied with the bright color clothing, the light color variety will be awesome.

3Pink blouse design for bride

Latest blouse designs with zardosi work

The traditional attire also includes the lehenga. This blouse design makes a perfect match with the lehenga which is associated with the all over work. You can see similar heavy work over the blouse just like the one over the lehenga design. This blouse design will be ideal for the wedding based lady.

2White color wedding saree blouse

This is one of the sober collections of wedding sari blouse design that you can wear to look different. Everyone will be wearing the glittering and bright color blouses with the traditional dress. But, you can surprise everyone by wearing this completely white attire. The blouse design does not come plain. Rather it is associated with self color work just to match with the particular sari. You will look really pretty with this.

1Greenish blue color blouse with golden work

This is one among the peculiar colors which will make you stand in the wedding occasion. If you are going to attend the wedding function of your beloved friend, this one is the wonderful blouse design you can wear with your matching saree.

You can go for variety of traditional and contemporary style blouse designs with great optimism and effectiveness with the way of wearing. The blouse designs are depicted for ladies of all age groups. Being in trend is something we all love. From casual wear to ethnic wear, we like to stay updated with all sorts of trendy ideas.