Latest High neck blouse designs for sarees

47Zippered blouse with high neck style

Boat neck blouse designs

Many women think that buttons on the blouse create a conventional pattern. You have zipper at the front portion, and it runs up to the neck. This design has offered a contemporary touch to any saree.

46Blouse with shirt-like collar

This blouse pattern has turned out to be very popular. With this shirt-like collar, you may choose full or half sleeves. You can wear a simple saree of contrasting shades. The overall look will surely become very interesting. On any festive occasion, you can choose to put on this type of blouse. Many women also like to wear it in sleeveless design, adding lots of embroidery works.

45Jacket style blouse with high neck

Jacketed blouse is one of the trendy patterns to the young women. You will look gorgeous with this type of blouse. The short sized jacket remains stitched with the blouse. You have to wear it as any normal blouse.

44Cold shoulder blouse having high neck design

While you are designing blouse for your lehengas, you may choose this style. However, this blouse also goes with any saree. It gives you a youthful look at a party.

43High neck blouse with buttons on placket

You always look for an innovative design in your blouse. This is the simplest way of showing creativity in your own style. The buttons on placket also help in creating a unique design in your blouse.

42Row of front buttons on your high neck blouse

Add three to four front buttons, and this is highly effective in developing a different design. Choose contrasting color for the buttons, and your blouse will look attractive. For all the young and middle-aged women, this blouse looks best.

41Multicolour Ikat high neck blouse design

Latest blouse designs for party wear

Drape this gorgeous hued multi colour layered blouse design with Ikat print that reflects the authentic Indian hand loom tradition. Pair it with an equally subtle and sophisticated saree to bring out the true colors of this understated yet charming blouse piece. You can take this elegant blouse to work or soiree and drown in the ocean of kindness. Toss your hair in a neat low back bun with a mermaid side braid and add the pair of dazzling drops to be the trendsetter.

40Contemporary art high neck blouse design

Embrace beauty with a touch of ostentatious art that will instantly attract the audience at large. This alluring sheer black blouse design reflect the Art Deco period at its best and the halter look further speaks volume of its edgy yet risqué fashion trendy statement. When draped simple plain nine yards of ethereal elegance, you’re sure to spell a cast on the people around.

39Velvet black net high neck blouse design


This celebrity-inspired high neck blouse design is indeed one of the most gorgeous and versatile pieces that you can ever add in your wardrobe. Let the glorious mess evoke enchanting spells as you carry this piece with a scintillating saree in élan and steal the hearts away. Team a pair of sizzling long danglers and let your tousled waves do all the talking.

38Vintage vibes high neck blouse design

Revisit the rustic old lanes of ancient India with this oh-so-breath taking Vintage Vibes high neck blouse design. The designer prodigy weaved every nook and cranny as a sheer reminiscence of the glorious past. You can absolutely grace and brace your poised diva self in this chinoise printed gorgeous high neck blouse to evoke an infectious aura.

37Designer black embellished high neck blouse design

Bowl the people at your forthcoming wedding saga or formal soiree with this statement lust-worthy designer Black embellished high neck blouse and pair it with a contrasting saree to pull off the 90’s look with panache.

36Pristine white embroidered stylish high neck blouse

Unleash the dreamy princess within you with our graceful pristine white embroidered stylish high neck blouse design and look every inch exotic. The halter neck blouse is a fit for the modern woman who loves to play the game by her own rules while the sheer details and intricate embroidery is a proof that style comes with a price of its own. You can turn heads and spell your resonating vibes effortlessly.

35Black designer runway high neck blouse

Latest blouse designs for half sarees

Strut in royalty with a slice of effervescence and a dollop of gorgeousness in this statement worthy Black designer runway high neck blouse. The sheer net detailing along with breath taking intricate details are enough to woo us encore. Play the tunes of yesteryears and sway with a Moet in one hand and your beau in another to dip in an everlasting sigh of high.

34Black zari sequinned high neck blouse

Put on your signature style statement with this floral ridden black zari sequinned high neck blouse. This overlapping silk blouse featuring embellished zardozi work will notch up your glam quotient while reviving the old-world charm. So, play your beauty cards right and don this ultra-sensational blouse to strike a lasting impression.

33Nude sheer high neck blouse

Add some drama to your subtle hourglass figure with an ecstatic dose of nude sheer high neck blouse design to amp up your wardrobe and stitch the timeless era in a divine silhouette. The cascading sheer net high neck accents will transport you to the fables and dreamy world, so paint your world alluring with this game-changing blouse design.

32Tangerine with sequins high neck blouse design

Up your ante and let the gorgeous vibes take a toll on you with his glorious Tangerine with sequins high neck blouse design. Take a whiff of fancy summer wine and breeze in the air of pastel popping peer. Enhance the beauty of the blouse by adding statement gold jewelry and let them stare at your lusty look.

31Sleveless black collard blouse

The high neck blouse as portrayed in this picture is black in color. The saree draped with it gives a matching view. The sleeveless blouse can be worn in any of the night party. Try this today and surprise your guest. The back portion of the velvet variation of the blouse is really different.  The black color glitter blouse is having borders of self color lace. Also there are some spotted black throughout the blouse. This is an exclusive variety of blouse that is having a perfect match for any party or traditional occasion. Wear this with the lehenga or saree. Try this today and make yourself flaunt in front of the mass.

30Elegant white collard blouse

Women these days are too much inclined towards the full sleeve variation of blouse. This is having brasso finish over the chest and the self work over the entire front. The white variation of the blouse is having the great look with matching jewelry design. You can use this blouse to wear with the saree with other colors as well. Since the blouse is neutral color, you can wear it with any color of saree. The white color blouse looks really attractive here.

29Purple religious blouse

Trending blouse designs

If you can look at the blouse at the first place, you will be able to get its religious image. Just look at the sleeve and you will be able to get the image of god. The blouse design is having an exclusive image at the sleeves. The front and back is having the purple color on the blouse.The designs hand work design is placed at the back portion. Also there are stitch work is combined right over the sleeves. The blouse can be matched with the white color silk traditional saree or purple. The get up is really great. You can try this blouse with a contrast saree or other religious accessories.

28Pink round back and high neck

You must have heard about the round shape of blouse. But this is not that conventional round shape. The conventional round shape makes a simple cut right from the sides of the shoulder. But here the cutting is little different. The cutting is done in such a way that people will be surprised. The mirrors are formed at the back surrounding the round shape and over the blouse sleeves. The exposure is also maximum which will create an attractive looks of yours.

27High collar red blouse

These days the blouse back designs are having a great popularity in the market. People are looking out for the designs which are really attractive. The unique designs are also having wider scopes these days. The lady wearing the red blouse with heavy work at the front and sleeves will be really exclusive. You can wear the blouse in any of the traditional occasion. Even a plain saree will go well with this blouse design.

26Black net blouse design

The blouse design as portrayed in this picture is really great. There is exposure of skin at the front, back and sleeves. But the golden orange brasso sari makes a great complement to give a perfect shape. You can wear this blouse with any of the saree as the blouse is white color that is one of the ever going color. The skin exposure at the sleeves of the blouse will be much more attractive.  The lady over here is wearing this with a orange color saree. A great gorgeous look is portrayed here.

25Black heavy work high neck

This is the silk variation of the blouse that is black in color. This is one of the gorgeous varieties of the blouse that comes with an exclusive front design. The silver work of the blouse sleeve is having flowery and leaves appearance. Also exclusive flower designed is having golden work at the front. The contrasting multi color saree goes well with this exclusive saree blouse. This is great for any of the casual outing or an official gathering. Even during winter this will be one of the best deal.

24Exclusive eye shaped blouse back

If you are looking for the stylish chiffon variety of blouse, it is absolutely here in front of you. Yes, this is the blouse where the back portion has taken the shape of an inverted eye. You can combine this with the  light pink color saree  to match well. This saree is also having a great feel if you combine this with this particular variety of blouse.

23Green and black exclusive collard blouse

Sheer & lace blouse designs

The green color blouse with a black strip at the end looks really attractive.  Also it is having an exclusive knot design tied at the back. The back of the blouse is having 3 variation of the design. The  short sleeves blouse is having  a great style with the same color saree. You can also wear this blouse with a black color saree. The contrasting view will be really attractive. The green and black combination is really very popular. If you look at the back portion of the blouse, you will be reminded of the trendy tops that has knot at the front.

22Yellow flowery high neck blouse

You must have heard about the boat neck blouse design. Yes, it is an exclusive and a new variety of blouse design where the front portion is somewhat like a boat neck but not exclusive boat neck. It is having a stylish cut around the shoulder. The blouse and saree are having a perfect equation. Just like the both which has its both the edges similar, the same way the blouse also have the same edge. The front portion of the blouse is not having any exposure; rather there are small flowery print works all over the blouse and also some thread work over the sleeves.  This is one among the blouse design that looks really simple but attractive as well. You will stay really different among the mass if you can wear this.

21Designer blouse designs with high neck

High neck blouse does not mean that the blouse should have a collar. Rather, there are blouse designs that cover the collar bone and make a ring by covering the neck from back to front. This particular feature is present in the blouse design presented by the model in the particular picture. Since the blouse is of black color, the white color sari with black lace looks really amazing. You can try this high neck blouse design when you are going for any official gatherings.

20Designer high neck blouse

The lady in the ramp is wearing a very beautiful high neck blouse with very deep sleeveless design. The light color chiffon sari with the border looks really stunning. You can now try this beautiful high neck blouse design if you want to look different in any party or occasion among your friends and relatives. Since you are wearing high neck blouse, there is no need of wearing a neck piece as your neck will be totally covered with the collared blouse.

19Work blouse design with high neck

Latest blouse designs with full sleeves

Yet another trendy and beautiful collection of high neck blouse design is portrayed on the actress Deepika Padukone who looks really attractive with the very simple attire. Though the blouse is black color with white patches a yellow and olive green color sari compliments it really well. This designer high neck blouse has a different feature which you might not be able to see in other type of high neck blouse as it comes with a zip from the front position.

18Simple work blouse design with high neck

17High neck blouse design with with full sleeves

Latest deep neck blouse designs

The gorgeous red sari becomes much more engaging when it is matched with a drak cream color blouse with spots along with a typical lace at the end part of the blouse. This high neck blouse has the matching color with that of the border placed with the red color sari. If you are going to attend a wedding occasion of one of your friends or colleague, this will be a beautiful collection for you.

16Latest high neck blouse design

15Sleeves high neck blouse design

14High neck blouse design with 3/4 sleeves

Look at the exclusive black color blouse which can be worn with both sari and other western attire. This is a wonderful black color blouse that creates a trend in the society. The blouse also has some show buttons in front along with cream color piping at two sides of the blouse. You can easily wear this with a light color sari or a bright one to look gorgeous.

13Back High neck blouse design with net

Pattu blouse designs

This is a different type of high neck blouse made on chanderi fabric and the collar is laid down in the front side and the back side is laid open with a thread to tie at the back. You can wear this blouse with any type of traditional saris.

12Designer high neck blouse

The beautiful orange and golden high neck blouse design looks fantastic with the same color sari. The collar is just half neck with a V shape appearance in front. The blouse can also have a top cutting and can be kept free from pallu in a single side.

11Heavy work high neck blouse design

Latest blouse designs for party wear

This is another beautiful type of blouse design with collar forming a water drop shape in the front with very heavy work with light color thread and zaris. This is an exclusive high neck blouse that goes with your party attire.

10Sleeveless high neck blouse design

The model is wearing a simple blue color georgette sari that has almost nothing as work but the high neck blouse of steel color brings out the beauty of the sari. You can also try this high neck blouse design today.

9Cross cut high neck blouse design

The sari blouse with the collar is looking very attractive with the chiffon fabrics. The design of the collared blouse is quite different as compared to other collar blouse as there is an overlapping style at the left side of the blouse pinned with golden beads.

8Back open high neck blouse design

Top blouse designs for collar neck

Look at the gorgeous green color velvet blouse with high neck and full sleeves along with zari work throughout. Even at the back, a steeper but a beautiful exposure is laid down by the designer to look attractive.

7High neck blouse design

The lady is wearing an exclusive variety of blouse with high neck and maroon color and beautiful embroidery at the front right corner as well. The light color sari with beautiful border makes an enticing fashion statement.

6High neck blouse design with beautiful back

Another beautiful red color blouse with collar and golden color dots throughout and some thin but sober work throughout the hand sleeves looks very attractive. You can try this particular blouse with the black color sari. This is a party wear high neck blouse to suit your attire.

5High neck blouse design with net sleeves

Latest blouse designs for lehanga choli

The model is looking very beautiful with the grey color high neck blouse and a beautiful bordered design in front. Since it is very simple but sober, you can easily wear it in some casual or traditional occasion. Just try this in your next function.

4High neck designer blouse

Look how beautiful the lady is looking with the high neck blouse design. The color combination and the style of the blouse is laid in such a way that it will absolutely go with all types of sarees. The chiffon sarees are ideally good for all these variations of blouse designs. Even this designer blouse is having little puff over the shoulder.

3Red sleeveless blouse with collar

The beautiful variety of the red blouse is having golden color flower made with the golden or brownish stitch work. Even this is bounded with the collar with the round show buttons in the front portion. Since it is a sleeveless variety of blouse an exclusive blouse will be depicted with the high neck designer blouse. Even at the half collar portion you will be able to find exclusive flower designs made with stitch work.

2Whole work high neck blouse with net sleeves

V neck blouse designs

The black color blouse with golden work over the collar looks exclusively beautiful. This is normally not very glittering. Most of the people would like to have a blouse design which is neither very gorgeous nor very plain. The blouse should be made in such a way such that it covers almost all the portions of your body without leaving any part. The high neck collar in the blouse design looks really creative.

1Designer high neck blouse

This blouse design is exclusively different as compared to other blouse design. The back portion of the blouse is having the rhombus shape with the cream color cubes. The alternate cubes are made with cloth whereas the rest have the see through variation. The sleeves of the high neck blouse are also having the same design as made at the back of the blouse. The rest of the part at the back as well as the border at the sleeve is made with purple color. The collar portion of the blouse is having the purple color along with small spots of the cream color. You must have a look at the design carefully and make an order.