Top best collar neck blouse designs for saree/lehengas

Collar neck blouses are a latest trend that is here to stay. The best thing about this design is that it gives a very aristocrat and classy look to the overall appearance of the wearer. Blouses with collar are available in different styles, patterns, designs and materials and hence gives you a wide range of options to pick from according to your choice and requirements. Collar neck blouses are an ideal fit for regular office wear at the same time these blouses can make you stand apart in a crowded party.

Collar neck blouses are an ideal fit for regular office wear at the same time these blouses can make you stand apart in a crowded party. Collar neck blouses can be paired with sarees as well as with lehengas. So, if you are planning to wear collar neck blouses this season here is the best collection for you to browse and find the one that fits you best.

Top blouse designs for collar neck

Polo neck high collar blouse

Polo neck high collar blouse

Latest blouse designs for lehanga choli

While you have no good necklace to put on for a special occasion, you can choose this neck style. This pattern not only covers your neck but also gives you comfort on the winter months.

Semi-sheer neckline with high collar

Semi-sheer neckline with high collarOn any festive day, you can wear this type of blouse. The neckline is integrated with net or lace, and that’s why you can find a unique touch of beauty with this blouse.

Jacket style blouse with collar neck

Jacket style blouse with collar neckTo have the most refined and chic look, you can rely on this design. Many women love to wear long jacket blouse with their saree. You may design it as a full sleeve blouse to use it as the best winter outfit.

Collar blouse having an innovative cutout

Collar blouse having an innovative cutoutThe front portion of the blouse is cut in a triangle shape. It enables you in showing a sexy look. You may better choose red or other bright color for this blouse design.

High collar neck for silk saree

The pattern of this blouse makes it look a princess cut blouse. It has winged collar, which creates an attractive look. For those, who do not like lots of embellishments, this blouse pattern is the best choice.

Collar blouse with net

Collar blouse design with netUse the net on both front and back sides, and you will surely turn out to be a hot, stunning woman. For the lower portion, you can choose a glossy fabric of black, silver and gold color. You can wear it with different sarees.


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Square neck

Square neck

V neck blouse designs

Cut out the front portion in square shape. You may blend various fabric pieces to design the blouse. Use laces of contrasting colors.

Puff sleeves

Puff sleevesFor emphasizing the neck and the shoulder, you may use net for these portions. The short puff sleeves accentuate the feminine style. It is really a versatile blouse to be worn with any type of saree.

Multicolor printed collar blouse

Multicolor printed collar blouse

Embrace melodrama and imperfections of your curves in this contemporary off beat multi-color printed collar blouse that will woo your significant other. Floor him and unfold the magic as you slip into this blouse to not let his eyes get off of from your splendid soul. Spice up your ensemble with a peppy saree and be a poised diva.

Ikat earthy solid color blouse

Ikat earthy solid color blouse

Go unconventional and take a safe road to work with the subtle hues of earthy Ikat printed collar blouse. This designer blouse left us gaping in awe for the mesmerizing details took our heart and breath away! Let the dramatic vibes take over and take your calling to an ethnic twist.

Gorgeous red and gold luxe statement collar blouse design

Gorgeous red and gold luxe statement collar blouse design

This celeb-inspired rouge and gold luxe thread work embroidery traditional collar blouse design will instantly lift your infectious vibe and steal the spotlight. This TarunTahiliani designed blouse will totally blow your minds, for soiree and festive, wedding extravaganza or special occasions, you can just never go wrong with this flattering blouse.

Pristine white crystal celeb-inspired blouse

Pristine white crystal celeb-inspired blouse

Turn heads in this ostentatious white pristine lace and glorious nets to up your fierce quotient. The color, design, style, everything is here to take your heart away. Sonam Kapoor has totally carried this flamboyant blouse with a gorgeous draped saree and winning millions of hearts away. You can amp up your wardrobe and give your hourglass figure a gracious gift.

Black ikat handwoven blouse

Black ikat handwoven blouse

Nothing melts us as much as this authentic handwoven black Ikat blouse with minimalist traditional prints to pair with subtle hues of sarees or you can go overboard with flair maxi skirts to up your ante. Play fun and flirty and take your vogue game up a few notches in this statement blouse. We’re eyeing at this attractive piece and totally love to don this at gala evenings.

Tangerine embroidery collar blouse design

Tangerine embroidery collar blouse design

Top blouse designs with maggam work

When the dazzling graceful designs hover the amazingly tangerine embroidery blouse, it is sure for men to fall weak in their knees. Spin your way to spectacular style as you slip into this breath-taking blouse. With a scintillating contrasting saree, you can drape this oh-so-awesome blouse and channel your visionary fashionista.

Black sequinned collar silk saree

Black sequinned collar silk saree

This statement black sequinned collar silk blouse is what catches our eyes and are absolutely crushing at this royal ancestral silhouette which has a long way tradition that exudes a cultural heritage. The rich black silk fabric is not only luxe looking but also adds layers of grace to your visual treat. Drape a gorgeous heavy traditional silk saree with this beautiful blouse and let the charismatic persona take over.

Indigo printed cotton collar blouse

Indigo printed cotton collar blouse

Pretty florals accompanied with collar laden cotton printed blouse looks incredibly attractive and can be beautifully complimented with plain cotton or silk sarees. You can absolutely adorn this gorgeous designer blouse which is a faux pas and haute couture straight from runway kinda piece. Toss your hair in a dainty low back bun and take this ethnic elegant piece to your forthcoming soiree.

Black blouse designs for collar neck


The collar neck blouse worn by the lady with black transparent blouse has a wonderful border placed from the collar covering the neck from the back and chest in the vertical drip. You can wear this with any type of chiffon sari which wither have work throughout or border. The blouse design suites for the party or any type of occasion that is taking place within your locality.

Blouse design for collar neck

Blouse design for collar neck

Lady with orange color sari looks very attractive with the particular blouse design with collar. This is not full collar but is known as half color that just remain between the joint of neck and shoulder. The collar is portrayed with orange color cloth which comes down with a V shape appearance at the front joining just in the middle of the chest. You can also wear this blouse with golden color sari.

Simple blouse design for collar neck

Simple blouse design for collar neck

This is indeed another beautiful collar neck blouse which forms collar with round shape appearance from the back of the neck and forms a U shape in the front. The blouse contains the sleeve that remains just above the elbow bordered with black and golden. The same border is used in the collar as well as waist part of the blouse. Wear a black or a red color sari with this wonderful collar neck design blouse.

High neck blouse design for collar neck

Blouse design for collar neck 4

Latest backless blouse designs

The black color stylish blouse with collar and with velvet fabric and the front open to form a vertical eye is really attractive. The model is wearing a georgette sari with the combination of red and black color. Since the collared blouse displayed in the picture is of black color you can easily wear this with variety of colors according to your wish. Either go for bright colors like red, green, blue or go for light colors like yellow, pink or white.

Sleeve blouse design for collar neck


The black color brocade blouse is framed with Chinese collar with sleeve less view. The designer blouse is also padded from inside so that you don’t have to think about the exposure even if you don’t wear the inner garment. The blouse with the golden zari also works well with any sari that has golden touch.

Blouse design for collar neck

Blouse design for collar neck 6
A typical variety of blouse with collar is viewed in the picture where the collar is not portrayed straight upright but comes like a flap from two side of the shoulder touching the collar bone of the lady. The lady model looks stunning with the white sari and the black color collar neck blouse design. You can get this blouse collar design with any of your fashionable sari.

Mega sleeves blouse design for collar neck

Blouse design for collar neck 7

The model in the ramp of fashion show carries a very beautiful and unusual variety of sari blouse with feather like design in the front. Though it has a collar, but is not very simple. The collar is in the shape of leaves embroidered and cut in the appearance of a bunch of leaves. It looks really stunning with the gorgeous crepe sari with silver and black color along with red border and shiny silver zari.

Blouse design for collar neck

Blouse design for collar neck 8
If you are looking for a very sober collection of collared blouse which looks very simple but trendy, this is the particular option in front of you. The off white color blouse is collared and a beautiful flap underlies the collar with three quartered sleeves and olive green flower placed over the blouse. Lady within the age of 45- 55 years holding a prestigious position in an organization or community can wear this blouse with light olive green color silk sari.

Full sleeve blouse designs for collar neck


Latest blouse designs for Ghagra

These days ladies with slim figure are willing to concentrate on the dresses that shows the collar bone. As you can see in this picture, the lady with the collar neck blouse can visibly get her collar exposed. This brings out the beauty of the lady while wearing these types of blouse.

Transparent sleeve blouse designs for collar neck

Look at the collar neck blouse design that is having made with the pink silk collar and the portion from breast to lower made with same cloth. The cloth used below the collar that covers the shoulder and an inch above the breast is made up of transparent silk material. This will go really well with either pink or golden color sari.

Lace blouse designs for collar neck


Latest blouse designs with net back & net sleeves

Transparent lace material is used to make the entire blouse which is also having a padding in the front portion. With the vertical eye shape image, the blouse is also having a wonderful closed color with silver material. You can wear this blouse in any occasion to be an attraction with simplicity.

Top blouse design for collar neck

Though the lady in the fashion ramp is wearing a very simple orange color sari, the silk blouse with the off white body and orange color collar is really amazing. The blouse is full sleeve along with the thread work of pink color. This will be a sophisticated item you will be having in your wardrobe.

Full hands blouse design for collar neck

Top blouse design for collar neck # 5

Latest blouse designs with zardosi work

The blue color heavy work georgette sari is looking gorgeous with the collar neck blouse with a full sleeve. The high neck collar has become a fashion today with frocks, tops and now with the blouse. If you have not tried it before, this is the time for you to give it a try.

Top blouse design with collar neck

The collar neck blouse is having a very simple look but attractive design with orange and golden combination. This can be one of your fashion statements whether you are going for an outing with your friends or a formal visit to office.

Blouse design with collar neckblouse design

Latest blouse designs with beads work

The black color brasso lace material is used to make this blouse and also is designed with a collar and the front portion is having a button and hole design. The simple attire will look very gorgeous and creative among the crowd.

Simple blouse design with collar neck

Top blouse design with collar neck # 8

The blouse is having black body with some round designs in it with collar neck and the full sleeve hand of the olive green color. The transparent sari pallu falling over the front body of the lady is making her look gorgeous.

Back open blouse design with collar neck


Boat neck blouse designs

The lady in the retro style walking over the ramp looks very sober with the white sari and the red designer blouse with collar. The design of the collar blouse is not like others; rather it is very different and is very attractive as well.

Sleeves blouse design with collar neck

blouse_design_12The model in the ramp is wearing a blue color sari bordered with black and white horizontal lines. The blouse she is wearing is collared and is having beads work on black surface. A little shire of the beads and metal portrays steel and silvery touch. This blouse design is made in such a way that you can easily wear this with various types of saris.

Halter neck collar blouse

Check out this stylist blouse design with collar. The collar has short extensions to the front but it adds a completely different and smart touch to the overall look of the blouse. The intricate floral embroidery work all over the blouse makes it ideal for a party or wedding wear. Pair it up with any silk or chiffon saree to look dazzling.

Long jacket blouse with collar neck

This one is the latest style in collar blouse. If you are trying to give your look a completely different touch opting for this long jacket blouse with collar neck can be a perfect choice. The blouse has a gorgeous all over floral design with long sleeves and potli buttons at the front but what makes this blouse design really special is the long silted length of the blouse that covers till above the knee.

Cross lapel collar neck blouse for lehenga

If you are looking out for a smart and aristocrat blouse design to be paired with your lehenga, try out this one. Here the front of the blouse has a cross lapel design where the upper part has been attached with the lower part with buttons. The intricate zari work at the front of the blouse gives it the perfect party wear look.

Two part blouse with collar neck

Two part blouses are getting back in trend and this one is a perfect example of how you can combine a sleeveless blouse with a collard transparent jacket to get a stylish look. Here the sleeveless blouse has princess cut design and a normal “U” neck. What makes this blouse special is the collard transparent jacket with embroidery work.

Collard neck blouse with full sleeves

Check out this latest and unique blouse design. Here the collars look just like the collars of a shirt and they sit nicely at the front of the neck cut. The shoulder part of the blouse is made from solid material with embroidery work. Between the beige colored shoulder and the red body & sleeves there is a transparent section which gives the design a unique look. Pair it up with any stylish saree to look your best.

“V” front neck blouse with collar

This sleeveless “V” front neck blouse has collars that make the “V” neck more prominent. The collar is thick towards the shoulder and thinner towards the lower section of the “V”. The collar is present only at the front of the blouse. This collar blouse design with “V” neck can give a very stylish and smart look.

High collar silk blouse design with side slit

Check out this latest high collar blouse design with full sleeves. Here the blouse has intricate embroidery work on the body in two contrasting colors. The sleeves are devoid of embroidery work. What makes this blouse unique are the slits at the sides of the otherwise long blouse. This blouse design can be ideal for sarees as well as lehengas.