80 Latest Designer boat neck blouse designs collection

The boat neck blouse designs are known to be the latest in the market that gives an extraordinary look to the lady wearing the particular design. If you have become bored of wearing the same type of round and square design blouse neck, you must try wearing boat neck blouse design today. Though it might not give you an exposing look but will create a sophisticated look.

80Boat neckline blouse in net

Pattu blouse designs

Boat neckline is one of the favorite designs in blouse, and when it comes to wearing in net fabrics, it looks stunning no matter if it is in carrot color with a full sleeved blouse or gray color sleeveless blouse with adorable embroidery. It is the best choice to get a perfect look.

79 Mirror reflexion boat neckline blouse

This beautiful violet color mirror reflexion boat neckline blouse that has a fantastic golden color print with half sleeves in the green shade of sari is the design that you want to get an adorable appearance.

78Off boat neckline blouse

If you want to march with style in this fashion era then, have a look at these beautiful off boat neckline blouse designs in golden color and cream color. Isn’t it great to have a diva appearance with perfection?

77 Boat neckline blouse in bright colors

Bright colors are always the first in the demand of looking beautiful, and if the bright colors are yellow and peach then beauty gets beyond the imagination as you can see in this image that contains the assembled beauty.

76 Boat neckline blouse with different saris

Different people have a different choice, and the same thing happens while wearing a sari, but no matter if the sari is in chiffon fabrics, or in silk fabrics boat neckline blouse looks stunning with every fabric as this yellow color blouse with printed chiffon sari and bronze color blouse with silk sari.

75 Boat neckline blouse with lehenga and sari

Are you fond of ethnic wear along with a sari? The boat neckline blouse is the perfect complement to your outfits. This beautiful pink sleeveless blouse with front zip looks too gorgeous where lovely yellow off boat neck blouse is giving a killer look.

74Net sleeved boat neckline blouse

Trending V neck blouse designs

This black color of sari that has lucknowi embroidery is quite pretty, but the looks get more beautiful with full net sleeves peach color of boat neckline blouse that will promote your gorges nous.

73 Multicolored embroidery boat neckline blouse

This multicolored boat neckline blouse that has a back keyhole and pretty highlighted parrot green color is the perfect match with plane sari to enhance your and explore the colorful world being a classy fashion diva.

72 Gorgeous golden color boat neckline blouse

The golden color is one of the high demands among fashion diva. This beautiful blouse is with keyhole at the back can be beautifully used with many saris, even with colorful sari to glorify your beauty.

71Full sleeved black boat neckline blouse

Look at this dynamic image. Isn’t it luring? You can blindly go with this option to get into your collection. This black boat neckline back zip blouse with full sleeves has been beautifully designed with the superb finishing of the thin golden color border.

70 Royal look boat neckline blouse

See this beautiful image that is carrying a fantastic royal look boat neckline blouse design. The work on and decent border in sleeves is looking creative in blue color. Try this blouse design with yellow sari to get a look of fairy.

69 Three 4th sleeved boat neckline blouse

Let’s talk about the colors, but before, we start looking at this image of boat neckline blouse with the pretty combination of red and black color that has a beautiful keyhole at the back and a mirror reflected border in sleeves that makes the definition of colors complete with no words.

68 Full boat neckline blouse

Latest blouse designs for half sarees

Bold and beautiful looks always get lime lighted and the center of attraction. Here the statement receives proven once again with this maroon color boat neckline blouse with the golden-silk thread embroider in the neckline.

67Trendy boat neckline blouse design

It’s high time to go with the trend, and if you want to be a trending diva then do not miss to have a look at these two beautiful blouse designs. Half sleeved shimmering yellow blouse and pretty blue with slight off the shoulder with check sari to keep you trendy.

66 Sleeveless maroon boat neckline blouse

Simplicity has its considerable power to speak about beauty that needs no words. Here once again you will find this line accurate with sophisticated sleeveless boat neckline blouse in maroon color that will let you look stunning with a printed green color of a sari.

65 Back open boat neckline blouse

Here is another image to make you look adorable. This black color half sleeved blouse with heavy embroidery in red color thread goanna look great at you, and the beauty of this blouse design gets quadruple with its open back style.

64 Boat neckline blouse with cotton sari

Cotton fabrics get always demanded among women, and when it comes to looking diva with a cotton sari, then nothing can be better than boat neckline blouse. These both the blouses pink color with decent print and cream color with heavy maggam work will let you explore the floor.

63 Boat neckline blouse with round back

Seeing this beautiful image of blouse design, only one thought stuck in mind that nothing can be beautiful than this. The full sleeved cream color of heavy maggam work blouse that has an open round back with the cream shade of sari that carries a thin work border.

62 Heavy maggam work boat neckline blouse

Trending blouse designs

You would look a diva while wearing any of these beautiful heavy maggam work blouses with a boat neckline that is quite pretty to carry with cotton and silk sari to get a perfect appearance among the people.

61 Printed boat neckline blouse

Half sleeved pink boat neckline blouse with golden-silk thread in multi color banarsi sari, and three 4th sleeved multi colored boat neckline blouse with blue sari in open veil style undoubtedly gives you a stunning look.

60 Sleeveless check and mirror border boat neckline blouse

Here you can see a couple of boat neckline blouse designs to get into your clothing collection. Off boat neck with heavy work and checks on the base with black sari is looking as stunning as peach shimmered blouse with mirror work border in a multicolored sari.

59Classy boat neckline blouse

The sound WOW comes seeing this classy dark green full sleeved boat neckline blouse design that is perfect with the dark pink color of pairing, and this three 4th sleeved boat neckline blouse in cotton fabrics with traditional print is ready to make your appearance classy.

58 Mirror reflexion and stylish printed boat neckline blouse

Make the world amazed by wearing this elegant mirror reflexion sleeveless pink color blouse with multicolored sari and semi sleeved pink boat neckline blouse with white color thick net sleeves in a pink sari to get a baby doll look.

57 Single shaded full sleeved boat neckline blouse

Full sleeved blouse sound bit outdated, but after seeing this image, it will convert into updating. This entirely black full sleeved boat neckline blouse with the black color of the cotton sari is the better choice to get a bold look, and in another side, gray-silver color full sleeved boat neckline blouse with a plain light-peach color saree is the best to get a model look.

56 Boat neckline blouse with a pearly border

Trendy blouse designs with collar neck

If you want to look like a pearl of the sea, then it is the perfect design for you. This beautiful traditional printed boat neckline blouse that has the ideal pearly border in neckline and sleeve line with deep net covered back will let you look like a pearly beauty.

55 Silver color sleeveless boat neckline blouse

Here you have another option to look a fairy in silver color sleeveless boat neckline blouse design with navy blue saree in chiffon fabrics. This blouse design is a combo of beauty and boldness that you will never want to miss.

54 Traditional blouse design with boat neckline

Have a look at this image with the couple of boat neckline blouse designs that will get your dream of looking like a celebrity come true. The sleeveless heavy maggam work golden color of the blouse with an orange color base and the half sleeved traditionally printed blouse is the best option to look like a celebrity.

53 Floral print boat neckline blouse

Floral print has always been, and if it is in black of boat neckline, then there can’t be the comparison of your beauty similarly the beauty of your diva look will get enhanced with this multicolored semi sleeved boat neckline blouse.

52 Opened back design in boat neckline blouse

This dark shade of semi sleeved boat neckline blouse that has heavy maggam work and beautiful opened back in the tangy color of sari can never let you down in the race of looking gorgeous.

51 Net back and printed front boat neckline blouse

Seeing this image of blouse design there is only one thought comes in mind “beauty top to bottom by every angle” this fantastic print on black color in front and beautiful net back blouse will let you appear attractive by every angle.

50Sleeveless net boat neck blouse design

Awesome backless blouse designs

This particular blouse design is perfect for someone who is not very much into traditional blouse designs and is looking for a design which is a perfect blend of both modern and traditional design. When this kind of blouses are paired with similar kind of sarees or solid colour saree, they make you look amazing and ready for any day or night event without any extra effort. If you want you can go for a wider neck design or you can also ask your tailor to stitch a similar design. If you are wearing a net saree, these blouses go well with them as well.

49Green Boat neck blouse with mirror work around the neck

Anything with mirror work has always been in trend and will surely not go out of fashion anytime soon. Mirror work blouse with boat neck gives a blend of both traditional and trendy design. When mirror work blouses are paired with the right kind of saree, we are pretty much sure that you will look stunning. Well, this particular green boat neck blouse with mirror work can be paired with red or blue saree. Make sure that your saree has minimal design on it to make the blouse stand out. You can go for silk sarees for looking even more attractive.

48Boat neck blouse with patch work

Very recently the latest fashion trend has been all about patches and surely we can never go wrong with anything which is in trend. A boat neck blouse with patch work is very unique and when the blouse is paired with contrasting colour saree or a solid colour saree, you are bound to look beautiful. Here as you can see that the blouse is black in colour but the saree is pink. Also, the patch is on the back of the blouse which makes the blouse look more modern and chic. Alternatively, you can also go for blouses having patch work on the arms as well.

47Full sleeves boat neck blouse with embroidery on the arms

This particular kind of blouses are very modern and gives a royal look. Here the blouse is black in colour and the embroidery is made using various coloured threads which makes it perfect for pairing with any coloured saree. If you wish you can go for a plain black saree or you can also go for a saree having similar embroidery on it. Keep you makeup minimal and jewelry as well to draw all the attention to your blouse. You can wear this blouse to any night time event.

46Full thread work boat neck blouse design

Boat neck blouses with thread work always looks fantastic and suits any style of blouse be it be sleeveless or any other. It goes well with silk saree and complementary jewelries. A precious necklace will make your attire look bold enough.

45Silk boat neck kalamkari work blouse pattern

A kalamkari work blouse pattern with a simple color and work of a pigeon along a contrasting color saree with the same work can make you look elegant and beautiful. You will be noticed and will be given attention from afar only.

44Different back-front boat neck blouse

Blouse designs with net back & sleeves

Forming a boat neck pattern on the front and a backless pattern hooked above has always been in the best designer list. The contrasting color combination of black and red of both saree and blouse makes your attire and much hotter.

43Boat neck patterns with ruffles on the waistline

Such pattern of ruffles on a long blouse looks incredible as it depicts a beautiful combination of traditional fashion with a modern look. Even one performing a role of showstopper can wear a boat neck design blouse with half sleeves which will make their attire look very beautiful.

42Champagne Sparkling Sequin Blouse

Channel the glamorous retro chic vibes in this classy yet subtle silver sparkling hues of champagne boat neck blouse design. Take it out for a gala evening or a formal soiree o rock your flamboyance with panache. Be the flamingo lady with pastel pop saree draped with this elegante statement sparkling blouse. Everything gleams gorgeousness in this outfit and to finish the look, add ethereal pearl drops and turn your tresses into a low back bun.

41Black Embroidered Boat Neck Blouse Design

Turn up the drama instantly in this statement black hued embroidered boat neck blouse design. This celebrity inspired blouse is certainly making us go gaga with the intricate detailing and staggeringly beautiful patterns adorning the silk black silhouette. The luxe effect will up the hotness quotient of any drape or lehenga in seconds. You can play flirty by twirling your messy locks into a high bun or keep your tousled waves loose and bouncy. Add generous coating of mascara to your lashes and flutter them when it’s time to pay peek-a-boo.

40Black Embroidered Stylish Back Cut Blouse

Sophie is totally making us go aww in this transparent and black killer combination. Her upbrow transparent saree with intricate minimal border resembles the embroidery of the blouse. The boat neck blouse featuring a stylish cut in the back is surely grabbing eyeballs and will flaunt the beauty backbone in all its altar. Carve a niche by pairing sultry long diamond danglers and toss your hair neatly combed into a fresh croissant bun. Voila! This is the perfect 80’s look.

39Abstract Designer Boat Neck Blouse Design

Play artsy and exude all things sophisticated with a poise in this graceful Abstract designer boat neck blouse. You can go all subtle and low key in this gorgeous blouse and team it with a natural khadi or cotton saree to turn heads. Don’t want to look boring and mature? We got your back ladies. Play kitschy and get your artistic skills to use. Drape that mum’s cotton silk saree with a twist. The pallu crossed across the neck and flaunt that hourglass figure in élan.

38Fuchsia Brocade Blouse Design

Best blouse designs with Maggam work

Fix those eyes on your voluptuous figure as you strut down the street in this fancy fuchsia brocade laden boat neck blouse design. The effervescent color will put your bright silk saree to good use. Contrast, play mix and match and create your own unique style with this scintillating blouse. Embrace the glorious you and get ready to sprinkle your charm everywhere you go.

37Pastel Popper Boat Neck Blouse

If you love candy floss and bubble gums, live in your own fantasy feminine world with all things cute and chic, this pastel popper boat neck blouse will perfectly sum up the story of your bubbly life. Get your hand on this ever-graceful blouse and pair it with your solid colored sarees or lehengas. You can double this blouse as a crop top and team it with casual culottes to college. Put on that wayfarer and chandbalis for an amazing indo-fusion look and be your own muse.

36Kundan work blouse design with boat neck

boat neck blouse design with kundan work

The black mannequin in this picture has worn an attractive light color boat neck blouse with the lehenga.  You can easily wear this with different color sari or lehenga and surprise your friends in a party. Since the blouse covers the belly as well, bulky females can also wear it.

35Latest boat neck blouse design

net saree with full sleeves boat neck blouse design

The model looks pretty with designer boat neck blouse along with flower designs around the front neck and throughout the sleeves with white print. You can wear this blouse with a light color sari to bring out its beauty.

34Plain boat neck blouse design

simple boat neck blouse design

The model is wearing very simple boat neck blouse design with sleeveless and piping throughout the sleeves neck and lower border. This blue blouse will be an exclusive collection for you on a hot summer day.

33Full sleeves blouse boat neck design

full sleeve boat neck black blouse design with embroidery work

Look at the blouse design in the picture with long sleeve and boat neck design. The model is wearing the blouse with the same color sari with a shiny border which is also present in the front side of the blouse.

32Boat neck blouse design

Latest blouse designs with zardosi work

The model looks stunning with a simple boat neck blouse design having spiral network throughout and some visible portion covered with net. The light color sari is also making a great match with different color blouse.

31Latest boat neck blouse design

boat neck net blouse design

Pink color has always been a favorite of most of the ladies. The model with transparent pink color blouse with boat neck bordered with blue looks exclusive with same color transparent sari bordered with green and blue.

30Trendy boat neck blouse design

latest boat neck blouse design

This is an exclusive variety of designer boat neck blouse which gives an appearance that a border is used to create a boat neck both at the back and front covering the land and shoulder joint. The front portion has an exclusive work in the middle along with enough skin exposure at the back.

29New boat neck blouse design

boat neck blouse design green & black

Black color boat neck blouse design has some embroidery work with golden thread and little skin exposure in the middle. The padded blouse looks exclusive with the sea green sari. This can also be tried with any other saris.

28Plain boat neck blouse design

Lady wearing the silk sari with pink body and blue border is wearing a plain blouse with boat neck. Even if this is simple attire, she looks pretty.

27Blouse design with boat neck

boat neck blouse designs with semi transparent

The yellow boat neck blouse design is transparent and contains self thread work throughout the sleeves. You can wear this blouse with same color sari or a very dark one to bring out its actual image.

26Simple boat neck blouse design

Latest blouse designs for party wear

The white color chanderi cloth fabric is used to make this exclusive blouse with net and triangle designs. The boat neck creates a different look to the layout of the blouse design.

25Boat neck blouse design

This is the boat neck blouse design with cut work made with golden shiny material. Since it is transparent in appearance, you can try out any variety of strapless inner and similar color sari.

24Latest boat neck blouse design

traditional boat neck blouse with 3/4 sleeves

The TV star has a very casual look with dark blue color boat style blouse with messy hair and blue color silk sari attached with golden and green color border.

23Lace boat style blouse design

floral net transparent white boat neck blouse design

White color always brings peace of mind for all those who are viewing. This exclusive white color boat style blouse design creates a style statement in occasions.

22Latest boat style blouse design

21Transparent boat neck style blouse design

back transparent boat neck blouse design

The black color transparent boat neck blouse creates a different look with same color sari. The model wearing the total attire looks very different.

20Boat style blouse design

boat neck blouse design with floral design on net

Top blouse designs for collar neck

The actress has created a total makeover with black color transparent boat style blouse design and a different hairstyle. The abstract look also highlights her look.

19Blouse designs with boat neck

This is the latest design of sleeveless boat neck blouse that is having a simple yet very beautiful. You can see very simple and small designs at the neck portion of the boat neck blouse design in the particular picture. This boat neck blouse is dark cherry in color with the aim of making people look different with any type of sari.

18Blouse designs with boat neck

The black color boat neck blouse design is having throughout work around the front portion with the golden embroidery. However the sleeves is black in color with a ported placed with golden stitch work surrounding the arm. Even a thin beautiful lace is been surrounded around the blouse to create a distinct look.

17Full sleeves blouse designs with boat neck

The lady in the orange & pink sari with floral border is wearing a black color boat neck blouse which looks really amazing as the sari has some hand painted colorful flowers in different colors. You can try this blouse with any light color sari to make you look beautiful.

16Printed boat neck blouse design

The lady wearing colorful flowers blouse design with the white base is looking really attractive. Whether you wear this with a skirt or sari, it is going to be a wonderful collection. If you are slim or skinny in appearance, wear it with a skirt or lowers, but flabby people can also wear this with saris.

15Blouse design with boat neck

The long sleeve boat neck blouse design with dark blue shade as the base and purple color flower is looking fascinating. The popular Burmese dress with the long lower matches well with these types of boat neck blouse design. You can also wear this with a purple color sari to bring out its extraordinary look.

14Patch work blouse design with boat neck

Latest blouse designs for party wear

The lady wearing the boat neck blouse has its color totally contrast with regards to the sari she is wearing. Yet, she is looking very pretty. It is a royal blue color blouse with design patches over the hands as well as in the chest of the lady. Even the portion below the breast has a spectacular and unique design.

13Simple work blouse designs with boat neck

It is a party wears variety of boat neck blouse design with flower glitter-chips placed throughout the front portion of the blouse. It is a light cream color blouse that can be worn by ladies wearing saris of different variety. Even if you wear this boat neck blouse with an attractive red or back color sari, the design will very well complement.

12Blouse design with boat neck

This colorful boat neck blouse design is dark blue in color with regards to its base. Also the flowers and branches are made with pink, green orange and sky blue color. You can wear any type of sari or colors like orange, pink or green with this blouse. Since it is a colorful blouse, single color sari will go better with this.

11Plain blouse design with boat neck

A sparking pearl white color boat neck blouse design is very stylish to be worn as a party wear item. Since it is a cord style blouse, ladies will keep on getting a distinct view of this blouse even after you are wearing it with very simple blouse. Probably the blouse will bring out the image of the sari.

10Pink embroidery boat neck blouse

As you can see in the picture, the particular type of blouse variety is very attractive with its sleeveless design and embroidery at the front. When you are wearing sari, make your pallu steeper so that the embroidery placed at the front portion is visible. Even there are buttons in the middle that makes a great finish.

9Black color back open boat neck blouse

The printed flowers of different colors over the black blouse look really attractive. Also the design placed at the front and the back is really amazing. This blouse is not like the other types of boat neck blouse design that has same flat pattern at the back and front potion. This can be work with a single color orange sari so that you look really beautiful with contrast shade.

8Yellow velvety block boat neck saree blouse

V neck blouse designs

The actual color of this blouse is off white. But, some blocks in a specific pattern is placed with velvet yellow cloth along with some mirror work. This is a sober gorgeous variety of saree blouse with boat neck pattern which looks absolutely beautiful. Go for a dark color saree to complement with this blouse pattern. You must get this for you and your female member in your family as both of you would look stunning once you are out together.

7Simple boat neck blouse design

Latest boat neck blouse design

The black boat neck designer blouse is having colorful designs forming triangles with each color across the chest and sleeve. You can easily wear this blouse with colors like pink, green, orange and even black.

6Sleeve blouse design with boat neck

Light brown color sleeveless boat neck has a simple and beautiful self design brasso print with net. The designer blouse is even padded from inside for your convenience to wear.

5High-boat neck blouse

This type of high boat neck blouse comes with a narrow neck opening and covers the front till the neck. The princess cut design coupled with the gorgeous material of the blouse gives it a nice and different look.  This blouse has short sleeves and can be ideal for occasions, parties as well as for casual and special outings during the day or night.

4Thin shoulder boat neck blouse design

This thin shoulder boat neck blouse can give you a smart and sophisticated look when paired with a silk or linen saree. Here the blouse has a boat neck but the sleeves have more of a halter neck pattern which leaves a thin shoulder strap, close to the neck. This one color blouse has princess cut and the clasps are present at the back.

3Boat neck blouse with kalamkari

Kalamkari blouse designs have become a favorite of all. These designs look gorgeous and can add the right look with any stylish saree. In fact they can make any saree look quite fashionable. Boat neck and sleeveless kalamkari blouse design like the one shown in the picture above can be the right pick to give your saree the best look for a day time outing or even for office.

2Boat neck blouse with zardosi work

To get a gorgeous party look what can be better than this beautiful zardosi blouse. The blouse has a boat neck and the zardosi work covering the neck makes this design look really beautiful. The work has also been repeated on the ends of the short sleeves of the blouse as well as on the waistline. This blouse can be paired with a range of sarees for different occasions.

1Three quarter sleeve boat neck blouse

This three quarter sleeve blouse has a deep boat neck, which makes it look more like a “U” neck, but the thin shoulder stands true to its boat neck design. The blouse has three quarter sleeves which add to the aristocrat look of this blouse. You can pair it with any silk or cotton saree for that perfect classy look.

The trend of saree blouse designs is changing every now and then. There was a time when women were comfortable wearing blouse that covers till the neck portion. There after the fashion came where a little back exposure was found. Again we also came across a stage when full black bare with tread knot is seen. Now, the latest one is the boat neck. Here, the neck portion and the back portion of the blouse have the same cut. It is just a little curve with two pointed ends placed at both the shoulders and the middle portion has the depth of 3 inches. Let us find out design of this type.