Blouse Mehndi Designs – Mehndi Designs that looks like blouse

Wedding season is approaching with tremendous trends on the outfit. Several ‘brides- to-be’ are looking for the latest outfit which they are going to wear during their wedding day. Not all women like similar type of attire as the opinions and likes differs.

Along with the dress, mehndi designs too play a vital role in bridal latest look. Let us discuss some of the mehndi designs that replaces the blouse designs.

Top mehndi blouse mehndi designs for the brides

Internet is flooded with wide range of mehndi designs. One of the trends in 2021 is sculpting women’s upper body with mehndi patterns that replaces the blouse design of the wedding occasion. The trend may not be traditional.

But, the design will always provide a refreshing feel to the lady who avails and the audience and the spectators who watch it.

Attractive Mehndi backs boost elegance

The brides can now get an alluring look with the mehendi designs drawn just at the backside of their body, covering the spine to a certain extent.

The brides get a charismatic look with the floral and jaal work that complements their backless blouse. Also, there can be dangling jhumka design dropping down the blouse back.

Blouse sleeve made of Mehendi design with intricate shoulders

The trendy brides are no more interested with the traditional look of blouse that covers the neck till the upper side of the waist.

One of the latest trend is getting the blouse mehndi design that covers the sleeves and the front portion of the shoulder.

The viewers will feel as if it is a blouse. But, in a real sense it is the mehndi design that replaces the traditional blouse.

Blouse mehendi designs with sparkles

Few women wish to get a glowing look in their attire. This particular mehndi blouse design is exclusively for them.

Here, along with the regular design and the patterns of the mehndi over the upper part of the body you can find some sparkles in between which will create an illuminated look once you look at the bride’s back. 

Beautiful Mehendi blouse with bold look

As the name suggest, this mehndi blouse design is for all those brides who have a bold image. It, however, creates a challenge for a shy and timid bride.

It can be customized with much more patterns and designs as a whole. The brides on the verge of tying their knot can quickly try this design for a special occasion.

The Mehendi mentioned above blouse designs are the latest trend when looking for a different presentation in front of the mass. Try these, and I am sure you will be appreciated being in the limelight.

Also, the very close relatives and the bride’s friends can try these designs and appear as bold as no one has been before during the wedding. You will always be satisfied after trying these trendy blouse designs during engagement or wedding day.